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Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing a YouTube clip maker

Want to create YouTube clips with no extra effort? With the right YouTube video clip maker, you can. Choose software that clips YouTube videos automatically for you, so you don’t spend hours trimming your videos yourself. For a more seamless experience, look for the option to mark timestamps for clipping all while you're recording. Quick layout templates and customizing tools are also a must! You’ll want templates that follow YouTube requirements, but still give you room to easily personalize your clips with logo branding, backgrounds, and more. 

Not all YouTube clip makers come with recording software, but we recommend this to streamline your clip creation from beginning to end. Look for high-resolution recording software that offers separate tracks. This will give you more editing control. Other recording features to consider include remote guests and if you’re on the go it’s worth looking if your YouTube clip maker has a mobile app. Once you’re done recording and clipping your video, sharing to Youtube should be simple and only require the tap of a few buttons.

Why choose as your YouTube video clip maker?

Attract viewers at no extra effort

Shorter clips are shareable and easy to watch, making them ideal for pulling in new audiences. Drive viewers to your content with short teasers made in minutes.  

Suitable for social media sharing

Resizable vertical, horizontal and square layout templates. Ideal for different YouTube, Instagram, TikTok posting formats, and more. 

Record your clips in high-resolution

Locally record your YouTube video in up to 4k resolution and 48kHz audio, no matter your internet connection. 

Customize your clips to stand out

Make your brand stand out in your YouTube clips. Customize your background and logo for easy branding.

Record with remote guests

Invite guests to star in your YouTube clip no matter where they are. Guests can join from any desktop or mobile device. 

Separate Tracks for easier editing

Download separate audio and video tracks for easier control in editing your YouTube clips. 

How to clip a youtube video with Riverside

1. Invite to studio

Open a new studio on Riverside and choose if you want to invite guests.

2. Record

Start recording your video. Mark key moments as you record for automatic YouTube clips.

3. Create clips

Make your own YouTube clips with a few clicks. Add a background and logo to stand out.

4. Download

Download your clips and share them on YouTube or other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clip a YouTube video?

You could use a YouTube clip maker to help you trim videos. Generally, you would need to upload your video, choose where to cut your video, and finally export your YouTube clip. With Riverside’s YouTube clip feature, though, you can create clips in a few clicks straight after recording. All you have to do is mark key points as you record and trim your videos as you please.

How do you clip a YouTube video to share on other platforms?

YouTube’s layout is different from other social media platforms. This could be annoying if you’re trying to share your YouTube videos everywhere to expand your reach. With Riverside, this becomes easy, though. We have adjustable layout templates ideal for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok so you can quickly make the content suitable to share on all platforms. 

Can I clip a YouTube video for free?

Yes, you can with a free YouTube clip maker. There is also a built-in YouTube video trimmer in the YouTube studio editor. These options don’t always give you complete control in creating clips, and if you’re looking for features beyond a simple YouTube cutter, it might be better to look at video editing software. You can also use Riverside's free plan and access its Clip maker to limit editing time but still produce high-quality clips you can post anywhere. 

Why should I clip YouTube videos?

Viewers need a good reason to watch a long video on YouTube. Clips are a great way to highlight key moments to attract users to your YouTube video. They’re also easy to share on various platforms to expand your audience reach further. Many famous creators, including Gary Vaynerchuk and Joe Rogan, already do this, and now you can too. Read more on how to make a YouTube video and why you should use clips when you start a YouTube channel.

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