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9 Best Teleprompter Apps for Mobile Devices (Android, iOS, iPad)

Discover the best teleprompter app for your Android or Apple device. We review the 9 best teleprompters and share tips on how to choose one.
Kendall Breitman
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Last Updated:
March 19, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

When you need to deliver a speech to camera and struggle to remember your script, a teleprompter app could be the perfect solution!

Using a digital teleprompter, you can read your script in real time, allowing you to ensure that your video content achieves what you need it to–with expert communication and smooth production. This can improve your content quality and enhance professionalism. 

But how can you access a teleprompter when you need it? Here at Riverside, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best teleprompter apps for mobile devices so that you can record with confidence. 

What is a teleprompter app?

Teleprompter apps are designed to help you read off a script while you record video content. Automatically scrolling so that you stay up to date with what you need to say, a teleprompter provides an easy way to keep your speech on track. 

Whether you’re filming an educational tutorial or a corporate speech, teleprompter technology provides you with security that promotes confidence. With your script close at hand, you can prepare your speech ahead of time and read along as you film content. 

Good teleprompter apps are compatible with a range of devices and can be used in conjunction with a variety of high-quality recording programs, including Riverside. This means that your teleprompter tool can meet you where it is needed as part of your video production process. Some teleprompters are also built into recording software. For example, if you're recording on desktop then you can check out Riverside's built in teleprompter app. This way everything is accessible, easily in one platform.

Can I use my phone as a teleprompter?

Thanks to modern technology innovations, it is now possible to use your phone as a teleprompter!

Using a phone-based teleprompter is a great solution, making use of readily available resources while giving you the freedom to capture content on another device.  Phone-based technology also offers easy portability, allowing you to move around and even capture content on the go.

How can I use my phone as a teleprompter?

Using your phone as a teleprompter is easy. Follow these steps!

Step 1: First, you’ll need to choose and download a teleprompter app that is compatible with your operating system and script requirements.

Step 2: Next, upload your script, and finalize text.

Step 3: Set up your recording equipment, including a camera and microphone.

Step 4: Ensure that your settings and placement make your teleprompter easy to see and read.

Step 5: Activate your teleprompter, and start recording your content. When you’re done, stop filming, and pause your teleprompter. 

When should you use a teleprompter app?

There are many situations where a teleprompter app can be useful. You can use an app to help you remember your lines no matter what kind of video you’re producing. 

Often, creators use teleprompters apps for videos that include speeches and instructional content. You might also use a teleprompter to help you deliver the news, sing a song, and perform an entertainment sketch. The options are limitless!

How to choose the best teleprompter app

When selecting a teleprompter app, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you’re making the right choice to suit your needs. 

Text display

First, consider your app’s text display options. Make sure you choose an app that displays easy-to-read text at a customizable scrolling speed. Ensure that you can adjust text size and layout as required. 

Text import

Next, think about your text import options. Some apps may allow you to import a script from another source, such as a word document or pdf. Other apps may require you to retype text directly in the application. Good import options can save you plenty of time and stress!

Other features 

Finally, consider your app’s in-built tools. Find out whether your chosen application allows for voice activation or native text editing. Look for custom text options that will help you optimize your experience in accordance with your unique recording goals. 

9 best teleprompter apps for mobile devices

Fortunately, there are many great teleprompter apps available for mobile devices, regardless of which operating system you use. 

Best teleprompter apps for iOS

If you’re using an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to choose a teleprompter available from the Apple App Store! Here are 5 of the best options on offer.

1. Teleprompter Pro Lite

Teleprompter pro lite app for iOS
Teleprompter Pro Lite

Price: Free

Teleprompter Pro Lite is designed to make speeches easy! The app displays a real-time automatic scrolling script just like a traditional teleprompter. This application also allows for custom settings that enable you to adjust screen brightness, text size, and scroll speed. These functionalities make Teleprompter Pro Lite a great user-friendly choice.


  • Premium speed control
  • Custom font and text size
  • Multi-script compatibility
  • User-friendly app interface

2. Teleprompter Premium+

Teleprompter premium+ iOS app
Teleprompter Premium +

Price: Free to $79.99

Compatible with a range of languages, Teleprompter Premium + offers in-build teleprompting and simultaneous recording features. The app is designed to include mirrored text, remote control, and professional-quality teleprompting script display. This makes speeches easier than ever before!


  • Teleprompting for professional studios
  • Remote control for text features and script scrolling
  • In-built language translation
  • Easy folder storage for scripts

3. Prompt+ Teleprompter

Prompt+ teleprompter
Prompt+ Teleprompter

Price: Free to $9.99

The Prompt+ Teleprompter app offers advanced teleprompting features, including speed control and mirroring for use with a teleprompter rig. With auto-scroll and multilingual voice control, this app makes it easy to stay on script while speaking. Plus, Prompt+ Teleprompter is compatible with popular platforms including Zoom, Facebook Live, and Microsoft Teams.


  • Over 50 languages supported
  • Voice recognition features
  • Clock display and countdown available
  • Text adjustment and customization

4. TeleprompterPAD

TeleprompterPAD iOS app

Price: Free

TeleprompterPAD is an advanced teleprompting app, offering in-built mirror mode and text control functionalities. This app includes remote control options and text customization, as well as supports multi-language use. One of the best advantages of TeleprompterPAD is its ability to import scripts from pdf, word, txt, and OpenOffice files.


