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10 Top Video Testimonial Software Tools to Boost Branding | 2024

Create high-quality video testimonials with the best video testimonial software. We review top testimonial software for 2024 and help you choose one!
Lisa Harroy
Creator Partnerships Lead
Last Updated:
March 5, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

Video testimonials are the ultimate marketing tool. They capture authentic third-party endorsement in the voice of real customers - what more could you ask for? Helping brands to capitalize on social proof, video testimonials are super effective at generating leads and driving conversions. 

The biggest challenge, though, is actually collecting and recording these testimonials. That’s where dedicated video testimonial software comes in. These specialized tools are all about making it as easy as possible to capture high-quality testimonials seamlessly. 

Since there’s an abundance of choices out there, this article guides you through how to choose the best tool for you. You’ll also find some tips for optimizing your video testimonials. 


  • Video testimonial software helps you collect and record customers endorsing your product or service.
  • Many testimonial software work asynchronously and let you record your customers remotely. 
  • Look for high-quality recording, easy workflows, and good value for money when weighing up different options. 
  • Riverside makes it easy to record high-quality testimonials and more.

What is video testimonial software?

Video testimonial software are platforms that help you to record videos of your customers or clients talking about their experience using your services remotely. 

Some video testimonial software brands themselves specifically for this type of recording. But you can also use any remote recording platform that is set up to capture high-quality audio and video. 

Benefits of Using Dedicated Video Testimonial Software

Easy to Use & Low Effort 

Dedicated video testimonial software offer workflows and interfaces specifically for recording video testimonials. For this reason, they should be super easy to use for both you and your customers. This also minimizes the amount of effort (and time) that you and your guests need to invest to record your video testimonials. 

Specialized Features 

Dedicated software will also come loaded with features geared specifically towards capturing the best video testimonials possible. This expands your capabilities and helps you to create videos that are more visually engaging and interesting. Some platforms will also help you to create more content within the same workflow. For instance, Riverside makes it possible to easily and quickly create short-form clips out of your full-length recording with its Magic Clips tool. 

High-quality & Professional Results 

Finally, using dedicated video testimonial software ensures you’re able to record high-quality videos that are a credit to your brand. Creating valuable and usable content is not only about gathering testimonials – it’s about the overall production quality of your videos too. Since testimonial videos speak to the credibility of your brand, they need to convey a professionalism that matches your business. Low-quality audio and video can impact viewers’ impressions of your overall brand and affect your content’s watchability.  

Features to consider in video testimonial software

When you’re choosing which video testimonial software to go with, here are some things to consider. And remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to platforms that market themselves specifically as video testimonial software. You can use most remote recording platforms for this purpose: 

Value for Money 

The first thing to consider is whether you’re getting a good bang for your buck. This means considering the features you get access to for your subscription, how much you’re actually going to be using the platform, and whether they offer you certain perks that really make it worth it. 

Local Recording 

Local recording is an absolute non-negotiable. Local recording means that the platform records each participant (ie. your customers) on their own device rather than over the internet. This means that the quality of your final recording doesn’t rely on the strength of your wifi connection. This is key to maximizing your recording quality even when your internet connection isn’t playing ball. 

Recording Quality 

Customer testimonials are an important and effective marketing material. Though testimonials are compelling because they offer an authentic third-party endorsement, this doesn’t mean you should let the recording quality slide. You should still ensure that you record high-quality video and audio to do justice to your general brand identity. That’s why you need a platform that guarantees professional quality every time. Ideally, you want a platform that offers you the ability to record in at least 1080p, but recording in 4K resolution will give you more editing flexibility.  

Guest Workflow 

The guest workflow should be as seamless and easy as possible. You don’t want your customer to have to deal with a clunky interface, sign-ups or need to download a specific app. The fewer barriers to entry, the better. 

Producer Mode 

Finally, if you’ve got a production team on board, you want a platform that lets your producers do their thing behind the scenes. This means they have the ability to control the recording without appearing on it themselves. 

