Meet the Riverside Mac App.

Everything you know and love about recording with Riverside, now available as a Mac app. Plus local screen recordings and virtual backgrounds.

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Does more. Distraction-less. It’s that simple.

Get things done in record time.

Through more efficient processing and resource usage, the Mac app ensures a pro-level recording experience.

Mac app call

Your screenshare of high-quality recording.

When you share your screen, we’ll now record it locally, as a seperate track that’ll look and sound just as great as all your other tracks.

App recording

Built from the backgrounds up.

Say hello to virtual backgrounds and goodbye to anything you prefer keeping out of sight.

Always stay in
the recording zone.

The Mac app offers a distraction-free space away from your browser so you can focus on your content and guests. Nothing else.

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A native twist on cross-platform features.

High-quality recording

Uncompressed, 48kHz WAV audio and up to 4K hi-res video, even if Internet is unstable or choppy

Separate tracks

Separate audio & video tracks for every participant means you have lots more control in post production

One-click invites

Schedule your recording with up to eight guests, send them a link, and all they got to do is click it and they’re in

Producer controls

Let the host focus on hosting, knowing that everything’s under control thanks to their producer(s)

Image of download feature

Progressive uploading

We upload your file as you record so that everything is saved and ready for you when you’re done

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