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10 Best Event Marketing Software & Platforms For All Uses (2024)

Searching for event marketing solutions? From event management to recording, we review 10 of the best event marketing software platforms.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
March 26, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Online events are growing in popularity, offering plenty of new marketing and advertising opportunities. But which event marketing software solutions should you rely on?

Choosing the right software integrations is essential in helping you curate a positive event experience. Effective event marketing tools allow you to connect directly with your audience and demonstrate a high level of hosting professionalism.

Choosing an event app or software platform doesn’t have to be a challenging task. Check out our list of the best event marketing software and platforms and what to consider when choosing the right one.

What is event marketing software?

Event marketing software provides you with access to the tools you need to deliver interactive online marketing campaigns and materials.

With event marketing software, you can easily host major marketing events, such as workshops, tradeshows, conferences, webinars, and even product launches, all within a virtual environment.

A good event marketing software solution will allow you to integrate with other customer relationship management (CRM) tools, helping you keep track of audiences, engagement rates, and conversion results. In this way, the functionality of event marketing tools can go far beyond delivering content, also measuring the impact your events achieve.

Why should you use event marketing software?

By as soon as 2032, the virtual events market value is expected to reach a whopping $2.1 trillion. As online events continue to soar in popularity and impact, there are many benefits to using event marketing software. Here are just a few advantages to consider.

Virtual connection

When it comes to hosting a virtual event, attendee experience is critical. Effective software allows you to control the experience you deliver just as you would in the context of in-person events. Better yet, 77.2% of people prefer virtual events, as they are easier to attend and engage with.

By fostering a high level of real-time interaction and connection, webinar and event marketing software allow event organizers to drive engagement and build positive consumer relationships. These things are major factors in event success!

Streamlined workflow

Virtual event technology is the key to streamlining workflows. By using marketing automation tools, event planners can easily deliver both live and on-demand events that effectively engage participants.

Many event marketing tools are able to support event ticketing and event promotion, along with comprehensive project management and even integrations with sites like Slack and HubSpot. These things can help you get more out of the work you do!

Analysis tools

Understanding what makes for a successful event is important. Fortunately, the right software tool can help you evaluate the metrics. Many software solutions include extensive event data, making it easy to track engagement, conversions, and other key performance indicators.

With the right event or webinar software platform, you can keep a close eye on end-to-end marketing campaigns, helping you understand what works and what doesn’t. This will empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to planning future online events.


When hosting events, it’s important to consider return on investment to ensure that your event is worth the time and money that goes into producing it. The right software tools can help you optimize ROI and get more value out of your event content.

Research shows that virtual events can save producers 75% the funds that would otherwise be required to host an in-person event. As such, using the right software tool can help you  monitor your event spending and choose the most cost-effective approaches.

10 best marketing platforms for all uses

Searching for a great event marketing tool or event management platform? Look no further! Here are some of our top software recommendations and what makes them so powerful.

Best event marketing management software

Whether you’re just starting to advertise your first online event or you’re an experienced planner seeking to optimize your approach, you need to check out these management solutions.

Cvent Event Management

Price: Available upon request

Cvent is a valuable event planning tool, incorporating a wide range of tools and features. The platform supports comprehensive calendar management and scheduling, alongside customizable forms and branding controls. You can even use Cvent to manage your email marketing campaigns and encourage event registration.

Cvent event marketing platform


  • Intuitive interface with user-friendly project management functionalities.
  • Support for customization and event-associated email campaigns.
  • Comprehensive analytics to streamline post-event data analysis.


  • Some features may require a learning curve for beginner users.
  • Limitations apply to flexible controls and attendance capacity.


Price: From $119 to $489 / event

LineUpr is an impactful event management tool, supporting a range of planning features and even providing scheduling, registration, and contact management tools. The software solution includes a variety of interactive features, such as polls and surveys. Plus, you can use the app to manage any combination of online, hybrid, or in-person events.

LineUpr event marketing software


  • Comprehensive digital networking and interactivity tools included.
  • Supports planning and communication for all modes of event delivery.
  • Easy customization and event-sharing capabilities for marketing power.


  • Per-event pricing may be restrictive if you plan to host multiple events.
  • Some tools and integrations may be challenging for newer users.


Price: Available upon request

vFairs is designed to help with management for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events alike. The program supports highly interactive engagement tools and effective cross-channel production, as well as providing integrations for onsite technologies as required. You can even manage branded tools for registration, ticket sales, and attendee check-in requirements.

vFairs marketing platform for in-person and virtual events


  • User-friendly design with simple yet comprehensive planning features.
  • High-level customization and impactful branding capabilities.
  • Up to 5,000 registrations supported on an enterprise plan.


  • A higher subscription tier is required to access the full suite of features.
  • Recording and repurposing options for event content may be limited.

Best virtual events marketing software

Want to make your event entirely virtual? You need tools you can trust! Get started with these applications.


Price: From free to $24 / month

Riverside is a professional recording, editing, and streaming ideal for top-notch virtual events. You’ll be able to livestream to 1000 audience members directly on Riverside, or you can push your stream to social media platforms. Try our teleprompter to upload a script and keep on track, plus you can assign a producer to watch controls behind the scenes.

With live call-ins invite audience members to be part of the conversation. Plus, you can upload a presentation or use our media board to keep them engaged.

Everything records in up to 4K resolution so you can repurpose your webinar in top quality. Then, head to our AI-powered video editor where you can add captions, enhance your audio or customize your video.

Better yet, end off with An AI-generated summary of your event, including key takeaways, chapters and a description.

