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11 Best Transcription Software to Transcribe Audio & Video (2024)

Discover the best free and paid transcription software. We'll help you choose the best tool to transcribe audio and video fast and accurately.
Ortal Hadad
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February 16, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Don’t waste hours on transcription. With robust transcription software, you can convert audio to text in minutes. 

Transcriptions help boost your content and increase its accessibility, but no one has hours to spend on transcribing. Instead, it’s best to opt for ai-based transcription software. While this is a much quicker route, choosing your software carefully is essential. 

With so many options available, we’ll help you with where to start. This guide reviews the best transcription software for both audio and video content. We explain what to consider and how to choose your own. 

What is transcription software?

First things first, let’s start with a transcription software definition. Transcription software converts human speech into text, i.e. a transcript. That means that you get an automatic written version of an audio or video clip without having to type it out yourself. 

You can get video transcription software, audio transcription software, or a platform that is compatible with both. It’s worth investigating which software will work best for you.

Of course, the accuracy of the transcription will depend on the quality of your recording and the clarity of the speech — plus the reliability of the software you use. If the recording is unclear, some words may be wrong or missing. You may need to edit the text transcription afterward to make sure it’s correct.

Why should you use transcription software?

If you are creating a video or audio content, transcription software holds huge benefits. You can use this technology to effortlessly add subtitles to existing content, translate the subtitles into multiple languages, or even repurpose the content as a blog post. There’s power in making your content go further and making it accessible to all audiences. 

Benefits of transcription software over manual transcription

Considering using transcription software? Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of using this technology to transcribe either your audio or video content. 

Transcription software saves you time

When you use transcription software, you don’t have to waste time transcribing yourself. You can get a full transcript with a few simple clicks. You can then easily use these transcripts as you need. 

Transcripts can also help speed up editing time as you can use them to pinpoint the time when you discuss certain topics. This will make it quicker when it comes to editing as you can skip to that point to alter the audio or video. 

Easier video captions and subtitles

When you are transcribing your content yourself, it can be tough going. Using transcription software makes the whole thing a breeze. If you need fast captions or subtitles, you can use software that creates SRT transcripts which include timestamps ideal for captioning. Or even better, find software that automatically adds (or even burns) subtitles onto your video. I

Repurpose your content for blog posts

If you have audio or video content, it pays to repurpose it for a blog. This approach can also boost your SEO. However, if you are trying to transcribe and repurpose content yourself, it can take endless time. Luckily, that’s where transcription software comes into play. Most platforms offer TXT files which you can use as the basis of your next blog.

Translate your content into different languages

Want to reach new audiences? Translating your content could be the answer. While you may not be a language expert, certain transcription software platforms offer translation services. You can translate your content into a variety of languages and add a written-up transcript or subtitles to your videos. 

How to choose transcription software

Before we go any further, let’s talk about how you can choose the best transcription software for your needs. There is a wide-array of options out there and so you will need to get some sifting before you get started. Here are our top tips: 

  • Work out what you need. Before you get started, consider what exactly you need. Do you need video or audio transcribing? Do you want TXT or SRT files to download? How much are you willing to pay? Answer these questions first. 
  • Read reviews and guides. One of the best ways to choose the right transcription software for you is to read reviews and guides (like this one!). You can also find testimonials online from verified software users before you pick one for you. 
  • Check out the free trials. As you will see in the following list, many transcription software offers a free trial. That’s good news for you. You can try out the platform of your choice for free without having to commit to buying it or subscribing to it. 

11 Best transcription software for 2024

Now that you’re well-versed in the benefits of using transcription software, let’s take a look at the options. There are numerous platforms available both free and premium. Here are 11 transcription software packages you might want to use. 

1. Riverside

Price: Free transcription tool or built in transcriptions available on: Pro ($24/month), Business plan on request 

For:  Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Although Riverside is a renowned recording platform, it serves all your transcription needs. You can effortlessly generate transcriptions in over 100 languages straight after recording. Transcripts are available in SRT formats for subtitles and captions, or TXT format for written-out content. With speaker differentiation, you can also identify your guests easily in your transcripts. 

Riverside records video and audio directly on your device instead of relying on internet connection. This, along with background noise removal, ensures your audio is clear and optimal for better transcription accuracy. Whether you're transcribing podcasts or social media videos, Riverside offers seamless transcription right where you record.

