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Spice up your sound - produce and live edit with Riverside’s integrated podcast soundboard.

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

Trusted Companies already use Riverside

What to consider when choosing a podcast soundboard

The right podcast soundboard software can make a huge difference to your podcast show! Choose a soundboard that’s simple to use and gives you a variety of media effects to choose from. For an easy setup, look for an all-in-one podcast soundboard and mixer that automatically syncs separate tracks. For the most seamless experience, we suggest an online soundboard that easily integrates with recording software.
Make sure your software allows you to add your own media files.

This is great for personalizing your show as you’ll be able to add any effects you want and even record your own. Podcast soundboards can be used live while recording, and if you’re planning on streaming your podcast it’s worth looking into live streaming features. An extra that’s worth it, is behind-the-scenes producer controls. If you’ve got a producer, they can control your soundboard while you focus on your podcast.

Why choose Riverside as your podcast soundboard software?

Integrated podcast soundboard online

With Riverside’s integrated soundboard software, you don’t need a mixer or any additional apps. You can record video in 4k and 48 kHz audio resolution, all while mixing sound effects from our live soundboard.

Live behind the scenes Producer mode

Save yourself from messy interruptions while recording! On Riverside, you can invite a producer to your studio without them being recorded so they can mix your sound live fully behind the scenes.

Soundboard for streaming live

Keep your live audience interested with our streaming soundboard. Add intros and outros, background music, and more while streaming live on Riverside or other social media platforms.

Locally recorded, separate tracks

Automatically receive locally recorded, separate tracks for all your recording and soundboard files. These are all in sync, and you can even merge them if you create a finished podcast with our editor. 

Easy effects

Riverside’s Media Board is easy to use. Choose one of the pre-recorded soundboard sounds or upload media files with the tap of a button. Riverside also has an editor for simple, attractive customization. 

Pre-recorded files for all your needs

Spice up your sound and create a vibe with video. Add any pre-recorded sounds or videos to your soundboard. Reaction videos, short clips and more. You can even share your screen and capture it live. 

How to use Riverside’s soundboard for podcasts?

1. Invite to studio

Invite guests and an audience to join you to a recording studio or a live stream.

2. Upload & Preview

Upload your sound effects and video, then test it out with a quick preview.

3. Record & Play

Hit record and play your sound or video from the soundboard live as you record.

4. Download

Save all your separate synchronized files or edit your podcast to get a merged track.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a podcast soundboard?

A podcast soundboard is a media library you can add sound effects to your podcast recordings. For example, you can add intros, outros, background music, and more. This comes integrated with a podcast mixer in many cases, but these are not the same thing. A podcast mixer is a piece of equipment to merge and control multiple tracks. Read more about podcast mixers if that is what you’re searching for. 

Although, if you want to avoid the need for this equipment, you’re better off using a podcast soundboard online or other soundboard software. Riverside is an easy-to-use soundboard for any PC. This all-in-one platform lets you edit live as your record, allowing you to add podcast sound effects from a soundboard even as you live stream.

How do you use a soundboard on a podcast?

In simple terms, your first step would be to add all the media you need to access for your podcast sound effects in your soundboard. If you’re creating your own soundboard, you will have to download or save the various media files you need on your computer. If you’re using an online soundboard, you simply have to upload all your media, and they should be ready to use. On Riverside’s Media Board, you can either use pre-recorded effects or upload various audio and video files. 

Check out our guide on podcast soundboards if you’d like to learn more about how to use them to amp up your podcast.

Where can I get sound effects for my podcast?

A lot of soundboards come with podcast sound effects already preloaded. For example, Riverside’s Media Board has a selection of pre-loaded podcast sounds that anyone can use. You can also find free or paid sound and podcast music on various websites dedicated to this. Read over our free music for podcasts guide for some ideas. Some people even record their own sounds, and this could be an option if you’re looking for something specific you can’t find.

What is the best soundboard app or soundboard software?

It depends on what you need. For example, you might need a soundboard for streaming or an online soundboard that helps free your PC storage.

There are many soundboards that could be ideal for you, some even free. It’s generally best to go for soundboard software that is integrated into your recording platform. This makes it much easier for you to connect everything. Riverside is one of the best soundboards for any PC. As Riverside is browser-based, both Mac and Windows users can access this software. We offer high-quality podcast recording, live streaming, and a Media soundboard that even beginners could use.

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