Riverside video creation platform for event marketing


  • Excellent recording quality with up to 4K video and 48kHz audio.
  • Separate tracks for up to 8 webinar co-hosts, allowing for easier editing control.
  • Local recording so internet connection won’t ruin your event recording.
  • Automatic transcription available in over 100 languages.
  • Seamless AI editor that cuts your post-event editing in less than half.
  • Easy social media content repurposing using Magic Clips, and automated show notes.


  • A paid subscription is required to access the full suite of features.
  • Other software tools are required to manage event planning tasks, including registration and email marketing.
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Webex Events

Price: From free to $83 / month

Webex Events is home to a variety of online production and broadcasting tools. The webinar platform offers extensive customer support alongside effective real-time engagement features. Users can create branded livestream events in no time with a purpose-built connectivity platform. You can also access a high-quality mobile event app.

Webex Events platform for event marketing
Webex Events


  • Professional all-in-one production studio available with no extra downloads.
  • Easy branding and customization for virtual livestream events.
  • Extra plug-ins for lead generation and CRM management available.


  • Investment may exceed budget considerations for new event organizers.
  • Most virtual events are capped at a maximum of 100 attendees.


Price: Available upon request

EventX is a leading webinar and virtual event application in Asia, providing a wide range of tools and functionalities. The platform allows for comprehensive pre-event management, including registration and check-ins. It also supports lead capture and additional reach tools, alongside native event hosting capability. Here, you can manage all aspects of a simple online event.

EventX event marketing platform


  • End-to-end event management and delivery all in one platform.
  • Easy-to-use tools for lead capture in support of ongoing event conversions.
  • Simple marketing integrations with email, WhatsApp, text message, and more .


  • May not be suitable for all event types or hosting locations.
  • Post-event content repurposing options may be limited in scope.


Price: From $64 to $519 / month

GoToWebinar is an impactful platform designed to host and record webinar events. This purpose-built application allows users to host large-scale webinars and share pre-recorded content as required. You can natively manage registrations and attendance, as well as accepting payments all in one convenient location.

GoToWebinar event marketing platform


  • Fully customizable templates and controls for easy, effective branding.
  • Wide range of interaction tools, including live polls and quizzes.
  • Capacity for multi-presenters and up to 3,000 participants.


  • An enterprise-level plan is required to access all available features.
  • Platform is designed for webinars and ill-suited to other virtual event types.

Best hybrid events marketing software

In some cases, a blend of in-person and virtual connection is the best solution. In these scenarios, try the following hybrid events marketing tools.


Price: Available upon request

Stova is a comprehensive technological tool, providing access to a wide variety of event management and hosting functions. The program includes effective content management and event marketing options, handling everything from pre-event strategic planning and registration to attendee engagement and post-event analytics reporting.

Stova hybrid event marketing software


  • Complete end-to-end event management and production control.
  • Easy onsite services or integration with an external event website.
  • Detailed data reporting and notifications to track event performance.


  • Some features may be too advanced for novice users.
  • High investment may be out of budget for many event creators.


Price: Available upon request

SpotMe is known for its capacity to support all kinds of events, from fully virtual webinars to hybrid and in-person delivery modes. The platform includes effective content management systems and audience engagement tools. You can access intuitive software integrations and even custom-brand the content you present.

SpotMe hybrid event marketing platform


  • High level of customization and content control for event production.
  • Seamless desktop and mobile integrations for all content options.
  • 24/7 customer support available with response within 30 seconds.


  • Full suite of features is only available on the highest subscription plan.
  • Some advanced features may require a learning curve for beginners.


Price: Available upon request

EventsAir is an all-in-one management tool, including centralized options for event planning and delivery alike. The software platform offers interactive engagement for virtual attendees alongside seamless management for hybrid and in-person models. You can welcome unlimited attendees to your events, allowing you to maximize your reach and marketing potential.

EventsAir event management software


  • Tailored registrations, check-ins, and event website provided.
  • Intuitive integration for both virtual and hybrid content delivery.
  • Unlimited participants for large-scope online event spaces.


  • Higher plans required for extra tools, such as meeting hubs and gamification.
  • Some more complex features may require existing technology skills.

Choosing event marketing platforms: 3 factors to consider

When choosing a webinar or event marketing platform, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Event type

What kind of event are you delivering, and which delivery modes (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) will you rely on? This information can help you select a platform designed to support your plan and approach.

Audience demographic

Who are you trying to reach? If you have a large global audience, you’ll need a software tool that can accommodate large numbers of international attendees. If your audience is smaller and more localized, this should inform your software selection.

Desired features

Do you need access to detailed data analysis to monitor event performance? What about interactivity and gamification tools to use during your event? By understanding the features that matter most for you and your audience, you can choose a platform that aligns with your requirements.

FAQs for event marketing software

Still unsure about how to select the best webinar and event marketing software solution? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is the best free event management software?

While many event management and webinar software tools require a paid subscription, there are some free options available! We recommend getting started with a free trial of a more advanced tool, like Webex, SpotMe, or Cvent.

How much does event marketing software cost?

The price of event marketing software will vary depending on the tool you choose and the subscription you need. Some software solutions are available at a low cost, while others require a steeper investment. This can be anything from around $30 a month to a tailored package costing you a few thousand dollars.

The best approach is to carefully evaluate the features on offer against the limitations of your budget.

Final thoughts

With the right software solutions to help you, it’s easy to create an event that attendees will remember. This can drive greater success for your brand and any future events you plan to deliver.

Ready to get started with your first webinar or event and wondering where to begin? Discover the studio-quality tools and features available with a Riverside subscription!

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