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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing a YouTube video maker

Making YouTube videos seamlessly is important for any content creator. Consider a YouTube maker that comes with easy editing tools to speed up the creation process. This could include automatic noise suppression, quick background templates, and more. If you’re a live streamer, look for a YouTube video creator that offers live editing and mixing.  This could include a media board with sound effects and music, but it’s worth checking screen share capabilities too. Top-quality recording means less editing and this is why we highly suggest your software is not just a

YouTube video editor. Opt for a YouTube maker with HD recording or higher, and if you’re recording remotely choose local recording software. With local recording, everything is captured directly on your device so your internet connection won't affect the quality of your video. Choose software with easy sharing and promotion tools. A clip creator is ideal for pushing content and creating shareable YouTube shorts. Your software should be simple to use so you can focus on what counts: producing captivating YouTube videos.

Why choose Riverside as your YouTube video maker?

Quick YouTube video editing in minutes

Making a YouTube video just got super simple! Our YouTube video editor is easy-to-use and gives you all the tools you need to fine-tune, cut, and enhance your video in minutes.

Less post-production with live editing

Save yourself from hours of post-production and edit live. Get creative with our media board to add intros, outros, and theme music while recording your YouTube video. 

Reach more people, no extra effort

Attract more viewers to your YouTube video with short shareable Clips. Make short promotional videos with layouts ideal for distributing your YouTube video overall on social media.

Customize your YouTube videos

Make YouTube videos that stand out! Customize your video with your own branded background and logos. Adjust your layout with AI technology that adapts to display the speaker currently talking.

Easy sharing, no downloads

Save yourself the hassle of downloading and uploading your YouTube video. Share your video to YouTube straight from our editor with the tap of a button. 

HD recordings for less editing

Record and edit all on one YouTube video creator. High-quality local recording in up to 4k video and 48 kHz audio resolution that you can download in separate files.

How to make a YouTube video with Riverside

1. Invite to studio

Open a new studio on Riverside and send guests or co-hosts a link to join from anywhere.

2. Record

Start recording your YouTube video in HD and edit live to reduce post-production time.

3. Edit and Customize

Create short clips, or customize your video with branded backgrounds and logos.

4. Download and Share

Share your video straight to YouTube or download separate tracks for your own editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube have a video maker?

Yes, YouTube has its own built-in free YouTube video maker online. This is good for trimming and minor edits, but this might not have all the features you’re looking for. If you’d rather use YouTube video maker software that offers local recordings as well as easy editing at the same time, it's worth checking out Riverside. We also provide tools to promote your content and expand your reach beyond YouTube. 

How to make a YouTube video like a professional?

Professional YouTubers generally have experience in editing. Some even have entire production teams that help them film and create stunning YouTube videos. Although, with a YouTube video maker app like Riverside, you don’t need much experience to make YouTube videos with the same results. Our platform is for all levels and lets you create a professional YouTube video in minutes with simple editing, easy customization, and quick content creation to reach more viewers.

Read on how to make a YouTube video and check out some tips from top YouTube podcasters for more information. If you’re just starting, also try our YouTube name generator for some ideas.

What is the best video maker for YouTube?

The best YouTube video maker is one that suits your needs the most. We’ve rounded up the best video editing software and video recording software to help you out. We’ll still admit that Riverside is the best way to make a youtube video to save time and effort while still achieving professional results.   

What is the best free YouTube video maker?

You could use YouTube’s built-in editor or choose from various free YouTube video makers. Luckily, Riverside also offers a free plan so you can create professional and high-quality content at no cost.

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