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10 Best Podcast Editing Software for Beginners & Pros (2024)

Discover the 10 best podcast editing software for a seamless workflow! We review free and paid editing software for both audio and video podcasts.
Stephen Robles
Video & Podcast Creator
Last Updated:
February 18, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

You don’t have to be a tech junkie to find the perfect podcast editor. 

All you need to do is consider how each software aligns with your skills, goals, and needs. Some editing software for podcasts is advanced and complex, whereas others may be too simple. 

We’re here to help! We’ve reviewed 10 of the best podcast editing software so you can find one that matches your skills and budget plus makes editing a seamless experience.

The best podcast editing software for 2024 (free & paid)

Ready to launch your podcast? Find out the best podcast editing software for all your (recording and) editing needs.


Pricing: Free plan, Standard plan at $15, and the Pro plan at $24.

Ease-of-use: Riverside is for all levels! There’s no difficult learning curve, with Riverside anyone can make a professional high-quality podcast. 

Riverside podcast editing software

Riverside is an all-in-one podcast recording and editing software ideal for beginners, professionals, and anyone in between. With Riverside, video editing is just as easy as editing text, and we mean this quite literally. 

Our text-based video and audio editor works with AI transcriptions, so text you delete in your transcript automatically removes the corresponding video or audio in your recording. You can also navigate your video with this transcript and search for a specific quote or phrase. And if you’d like to still edit using a timeline, then you can. 

The timeline is color-coded by speaker so you can easily see who says what. Trimming and splitting out content is really simple and you can even add multiple recordings together. 

Better yet, start steps ahead with our Full Episode creator. This uses AI to cut out silences, fine-tune your audio, and add captions to create podcast episodes at the tap of a button. You can do the same with our Magic Clips tool. Here, our AI takes your recordings’ key moments and turns them into shareable short videos.

To top everything off Riverside also offers customizable captions, layouts, and backgrounds. With Riverside’s automated tools and AI you’ll create a professional, podcast in less than half the time no matter your skills. 

Key Features:

  • Text-based editing so trimming content is as easy as deleting text
  • Color-coded video timeline offering a smooth editing experience
  • AI episode creator so you can clean up your recording in a click
  • Magic Clips creator turns your long-form recording into shareable clips
  • Automated audio editing: silence remover, background noise removal , audio normalization all at the tap of a button.
  • Multisync editing so no matter how much you edit all tracks are in sync
  • Separate audio and video tracks for each participant for more editing control
  • High-quality local recordings with up to 4K video and 48kHz audio resolution
  • Media board for live editing and sound effects while recording
  • Automatic AI speaker which automatically displays the current person talking
  • AI transcriptions and captions which you can customize and style
  • Customizable backgrounds, logos and layout to brand your podcast
  • AI show notes, podcast descriptions, chapters and titles for easy distribution

Reason(s) to buy it:

It’s an all-in-one recording and editing software with all the tools you need to create a podcast from finish to end. There’s no need for separate podcast editing software, with Riverside you can record in HD, add final touches to your podcast and you’re good to go. From text-based editing to seamless AI tools even beginners can create professional podcasts easily.

Plus, the Magic Clips feature is really a game-changer. A lot of big podcasters like Gary Vaynerchuk and Joe Rogan use short teasers to promote their content on social media. With Riverside, you can do this at the tap of a button.

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While Riverside has all the tools you need, some might want more control with the nitty-gritty elements of their podcast. For these people, automatic editing tools might not be the best, and more specialized editing software would work better.

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2. Pro Tools

Pricing: Free option with the paid versions starting $29.99/month for the standard software and $99.99/month for the more advanced "Pro Tools Ultimate".

Ease-of-use: The free version provides you with the basics, making it a good choice for beginners, but the paid versions have more advanced features.  

Pro tools podcast video editing software
Pro Tools

Considered an industry standard for podcast editing software, Pro Tools has any feature you can imagine for recording, editing, and mastering audio files.

The free version comes with over 20 plugins, perfect for newbies just starting out. This software has automated features that save on editing, and the pricier versions are optimized for more advanced users. For example, you can create Logic Pro podcast templates.

