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Event Livestream: How to Live Stream An Event -

Try event livestreaming services to grow your platform and optimize audience engagement! Here’s how to live stream an event in 7 easy steps.
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March 21, 2024
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As video content continues to gather speed, experts say that the live streaming industry is set to reach a market value of almost $224 billion by 2028. This rapid growth is a clear indication of video’s power to drive conversions.

Live streaming events can be a valuable way to boost your marketing plan and strive toward your strategic goals. Using live video content, you can connect directly with your audience, building meaningful professional relationships.

In order to make the most of event live streaming, it's important that you understand how live stream technology works. By improving your knowledge and skills, you can learn new ways to utilize live streams as you build your online presence and brand power. 

Ready to get started with event live streaming? Here’s what you need to know to get it right and achieve success.

What is live event streaming?

Live event streaming is a new way to connect with digital audiences. Using a combination of video and audio content, you can use live stream software and technology to communicate with viewers in real time. 

Popular on many social media platforms, live streaming allows creators to personalize consumer relationships. Using a live stream, you can speak to your audience without a delay, answering questions and providing value. 

Whether you’re hosting a simple chatty live stream or developing a major online event, live video content allows you to create new audience experiences. In a post-pandemic world, live stream content is an easy and effective way to engage with people remotely.  

Benefits of live streaming an event

Live streaming is on the rise, with 28 percent of marketers now spending more on live content than ever before. The reason is clear. Livestream research shows that 80% of people would much rather watch a live video than read a blog and 82% would prefer live video over a social media post.

There are many important benefits to including live streaming as part of your content plan. By live streaming, you can:

  • Broaden your audience and and maximize the potential of social media to grow your brand. 
  • Greater engagement for an even further reach. Live streaming content is better for live engagement and interactivity with your audience. This can help give you an algorithm boost on many social media channels! 
  • Build more loyal relationships with your audience, providing you with a chance to clearly and instantly answer questions or communicate ideas. 
  • Improve the authenticity of your content, allowing you to build more meaningful connections online.

Remember, live streaming events is an easy way to respond to audience demand for authentic video content. 

How to live stream an event successfully

Wondering how to live stream an event of your own? Live streaming is easy when you know where to begin. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Know your goals

Before you start an event live stream, it’s important that you have a clear sense of your goals. This can help you understand what you need in order to produce a successful event. 

Ask yourself what event you’re working on and how it appeals to your audience. Decide what goals you want to achieve, and set expectations for the outcome of your event. Will your live stream be monetized, or do you just want to build your audience?

Step 2: Plan your event

Next, create a clear plan, outlining what your event will offer and how you will deliver this. This can help you avoid awkward pauses and create a more purposeful virtual experience for viewers. 

Consider creating an agenda for your live stream event. Who will attend? What will you say? Will entertainment be available, and will you need any extra props or resources to help you along the way?

Step 3: Choose your platform

Once you’ve started to plan your event, it’s time to think about logistics. Choose an online streaming platform that can accommodate the practical considerations of your event. 

When choosing how to live stream your event, it’s a good idea to consider the most user-friendly options, as well as which platforms are most likely to be familiar to your audience. 

Step 4: Set up your equipment

Before you go live, you’ll need to set up your equipment. Ensuring you have a good setup for your live stream event can help to improve content quality and minimize unwanted disruptions.

Live stream equipment may include a special camera or microphone, or you might just use your phone or computer. We highly suggest investing in actual recording equipment for better results.

Remember to ensure that all guests are where they need to be before the live stream begins. 

Step 5: Get ready to go live

The process of beginning a live stream will vary depending on which streaming tool or platform you use, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the system you’re using ahead of time. 

Find out what you need to do to start a live stream using your chosen software, and ensure that you’ve completed any pre-streaming steps, such as configuring a live streaming encoder, inputting sources, or creating a live channel.

Step 6: Market your event

It’s no use hosting a live stream event if no one knows about it! Before you start a live stream, make sure that you take the time to advertise it well, ensuring that everyone who wants to attend can tune in.

There are plenty of ways to market a live stream. It can be helpful to start simply, using social media to share the news or contacting people who are subscribed to your digital newsletter. 

Step 7: Start your live stream

Finally, you’re ready to go live! Start your live stream, and make an effort to ensure that your content is fun, engaging, and entertaining. Offering value in live content can improve your reputation. 

Throughout your live stream, check for comments, interactions, and other opportunities to connect with your audience. Make the most of real-time communication to provide as much value as possible. 

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5 best live event streaming software tools

There are a range of tools you can use to produce a live stream event. All of these software applications offer different benefits, so you can always find the right platform to suit your needs. Here are 5 of the best streaming software tools on the market!

1. Riverside

Price: From $15/mo to $24/mo

Using Riverside, you can easily live stream content in the Riverside studio. You can also simulcast your live stream to external platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook or any site with custom RTMP. Riverside is a great tool for live streaming, as it provides studio-quality local recordings, screen sharing and the ability to have your audiences call in live.

