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Record podcasts in studio quality from anywhere with Riverside’s podcast recorder.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing a podcast recorder

Podcast recording software can make it or break it when creating a podcast. Focus on choosing software with high-quality audio and video recording. We recommend at least 720p HD video resolution but, if you can, find a recorder with 4K video for high-end quality. Aim for 44.1kHz audio or higher and uncompressed WAV files for crystal clear audio. Local recording is a must if you’re recording remotely. This captures everything directly on your device so no matter the stability of your Internet connection, you’ll still receive studio-level recordings.

Recording quality should be your priority, but editing tools can save a lot of time and effort! Look for easy editing tools that quickly smooth out your audio, customize your podcast, and help you turn your podcast into shareable content. It’s best to choose podcast recording software that records separate tracks as this gives you more editing control in post-production. Your software should be easy to use so you can focus on creating great content. Extra features that are worth looking into include easy distribution, live streaming, and transcription.

Why choose Riverside as your podcast recorder?

HD video & audio recorder

Stand out with high-quality podcast recordings. Our combined online audio and video recorder lets you record 48kHz WAV audio and up to 4K video resolution.

Studio recordings anywhere

Wave goodbye to bad internet recordings! Record podcasts locally on our remote podcast recording software so no faulty internet ruins studio results. 

Easy effects and editing

Editing tools even beginners can use. Add live effects or smooth your podcast post-production. Automatic noise reduction, echo cancellation, and quick customization for a finished podcast in minutes.

Mobile phone podcast recorder

Take your podcast recording app with you wherever you go. Host and record a podcast straight from your iPhone. Invite up to 7 guests to join from any iPhone or Android mobile device.

Little effort, large audience reach

Struggling to reach your audience? Create short Clips in a few clicks and promote your podcast all over social media. 

Multi-Track recorder online

Separate audio and video tracks for each participant saved online. All synced together for easier editing and more podcast control.

How to record a podcast with Riverside

1. Invite to Studio

Create a new studio on your Riverside dashboard and invite up to 7 guests.

2. Record

Start your podcast recording, from a computer or with our mobile recorder app.

3. Edit

Add finishing touches, smooth your audio, and create short promotional clips.

4. Share or download

Instantly share your podcast or download separate tracks for your own editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record my podcast for audio and video?

While you could record using a physical-digital recorder and camera, this means you would have to transfer the files to your computer, and it could be a complicated process. It’s much easier to use podcast software for recording, especially if you’re recording remotely. In this way, you record directly on your computer. Download a podcast recording app or use a recorder online. Invite your guests, record, and edit your podcast. Some podcast recorders, like Riverside, include editing tools, but there are external editing apps. Read our blog to learn more about how to record a podcast (remotely).

What do you record a podcast on?

You can record directly through a digital recorder if you are only looking to record audio. For example, Zoom recorders are highly recommended and are part of our best podcasting digital recorders list. Although, using a physical recorder is more manual work and not always ideal. A better option is podcast recording software that records straight from your computer or phone. You could use a free podcast audio recorder such as Audition or Garage Band for a basic podcast. However, if you’re looking for better features such as hosting guests or making use of an online video recorder as well, Riverside is a better option. Record locally in 4K resolution, with up to 8 participants, and easy editing features to create podcasts ready to publish in minutes.

Can I record a podcast for free?

Yes, there are many free podcast recorders, but it's important to choose carefully. Some of these are only podcast voice recorders and don’t include efficient video recording and other important podcast features such as editing tools. Luckily, Riverside offers a free plan so anyone can record and create a podcast at no cost.

What is the best podcast recorder app?

The best podcast recording software depends on you. Are you recording remotely? Are you only recording audio? It depends on various factors. We’ll say, though, that Riverside is one of the best podcast recording apps for high-quality local recordings from anywhere. You can record from your mobile phone, edit your podcasts professionally in minutes and promote your podcast with short, shareable clips.

Record a podcast the right way

Choose Riverside’s podcast recorder for high-quality audio and video, easy editing, and simple sharing from anywhere in the world. Start for free today, no credit card required!

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