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Youtube’s Podcast Page: Why Does It Matter & How To Use It?

Wondering what YouTube's Podcast Page entails? Read to find out why this matters for podcasters and how the new YouTube video podcast space works.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
March 25, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

YouTube podcasts? We know what you’re thinking. YouTube is for visual content, why should audio creators pay any attention at all to the YouTube Podcast Page let alone post content on the platform. Well, it turns out that podcasting on YouTube isn’t that out of place after all. With the recent launch of YoutTube’s dedicated podcast page, the platform is gearing up to better support podcasters in their endeavors. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through this brand new landing page, what it means for podcasts on YouTube, and how you can use it to your advantage. 


  • YouTube’s Podcast Page was launched in July 2022 and signals increased investment in the podcasting space in general. 
  • YouTube is the most popular destination for listening to podcasts. 
  • The podcast page features the platform’s most popular podcasts and is only available to US users for now. 
  • Creating HD video podcasts for YouTube is easy and quick with

What is YouTube’s Podcast Page?

YouTube launched a dedicated podcast page earlier this summer. Although the platform is not ‘audio-oriented’, it has gained some traction nonetheless as podcasters publish their content in video form. YouTube’s dedicated page for podcasts is their latest attempt to encourage podcasters to use their platform. 

YouTube officially launched its podcast page in July, but the roll-out is slow and the page is reserved to US users for the moment. As it stands, the page is fairly simple. You’ll find: 

  • Popular podcast episodes
  • Popular podcast playlists
  • Recommended podcast shows 

It appears that currently, the only shows that are featured on the page are those that already have millions of subscribers. So for now, the podcast page is all about the most popular podcasts on YouTube already. 

But since YouTube’s podcast page is likely to be the first step in a wider campaign to support and cultivate a strong podcasting community on the platform, there’s sure to be plenty more in store for smaller and independent podcasters later down the line. 

The Origins of YouTube Podcasts

YouTube has inadvertently become a popular destination for podcasters and audiophiles. Though the video platform didn’t intentionally target podcasters, its ease of use, accessibility, and huge audience have understandably organically attracted audio creators. 

It makes sense that the platform is now making a concerted effort to accommodate this portion of its community with specific podcast-oriented features. Hence the introduction of a dedicated podcast page, as well as the recent hire of an Executive Podcast Lead whose entire mandate is to manage podcasts on the platform. Earlier this year, it was also reported that YouTube was offering creators $50,000 and podcast networks $300,000 to produce video podcasts to be published on the platform. 

Why should you use YouTube Podcasts?

You may still be wondering if it’s actually worth creating YouTube podcasts. We’ll cover some benefits to give you a few reasons why you should make a YouTube podcast:

Benefits of sharing your podcast on YouTube’s Podcast Page 

1. Advantages of video podcasting 

YouTube aside, the advantages of video podcasting should not be underestimated. Video content can increase engagement, build trust with your community, and help you reach new audiences. Creating video is also an effective way to make sure your content is as repurposable and shareable as possible. 

2. YouTube is the preferred platform for podcasts 

Not using YouTube could mean you’re missing out big time. A survey found that YouTube is actually the top preferred platform for listening to podcasts, ahead of Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This is especially impressive considering that historically the platform has invested very little in developing its podcasting features. 

3. YouTube’s Wide Audience 

Over 2.5 billion people use YouTube at least once a month. Creating a YouTube podcast channel means gaining exposure to a huge audience and expanding your reach. This is a great strategy for podcast promotion.

4. Higher-value ad conversions on YouTube 

YouTube may also be a lucrative revenue source. YouTube listeners have been found to spend $143 on purchases from podcast ads, $10 more than the industry average. 

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Need more reasons why to start a YouTube podcast? Watch the video below on YouTube podcasting:

How do I use YouTube’s dedicated page for podcasts?

YouTube’s podcast page is not widely available yet. Unfortunately, for some users around the world, clicking through to will land them on an error page. If you’re based in the US, however, you can click through and explore!

How do you get on YouTube’s Podcast page?

Since YouTube’s dedicated podcast page only recently went live, its full range of features and functionality is not quite straightforward. At the moment, not much is known yet about how the page works or how you can get your show featured. 

However, early reports suggest that for the moment only top YouTube podcasters are being featured and you need to already have millions of subscribers in order to make it onto the page. 

How do you create a podcast for YouTube? 

If you want to get involved in podcasting on YouTube but haven’t yet ventured into video podcasting, don’t worry. Platforms like Riverside make it incredibly easy to record HD video and audio content straight from your browser. Why not give it a go with a free trial? 

How to create a YouTube podcast with 

Creating an HD YouTube Podcast is easy with Riverside. Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Decide your video podcast topic & invite your remote guests 

Before you get to recording, choose what your video will be about and get your remote guests on board. 

Step 2: Create a Riverside account & a new recording studio 

Open your browser or app and login to or create an account. Head to your home page and click ‘+New Studio’. 

Name your studio and select the recording type as ‘Audio & Video’. 

Step 3: Enter your studio & send your guests the link. 

When you’re ready to record, enter your studio and then share the link with your guests. You can do this directly through email invitations or copy and paste the shareable link to them. 

Step 3: Record 

When everyone has joined the studio and you’re ready to go, hit the record button on the bottom bar. 

Step 4: Edit your recording 

When you’ve wrapped your recording, it’s time to edit your YouTube video and get it ready for publication. You can use Riverside’s integrated podcast editing tool to polish it off.

With the editor you can:

  • Edit your video by editing your transcript: We use highly accurate AI transcriptions available in over 100 languages. Any text you remove from your transcripts, implicates the same changes to your video.
  • Create YouTube Shorts effortlessly: Our Magic Clips Tool uses Ai to find key moments in your long-form recordings and turns them into short shareable clips ideal for YouTube Shorts.
  • Add captions to your video automatically: Easily turn your Ai transcriptions into video captions. You can position and style them as you like.
  • Customize your video: Change your background, add your own logo, plus adjust your layout or dimensions.

Once you’re happy, hit export and download your file. 

Step 5: Share to YouTube 

Upload your downloaded file to YouTube!

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FAQs on YouTube’s Podcast Page

Can I host a podcast on YouTube?

YouTube is not a podcast host, so you can’t host your content on the platform. YouTube will not create an RSS feed for you and you won’t be able to push your podcast to other directories from YouTube. You can, however, share video content of your podcast on YouTube. In other words, you can still upload a video podcast to YouTube, but this won’t be hosted on the platform like it would with an actual podcast host. 

Can I submit my podcast to YouTube with an RSS feed? 

Not currently. However, some podcast hosts do offer automatic uploading to YouTube as part of your subscription. 

How do I start a YouTube podcast?

YouTube is free to join and use. All you need to do is create a YouTube channel and start uploading your content as a video in one of the accepted file formats.  You can use software like Riverside to record and create your video podcast, or simply upload your podcast with a static image in video format. 

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Is YouTube a good podcast platform?

Till now, YouTube hasn’t offered any dedicated podcasting features. However, as we’ve seen, that hasn’t stopped podcasters from using the platform to publish their podcasts in video format. As YouTube enters the podcasting world with more force, it’s sure to continue growing its range of features and support audio creators as much as possible. All in all, it’s most definitely worth publishing your podcast on YouTube. 

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