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2. Facebook Live

Price: Free

Facebook live is a great tool, allowing you to live stream events with ease. You can use Facebook to reach your existing audience, automatically notifying your followers and inviting them to join your event in real time. Plus, your event recording will automatically save and post to your page.

3. Instagram Live

Price: Free

Instagram live is a popular streaming tool, allowing you to connect directly with your existing Instagram followers. Using the Instagram app on your mobile device, you can access a range of live features, including live chat and cross-platform posting to Facebook.

4. Twitch

Price: From $4.99/mo to $24.99/mo

Twitch is commonly used to live stream gaming content and events. The system allows for large audiences and creator monetization. By using the Twitch subscription model, you can create a long-term live streaming content plan.

5. YouTube

Price: Free

YouTube live is another easy-to-use streaming platform. Using YouTube, you can stream video content with access to monetization features. You can also use YouTube live scheduling tools. As your account grows, you’ll be able to use even more streaming features!

Riverside: The best way to live stream an event 

We think Riverside is the best way to live stream an event online! Getting started with Riverside live streaming is easy. Just follow these simple steps to learn how to live stream with Riverside

Step 1: Log in to your Riverside account, and navigate to the Riverside dashboard. Select a studio to record in or create a new one.

Step 2: Open your studio's settings, and under the 'General' section navigate to studio type, and ensure that public viewing is enabled for live stream content. 

Creating a live studio for a livestream event on Riverside

Step 3: Go to the ‘Live Stream’ section, and select the platforms you want to connect with.

You can host a live directly on the Riverside platform which is ideal if you want to give audiences the option to call in live into your recording. If you'd like to multistream, Riverside currently supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked, Twitch, and custom RTMP services.

Step 4: Enter your stream URL and your stream key from your chosen platform.

Step 5: When you are done adjusting settings, click on 'Go to Studio' on the top right. You'll be taken to the lobby where you can test your equipment before joining the studio.

Step 6: Once in the studio, you can send out a link to invite guests and audience members. (Note that you can also do this before entering your studio in the dashboard).

Step 7: Press the Record button to start your live stream. Any audience viewers watching through Riverside also have the option to call in live.

Livestreaming an event on Riverside

Step 8: Once your live stream is complete, press the stop button to end the live stream. 

Live event streaming tips and ideas

There are a few things you should keep in mind when producing your first live stream event. 

1. Simple setups

First, keep your setup as simple as possible. Maintaining a simple setup routine makes it easier for you to produce live events more often, as well as reducing the likelihood of something going wrong. Keep your live stream content authentic by ensuring it is uncomplicated. 

2. Quality matters

Next, think about quality. Even though live video isn’t intended to be perfect, it’s still important to create the best quality you can. Before you go live, make sure you’re using the right tools to optimize sound and video quality, improving audience experiences. 

3. Do a test run

Always check your live stream is working before you’re due to go live! Doing a test run can help you avoid any mishaps and ensure that your content is successful. Instead of keeping audiences waiting, schedule a test stream a few days before your event begins.

4. Engage with your audience

Audience engagement is one of the best benefits offered by live content, so make the most of it! When you’re live, make sure you communicate with your audience as much as possible. Answer questions, provide value, and show audiences that you care about them.

5. Be confident

At first, producing a live stream might feel intimidating, so try to stay as confident as you can. Remember, your live stream doesn’t have to be perfect. Do your best, and keep your focus on your audience. If you keep these things in mind, you can overcome any live stream challenges!

FAQs on Live Event Streaming

Still unsure about live streaming your event? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions.

What is the best live streaming platform?

There are so many great live streaming platforms! The best option for you will depend on your unique event plan and goals. However, we think Riverside is a great option for new live streamers who want to achieve the best possible quality! 

Do you need permission to live stream?

In most cases, you don’t need permission to host a live stream event. However, if you’re using a public space or hosting on behalf of someone else, you may need to get permission ahead of time in order to avoid any problems.

How do I stream a live event?

Streaming an event is easy! All you need to do is create a plan and choose your software program. After that, simply follow the steps provided by your chosen platform to start and control your live event.

Is live streaming free?

Many live streaming platforms are completely free to use. Other platforms may rely on a software subscription, which usually also provides access to other technology tools outside of live streaming. 

How much does it cost to stream a live event?

Depending on the event you’re producing, you may or may not need to pay to produce a live event. In some cases, live streaming is completely free! In other cases, you may need to purchase software and equipment or pay for a guest appearance.

Where can I watch a live streaming event?

You can watch live events on your favorite live streaming platforms. Tune in to view live content on Riverside, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and more. There are so many options to choose from.

Are you ready to get started with live streaming? Log in to, and give your first live stream a try!

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