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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing multistreaming software

To push your stream on all the popular social media channels, you’ll want good multistreaming software. Choose a multistreaming service that already integrates the top channels you want to stream to so you’ll have an easy streaming setup. It’s still worth going for software that offers custom RTMP connection, as this means you’ll still be able to stream to platforms that aren't directly integrated into your multistream software.

We recommend software that streams in high resolution. If you’re going to repurpose your live stream we suggest software with local recording. Local recording means that everything is recorded directly on your device so internet connectivity won’t impact your recordings’ quality. Your software should be easy to use and should include tools for audience engagement, live editing, and simple collaboration

Why choose Riverside as your multistreaming software?

Grow your audience, stream to multiple platforms

Simulcast on various streaming platforms with a few clicks. Easily share your live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Stream to any platform with custom RTMP compatibility

Don’t limit yourself to multistreaming on only a few platforms. Choose to stream live anywhere with custom RTMP.

Collaborative multistreaming platform

Want to co-host a live stream? Multistream with up to 8 participants in one recording. You can even invite your audience to call in live. 

Seamless multistreaming live editing

Sound like a pro with a live soundboard. Add sound and video effects as you record or invite a producer to work behind the scenes.  

Screen sharing for all your multistreaming needs

Easily share your screen to keep your audience captivated—ideal for multistreaming a webinar, gaming, tutorial, or any virtual event.

High-quality separate tracks for easier repurposing

Record your multistream and download separate 48kHz audio and 4K video files for easy repurposing. Create shareable Clips or make high-quality content.

How to stream to multiple platforms with Riverside

1. Invite to studio

Create a new studio on the Riverside dashboard and invite your guests and audience.

2. Select Streams

Choose various streaming platforms and add their Stream URLs and keys.

3. Multistream

Start multistreaming and invite callers, add soundboard effects, and screen share live.

4. Download

Download your high-quality recordings to repurpose your multistream into more content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stream to multiple platforms at once?

Yes, with multistreaming software, such as Riverside, you can stream to various streaming services at once. You just need to connect your Stream URLs and keys to your multistreaming platform. Check out how to set up a stream on Riverside for more information.

What is Multistreaming Software?

Multistreaming software allows you to live stream to more than one platform at a time. Let’s say you want to host a live stream, but you have an audience that spreads over various social media and streaming platforms. In this case, multistreaming software would let you record from one place but stream to multiple platforms. 

Is multistreaming free?

There are free multistreaming platforms, such as OBS Studio. However, these usually don’t offer as many hours of live streaming and sometimes let you simulcast only to a few video streaming platforms at a time. You also might want other features besides multistreaming. For example, you might want editing tools, high-quality recordings for repurposing your content, and features such as shareable Clips to help you expand your reach. In this case, it might be worth looking into all-around streaming software like 

What is the best multistreaming platform?

All platforms offer different features, and the best multistreaming software depends on your focus. If you’re looking for seamless multistreaming with custom RTMP compatibility, live call-ins for audience engagement, and the ability to record your streaming video in HD, then we recommend trying Riverside.

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