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8 Best Screen Recorders with Facecam for 2024 | All Devices

Discover the top screen recorders with facecam video for 2024. No matter your device we'll help you find the right recorder based on your needs.
Stephen Robles
Video & Podcast Creator
Last Updated:
February 23, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

There are many reasons you might want to record your screen and your webcam at the same time. 

Maybe you’re creating a video tutorial explaining how to use your online product, or maybe you’re teaching a virtual class. Perhaps you just like to record meetings and need a way to capture everyone’s webcam feed with the screen-shared presentation.

No matter your use case, the right screen recorder with facecam technology can get the job done. This article will walk you through choosing a screen and face recorder, along with 8 of the best screen recorders for all devices in 2024.

Can you record your screen and facecam at the same time?

Yes, there are plenty of tools and platforms that let you record your screen and your webcam simultaneously. These tools usually allow you to choose from several recording settings, like resolution and capturing a specific screen area. 

Many of the best screen recording tools also include editing tools so you can quickly trim, caption, and clip your recordings for distribution later.

What to consider before choosing a screen recorder with facecam

When deciding which software to use to capture your content, ensure you know what to look for in a recorder first. The tool you choose will affect your recording quality and set limits to how you share that content online later. We recommend keeping the following considerations in mind:

Multi-source recording

Some tools record from your screen, webcam, and other external cameras. But not all tools let you record from multiple sources at once. If you’re looking for a way to record yourself speaking while presenting your screen, you’ll need this ability.

Device compatibility

Many free and paid screen recording tools are available online, which means you can use them with a web browser on both Windows and Mac computers. But other tools are Windows-only, and some don’t have a mobile app. Check the tool’s system requirements and ensure it’s available on all devices you want to use it.

Separate audio and video recording

The best recording tools capture separate audio and video tracks for each participant. Separate tracks improve recording quality and make it easier to edit your final product. Isolated tracks give you more control over mixing and cutting audio and make it easier to repurpose isolated tracks into highlighted quotes or promotional material.

Editing features

While you can use a separate editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro or Descript, the best screen recorders let you do basic edits within the platform. Some even offer automated and AI-powered editing features to streamline the editing process even further. 

These all-in-one solutions save you time and money by letting you do everything in one place.

Local recording

Local recording doesn’t rely on your internet connection to record remote video. Each participant’s feed records to their local device, which ensures your video quality won’t suffer from an internet lag or interruption.

Audience participation and sharing features

Some tools let your viewers interact with you in real time as you record. Others have built-in live streaming features so you can share your screen recording live (which is great for video game streamers).

8 Best screen recorders with facecam for all devices

There are plenty of free and paid recording solutions that let beginners and advanced users alike create professional-level content. 

When selecting our top picks below, we considered recording quality, device compatibility, and ease of use. Keep reading to learn more about the top screen recorders with facecam on the market today.

Best online screen recorders with facecam for both Mac and Windows

1. Riverside

Riverside presentation recorder

Price: Free plan, with paid plans starting from $15/mo 

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

Riverside is an all-in-one video and screen recording platform that turns your web browser into a professional recording studio. 

Easily record with up to 8 remote participants and capture separate screen, video, and audio tracks for each guest. And since Riverside uses local recording, your quality isn’t affected by your internet connection, you’ll have consistent, professional recording quality up to 4K resolution. Riverside’s new Presentation Recorder also lets users record audio, video, and presentation slides in high quality and synced together. 

Because Riverside is a browser-based solution, there’s nothing to download, and you can access it from any device. The tool even offers a handy mobile app to record high-quality video and audio on the go.

After recording, you can use Riverside’s editor to choose your layout and customize your video. You cna start off by trimming your video with text-based editing or directly on the timeline. Then choose a layout, and add video captions which you can style and position as you like. We have also have split-screen layouts especially suited to videos that include both a webcam and screen recording. 

