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Record crisp podcast with a click

No more choppy or pixelated files. Record HD podcasts that keep your audience engaged.

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Recording with Riverside

No more choppy recordings

Riverside records offline in HD while you record live.

Video Quality

Local recording up to 4K video resolution

Audio Quality

Uncompressed crystal clear audio

Made with Riverside

Built for podcasters of all shapes & sizes

No more hassle
for hosts or guests.

Recording podcasts as easy as clicking “join studio”.

Produce a podcast like the pros

All your technical podcasting needs, covered.

Producer Mode

Control equipment and produce your show without being recorded

Separate Files/Tracks

Get separate files for audio, video, even transcriptions

Easy Collab

Collaborate with co-hosts, producers, editors, and guests with ease

Grow your podcast with Riverside

Brand, edit, share, go live. All with clicks.

Edit with ease

Cut clips, add branding with our Editor or export in a click to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Share & Go Live

Go live and share to social in a click

Popular features for podcasters

Integrated Media Board

Upload and record audio and video clips live, while recording.

One-click transcriptions

Easily repurpose your podcasts into written content

Record from any device

Record your guests in HD from any phone, computer, or tablet

Easily record high-quality audio & video remotely

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