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Best Blue Yeti Accessories for a Better Recording Setup

We cover the best blue yeti accessories to try! Discover how to improve your audio by enhancing your recording setup with accessories for Blue Yeti mics.
Stephen Robles
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December 26, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Blue Yeti has a great reputation for creating plug-and-play mics that are easy to use. However, these microphones can often pick up background noise, which is why supplementing your recording setup with Blue Yeti accessories is a good idea to improve the overall quality of your audio. Mic stands, pop filters, and shock mounts are all accessories for Blue Yeti mics you can buy to help remove unwanted noise from your recordings. 

Because of their unique design, not all microphone accessories are compatible with Blue Yeti products. Our guide to the best Blue Yeti accessories for a better recording setup contains products that work with Blue Yeti mics to help you narrow down your search and save time checking compatibility. Keep reading to discover how to improve your audio quality by enhancing your recording setup with accessories for Blue Yeti mics. 

How to Choose the Best Accessories for a Blue Yeti

The number one thing to pay attention to when looking for Blue Yeti accessories is compatibility. There’s nothing worse than ordering a piece of equipment to find out that it won’t work with the recording setup you have. Blue Yeti mics feature a special design that won’t be compatible with every mic stand, shock mount, or pop filter on the market. Luckily, there are plenty of manufacturers that create accessories designed specifically for these mics. 

Best Accessories for Blue Yeti Microphones

You can greatly improve your recording setup and the audio you capture with the right mic stand, pop filter, and shock mount. In addition to these pieces of hardware, some recording software will make your recordings sound professional and help remove unwanted background noise or recording interruptions. Our list of Blue Yeti accessories contains some of the best hardware and software for you to add to your recording setup to enhance the quality of your audio recordings. 

Best Blue Yeti Microphone Stands 

One of the biggest criticisms of Blue Yeti mics is that the stands they come with don’t allow you to position the mics appropriately for recording. When placed on a desk or table in a recording environment, these stands only lift the mics a couple of inches from the surface. This becomes a problem while recording because you have to lean down and forward to make sure you’re speaking into the mic. 

It’s also problematic because your mic will pick up noise from the surface it’s placed on since it's so close. This includes electrical hum from other equipment like your computer, typing from your keyboard, or any noises created by moving anything on the surface your mic is resting on. We recommend investing in a Blue Yeti microphone stand to improve the quality of your recordings and provide our recommendations for the best Blue Yeti mic stand for your setup below. 

Blue Compass

Blue Compass Microphone stand for Blue yeti

The Blue Compass is highly adjustable and designed specifically for Blue Yeti mics, so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. This Blue Yeti boom arm includes built-in cable management to help keep your recording space clear of clutter and reduce the amount of electrical interference in recording caused by loose cables. The stand features a sturdy aluminium construction with internal springs and hand-tightening friction hinges.

The Blue Compass rotates 360 degrees so you can position the mic perfectly for your recording needs. The mic’s design ensures it stays in place after it's positioned and it’s quiet enough to adjust while recording if you need to. This stand attaches to a desktop with a heavy-duty C-clamp.


The RODE PSA1 is a great Blue Yeti microphone arm because of its solid construction and its design which allows for quiet operation. This mic arm for Blue Yeti mics is made of metal and can support a mic and can support up to 2.4 lbs, which is great if you’re using a mic with a pop filter and shock mount attached. The PSA1 has a ⅜” screw connection but comes with a ⅝” adapter so you can easily connect your Blue Yeti mic. 

This microphone arm for Blue Yeti mics adjusts 360 degrees and the heavy-duty springs in the boom arm ensure that it stays in position once it’s adjusted. The PSA1 attaches to a desk with the included desk clamp or by installing a desk insert. The mic stand comes with velcro wraps to help keep your mic cables organized. 

InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand

The InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand comes with a full kit of accessories that include a mic stand, a pop filter, and mic windscreens. The mic arm is made of steel and this stand supports up to 3.3 lbs, which makes it the best boom arm for Blue Yeti mics being used with other accessories. The boom arm is highly adjustable and because of its solid construction and strong loading capacity, you don’t have to worry about it moving out of place, even if your mic and accessories are on the heavy side. 

