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Get the best of both worlds. Simulcast to LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch, and simultaneously record your show. Let audience members call in live with video to add an interactive element.

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Why use Riverside for a live show or podcast?

Go live and record

Record audio or video podcasts that you're proud of with up to 8 guests. The recording quality is independent of internet connection.

Combine your live stream with professional-quality recordings. After the live show, you receive locally recorded WAV audio and up to 4K video recordings.

Increase leverage with repurposed content

Play audio and video clips during the live interview straight from the online podcast recording studio. All clips are automatically recorded and synced up.

Record, edit, and repurpose. You can make clips for your social media, YouTube, or podcast. Create once, distribute 10x.

Engage your audience

Automatically receive the recorded files from all your guests. Upon completion of the live interview, you can directly download them from your dashboard or share them with your editor. All with one simple click.

Let audience members ask questions via chat or call in live with video to temporarily join the host and guest. Ideal for interactive, AMAs, or premium community gatherings.

Integrated Mediaboard

Outsource editing with 3 simple clicks. Riverside's Magic Editor automatically merges the locally recorded, separate audio/video tracks. Creating a professional sounding and looking podcast is within handreach.

Liven up your session with Riverside's virtual soundboard. Play clips during the live interview straight from the online recording studio. All clips are automatically recorded and synced up, reducing time spent in post-production.

Customer Testimonials

After reviewing all tools on the market for podcasting, Riverside was a clear choice. They have the best tech and user experience on the market today.

Just used for the first time. Sheesh, I'd hate to be in the audio tech space right now If you're doing virtual podcasting, I 12/10 recommend.

I have recorded several interviews this week and I'm so impressed. Even when my client's internet connection is weak/flaky, I end up with a great recording afterward. It's a game-changer!

How to record a live show with Riverside?

1. Create a studio

Make a reusable studio and select your preferred settings.

2. Invite your guest

Send an interview link to your guests that join with one click.

3. Connect stream

Add your streaming URL & key to connect external platforms.

4. Go live & record

Click record button to activate the stream and record it.

How to record a live show with Riverside?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record without going live?

Absolutely! Riverside is the best recording platform in the market. Thanks to the local recording technology, the quality of the files doesn't depend on internet connection. Say goodbye to glitches or audio dropouts.

How do I record live streams on Riverside?

Riverside automatically records your live streams in the highest quality possible. When you finish your live show, your recordings are available on your dashboard.

How long are recordings saved for on Riverside?

As long as you have an active subscription, your recordings are stored forever.

How to do a live podcast?

Live podcasting is fun and easy via Riverside. Everything works seamless from the browser. Guests and audience members join with one click on a link. No need to download or install anything.

Easy solution for live streamers that care about distribution and recording quality

With Riverside's flexible platform, you can live stream and record simultaneously. Build an interactive live show and expand your reach by distributing the recorded content.

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What to consider when choosing an online voice recorder

The most important thing to consider when looking for an online voice recorder is quality. With the right audio recorder, you don’t need to compromise resolution because you’re recording online. Find online software with local recording that can record your voice in high resolution without worrying about internet issues getting in the way. The better your recording quality, the less editing but for quick fixes look for software that already comes with some easy editing tools.

You’ll want tools for automatic noise suppression, echo cancellation, and easy audio clip creation. The ability to download separate participant tracks is also helpful in giving you more editing control. Don’t forget to check out recording files’ formats. While MP3 audio is better when it comes to storage space, WAV files are crisper and better for fine-tune editing. Other than that, automatic transcription will save you plenty of labor time and a voice recorder mobile app will give you the freedom to record on-the-go.