10 Best Video Testimonial Software for Seamless Customer Interviews

Let’s take a look at the best software out there right now for recording remote video testimonials: 



There are four ways to sign up to Riverside: 

  • Free 
  • Standard - $15/month 
  • Pro - $24/month 
  • Business - Get in touch for information about pricing 

Riverside is a remote recording platform that makes it easy to capture high-quality audio and video. Riverside is incredibly versatile - perfect for recording remote customer testimonials, interviews, podcasts, and all other types of company content. Riverside offers all the non-negotiables: 4K video recording, multitrack recording, and the ability to record and edit your videos within one platform. 

Crucially, Riverside makes it easy to jump on a call with your client – they can join your session at the click of a button from both their browser or mobile device. There’s no need for them to have a Riverside account to join your recording session. Since Riverside always locally records every participant, you’re guaranteed high-quality video and audio – even if you’re dealing with a weak internet connection. 

And if you can’t find a time to meet with your client, then you can use our async recordings to get testimonials at their convenience. Riverside provides them with on-screen instructions and you can also prepare a script or some guidance that will pop up on the teleprompter.  

Riverside video testimonial software

Key Features: 

  • Local recording of each participant 
  • High quality recording with up to 4K video and 48kHz audio 
  • Easy guest workflow with no need to download or sign up. They can join from their browser or mobile.  
  • Multitrack recording to make your life a lot easier during post-production because you can edit each person’s recording individually. 
  • Mobile-app for easy on the go recording or secondary camera angles 
  • Producer mode which means your team can seamlessly manage your recording session from behind the scenes 
  • Ultra-accurate AI transcriptions in over 100 languages 
  • Text-based editor to edit your video recording using your written transcript  
  • Magic Clips feature uses AI to turn the interesting moments from your full-length recording into short video clips.
  • Teleprompter & script so you can follow a pre-written script while recording
  • Highly accurate AI transcriptions available in SRT or TXT formats
  • Automatic Captions which you can style and adjust as you like
  • Async recording so you can make your studio available to guests to record when they can – even if you’re not online. 
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Widewail (Invite Video)


You need to fill out a price quote form to get information on how much it costs to use Widewail. 

Widewail’s Invite Video tool is a video testimonial generation software. It works by transforming your existing customer relationship management system into an ‘always-on video testimonial generating machine.’ 

Every time your CRM registers a closed sale, Invite Video triggers an automated video testimonial request directly to your customer. This includes a legal release form to keep your business completely compliant. They can record themselves directly from their mobile with no need to download anything. This means you’ll quickly build a bank of real customer video testimonials. 

This is great for businesses looking to harness authentic and unpolished video testimonials. But if you want to produce professional videos that showcase a certain type of customer, Widewail probably isn’t for you. 

widewail testimonial software

Key Features

  • Integrates directly with most CRMs, including HubSpot, Yardi, and Entrata 
  • More cost-efficient than producing professional video
  • Built-in legal release 
  • Offer incentives & prizes to customers who record themself 
  • Low-effort, high-reward 
  • Customize configurations by targeting specific customer groups 
  • Easy guest workflow  



VideoAsk has three pricing plans: 

  • Start - $0/month 
  • Grow - $24/month 
  • Brand - $40/month 

Videoask works asynchronously to help you collect customer testimonials. It’s a versatile tool that you can use for lead generation, sales, recruitment, and gathering feedback. 

For testimonials, you can either record a video of yourself in-app or upload a pre-existing clip asking your customers to leave you a video testimonial. It’s an easy-to-use tool with a ‘multi-step videoask’ tool to help you structure your customers' testimonials with multiple questions. 

Videoask video testimonial software

Key Features

  • Embed your invite in an email, as a widget on your website or anywhere else 
  • Automated transcriptions of every customer testimonial 
  • Create custom URLs to suit different customer profiles 
  • Create personal and human interactions by thanking customers with a video response in the platform 
  • Work collaboratively 
  • Automatically ask for your customer’s consent 




Trust has three pricing plans: 

  • Starter - $19/month 
  • Off the Ground - $49/month 
  • Business - $99/month 

Trust helps you collect video and text testimonials from your customers. Their interface makes it easy to manage and monitor your feedback as it comes in. A unique feature is their AI testimonial generator that minimizes the input required from your customers. 