Key Features:

  • A wide variety of editing effects and filters
  • You can record audio in up to 32-bit floating-192 kHz audio resolution
  • Powerful plugins to enhance your editing setup
  • Offers automation of certain tasks
  • Multitrack recording and editing 
  • Track presets and templates

Reason(s) to buy it:

The $29.99 standard version provides a great value, whether you're a beginner or a pro. You get plenty of features at your disposal, with new ones added regularly.


It takes some time to get used to doing podcast editing with Pro Tools if you don't have much experience. We recommend trying the free version first to gauge your comfortability if you're new to podcasting.  

3. Adobe Audition

Pricing: A year of Adobe Audition will cost you $239.88. A monthly subscription costs $20.99/month. 

Ease-of-use: The app best suits experienced podcasters looking for extensive features, such as batch processing capabilities, especially beneficial if you have an established format for your show.

Adobe Audition podcast editing software

With this podcast editing software, you can add music, segues, and fades. Adobe Audition offers numerous audio templates and presets. You can save templates and run them automatically as scripts.

This podcast editing software is known for its batch-processing capabilities, which allow you to apply the same effects to multiple files at once. 

Key Features:

  • Excellent noise reduction features 
  • Advanced audio track restoration and compression
  • Free sound effects to spice up your show
  • Session Markers and Clip Markers for easy tracking

Reason(s) to buy it:

Think of Adobe Audition as your one-stop-shop audio editing software, full of features for intermediate and advanced users to take their show to the next level.


New users should expect a learning curve with Adobe Audition, as this podcast editing software comes with many advanced features.

4. Logic Pro

Pricing: The price of $199.99 may seem like a lot to some to invest in podcast editing software.

Ease-of-use: It's easy enough to figure out the more basic features, but you’ll need more knowledge to take full advantage of all that Logic Pro X has to offer. Beginners may want to start out with different podcast editing software. 

Logic Pro editing software for podcasts
Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X podcast editing software comes with comprehensive features that give you total control over your audio quality as well as music production. This Apple software produces professional-grade high-quality audio. You can save time on post-production work by streamlining your editing process using Logic Pro X's automated features. 

Key Features:

  • Mastering assistant plug-in for a quick, professional polish of your audio
  • Audio recording at 32-bit depth
  • Wide array of tools for editing pitch, speed, and more
  • Ability to control Logic Pro through your iPhone or iPad

Reason(s) to buy it:

Advanced users will love all the professional audio editing features available. The software offers the perfect combination of editing and automation capabilities, making it a formidable tool when in the hands of an experienced user.


Like GarageBand, Logic Pro X is only has Apple or Mac compatibility. Also, this software isn't made specifically for podcast editing. 

5. Audacity

Pricing: Audacity is completely free

Ease-of-use: Although it may take some time to figure out the layout, the presets make it simple to get the hang of podcast editing quickly. You’ll also find free tutorials in the online community to help get started. You can conveniently use Audacity with a Windows PC, macOS, or Linux devices. 

Audacity audio editing software for podcasts

Audacity may not have some of the high-end capabilities of other podcast editing software, but it's a great value for beginners (it's free!).

Key Features:

  • Ability to add music, intros, outros, sound effects, or even ads.
  • Variety of tools for cutting, mixing, and merging audio
  • Background noise removal
  • Tempo and frequency altering 
  • Adjust tempo without altering pitch or vice versa.
  • Alter frequencies with equalizers, high and low-pass filters and more.
  • Third-party effects and plugins

Reason(s) to buy it:

If you're a beginner or intermediate, this free podcast editing software will provide everything you need to edit your podcast episode and improve sound quality. 


Audacity doesn’t come with features typically included with other premium software.  For example, the software lacks automated features, so you need to manually edit each audio file. Additionally, Audible does not have publishing capabilities, so you have to upload your audio files manually elsewhere once you edit them.  

6. GarageBand

Pricing: GarageBand is totally free to use

Ease-of-use: It doesn't take long to figure out how to use the software effectively for editing and sound manipulation. 

GarageBand podcast editing software

Although GarageBand is more of a music platform, it’s still a great option for recording vocals. With GarageBand, you can use real-time editing effects to improve your sound quality, which reduces the time that you spend editing your audio after recording.

Key Features:

  • Built-in features, including pre-recorded loops and synths to easily create background music.
  • Tools to tweak and morph audio recordings in many different ways, including changing the pitch and velocity of tracks
  • You can add tracks to your podcast using an iPhone or iPad

Reason(s) to buy it:

This high-quality podcast software is one of your best choices for beginners. You can use your Mac systems for all of your podcast recording and editing. GarageBand will provide you with everything you need to get started on learning the ropes at no cost. 