This mic stand is compatible with most mic types and comes with a ⅝” to ⅜” adapter. There’s a built-in spring in this mic stand that was designed specifically for Blue Yeti, Blue Yeti Nano, and Snowball mics. The InnoGear Microphone Arm Stan attaches to a desk with either the desk clamp or desk insert included with the mic in the kit. 

Best Blue Yeti Pop Filter Options

Pop filters improve your audio quality by reducing the amount of noise picked up while recording vocal plosives. When you speak, certain consonants like “b”s and “p”s cause you to release a puff of air that can disrupt the microphone signal and cause a thumping sound that’s hard to remove in post-production. A pop filter will prevent these puffs of air from reaching your microphone’s diaphragm and being recorded. Keep reading to learn more about pop filters that are compatible with Blue Yeti mics and to find the right Blue Yeti microphone pop filter for your recording setup. 

Aokeo Professional Microphone Pop Filter

This pop filter features a double mesh, a dual-layer design that protects against plosives while still recording clear audio. The added space between the two layers of mesh helps to disperse air pressure and improve the overall quality of your audio. The Aoekop pop filter has an adjustable gooseneck that allows it to fit any studio space or work with any mic angle. This pop filter can connect to a desk, microphone stand, or boom arm as it includes a clasp that can adjust to up to 1.75”. 

Neewer Professional Microphone Pop Filter

Neewer Pop Filter for Blue Yeti microphone

The Neewer Professional Microphone Pop Filter features a 360-degree adjustable gooseneck, swivel mount, and an adjustable clamp that are great for precise positioning. This pop filter’s clamp is secure, easy to use, and can attach to any mic stand. The double-layer design keeps your mic protected from picking up air blasts caused by plosives for clearer recordings. The easy adjustability makes this pop filter a great choice for any home or professional recording setup using a Blue Yeti mic.  

Moukey Microphone Pop Filter

This pop filter for Blue Yeti mics uses a three-layer design instead of a traditional dual-layer design to shield your mic from plosives. The Moukey pop filter features a metal panel later, a metal mesh layer, and a layer made out of foam. These three components work together to disperse air and reduce cracks, pops, plosives, and winder interference. The metal design makes this filter highly durable but it doesn’t add too much weight, so you can use it with most boom arms easily. 

One of the great things about this filter is it comes with a free shock mount to help absorb physical and electronic vibrations. Though the shock mount isn’t the highest quality, it can be a great addition to your studio setup if you’re on a tight budget. Be aware that the Moukey pop filter works with most Blue Yeti mics, but is not compatible with the Blue Yeti Nano.

Best Blue Yeti Shock Mount Choices 

A shock mount will suspend your Blue Yeti mic and isolate it from contact with other surfaces so that it’s protected against audio interference caused by vibrations and low-frequency rumbles. This interference can come from the mic itself, other recording equipment, or movements in your recording environment. Adding a shock mount to your recording setup will greatly reduce extra sound captured in your recording and improve your overall audio quality.

Blue Radius III

Blue Yeti accessory, Blue Raddius III

The Blue Radius III is the best shock mount for Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti Pro mics because it’s specifically designed for them by the manufacturer. This mount has a streamlined and lightweight design so you don’t have to worry about it adding too much extra weight to your boom arm. The Blue Radius III weighs only .63 lbs. It’s compatible with any mic stand and mic clip with a standard thread mount. 

Auphonix Pro Microphone Shock Mount

This lightweight and easily portable shock mount is great for any studio setup. Weighing in at just 7 ounces, the Auphonix Pro won’t be too heavy for your boom arm, even when coupled with a pop filter. This shock mount is compatible with Blue Yeti, Blue Yeti Pro USB, and Blue Snowball mics. It features multi-sized threads, ⅜” and ⅝”, and has a compact design (5.5” x 3.5”) that makes it great for any recording setup. The Auphonix Pro uses highly-durable suspension bands to shield Blue Yeti mics from vibrations and distortions. 