Key Features

  • Integrates with your existing CMS, web-builders, and other tools 
  • Offers tech support for setup and installation 
  • Ask customers to fill out forms and Q&As 
  • Use WordPress plugin, widgets, pop-ups, and badges 
  • Add a custom Trust contract to collect customer permission 
  • AI testimonial generator that speeds up the collection process. All your customers need to do is write keywords they associate with your product. 
  • Send out testimonial request emails directly from the Trust dashboard
  • Automatic transcription and subtitles of video testimonials 



There are three Bonjoro subscription tiers: 

  • Starter - $19/month 
  • Pro - $33/month 
  • Grrrowth - $69/month 

Bonjoro is another testimonial collection tool that also lets you create video messages for generating leads, onboarding new clients or hires, and more. The testimonial collection process is simple. You add up to 6 questions as well as a request for the client’s logo, profile photo, or social links and send it out to them. You can manage and monitor all your submissions and even publish them directly from your dashboard. 

Bonjoro video testimonial software

Key Features

  • Connects to your CRM 
  • Easy collection and publication of testimonials straight to your website. Alternatively, download your videos to share via social media. 
  • Store and manage your testimonials with customer tags 
  • Request logo, profile photo, or social links 

Vocal Video


There are four ways to subscribe to Vocal Video: 

  • Free (you can only publish and share 3 videos)
  • Solo - $49/month 
  • Team - $33/month for 3 users 
  • Pro - $39/month for 5 users 

Vocal video is a tool for recording and collecting video testimonials. You can collect both audio and video testimonials from customers using any device. It works completely asynchronously and lets you add a branded touch to each video. You can even personalize your video testimonial request by recording a video of yourself addressing your customers directly. 

Vocal video testimonial software
Vocal Video 

Key Features

  • No installation and works on every device 
  • Video request templates to make your life easier 
  • Offer incentives for recording a testimonial 
  • Customize and add branding to your videos with your logo, colors, motion graphics, animations and more 
  • Automatically generates subtitles 
  • Simple in-built editing tools for trimming, cutting clips and adding music 
  • Turn audio responses into branded videos 



There are three pricing plans for Vidmonials: 

  • Free
  • Professional - $29/month 
  • Enterprise - $69/month 

Vidmonials is a simple tool for requesting, collecting, and editing video testimonials from your customers. You can send out single or bulk video requests or create a whole campaign aimed at multiple clients. Vidmonials also offers a screen recording tool. 

Videomonials testimonial software

Key Features:

  • Add custom questions or pointers to help structure your customers’ testimonials 
  • Share your video requests with a QR code, link via email, or using the user portal 
  • Transcriptions of your video testimonials
  • Built-in editor for trimming, adding text and music 
  • Easy sharing with embed codes and direct social media posting 
  • Your own branded landing page 



  • Free (max 10 testimonials and 2 video testimonials) 
  • Starter Plus - $20/month (unlimited text testimonials but only 2 video testimonials) 
  • Premium - $50/month 
  • Ultimate - $150/month 

Testimonial is a specialized text and video testimonial collection tool that lets you request testimonials directly as well as via social media. It’s an easy-to-use management tool with a consolidated dashboard and customizable branded landing page. You can also embed a ‘wall of love’ directly into your website to showcase your most glowing reviews. 

Testimonial video software

Key Features:

  • Personalized testimonial landing page 
  • Auto-transcription of all transcriptions 
  • Dashboard to manage your testimonials 
  • Metrics and analytics 
  • Manage existing social media testimonials 
  • ‘Wall of Love’ to display your favorite testimonials on your website 
  • Integrates directly with your CMS and website  



VideoPeel only has paid subscriptions: 

  • Pro - $49/month 
  • Premium - $249/month 
  • Enterprise - Custom

VideoPeel is a general tool to help you collect user-generated videos. This extends beyond testimonials to evidence, interviews, and support content such as walkthroughs or onboarding guides. You can customize your customer request form according to who you’re asking to record a testimonial. 

