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Live podcasting, hosting a webinar, or live stream gaming? Riverside has all the live streaming services you need.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing live streaming software

Live streaming is simpler if you’re using well-rounded live streaming software! Choose software that has an easy setup and is already integrated with the live streaming channels you want to push your recording to. For a larger reach, go for software that offers multistreaming so you can broadcast one stream to different channels at the same time. Repurposing is great for reaching new audiences too! For this, we suggest software that records your stream in high video and audio resolution so you can reuse the recording after.

If you want to capture more than one camera or screen live, look for software with multiple recording inputs. Look for remote guest capabilities to capture your camera as well as another speaker’s camera at the same time. To turn your phone into a second camera, find software that comes with a live streaming mobile app. It’s worth checking screen-sharing options as well. To engage with your audience, choose software with live calls or chats and ensure you can live edit your show with sound effects to spice up your live stream.

Why choose Riverside as your live streaming platform?

Download high-quality live stream recordings

Save your online video streaming in up to 4K resolution and your audio at up to 48 kHz. Recordings upload while you live stream and you get separate video and audio files for all participants.

Expand your reach with multi-streaming

Reach more viewers without extra effort. Start streaming live to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more all at once. Even, stream straight on Riverside with up to 1000 audience members.

Produce and edit live

Add sound effects, media clips, and more all while live video streaming. Invite a producer to help you behind the scenes so you can focus on what matters when live streaming.

Live streaming with remote guests

Invite up to 7 guests to join your video live streaming from wherever they are. Guests can also join from any iOS or Android mobile phone with our live streaming app.

Grow your audience with engagement

Don’t leave your audience in the chatbox. Engage with them and get your audience to ask their questions with live call-ins. Make them part of your live show too.

Screen sharing for live podcasts, webinars, gaming, more

Captivating your viewers with live screen shares. This is ideal for live podcast streaming, tutorials, gaming experiences, presentations, and more.

How to go live on Riverside

1. Invite to studio

Create a new studio on the Riverside dashboard and send an invite link to your guests and audience.

2. Select streams

Choose live stream platforms and add their stream URLs and stream keys.

3. Live stream

Start live streaming and invite callers, add sound effects, and screen share live.

4. Download

Download your separate audio and video recordings to repurpose your live stream into more content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is live streaming?

Live streaming is when someone broadcasts what they are recording, in real-time, as they are recording it. This can include various content such as live podcasts, live gaming, and video live streaming of big events. Some people even stream live their everyday life.

How do I watch live streaming?

Generally, live streams are hosted online. Some big live streaming platforms include Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.

What you need for live streaming?

It’s recommended you use good quality equipment including a microphone and suitable camera. Other than that, you would need a good live streaming platform. is the best live streaming platform for someone looking to record and go live at the same time. It offers multi-streaming, audience engagement tools as well as easy editing with high-resolution downloads to help you repurpose your content further. You could even turn your live recording into short promotional Clips to share your show all over social media. Check out the best YouTube microphones, cameras, and how to record a streaming video for more information on getting started.

How can I stream live for free?

It’s easy to live stream free as there are many free live streaming platforms. This even includes some of the best live video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Although, depending on the quality and tools you’re looking for it might be better to use other software. For example, Riverside is great if you’re looking to stream to a few platforms at once, or if you’re looking to repurpose your live stream into high-quality content afterward. It offers simple stream sharing, powerful live and post-production editing tools as well as live call-ins for better audience growth and engagement.

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