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7 Best Effective Webinar Examples to Inspire You 2024

Discover 7 effective webinar examples to inspire and engage your audience. We'll share what you can learn from each and how to create your own.
Kendall Breitman
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June 27, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Key takeaways:

  • Successful webinars have a compelling topic, are clear and offer engaging visuals and content. 
  • Some of the best webinars on our list come from Notion, MindValley, and SalesForce

We've all been there—stuck in a webinar so boring it practically begs you to check your phone or do something else. 

Nothing's worse than putting your audience through that, right?

So it’s crucial to make webinars as exciting and engaging as possible, and this article will give you tips and inspiration on how to do so. 

We'll break down 7 amazing webinar examples. We'll pinpoint exactly what makes them so great, so you can learn from the best.

Let’s get into it

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What does a good webinar look like?

A good webinar should have the following key components:

A compelling, relevant topic

A memorable webinar should have two critical criteria above all others. 

  1. How relevant is the topic to your audience? Irrelevant topics that don't directly address the audience’s specific pain point or interest area will lead them being disgruntled. 
  2. How compelling is your webinar? People will drop out if the presentation or delivery is  boring. 

So make the webinar as compelling and relevant as possible. (We’ll show you examples how successful webinars do both later in the article).

Focused and Clear

Avoid meandering around tangential topics. Stick to the main topic at hand, and don’t zoom out to a broader topic unless absolutely necessary. 

For example, if you’re making a webinar on ‘how to create great thumbnails on YouTube’, don’t spend time talking too much about other unrelated YouTube topics like script writing or editing. 

Unique perspective

A truly worthwhile webinar goes beyond the basics. Since most information is a Google (or Reddit, YouTube) search away, offer your audience a fresh perspective they can't find elsewhere.

Great delivery

Good pacing is important. Avoid rushed explanations, and don’t excessively belabor a point in tiring details.

Keep your delivery passionate and conversational. While you don’t have to force it, adding humor always helps. 

Great visual aids

Use eye-catching slides that add some oomph to your webinar presentation. You can use photos and illustrations to evoke emotion and add context. 

Visual aids can also help make complicated data easy to understand. Try use  infographics or charts or graphs to convey your stats. 

Formatting-wise, we suggest you keep the text concise and use bullet points and strong headlines. 

Riverside webinar example using visual aids

Engaging, interactive content

A good webinar will make use of various interactive features, including Q&A, polls, surveys, and breakout rooms. 

7 Best Webinars to inspire you to create your own

Notion: Hot Seat with Marie Poulin: Streamlining OKR management with Airbyte

Notion's powerful (and seriously awesome) software takes some getting used to. That's why they host so many webinars to help folks find their footing. 

Since Notion's a productivity powerhouse, they often bring in experts like Khe Hy and Thomas Frank to share their insider tips.

What you can learn: 

  • Use of webinar chapters. This helps users navigate through your webinar, especially if you post it as an on-demand webinar after. 
  • The panelists joke in the opening seconds. Where possible, try to add humor to lighten the mood, especially if the topic is serious. 
  • Be friendly when greeting people. As you can see right at the start of the webinar, some hosts greet the audience with a beaming, warm smile. 
  • More panelists mean more diverse perspectives. There are 4 panelists, which makes for a very interactive, back-and-forth discussion among experts. 

Cambridge English: Using bite-sized digital content to prepare our students for their B2 First (for Schools) exam

Cambridge English periodically holds webinars for teachers to help them better teach students English. The following webinar example does a lot of things right:

What you can learn: 

  • Fantastic use of slides and visuals. For example, at 7:48, he uses emojis with his text to keep things visually attractive. 
  • Again, at 4:41, the host uses an engagement tactic. He asks people to answer a question he asked in chat. 
  • The host shares his credentials, email, and Instagram ID. This makes him seem approachable and shows that he cares about the people he’s teaching.
  • In the first few seconds, he creates a poll. This is fantastic, as it creates an engaging atmosphere from the get-go, preventing people prone to zoning out. 

Slido | Webinar: Run the Slido Q&A Like a Pro!

Slido is a Q&A and polling platform. Using it, you can create quizzes or let audiences ask questions (which can then be ranked by the most popular ones).

Let’s look at the Slido webinar below which demos their platform.

What you can learn:

  • Visual and practical demo attendees can learn from. Showing attendees step-by-step means they can easily follow.
  • Recap section at the end. This helps people integrate what they learnt and cement the info in their brain.
  • They mention that they’re recording the session. This means the audience can focus and not stress about taking notes. 
  • They ask the audience what they want to learn today? This helps you get questions that you can tailor to your event. 

Mindvalley: Refocus and achieve your extraordinary vision of success this 2023

Mindvalley is a major player in the personal development industry, and has courses from some of the biggest names in the industry. Webinars are one of the main ways they market their products. 