GarageBand is only available to those who use Mac systems, a deal-breaker for Windows or Linux users. 

7. Auphonic

Pricing:  If you're processing two hours or less a month, the software is free. Paid plans start at $10/month to process more than two hours of audio. With a monthly subscription, you can process more than 100 hours/month.

Ease-of-use: This podcast editing software pretty much does all of the work for you thanks to the automation tools. You don't really need technical knowledge to get started.

Auphonic editing software for podcasts

Auphonic stands out for its automation features. Your audio files will be corrected for quality aspects that include volume, background noise, and track leveling without you having to do a thing. 

Key Features:

  • AI-based audio algorithms so you can automate a variety of audio-editing tasks.
  • Customizable presets for audio quality
  • Intelligent audio leveler
  • Filler word and silence removal
  • Automatic show notes

Reason(s) to buy it:

Auphonic automated features are very helpful, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to edit. This podcast editing software has an automatic multitrack audio editor. You can easily edit across multiple tracks at the same time. 


The automated features make Auphonic a good option for some users. However, more advanced podcasters may prefer to edit manually and have complete control over audio files.

8. Final Cut Pro

Pricing: You can try the free trial, but this editing software comes at a cost of $299.99.

Ease-of-use: With a wide array of more advanced tools, this software is generally better for someone who has some experience with editing.

Final Cut Pro podcast video editing software
Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro's video editing software is more ideal for advanced podcasters who want to go the extra mile with their podcast editing. It offers a variety of tools covering everything from audio effects all the way to advanced color grading and Multicam video editing.

Key Features:

  • Built-in voice isolation, which reduces background noise and normalizes speech levels
  • Magnetic Timeline to easily move and trim clips on the editing timeline
  • Multicam editing so you can work on two or more video tracks at once
  • Ability to add your own caption file and style them as you wish
  • Coloring controls and filters

Reason(s) to buy it:

Final Cut helps keep your editing organized with color coding, and organization tools like tags, markers, and more. It's magnetic timeline and audio editing tools also offer you a smooth experience when it comes to editing and trimming your recording.


This tool is definitely more geared to advanced editors and may be challenging to work with if you're new to editing.

9. Reaper

Pricing: For the number of features that the software provides, Reaper is very moderately priced at $60. Their commercial license is $225.

Ease-of-use: Reaper's has a well-designed interface that beginners can easily pick up. You can find a multitude of resources on Reaper's website, including a software manual and video tutorials to learn the basics. 

Reaper podcast video editing software

Reaper podcast editing software is known for its reliability. You won't have to worry about it crashing in the middle of a project. Intermediate and more advanced podcasters will appreciate the range of editing tools and processing effects available with Reaper. 

Key Features:

  • Built-in plugins to improve the quality of your audio.
  • Create your own automation features
  • Multichannel audio editing
  • Customizable interface and dashboard

Reason(s) to buy it:

Reaper is a good buy for intermediate-level podcasters looking for a step above the free-to-use podcast software. With a one-time charge instead of a monthly subscription, it's a more affordable option, and the 60-day free trial will give you an idea if it's worth your money. 


Since Reaper isn't optimized for editing podcasts and works best for producing music. Some users may not find all of the features that they need when it comes to podcast editing software. 

10. Hindenburg Pro 

Pricing: Standard at $12/month, Plus at $15/month, and Premium at %30/month. Y

Ease-of-use: Though great for pro and advanced users, getting started isn't too difficult. The intuitive podcast software comes with many official guides and tutorials to help you along your way. 

Hindenburg Pro podcast video editing software

Hindenburg Pro podcast editing software is specifically designed and optimized for radio journalists and professional podcasters. The software allows you to produce professional-level audio without years of editing experience through its many automated features. 

Key Features:

  • Works without internet
  • Magic Levels tool that automatically balances audio and eliminates microphone bleed
  • Voice profiles where the editor tailors your audio to match
  • Automatic noise reduction

Reason(s) to buy it:

This podcast editing software will save you hours, thanks to its many automated features. If you typically spend a lot of time on the back end, Hindenburg Journalist will help you cut back on editing and producing so that you can focus more on recording content.


