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10 Top Webinar Templates & How to Create Your Own | Full Guide

Not sure where to start on your webinar event? Here are 10 top webinar templates to get you inspired. Plus we’ll teach you to create your own.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
May 15, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Planning and hosting a successful webinar is an art form. Before you get to work, you need a plan.

Using a webinar template can help you structure your event and market it like a pro. No matter what stage in the planning process you are at, there will be a webinar template for you.

Read our guide to help you find the right templates and examples.

What is a webinar template?

A webinar template is basically a pre-built, structured framework or outline that guides how you create and deliver the contents of a webinar. Think of it like a recipe you follow to come up with a good webinar presentation.

It’s usually highly customizable depending on the webinar theme, but it can be broken down into six main sections:

  • The title slide
  • An introduction
  • The agenda
  • Main content
  • Interactive elements (like polls or Q&A sessions)
  • Conclusion and the closing

Why should you use a webinar template?

The main reason why you should use a webinar template is because it gives your communication flow and saves you time and effort. Since it’s a systematic guide for your content, you don’t waste any time focusing on the framework.

A good webinar template gives you more time to focus on refining and improving your content.

Usin a webinar template also gives you consistency in your content delivery. This makes it easy for your customers to identify with your brand, thereby boosting their loyalty, and improving your engagement.  

5 Benefits of webinar planning templates

Besides saving you time and effort, there are tons more benefits to enjoy from using webinar templates. For instance:

  • Reduces errors – Following a predefined plan ensures that you don’t overlook any important element of your presentation. It also ensures the content is well-polished and looks professional.
  • Streamlines the planning process – With a template, you can properly organize every section of your presentation, so you rarely encounter unplanned processes.
  • Great baseline for beginners – If you’re new to webinars, a template makes it easy to follow the plan and deliver the presentation without inconsistencies.
  • Scalable to more webinars – If you have to deliver multiple webinars on different topics, the template allows you to prepare for each of them without getting mixed up.
  • Improves efficiency – Once you have a proven template, delivering a webinar presentation becomes faster and effortless.

10 Webinar templates for all uses

Every website template is for a specific use case. It could be for a landing page, scripts, banners, online ad campaigns, etc.

If you can find the right one for your needs, you’ll be the king of webinars. Here are a few examples of templates you should try to adopt into your webinar preparations.

Webinar planning templates

This is a pre-designed document that outlines the key steps, tasks, and considerations involved in organizing and running a successful webinar. It’s at times known as the webinar schedule template.

Examples of a webinar planning template include:  

1. Project Central

This template is the perfect fit for a webinar organizer who’s collaborating with many team members. It provides a ‘Status’ and ‘Assignee’ column on an Excel spreadsheet which helps you track the progress of your project until it’s complete.

Project Central webinar template
Project Central

Best for:

  • Teams using Microsoft 365
  • Planning a business webinar
  • Organizers hosting large conference webinars

2. Webinar plan template

This Webinar Plan template is easily one of the best performance review templates. Users get well-defined goals, objectives, measurements, and actions needed to host a successful webinar.  

Webinar plan template

Best for:

  • Teams looking to develop an effective webinar strategy
  • Large organizations looking to host webinars and online conferences

Webinar agenda templates

This is a predefined structure outline that shows the flow of ideas and important points during the webinar. It can sometimes contain the schedule of points during the presentation. Examples of this template include:

3. Webinar Meeting Agenda Template

This ClickUp template provides a clear and structured layout for setting objectives and agenda items for a webinar. It’s the perfect fit for beginners since it’s easy to utilize and customize to suit any webinar event.

ClickUp Webinar agenda template

Best for:

  • First-time webinar hosts
  • Small teams (departmental) collaborating on a plan
  • Organizations hosting trainings and workshop webinars

Webinar presentation templates

A webinar presentation template is a pre-designed layout that covers all the slide decks that serve as the foundation for your content on the webinar. It is sometimes called the PowerPoint webinar template. Examples of this outline include:

4.  Eduvision PowerPoint template

If you’re looking for a modern and clean design aesthetics for your webinar presentation, this is the best template to use. It comes with multiple pre-designed slide layouts, as well as free icons and infographics to ensure better data visualization.

Eduvision PowerPoint webinar presentation template

Best for:

  • Schools running educational webinars
  • Students presenting projects
  • Organizations in the education sector

5. Metropolis PowerPoint Template

This webinar template is perfect for creating all your business presentations, including analysis with infographics and icons. If you want to make a captivating slideshow that keeps your audience on their toes, this is the right webinar template for you.

Metropolis webinar presentation template

Best for:

  • Teams creating business plans
  • Organizations presenting reports
  • Consultants presenting financial projects

6. Bomero Webinar template PowerPoint

Looking for a simple webinar template for your presentation? When it comes to versatility and functionality, this Bomero webinar PPT template stands in a league of its own. It features over 60 presentation slides, with nearly 30 unique and editable slide designs.