If you’re trying to get people to sign up for a course, this Mindvalley example will be helpful to you. 

What you can learn:

  • The presenter has an engaging persona. You can see that he puts his best foot forward throughout. 
  • The hosts use the problem, agitation, solution (PAS) model. This is a known technique to boost sales. 
  • The whole webinar implements great storytelling. Use storytelling wherever possible in your webinars. 
  • Always show a demo of your product. They explain exactly what the audience can expect from the product. 
  • Share where audiences can access more services. For example, if you have a membership site where your course is uploaded, share it with your audience live. 
  • Share a bonus offer if you have one. Bonus offers are great ways to entice people into signing up for course: free extra value can be hard to resist. 
  • It’s good to show people what to expect from the product. They explore the different ways the product changed their lives. 


Salesforce holds webinars multiple times per week on various topics related to their platform. They host live webinars and later repurpose them into on-demand ones. 

For our example, we’ll look at how they host an on-demand webinar. 

Salesforce webinar example

What you can learn:

  • The slides are much more than basic powerpoint presentations: They include animations, color and really attract the eye.
  • The presentation page has everything needed. A resources section, the slides, a question box for asking questions, and more. 


HealthyGamerGG is a YouTube channel and brand run by Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Alok Kanojia, also known as Dr. K. This particular webinar example is a purely educational webinar, with no marketing involved whatsoever. 

What you can learn:

  • Make use of interactive tools. For educational topics, whiteboards are an excellent way to teach people. 
  • If you know your subject matter well, and your handwriting is decent enough, you can forgo preparing slides prior to the webinar and just use a whiteboard to explain concepts. 
  • You don’t need experience equipment. If you’re a small company or an educator with a small following, don’t let the lack of funds dissuade you. All you need is valuable knowledge to share, a reasonable mic and reliable software.

Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketer known for his expertise in SEO, content creation, and marketing in general. His company hosts multiple webinars a month, one a week, on these topics.

Neil Patel webinar example
Neil Patel

What you can learn:

  • The webinar has 3 presenters who are experts in their field. More presenters means  more value, as each expert has something unique to contribute. 
  • The webinar comprehensively covers the topic. Give your audience as much value as you can so that at the end of the day, they feel they learnt something important – thanks to you. 
  • Don’t overfill your slides with text. Rather use just enough so you can cover all the key points. 
  • Don’t be afraid to share how you’ve helped your customers. This could be results your customers get, testimonials, or any other thing that frames your brand in a good light.

How to create your own successful webinar: 7 Tips

Below are 7 ways you can create your own successful webinar. For a more indepth look, you can check out our article on best webinar practices

Know your target audience

Before creating a webinar, do thorough research on your audience. Find out their likes, dislikes, needs, pains, etc. 

Define your goals

Are you looking to generate leads, educate your audience, or launch a new product? Knowing your goals will help you tailor your content and track your success.

Be a good communicator

Bring your most passionate self to the webinar. Learn the art of keeping people’s attention, storytelling, and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 

Take advantage of Riverside’s Media Board to easily insert video and audio clips into your live webinar to enhance your storytelling. 

Leverage your network

If you’ve got speakers, partners, or influencers in your network that can promote your webinar to their audiences, request them to do so. You can invite them as a guest and share short promotional clips which you can easily create with a platform like Riverside.

Incorporate interactivity

Engage the audience during the webinar with polls, Q&A, chat, and opportunities for attendees to share experiences. 

Provide unique value

Deliver content that can’t be found elsewhere. The more unique value you provide your audience, the more they’ll trust your brand, and likely turn into lifelong customers. 

Do thorough tech checks

Constant tech disruptions during the webinar can be embarrassing. Not to mention it can create a negative impression of your brand. Audit all tech issues before the meeting. 

Riverside records locally, so you don't have to worry about tech issues from a bad internet connection impacting recording quality. 

FAQs on Webinar Examples:

What is considered a webinar?

A webinar is an online presentation, lecture, or workshop. Some of the key characteristics of webinar are:

  • Live interaction through Q&A, polls, and chat
  • Presenter-led, where a speaker or small group of experts share information or insights
  • Can accommodate a large number of attendees, often hundreds of people
  • The speaker presentation is often accompanied by slides, screen sharing, or videos

How much should I charge for a webinar?

There’s no set-in-stone answer here. The amount you charge depends on multiple factors:

  • Number of attendees
  • Additional guest speaker and their fees
  • Your expertise level and authority in the field
  • The value and results you can guarantee your attendees

That being said, you can conduct market research on competitor webinar pricing to get a sense of industry standards.

Is a webinar just a video?

No, a webinar is not just a video. While a webinar and a video share some similarities, there are important differences:

  • Webinars are interactive, with plenty of communication between the host and attendees
  • Webinars are usually live events where the presenter and audience interact in real-time
  • Webinars require a dedicated software to enable various interactivity features
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