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Speed boosts and performance updates

Check out Riverside's latest core updates. We've improved speed and performance to give you a smoother studio experience.
Nadav Keyson
CEO & Co-founder
Last Updated:
May 13, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

Riverside's latest core updates

Your experience is our top priority, so we’re constantly adapting to improve. 

Recently, we made some changes to improve Riverside’s core functionalities. You’ll specifically notice a boost in speed and performance. 

While we often tweak things under the hood, here's a peek at some of the major updates we've rolled out.

We’ve recently:

  • Fixed a glitch, ensuring your tracks are back in sync
  • Improved our transcription accuracy
  • Stabilized connection during sessions
  • Increased the studio performance speed

And more, which we’ll explain below.

Back in sync 

If you experienced any issues with track alignment, everything should be back in sync.

A recent Chrome update caused a glitch around this, but we’ve sorted it out. We've reprocessed all tracks, which are now ready in your dashboard for error-free downloads. 

Plus, we’ve updated our syncing engine to prevent similar issues down the line.

A new transcription engine 

You’ll also start to experience better alignment between your transcriptions and the audio in the editor. 

We’ve made a tweak to boost the accuracy per word of transcriptions. And, this should also improve the overall dependability of our transcription feature.

Improved connection stability 

We understand how vital it is for everything to run smoothly in your recording sessions. 

So, we’ve enhanced stability in the studio to prevent reconnection issues. This will help ensure there’s no more unexpected dropouts during sessions.

Faster studio performance 

Thanks to our upgraded infrastructure, you'll notice the studio loading quicker than ever. This impacts everything positively from the studio experience to the recording quality.

Other enhancements and fixes

In addition to the above, we’ve made a few more changes. 

You’ll notice we’ve:

  • Sped up track loading in the editor, so there are no more delays.
  • Fixed the pesky video player spinner that pops up when changing overlays.
  • Addressed the stuck audio-only loader when the canvas is off.
  • Resolved missing waveforms in zoomed sections.
  • Corrected overlays (text and image) that were mispositioned and not draggable on the timeline if there were hidden cuts.
  • Updated new caption styles that now apply correctly to Full episodes.
  • Made trimming handles and cursor positions consistent during timeline edits.
  • Improved timeline selection so selection stays put, even when moving the playhead.
  • Fixed the issue where the logged-in producer couldn’t start/stop the recording.

We'll keep the updates coming and value your feedback immensely—it's what drives our efforts to make Riverside even better!

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to our support team

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