Key Features:

  • Transcripts in over 100+languages so you can cater to all audiences
  • Crystal clear audio to improve transcription accuracy
  • Automatic video and audio transcripts straight after recording
  • ​​SRT and TXT formats for easy content repurposing or subtitles and captions
  • Speaker differentiation so you can easily identify who says what in your transcripts
  • Text-based video and audio editing so you can trim your video by simply deleting text in your transcript
  • Ai transcriptions which you can use to navigate through your video without rewatching anything
  • Free captions for your videos which you can style as you like in the Editor
  • High-quality video (4K) and audio (48kHZ) recording 
  • Easy to use editor to alter your video or audio content
  • Local recording so all files record directly by your device and resolution is not affected by your internet connection
  • Separate audio and video tracks for each participant for more editing flexibility
  • Recording and transcriptions for up to 8 participants in one remote session

Note that the above image does not reflect how our transcripts actually look.

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2. Trint 

Trint transcription software

Price: Starter ($48/month), Advanced ($60/ month)

For:  Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Using the latest AI technology, Trint transcribes both audio and video content in a matter of minutes. You can either record in real-time or upload pre-recorded files. Next, the Trint Editor allows you to follow, edit, and check the time codes of your transcription. You can also choose whether you want your text to be in UK or US English at this point. 

If you’re looking to collaborate with others, this platform proves useful. You can share transcripts with your team and edit them together. There’s also a handy feature that allows you to highlight text and also add comments to the text. You can export the transcription as either a Word or Excel doc, depending on your needs. 

Key Features:

  • Translation into 30+ languages
  • Transcription sharing for group editing 
  • Highlighting and commenting features
  • 7-day free trial is available

3.  Descript

descript audio and video transcription software

Price: Free version, Creator ($12/month), Pro ($24/month) 

For:  Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Descript offers automatic transcription for both audio and video content with a near-instant turnaround. Simply upload your content file and watch the platform quickly transcribe it. The software also translates into 22 languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish, Croatian, Turkish, and Polish.

Are there multiple people talking on the recording? No worries. The AI-powered speaker detective means that you get instant speaker labels. When the transcription is complete, you can edit the text on the screen to effortlessly edit either the video or audio content.

Key Features:

  • Audio editing and trimming using the text editor
  • Automatic multitrack transcription and speaker labels
  • Super-fast transcription turnaround times 
  • Translates the transcription into 22 languages


Price: $0.25/minute for automatic transcription

For:  Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Rev makes transcribing your audio or video content simple. Upload your files or drop a link to your content on Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The software uses speech-recognition technology to transcribe the file in minutes with more than 90% word accuracy. 

When the transcription is ready, the platform has an editor tool you can use to go through the content. You can search for and highlight key pieces of information. If you need a more in-depth transcription service, Rev also offers human transcription at a higher cost. 

Key Features:

  • AI or human transcriptions available 
  • Fully editable text-based documents
  • 90%+ accuracy for the transcription 
  • Human transcription at a higher cost

5. transcription software

Price: Free version, Pro ($8.33/month), Business ($20/month)

For:  Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Otter is mainly used for meeting transcriptions — but that doesn’t mean that it’s not useful for transcribing your video or audio content too. You can use the transcription software in your browser, as a Chrome extension, or as a Mac or Windows application. 

Simply upload your audio content and the software transcribes it in minutes. The technology detects different voices and you can assign speaker labels to each of them. Record audio in real-time and the software transcribes it. While there are subscription services available, you get 300 monthly transcription minutes on the free version.

Key Features:

  • Free version with 300 transcription minutes
  • Transcribes meetings in real-time 
  • It allows you to assign speaker labels to different tracks 
  • Apps available for both iOS and Android

6. Sonix

Sonix transcription software

Price: Pay as you go ($10/hour), Subscription ($5/hour plus $22/month)

For: Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Sonix offers fast, accurate transcription of either audio or video files. The system has a unique pricing structure — charging per hour of transcription — that may be more affordable if you are only transcribing short pieces of content. 

When your content has been transcribed, you can instantly use the software to translate it into more than 35 languages. There’s also an in-browser transcript editor that is easy to use, a word-by-word timestamps feature, and speaker labeling too. 

Key Features:

  • 35+ languages options when it comes to transcripts
  • Option to create your own custom dictionaries 
  • Supports multitrack uploads and you can collaborate with others

7. Express Scribe

Express Scribe transcription software
Express Scribe

Price: Basic ($39.95/year), Professional ($49.99/year)

For:  Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac

Express Scribe is a traditional transcribing software that supports both video and audio tracks. You can use it with hand-held recorders and portable voice recorders too. Plus, you can use CDs to upload audio tracks or upload any type of saved files on your device. 

The software offers variable speed playback, syncs with USB-powered foot pedals, and allows you to easily send files to other people in your team. You can also use Express Scribe with your favorite word processing software, e.g. Microsoft Word. 