Videopeel testimonial software

Key Features

  • Integrates directly with your CRM and socials 
  • Use over 40 campaign templates to quickly set up your campaigns 
  • Simple interface 
  • Multi-purpose tool for collecting testimonials, research and survey answers. You can also use it to create sales videos & recruitment content. 



There are three pricing plans: 

  • Basic - $50/month 
  • Team - $100/month 
  • Premium - $208/month 

Boast covers all types of customer feedback, from forms and testimonials to general feedback. You can automate your testimonial requests to put the whole process on auto-pilot. Boast integrates with the tools you’re already using to slot seamlessly into existing workflows. 

Boast video testimonial software

Key Features: 

  • Ready-to-use templates and toolkits 
  • Embeddable widgets to showcase your testimonials 
  • Segment your contacts to request specific feedback or testimonials 
  • Unified platform for managing your testimonials and responses 
  • Integrates with your existing tools 
  • Easy customer workflow 
  • Incentivize customers to submit testimonials 
  • In-built editor for rearranging, trimming and cutting your submissions 
  • Customize your testimonials with intros, outros, and background music

Which video testimonial software is the best?

As we’ve seen, there are a whole host of options out there. Fundamentally, the most important feature is recording quality and an easy workflow on both ends. 

Best free video testimonial software

If you’re looking for free video testimonial software, Vidmonial’s free plan is a great option. Since you get up to 30 minutes of total video recording time a month, you can record a number of short customer testimonials with no problem. 

Best remote video testimonial software

Overall, the best remote video testimonial software is definitely Riverside. The recording quality on offer is unmatched, and since it offers a whole range of versatile features, you can use the platform for more than just collecting testimonials. This makes it a seriously worthwhile subscription. 

Best practices for using video testimonial software

Your video testimonial software will only get you so far. Here are a few tips to follow to maximize the quality of your testimonials: 

Know your way around 

It’s absolutely imperative that you know your video testimonial software back to front. You should know how every feature works and every aspect of both your and your customer’s workflows. This will help you to maximize the value you’re able to get out of the platform. 

Brief your guest and customer

When collecting video testimonials, you should ensure that your customer’s workflow is as seamless as possible. Part of this should be briefing them on how the platform works, what you’d like them to say, and what to expect. By clearly outlining what you’d like for them, you’re more likely to get a video that lives up to your expectations. 

Prioritize Quality 

Finally, recording quality should be an absolute priority. A compelling and glowing testimonial with low-quality recording will, on balance, be a letdown. Since you want to leverage these video testimonials for your own promotional and marketing purposes, you want them to reflect well on your brand. 

FAQs on Video testimonial Software

How do you make a video testimonial?

Using Riverside, it’s easy to create a high-quality and professional video testimonial. The key steps are to identify potential guests that are willing to share their testimonial, schedule a time (or share the async recording link), and then edit your recordings. As we mention below, the ideal length for a testimonial is 60 to 90 seconds, so snappy editing is key. Use Riverside to record high-quality content and equip yourself with the tools to quickly and professionally edit together content you’ll be proud to share.   

Which app is used for testimonial recording?

There are a huge range of apps out there specifically for testimonial recording. As we’ve seen, you can harness Riverside to record high-quality remote video testimonials. 

How to collect video testimonials for free?

Most of the software that we covered above offer a free plan. Be careful to take a look at the limitations on the free plans, though. 

How much does a video testimonial cost?

Most companies ask their customers and clients to record video testimonials as a favor. Some decide to offer rewards and prizes to incentivize customers to take the time to record them. Overall, video testimonials can be super low-budget. 

What is the best length for a testimonial video?

As is often the case, quick and concise is often more effective: aim for between 60 and 90 seconds. You’ll lose your viewer’s attention if your video runs on for too long. It’s good practice to tailor your video’s length to the platform you’re publishing to though. For instance, on social media, you want to keep length to a minimum. But on your own website, you can afford to post the full-length version. 

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