Hindenburg Journalist comes at a higher price point, especially the more advanced versions. Those who don't have a large budget should take advantage of the 30-day free trial to make sure it's worth the investment. 

What to consider when choosing podcast editing software?

When choosing the right podcast editing software, you’ll want to first consider:

Your Skill Level:

You don’t want to start out with complex software that you don’t know how to use. This will just overcomplicate things and take away from your show. Not to mention, you don't want to overpay for features that you simply won’t use. 

  • Your Budget: How much are you able to spend on editing software? We’d suggest beginners try a free option first and then, later on, invest in a more robust editing software when you’ve got the hang of things.
  • Mixing and Trimming tools: This should be a given, but make sure you have the right editing tools to trim out unwanted content and to merge or mix any tracks you’d like to together. 
  • Audio Fine-tuning: You’ll possibly want to look for features for (automatic) noise reduction or background noise removal as well as audio equalization. 
  • Automated tools: This might be more based on personal preference, but automated tools can definitely save you time. On the other hand, if you’re looking to edit with more precision then it may be better to use more advanced software with more controllable tools.
  • Video editing capabilities: As the podcast industry moves more into visuals, you may want to consider podcast software with video editing.

So from the start, think about your level of experience, the features you need, and your podcast. This will guide you as you compare the top podcast editing software out there.

The final verdict: The best podcast editors for all uses

The best podcast editing software for beginners

If you're looking for simplicity and ease of use, go with Riverside. With text-based editing trimming your podcast recording is as easy as deleting text. Better yet you can use our AI tools to automate your podcast editing completely. In a few simple clicks, any beginner can create a professional podcast.

The podcast editing Software option for advanced Users 

We chose Adobe Audition as the best podcast software for advanced users because of the range of features for post-production work. This software lets you go far beyond making basic edits, and advanced users can use their skills in Adobe Audition to create a truly unique podcast that sounds great, too. 

Top free podcast editing software

Our pick for the best free editing software for podcasts is Audacity. You get an enormous amount of features for no cost at all. 

The best all-in-one recording and editing software for podcasts

Riverside is the clear winner here! While it’s got all the automatic editing tools you need, it’s also got impressive recording quality. You can record in up to 4K video and 48kHz WAV audio files. Its text-based editor and AI tools means you can create professional podcasts in less than half the time.

Give it a go! Start creating podcasts on Riverside.

Best podcast audio editor

Pro Tools also takes it when it comes to the best editing software for audio-only podcasts. Again, this is because it's simple to use for beginners, but also provides more advanced options for experienced users who are willing to pay for them. 

Best podcast video editing software

If you already have Adobe software, then Adobe Audition integrates with Premiere as an option for video podcasts. But if you’d rather have everything in one place, then Riverside is best for a seamless video editing experience.

Best AI podcast editing software

AI is all the trend now, and a few of the tools listed above include AI. Your best options include Riverside or Auphonic. However we'll say Riverside's text-based AI editor stands out because you can edit both video and audio, whereas Auphonic is audio-only. 

Best podcast editor online

From the options online, Riverside and Auphonic are online podcast editing software. The benefit here is you won’t have to use computer storage on new podcast editing software.

FAQs on Podcast Editing Software

Is Adobe Audition good for podcasts?

Yes, Adobe Audition is a great option for editing podcast audio. This is a popular choice for podcasters and offers various tools for trimming and mixing audio. If you’re creating a video podcast then Audition integrates well with Premiere Pro for video editing. 

How do I edit a podcast like a pro?

Editing a podcast professionally doesn't have to be too complex. We have a whole guide on podcast editing, but to summarize these are some steps you should take to edit a podcast like a pro:

  • Trim out unwanted sections and cut your podcast into segments.
  • Create an interesting narrative with a natural flow
  • Clean up your audio with noise reduction, equalization and leveling
  • Add sound effects and background music
  • Fix final touches and export into a compatible file format

How can I edit my podcast for free?

You can edit your podcast for free using free podcast editing software. Some options from our list above include:

  • Audacity
  • Riverside
  • Auphonic
  • Pro Tools
  • GarageBand

How long does it take to edit a 1 hour podcast?

A 1 hour-long podcast could take about 2 hours to edit. The general rule is to double the time of your recording. That said with automated podcast editing software like Riverside you can cut down this time in less than half. Our AI tools will do the hard work for you so you can spend less time editing, and more time on creating quality content.

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