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10 Top Content Creation Companies & Agencies for 2024

These are the top content creation companies for all your video content needs. We review each one and help you decide whether you actually need one.
Lisa Harroy
Creator Partnerships Lead
Last Updated:
May 20, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Creating content for your brand, business, or organization is a full-time job.

Before you get to the actual creating, you've got the ideation, planning, sourcing, and managing. Once you've put your content out into the world, you need to monitor its performance and engagement and leverage those insights too. All in all, it's a big workload - especially when it's not the only thing on your plate. That's where a content creation agency comes in. These kinds of agencies exist to take the stress off your shoulders while simultaneously leveling up your content creation efforts.

In this article, you'll get a better feel for whether hiring a content creation agency is right for you. Plus, you can browse our recommendations for the best content creation companies out there.

What is a content creation company?

Just before we jump into our recommendations for the top content creation agencies, let’s examine what kinds of services they offer.

A content creation agency offers content creation support and production services to individual creators, businesses, and organizations. This could be advice on developing a content marketing strategy, planning, and conceptualization, or it can include the actual production and dissemination of that content.

Of course, “content” is a rather broad term, covering everything from blogs and newsletters through to podcasts, long and short-form videos. It can include everything from business videos to social media videos and everything in between.

Generally, each content creation company will focus on specific type of content, and their services will differ based on this.

What services do content creation companies offer?

Here’s a closer look at the kinds of services that content creation companies offer:

  • Content strategy. This means working directly with the individual content creator or business to craft an effective content strategy to achieve key goals and audience growth.
  • Blog writing and copywriting. Helping you to produce content for your blog or honing any sections of text from across your website.
  • Podcast planning and production. Supporting you with planning your podcast, reaching out to and coordinating with guests (where relevant), producing and even editing your podcast content.
  • Video production (short and long form). Helping you to produce short and long-form video for use across social media and any other platforms you want to build an audience on.
  • Social media content creation. Creation of visual assets for publication on your social media accounts.
  • White papers and press releases. Writing long-form analyses, reviews, or reports, and press-oriented announcements.
  • Content management, analysis, and performance reviews. Handling of the administrative side of content creation, helping you to manage and monitor your content’s performance.

10 Best Content creation companies and agencies for 2024

Fork the Waffle

Location: London, UK

Pricing: You need to get in touch with them directly to receive a quote.

Fork the Waffle is a creative agency that specializes in TV and video production. They offer video creation services that cover all kinds of content: from social media through to animations.

Fork the Waffle content creation company
Fork the Waffle


  • TV Ad Production
  • Video Production
  • Corporate Video
  • Social Media Creative
  • Creative Content
  • Animation
  • Explainer Videos


Fork the Waffle has worked with a variety of clients including the UK’s National Health Service, Sky TV, Channel 4, and more. You can see some of their previous case studies here.

Best for: Businesses and organizations looking for support on video-based content, whether that’s for socials, advertising or internal use.

Eleven Miles

Location: London, UK

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing.

Eleven Miles is an award-winning content creation agency that offers a diverse range of services. They can support your content efforts from all different angles: creative, strategy and planning, social, production, and digital. They’re a part of the Sideshow Group which comprises ten different agencies, each with their own specialities and strengths.

Eleven Miles content creation company
Eleven Miles



  • Brand identity and tone of voice
  • Integrated creative campaigns
  • Design
  • Artwork & asset rollout
  • Social content creation

Strategy and planning

  • Brand planning
  • Communications & media strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Social strategy
  • Digital strategy


  • Content planning
  • Community management
  • Influencer management
  • Reporting & analytics


  • Photography
  • Film and motion graphics
  • Locations, talent & styling
  • End-to-end production services


  • UX & Design
  • Web development
  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing (SEO, PPC, CRO)


Eleven Miles boasts a diverse portfolio including brands like American Apparel, Dr Martens and Vans, as well as BT and HSBC. You can check out their portfolio here.

Best for: Anyone looking for an agency that can cover all bases with expertise and care.

Strikepoint Media

Location: Los Angeles

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing. You can schedule a free strategy session.

Strikepoint Media is a results-driven agency. They’re all about driving growth and revenue through content marketing. They offer all types of marketing assistance, including paid media, ad creative, SEO, and social media marketing. Basically, they’ve got all your marketing needs covered.

Strikepoint Media content creation services
Strikepoint Media


  • Branding and creative
  • Web design and development
  • Paid Media
  • Ad creative
  • Funnel building & CRO
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Analytics


Strikepoint has helped several brands, such as Laguna Beach Community Clinic, and Lux List management to develop their marketing efforts. You can see some of there previous work here.

Best for: Anyone looking for a numbers and analytics-obsessed agency. If you’re looking for a partner to help you drive growth and generate leads, this agency is for you.


Location: Global

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing.

Komodo specializes in content and influencer marketing. They’re an award-winning agency that is unique in its global coverage. On top of content creation and social media services, they also offer talent management, influencer campaigns, and events and activations support.  

