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High-quality recording, straight from mobile.

Invite, record and download high-quality audio & video recordings easily, anywhere. You already have an incredible camera on your smartphone & iPad, now all you need is the Riverside app.

Expand recording capabilities to your mobile

You can now enjoy Riverside’s high-quality local recording on your smartphone and iPad, without worrying about internet connection. Once finished, the locally recorded audio and full HD 1080p video will be ready in your dashboard and downloadable from your desktop.

How does it work?


Invite guests from our app, so they can join, no matter where they are.


Hit the record button through the app and start recording on the go.


Download separate audio & video recordings of you and your guests on your desktop.


Riverside’s app to
recording easily

Watch the tutorials to learn how to use the apps

#RecordFromAnywhere contest

To celebrate the launch of our new mobile apps, join the #RecordFromAnywhere contest on social for a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro. Learn more

With the Riverside app, easily create the content you wish, anywhere.

A phone-blown recording studio.

Invite guests, record high-quality audio and video, and download tracks right from your mobile device.

Now available in pocket size.


Now available in pocket size.

Enjoy Riverside’s high-quality, local recording from mobile, without worrying about reception or coverage. Once done, you can view your full HD video and uncompressed audio tracks in your dashboard.

Invite collaborators

Copy/paste your studio link or email them directly from the app.

Join sessions

Set yourself up in the lobby with your equipment and background.

Manage recordings

View, share, and sort all your recordings in the dashboard.

Any phone. Any OS. Anywhere you want.

Use your iPad, iPhone, or Android - the mobile app adds more options for you to create content not on just on desktop.

coming soon

Doubles as a phone-menal webcam.

Recording on your computer? Scan the QR code in the lobby’s dropdown menu and the app will turn your phone into a pro webcam.

Create content from everywhere, whenever.