Key Features:

  • Supports 45+ audio and video formats
  • The software syncs with USB-powered foot pedals
  • Hotkey features for mouse-free playback
  • Easy file sending with automation tools 

8. SpeedScriber


Price: $0.50/minute

For: Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac

SpeedScriber offers 9.2x faster transcription than real-time transcription. You can import video and audio files from the likes of Finder or Apple Final Cut Pro X when you choose to use this transcription software. The pricing is simple. You get some minutes for free and — afterward, you have to pay $0.50 per minute after.

The system offers easy importing and exporting, which means that you can make the whole process smooth. The straightforward editing controls mean that you can edit the transcription quickly once you have it. The system has a Mac app that you can download.

Key Features:

  • 9.2x faster than real-time transcription
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use editing controls
  • Fast importing and exporting features

9. Scribie

Scribie transcription software

Price: $0.10/minute

For: Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

With 80-95% accuracy and a 30-minute turnaround time, Scribie is a simple pay-as-you-go transcription software. You can use the platform to transcribe either video or audio content using an AI-powered system. Using data collected over the years from the company’s manual transcription services, the bot-based software is an affordable option. 

The online editor means that you can verify and update your transcripts when they are complete. If you’re looking for some nifty extras, Scribie also offers SRT/VTT files, strict verbatim transcripts, audio time coding, BITC, and a start and/or end time to boot.

Key Features:

  • Pay-as-you-go system for affordable pricing 
  • Online editor tool to alter your transcripts  
  • 80-95% accuracy for your transcripts

10. InqScribe

InqScribe transcription software

Price: $99

For: Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac

InqScribe is a transcription app that includes spellcheck, grammar, autocorrect, and a fast media engine. The app is only available on Mac products and you buy a one-off license to use it for as long as you need. When you have it, you can start transcribing instantly. 

The transcription software supports multiple languages meaning that it is useful no matter what you are transcribing. You also get mouse-free media controls to make the editing process smoother than ever. As a bonus, there is also a handy timecode note feature. 

Key Features:

  • One-off payment structure 
  • Multiple language support 
  • Mouse-free media controls 
  • Mac download available 

11. Amberscript


Price: $40/month for five hours of AI transcription

For: Audio and video transcription

Compatibility: Mac/Windows

Amberscript offers both human and AI-powered transcription services — at different costs. The process is smooth. You upload your audio or video file to the platform, choose which type of transcription service you want, wait for it to complete, and then export it swiftly. 

The software also offers different speaker verifications, which is ideal for co-hosting your podcast. It supports 39 languages, has an advanced dashboard, and also features an online editor. All of the above means that it is a real winner if you need a quick solution.

Key Features:

  • 39 languages supported 
  • Advanced dashboard with an online editor 
  • Different speaker verifications 
  • Instant draft text transcriptions available 

Best audio transcription software

While all of the software options we have covered offer stellar audio transcription, we suggest Sonix as the number one. That is because this software has been designed specifically for audio transcription and guarantees 99% accuracy of the transcripts. 

Best video transcription software

Riverside is the best video transcription software available — making it easy to transcribe your content once they are recorded using the platform’s online studio. You receive accurate transcriptions for your content instantly after recording. When you have that, you can either create subtitles or repurpose your content elsewhere (e.g. in a blog format!). 

Best free transcription software

If you’re looking for transcription software for free, it’s well worth trying Otter. The free version gives you 300 monthly transcription minutes, which is more than the competitors. You can download the software as an app or use it in your browser. Once you have signed up for this system, you can use it whenever you need to transcribe audio.

FAQs on Transcription Software

Is there a program that will transcribe a video?

As we have covered in this guide, many excellent programs will transcribe a video. We recommend using Riverside, Descript, SpeedScriber, or Sonix for this. 

What is the best video transcription software?

We have given Riverside the top spot when it comes to the best video transcription software. That is because the system is easy to use and will instantly give you a transcription of your video content. However, you may also use Descript, Sonix, speedScriber, or other competitors we have listed here.

How can I transcribe a video for free?

Are you working on a low budget? The good news is that most video transcription software — such as and Descript — offers a free trial. If you want to transcribe just one video, it’s worth looking at these introductory offers to save some cash.

How can I turn a video into a transcript?

There are three different ways to turn a video into a transcript. First of all, you can do this manually. That means watching the video, pausing, and writing the transcript in real time. The second option is to use a human transcription service, such as Amberscript. Finally, you can use AI-powered transcription software, such as Riverside or Descript. 

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