Bomer webinar template for presentations

Best for:

  • Designers looking for stunning presentations
  • Businesses hosting online seminars and training sessions
  • Professionals who need a modern and minimalist design

Note: If you're creating a presentation, make sure you use a webinar platform like Riverside that allows you to upload and capture your presentation as part of your event.

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Webinar poster templates

This webinar template refers to a pre-designed format that’s used to create digital flyers or promotional posters for the webinar. An example of this template is:

7.  24Slides Webinar Flyer Template Pack

This poster webinar template comes in a pack of more than 20 designs which you can use for your webinar banners, ad slides, webinar invitation slides, and more. You can also add your logo later. It’s super easy to use and you can get started promoting your webinar in an instant.

24Slides Webinar flyer templates
24 Slides

Best for:

  • Businesses promoting their webinar
  • Marketers and graphic designers looking for inspiration
  • Individuals with minimal design experience

Webinar landing page templates

A webinar landing page template is a pre-designed web page layout specifically developed to focus on driving registrations for the webinar.  Examples of this template include:

8. ConvertFlow’s Landing page template

ConvertFlow’s template has over the years proven to be quite effective in driving registrations to webinars. Although it’s simple and clean, it covers all the details of the webinar well, and has an effective call to action (CTA).

ConvertFlow's webinar landing page template

Best for:

  • Businesses looking to capture leads
  • Marketers seeking to drive conversions

9. Unbounce HowTo Webinar Landing page template

Next up, the webinar template from Unbounce is for businesses that intend to host webinars frequently. It comes with all the required registration fields and a section highlighting the webinar hosts, as well as past client testimonials.

Unbounce How to Webinar landing page template

Best for:

  • Businesses that host webinars frequently

Webinar email templates

A webinar email template is a pre-written email structure designed to promote, pass information, and encourage recipients to register for your webinar. A great example of this type of webinar template includes:

10. Inbound Elements Hubspot Email templates

HubSpot is one of the best email marketing platforms on the internet today. This Inbound template comes as a bundle covering everything from the webinar invitation email templates to company newsletter templates.

Hubspot email templates for webinars
Inbound Elements

Best for:

  • Beginners hosting new webinars
  • Marketers and professionals sending mass invitations
  • Businesses of all sizes hosting virtual events

How to choose the right webinar template for your event

As you’ve seen, there are a ton of high-quality webinar templates available in the market every day. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right webinar template for your event:

Identify your audience:

Who are you presenting to? Understanding the needs and preferences of your audience will influence the template style you choose (formal vs. informal) and its complexity.

Define your goal:

Is your goal lead generation, brand awareness, education, or sales? The template you choose should align with these goals and help you achieve them.

Evaluate the template features:

Choose a template that offers all the features you need in your webinar e.g., email platforms integration, social media sharing, live chat functionality.

Customization options:

Your template should give you the freedom to customize and tailor it to fit your specific needs.

Visual appeal:

Go for a template that’s well-detailed, organized, and visually appealing. It works better to attract more customers to the landing page.

How to create your own webinar template

Feeling creative? If you want to create your own high quality template from scratch, it’s not hard. You’ll just have to follow four simple steps:

Step 1: Research and define your brand

Your first step is to review the existing templates in the market to see how the successful templates are structured. Take a look at some of the examples we have highlighted here.

Step 2: Develop the core structure

Next, identify all the sections and content elements you want in the template, then create an outline. The format can be simple.

You can encompass the elements of your webinar (as detailed above) and use bullet points to cover:  

  • Title slide
  • Introduction
  • Agenda
  • Main content
  • Interactive elements
  • Conclusion

There are a range of layouts to choose from. Depending on your goal and audience, you can use more advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop to customize your template design.

Step 3: Craft the content

This step is now the heart of your webinar. Write all that is needed in your speech, keeping in mind the introduction, agenda, body, and conclusion. You can even include visual aids, demonstrations and Q&A sessions.

Step 4: Test and refine

Finally, test the template to confirm that it has a good conversion rate. You can do this by hosting a practice webinar, or by gathering colleague feedback, then making adjustments where necessary.

Bonus: Resources for finding your own webinar templates

In this guide, we have covered a selection of the best webinar templates for your needs. However, if you still need more help finding a webinar template, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a range websites and tools that could be really helpful if you need more free templates:

  1. Canva - Promotional posters and digital assets
  2. Poster My Wall - 5K free poster templates and designs
  3. Venngage - Webinar presentation templates
  4. Envato Elements - Webinar website templates
  5. HubSpot Blog - Wide range of planning templates
  6. 24 Slides - Free PowerPoint templates
  7. SlideModel - More webinar PowerPoint templates
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