Komodo content creation company


Talent Management

  • Talent guestlist
  • Management
  • Influencer identification

Influencer Campaigns

  • Paid and gifted campaigns
  • Ambassador program
  • Campaign talent casting and reporting

Content creation

  • Social content
  • Studio shoots
  • TVC campaign
  • E-commerce
  • Graphic design

Events and activations

  • Experiential activations
  • Travel influencer activations
  • Launch events and brand dinners
  • Pop-up shops

Social media

  • Social strategy
  • Platform management
  • Community management
  • Performance marketing
  • Paid social


Komodo has worked with some big names, including Disney, Universal, Adidas and PayPal. Explore their portfolio here.

Best for: Anyone looking for an experienced team that can support your content creation efforts around the globe.


Location: Los Angeles

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing.

Umbrella is an LA-based full-service creative digital agency that supports its clients across all aspects of digital marketing. Though they don’t specialize in any particular industry, they have experience working in particular with tech startups, e-commerce businesses, and fashion brands.

Umbrella content creation companies


Brand development

  • Identity, positioning, guidelines
  • Copywriting
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Packaging

Content production

  • Creative/art direction
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Video production
  • Post-production
  • Photography

Social media marketing

  • Social media and content strategy
  • Platform and community management
  • Analytics and reporting

Digital marketing

  • Marketing strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • SEO

Strategic partnerships

  • Influencer marketing
  • Product placement
  • Collaborations


Some examples of previous clients include the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel and Tossware (a glassware brand). You can explore Umbrella’s previous work in their portfolio.

Best for: LA-based creators and organizations that want a full digital makeover – Umbrella is a great partner in crime when it comes to handling your social media and content efforts.

Raw Pictures

Location: UK

Pricing: Starting from approximately $1015 USD (£800 GBP)

Raw Pictures specializes in creative corporate video production. Based in the UK, they’ve worked with a number of prominent organizations, bodies, and businesses to create corporate video content. They cover all sorts of videos, from explainer videos to staff onboarding and corporate marketing content.

RAW pictures content creation company
Raw pictures


  • Video strategy
  • Animations
  • Scriptwriting
  • Brand positioning


Raw Pictures has created content for teams at NHS, Deloitte, the University of Oxford, and Xero. Take a look through their portfolio.

Best for: Businesses and organizations looking for a reliable partner in creating corporate content that resonates with your staff, audience and mission.


Location: Based in San Diego. Works with global clients.

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing

Cuker is a digital marketing, design, and e-commerce agency. It was founded by Aaron Cuker – a former Olympic trial swimmer – and Adel Atalla, who has over three decades of experience growing businesses. They have a defined group of industries that they specialize in, including sports, fashion, food and beverage, consumer electronics, and impact brands. They’ve received over 175 industry awards for their work.

Cuker content creation company


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Content
  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search
  • Streaming audio
  • E-commerce and Amazon
  • Social media, email, SMS and CRM
  • Social media
  • SEO
  • Data analytics
  • UX design


Nike, Westfield, Dunlop, Quiksilver and VANS have all worked with Cuker. You can see some of their previous projects here.

Best for: You’re best working with Cuker if you fit into one of the industries they specialize in. This way, you’re more likely to get a good bang for your buck.

Skeleton Productions

Location: Global coverage across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing.

Skeleton is a niche video production agency aimed at SaaS brands. They help their clients produce explainer videos, corporate content, promotional videos, social, animated, and training videos. They’ve worked with Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, E-commerce, SaaS and B2B companies.

Skeleon Productions content creation company
Skeleton Productions


Skeleton only does video production. They break their services down by type of video:

  • Explainer
  • Promotional
  • Social adverts
  • Corporate
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Animated


They’ve worked with Amazon, box, NatWest, the Eurostar and more.

Best for: SaaS companies looking to amp up their video production efforts or streamline their workflow.

Green Flag Digital

Location: Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

Pricing: Get in touch for pricing

Green Flag Digital specializes in creating static content: images, infographics, and blog posts.

Green Flag Digital content creation company
Green Flag Digital


  • Infographics
  • Maps
  • Surveys and data studies
  • Long-form blog post content
  • Other PR campaign materials


They've worked with brands like HubSpot, Lonely Planet, and Yahoo.

Best for: Creators and organizations that have their video and audio content creation needs covered but need a little extra support on the other stuff.


Location: London, LA, NY, Chicago, Texas, Canada, UAE, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney


Wooshi boasts a number of locations to ensure they guarantee global coverage. They also offer content creation services and support for any kind of video for any kind of platform. They cover all the bases when it comes to your video production workflow so you really don’t have to think about a thing.

Wooshii content creation company


  • Enterprise: Complete A to Z video partnerships
  • On-demand: fully managed productions on a project-by-project basis
  • Tech subscriptions: supported access to our tech and data platforms
  • Consultancy: evaluation, advisory, and training


Wooshii partners with businesses and organizations such as WWF, Du Pont, Amazon Alexa, Diageo and more.

