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New is a live podcast app that lets you stream and record your show. Its features make it easy to do a live podcast.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing software for live podcasts

Podcasting live? Make sure your live podcast software ticks all your needs! Choose software that easily connects to any channels you want to push your live podcast to. This should be as simple as clicking a button or at most copying and pasting a stream URL. Pushing your live podcast to multiple platforms is a great way to grow your audience. We suggest using podcast software that offers multistreaming.

Check for custom RTMP capabilities as this gives you more options for where to push your live podcast. To keep viewers captivated look for engagement tools such as live calls or live sound effects. We recommend recording your podcast as you stream live so you can repurpose it later. Pick software that records in HD resolution and look for easy editing tools to polish your podcast recordings with.

Why use Riverside for live podcasts?

Live stream to your platform of choice

You can live stream on and/or simulcast to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. Still not enough? Use a custom RTMP to stream to any external platform.

Record your live stream locally for optimal quality

Why choose between a live podcast vs a pre-recorded podcast when you can have both. With, you can broadcast your podcast live and record it locally at the same time.

Engage audience members

Interested in making your live stream podcast more interactive? Audience members can call in live with video to ask questions to the host and guest.

Add funky sounds & jingles

Bring your live podcast to the next level with's Media Board. Play intros, outros, sounds, jingles, and theme music to engage your live audience.

Automate Post-Production

Record your podcast live streaming as separate audio/video tracks and create a stunning podcast with's editor. With a few simple clicks, you can edit the audio, add a custom background, and export the ready-to-publish podcast.

Streamlined production process

Live podcasts can take forever to prepare, produce, edit, and transcribe. And stuff goes wrong too often to count. With, you can make your podcast creation process efficient so that you have more time to focus on creating engaging content.

How to do a live podcast with

1. Create a studio

Pick your preferred settings & name your show.

2. Invite participants

Send a link to them. They don't need to create an account nor download anything.

3. Connect live stream

Insert the streaming URL and key to connect to external platforms.

4. Show time

Hit the record button to activate and capture the live podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions about Podcasting Live

Are podcasts live?

Not necessarily. Traditionally podcasts used to be audio-only recordings, that only became available to listeners after uploading it to a podcast directory. Nowadays, it's becoming more common to add a live element to podcasting. With, you can combine both: Host a live podcast to build up a loyal audience while recording it in the highest possible quality so that you can later edit it and distribute it via YouTube and podcast libraries.

How to do a live podcast?

There are plenty of ways to make a live podcast, but choosing one isn't easy. First, you have to decide what kind of podcast you want. The simplest is audio-only, where an audio program is broadcasted as an MP3 or WAV file from the website. Or a podcast can be a video that's made available on websites and/or through YouTube. Or a mix, where a video and an audio program are broadcast together, usually from a website.

When you have chosen your podcast format, you just have to start. The sooner you start, the faster you'll learn what resonates with your audience. After sourcing and inviting guests for your live podcast, you're almost ready to go. Pick your podcast equipment setup and make sure you're comfortable with it. The last step is to choose a live podcasting platform. We recommend going for a platform that allows you to live stream and record podcasts. If you need help deciding which platform and equipment to go for, read our article about live podcasting.

How to live stream a podcast? is a full-featured live podcasting platform. It was designed from the ground up to help podcasters live stream, record, edit, and transcribe their podcasts. You log into the platform, set up a virtual studio, invite guests and audience members, and click on start. Nothing else you need to do.

How to record a live podcast?

Recording a live podcast can be a hassle. Working with various platforms is not only confusing for you, but also requires a lot of processing power from your computer. That's why you can best use a solution that does live streaming and local recording of podcasts. With a dedicated solution such as, you only have to hit the Start Record button to go live and record your podcast.

How to start a live podcast?

Follow the same steps as we outline in our how to start a podcast guide. The difference is that you should choose a podcast recording software that allows you to live stream and record.

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