  • Script customization tools
  • Text import options available
  • Mirror mode and remote control
  • Free unlimited app use

5. Power Prompter - Teleprompter

Power Prompter teleprompter iOS app
Power Prompter

Price: $49.99

Designed to work alongside popular meeting software tools, Power Prompter is an intuitive iOS teleprompting solution. This app offers rich text and multiple displays while accommodating mirror mode and wireless control. The system also offers auto-timing and premium script control functionalities, making it a practical choice.


  • User-friendly software design
  • Bluetooth and wireless compatibility 
  • Fully customizable text options
  • Virtual meeting software supported

Best teleprompter apps for Android devices

If you have an Android device, don’t worry! There are many great Android apps that offer advanced teleprompting tools and features. Here are some of the best applications available.

1. PromptSmart Pro

PromptSmart Pro
PromptSmart Pro

Price: Free to $34.99

PromptSmart Pro is an easy-to-use teleprompter app with expert technology integrations. This app includes VoiceTrack speech recognition with smart scrolling features. The program also accommodates bulk script imports and script adjustment tools, allowing users to fully customize content as needed.


  • Patented VoiceTrack speech recognition
  • Automatic smart scrolling features
  • Script import from Cloud services
  • Text adjustment tools on offer

2. Nano Teleprompter

Nano Teleprompter
Nano Teleprompter

Price: $5.99

With a user-friendly interface and professional-quality results, the Nano Teleprompter app provides a low-cost premium experience. The app allows for Google Drive syncing and importing, and it includes advanced script control. Nana Teleprompter offers full-screen text or floating widget view, making recording customizable.


  • Various text display options
  • Script import from Google Drive
  • Expert script control features
  • In-built rich text editor tools

3. Parrot Teleprompter

Parrot teleprompter
Parrot Teleprompter

Price: Free 

Parrot Teleprompter offers great script tools, from text editing to scrolling control. This app allows for visual adjustments and unlimited scripts, as well as accommodating remote control and text looping. The system is simple and affordable without compromising on quality of results.


  • Unlimited scripts available
  • Built-in text editing features
  • Fully customizable scroll and display
  • Remote control functionality

4. Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant teleprompter
Elegant Teleprompter

Price: Free to $26.99 per 6 months

Offering script automation and multi-system integration, Elegant Teleprompter makes it easy to capture high-quality speeches. The app provides an ad-free experience with complete text customization and organizational labels. The program can also support Bluetooth control and txt or doc file imports. 


  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Script filing import supported
  • Text and scroll control
  • Sorting and organization features

The best teleprompter app for free

Many of the best teleprompter apps offer at least some features for free! Apps like Teleprompter Pro Lite for iOS and Video Teleprompter for Android offer long-term free options. This can help you enhance your content quality regardless of your budget. 

The overall best teleprompter app for iOS

All iOS teleprompter apps have their own unique features and benefits. However, Teleprompter Premium + is a popular option, offering advanced functionality and premium tools, all controlled by a user-friendly interface.

The overall best teleprompter app for Android

Every Android teleprompter app is unique, offering its own advantages for users. However, PromptSmart Pro is a great option for users who need a clear, user-friendly design and reliable high-quality results with every use. 

Tips on using a teleprompter with a phone

When using a teleprompter on a phone, there are a few things you can do to improve your content quality. 

Edit your script

If you want to deliver a great speech, you need a great script! Before you upload your script to a teleprompter app, thoroughly edit your script. Fix errors, and ensure that your script says everything it needs to in the clearest, most succinct way possible.

Check text settings

Once you’ve chosen your teleprompter app and have uploaded a script, check your text display settings. Ensure that automatic scroll is set up properly and that you can keep up with scroll speed. Check that you can easily read the text as it appears on your phone screen.

Optimize your setup

Next, it’s time to optimize your space for success. For the best results, place your phone somewhere stable and within reach where you can easily see text on your screen. Ensure that you are comfortable, and try to capture content in a clear, uncluttered environment. 

Have a backup plan

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan to help you if you need it! Before you sit down to record a speech, have a clear sense of what you need to say, and ensure that you’re familiar with your script. This way, you’ll be able to speak more confidently, even if something goes wrong with your teleprompter.

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FAQs on teleprompter apps

Still unsure about teleprompter apps? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions. 

How do you read a script while looking into the phone camera?

When reading off a teleprompter, it’s important that you can continue to make eye contact with your audience through your device camera. By placing your phone or iPad close to the device you’re using to record, you can look straight ahead at the camera while keeping your script in sight.

Is there a teleprompter in iPhone devices?

While iPhones don’t include in-built teleprompting software, the solution to this is simple. To turn your phone into a teleprompter, all you need to do is download a purpose-built iOS app.

What can I use instead of a teleprompter app?

Generally speaking, an app is your best option for effective teleprompting. However, there are also other things you can try. If you don’t want to use a dedicated teleprompter app, you can read your script on paper or in a word document, manually controlling your scroll as you go. 

What teleprompter app works with Zoom?

Many teleprompter apps, like Power Prompter for iPhone, are compatible with Zoom and other virtual conferencing platforms. If you choose an app that doesn’t integrate with Zoom directly, you can always use your phone app separately. 

Can I use Keynote as a teleprompter?

Apple’s Keynote is not a teleprompter app. However, it can be used as one if you create text slides manually before your speech. This is a good low-budget option but is more time-consuming and often less effective than using a purpose-built software tool.

Are you ready to get to work with your next speech? Choose your perfect teleprompter app, and start recording with Riverside’s studio-quality video and audio capture tools.

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