Best for: Global and ambitious businesses that want to leave the thinking and creating to a trustworthy and experienced partner.

Should you hire a content creation agency?

Hiring a content creation agency isn’t absolutely necessary, nor is it a secret key for success.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of working with an agency versus doing everything in-house:

Pros of hiring a content creation agency

Here are a few reasons why a lot of individual creators and organizations choose to enlist the help of a content creation agency:

  • Alleviates administrative, creative, and time pressures. With the support of a content creation agency, you can offload a substantial amount of administrative tasks, such as posting and managing your content – saving you critical time. If you also ask for their creative input, you don’t have to spend as long ideating and keeping up with the latest trends because they’ll do that for you.
  • Expanded capabilities. You might not have the equipment, setup, time, or space to create the content you want. Working with a content creation agency gives you access to experienced creatives and high-quality equipment that can make your visions a reality.
  • Deliverables. Alongside a busy schedule, keeping yourself consistent when it comes to creating content can be easier said than done. When you’re paying an agency to produce defined deliverables to a schedule, you won’t have to scramble to put something together.
  • More creative energy. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration. A content creation company specializes in bringing you that extra bit of creative energy to amp up your social media presence.

Cons of content creation companies

  • Expensive. The biggest drawback of hiring a content creation agency is the price. Whether or not you’re budget-conscious, choosing to outsource your content creation efforts is a decision that comes with a price tag. This is especially true when weighed against the amount of AI tools and software, like Riverside, that you can use to create  professional-grade videos for a fraction of the price.
  • Fixed timelines & deliverables. Working with a content creation agency means sticking to their timelines, workflows and structures. There’ll be little room for last-minute additions or tweaks. Plus, you may find that you’re having to deal with organizational bureaucracy and lengthy back and forths instead of focussing your efforts on what’s important: the content itself.
  • Most fruitful with long-term collaboration. Finally, unless you’re committed to a long-term relationship with your content creation agency, you may not find that their work is that helpful or valuable. If your budget runs dry or you run into creative differences, the strategy and schedule you created together may not work out.

Streamline your content with Riverside

Whether you’re working with a content creation agency or not, a streamlined workflow and the ability to create high-quality content in-house is really important. That’s where Riverside comes in.

Riverside is a browser-based remote recording and editing studio loaded with a range of features to streamline and simplify your content creation process.  You can record crystal clear 4K video and 48kHz audio wherever you are, automatically get an accurate transcription of your recording, and edit your content all in one place.

Riverside content creation software

Key features:

Let’s take a closer look at some of Riverside’s main features:

  • Remote recording: Record with up to 7 remote guests who can join from their browser or their mobile device.
  • High resolution: Up to 4K video and 48KhZ audio for professional standard content every time.
  • Multitrack recording: You get a separate audio and video track for each participant, giving you more post-production flexibility.
  • Text-based editor: Make changes in your recording transcript and they'll automatically reflect in your actual video and audio.
  • Seamless video editing timeline: Trim and merge tracks on an easy-to-use color-coded video editor timeline.
  • Video captions: Add dynamic captions to your content and style them as you like.
  • AI clips: Turn your recording highlights into short-form social media videos at the click of a button with Magic Clips.
  • Customization tools: Change your background, upload your logo, and add text or image overlays to brand your videos.
  • Audio enhancement: Remove background noise and normalize audio levels with one click using AI.
  • AI transcriptions: Repurpose your videos using highly accurate text or subtitle transcriptions.
  • Progressive upload: No need to wait around for your files to process since they process and upload as you’re recording.
  • Mobile app: Record on the go or set up your phone as a secondary webcam.
  • Proactive customer support to help you troubleshoot if and when you need it.
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FAQs on Content Creation Companies

How much do content creation services cost?

Before we give you rough estimates, it’s important to note that this totally depends on where you’re based, the caliber of agency you choose, and the services you’re enlisting them for. According to this LinkedIn article, content marketing firms can charge between $3000 and $10,000 per month.

How can you create your own content creation company?

If you want to launch your own content creation company, here’s an overview of the steps you need to take:

  • Identify potential partners, employees or freelance collaborators. Although it is possible to run things as a one-man show, the likelihood is you’ll need some support – especially in areas that you’re not as confident in. Putting together a strong team of individuals whose work you believe in and would feel proud of is crucial.
  • Invest in equipment. The next step is to invest in all the kit you’ll need to be able to deliver on your content creation contracts. This could include video recording, editing and production equipment.
  • Branding & marketing. You’ll need to put together an effective and tight marketing strategy that will grow your agency’s reach and network. This is essential for connecting with all your potential clients.
  • Outreach. In combination with your marketing strategy, you should then start reaching into your existing network and leveraging connections to secure your first content creation contracts.
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