Knox Gear Shock Mount

This shock mount is designed for Blue Yeti and Yeti Pro microphones and attaches easily to most boom arms. The Knox Gear mount has a fully adjustable hinge that makes positioning your mic within the shock mount easy and there’s a padded stopper that helps keep the mic positioned in place. This mount has a sturdy metal design and heavy-duty rubber bands that will keep your mic suspended and isolated. The Knox Gear shock mount has a ⅜” thread and does not come with an adapter for mics that use ⅝” threads. 

Best Blue Yeti Software for Recording 

Recording software is generally compatible with most microphones, but you should check the specs of any software you’re considering just to be sure your mic will function properly. Recording software helps you greatly improve the overall quality of your audio and will give your content the extra polish it needs to stand out. Below are our picks for some of the best recording software you should include in your recording setup. 


Riverside software compatible with Blue Yeti

Riverside is an online recording studio that gives you the power to record studio-quality audio and video from your browser. This powerful remote content creation platform uses localized recording to capture video in up to 4K resolution and uncompressed 48kHZ WAV audio. Even if you have a poor internet connection, your recordings will be high-quality and smooth. Riverside’s Text-based Editor will save you hours of post-production work as it streamlines the editing process down to a few simple clicks. Other standout features of this software include live streaming capabilities, transcription services, and on-the-go mobile recording.   

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OBS Studio 

OBS Studio is a free, open-source recording software for audio and video recording. The software allows you to capture an unlimited number of sources in your recordings from windows on your screen, webcams, capture cards, and more. The audio editing features include noise gate and noise suppression filters to help eliminate background noise from your recordings. 

Blue Yeti Accessories to Improve Your Audio

Blue Yeti mics are easy to use, but their design and sensitivity make them susceptible to picking up unwanted noise in audio recordings. The good news is there are plenty of accessories for Blue Yeti mics you can use to improve your recording setup and capture higher-quality audio. Mic stands, pop filters, shock mounts, and recording software will help you get better-quality recordings, but it’s important to make sure that any piece of equipment you choose for your setup is compatible with your Blue Yeti microphone. 

FAQs on Blue Yeti Accessories

Do you still have questions about accessories for Blue Yeti mics or how to improve your recording setup with Blue Yeti accessories? Keep reading to learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about accessories for Blue Yeti microphones and how to use them to improve audio quality. 

Do you need a boom arm for Blue Yeti?

It’s not necessary to have a boom arm to use a Blue Yeti mic to record sound, but using one will greatly improve audio quality. Blue Yeti mics come with stands that sit low and close to surfaces and the mics tend to pick up unwanted noises while recording. Browse the article above to learn more about Blue Yeti mic stands with boom arms that will lift your mic from desks and tables and improve the overall quality of recorded audio. 

What adapter do you need for Blue Yeti mics?

You may need a ⅜” or ⅝” thread adapter if you want to attach your Blue Yeti mic to a mic stand. Be sure to check the compatibility of your mic with any mic stand before purchasing one. 

What does a Blue Yeti shock mount do?

Using a shock mount with your Blue Yeti mic will isolate it from surfaces and other recording equipment to help prevent it from picking up electrical and low-frequency noise while recording. The article above contains some Blue Yeti shock mount options you can use in your recording setup to help capture higher-quality audio.

How should you position your Blue Yeti?

Your mic angle and proximity to your mic will have a big impact on the quality of your sound. Positioning your mic directly in front of and close to your mouth will produce a warm and full sound, but you may pick up unwanted interference (like sounds from your breathing) if you’re not using a pop filter. Use the recommendations in the article above to find a pop filter and adjustable mic stand to help capture professional-quality audio with your Blue Yeti. 

How can I make my Blue Yeti better?

The best way to improve the audio you record with your mic is to invest in Blue Yeti accessories that will improve your recording setup. These accessories include but are not limited to mic stands, shock mounts, and pop filters. Check out the above articles for our recommendations on accessories that will make your recordings sound better. 

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