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Turn your best moments into social growth: Introducing Magic Clips

Turn your recording highlights into social growth without extra effort or time! Let Ai do all the work with Riverside's Magical Clips.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
December 26, 2023
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

If there was a time when viewers were willing to commit to an entire podcast or show without a first taste, that time is gone. Nowadays, the journey into new viewers' playlists and watchlists starts in their social media feeds, where quick, vibrant, and easily digestible content is the name of the game. 

And it doesn’t stop at capturing the audience's attention. Our digital world is overflowing with countless podcasts, shows, and long-form content vying for viewership. You’ll need to continuously engage with your audience, or someone else will snatch them.  

What all this means for creators is more work cut out for them (pun intended).  

Social clips? There’s AI for that. 

That's where Magic Clips steps in. This practical feature, powered by the most recent AI advancements,  provides a hassle-free solution to transform lengthy recordings into captivating short clips. With a single click, AI identifies key moments in your recording and edits them as standalone clips, perfectly optimized for various social media platforms. 

Effortless by automation

With Magic Clips, there’s no need to sift through recordings in search of compelling moments. Magic Clips handles the heavy lifting for you. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, the process becomes completely automated, picking out your best moments and editing them. 


Magic clips replaces hours of work with a single click. Not only that, but your clips will be ready chop-chop (pun intended, again). So, by the end of it, you’re ready to share your clips a lot quicker. Plus, you’re left with more time to focus on engaging with your audience and producing more creative endeavors. 


By supporting multiple sizes and layouts to choose from, your clips can be tailored to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Click again to add captions, making your clips accessible to different audience needs and suited for various circumstances where audio can’t be played. 

You’re in control

While Magic Clips takes care of the initial clip generation, creators retain complete control over the final product. Using an intuitive interface, you can add your personal touch, brand them, and make any necessary adjustments as you see fit. Of course, you can also create more clips.  

How it works


Wait for your guests to arrive (or not, if you’re doing it solo), then hit the record button to start capturing and uploading your long-form studio-quality recording. 


When you finish recording, enter the editor and click on the Magic Clips button (you can’t miss it). Now, sit back and watch the magic happen.  


Because Riverside transcribes all your recording by default, all you got to do is click to add them as captions to your clips and make them accessible and watchable by anyone, no matter when or where. 


Re-trim your clips as you see fit, select the right layout and size based on where you want to share them, change backgrounds, and finish off your clips. 


Download your work (you can select different file formats, yeah) and post it. 

Get the most out of your content

With the introduction of Magic Clips, creators can quickly repurpose highlights from their content and share it with their audience on any platform. With the help of AI, Magic Clips automatically captures the very essence of long-form recordings and turns them into short clips that leave a lasting impression on audiences across social media. Embrace the possibilities, engage your followers, and elevate your content. 

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