Key features

  • Record in 48kHz WAV audio and up to 4K video quality
  • Record your screen, audio and webcam at the same time
  • Local recording for high-quality video that doesn’t depend on your internet connection
  • Record in separate tracks for easy editing and content repurposing
  • Host a recording session with up to 7 remote guests
  • Highly accurate AI transcriptions for instant captioning and content repurposing
  • Text-based video editing means you can edit the transcript to make changes to the audio and video
  • Trim and Split tools for quick post-production process
  • AI-powered Magic Clips tool to turn long-form videos into shareable social media clips
  • Built-in teleprompter makes it easy to record like a pro
  • Presentation recorder captures slides and presenter’s audio/video in high quality
  • Can use your phone as a secondary camera for ultimate recording flexibility


  • Double-ender, localized recording for the highest quality 
  • Automated editing features
  • Screen-share, audio, and video recordings captured separately
  • Live editing features to minimize post-production
  • Text-based video and audio editing 


  • No screen annotation features
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2. Loom

Loom screen recorder with Facecam

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $12.50/month

Facecam resolution: Full HD and up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K (limited to 720p on the Loom Chrome Extention)

Loom is a screen recording tool designed for business professionals who need to communicate via video. Easily record your screen while capturing your webcam and/or external mic feed, making it simple to create quick video walkthroughs or tutorials. The tool is available via web, Chrome extension, desktop software, and mobile apps.

Key features:

  • Record webcam, screen, or both simultaneously
  • Loom AI creates titles, summaries, word removal, and more
  • Interactive videos
  • Transcripts and captions in 50+ languages
  • Live streaming capabilities


  • Easy video sharing and embedding
  • Very user-friendly


  • Unreliable audio quality
  • Limited editing features

3. OBS Studio

OBS screen recorder with facecam

Price: Free

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

OBS Studio is a popular open-source screen recorder. It’s a great choice for gamers seeking a free, reliable recording tool for video game streams. 

However, the tool isn’t very intuitive or beginner-friendly. It has a steep learning curve—but thankfully, there are lots of online resources available to teach you how to record with OBS

And keep in mind that while OBS screen recorder captures video from multiple sources, you can’t easily record your facecam and screen at the same time with this tool. More tech-savvy users have success adding both webcam and screen as separate input sources, then start two recording streams. But this method is slightly technical—and can take up a significant chunk of your computer’s resources.

Key features

  • Real-time video and audio capturing and mixing
  • Record your screen, browser window, capture card, or webcam
  • Custom transitions and scene-switching
  • Audio mixer with per-source filters
  • Custom configuration options


  • High-quality recording and streaming
  • No file length restrictions
  • Supports all popular streaming platforms


  • No editing tools
  • Steep learning curve
  • Can’t easily record your screen and webcam at the same time

Best screen recorder with facecam for Mac

4. QuickTime

Quicktime screen recorder with facecam with mac

Price: Free

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

QuickTime is the default media player tool that comes pre-installed on every Mac computer. While it doesn’t include advanced features like producer mode or live streaming, it is a great basic choice for creators who want an easy way to record and edit videos.

Like OBS Studio, QuickTime won’t let you record your screen and webcam simultaneously. However, it does record in up to 4K resolution and gives you the option to download audio and video tracks separately, which makes editing much easier.

Key features

  • Webcam and screen recording (but not both at the same time)
  • Split, clip, and rearrange video and audio
  • Multiple export formats
  • Recording resolution in up to 4K


  • Record the entire screen or a selected portion
  • Record screen and audio at the same time
  • Free and convenient for Mac owners
  • Record, watch, and edit videos in the same tool


  • Can be slow and a memory burden on your device
  • Cannot capture your screen and facecam simultaneously

Best screen recording software with facecam for Windows

5. Ezvid

Ezvid screen recording software ith facecam

Price: Free

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

Ezvid is a free screen recorder that’s extremely popular with YouTube content creators. It’s a one-stop hub for screen recording, editing, and video content sharing. You can also add narration, insert music, adjust playback speed, and record your screen and facecam simultaneously.

Key features

  • Voice recording and facecam
  • Screen drawing
  • Playback speed control
  • Editing tools to adjust speed, rearrange clips, add text, and create image slides
  • High-resolution recordings


  • The text-to-speech feature makes narration easy
  • Built-in editing tools
  • No watermarks on videos 


  • Can’t record videos locally 
  • No zoom, pan, or transition effects
  • 45-minute limit on recordings

6. Bandicam

Bandicam screen recorder with facecam for windows

Price: Free plan available. For advanced features, pay a one-time license fee of $40. 

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

Bandicam Screen Recorder is another popular screen recording tool for Windows users, especially pro gamers. Easily record from a PC screen, smartphone, webcam, or gaming console. It’s easy to use with high-quality output, and you can upload videos directly to YouTube.

Key features

  • Up to 4K Ultra HD video (with compressed file sizes)
  • Schedule recordings for specific or repeating times
  • Export in MP4, AVI, WAV, and more formats


  • One-time fee for the paid features
  • High-res videos without large file sizes
  • Optimized for video game recording


  • Limited recording time on the free plan
  • Limited editing features

Best screen recorder apps with facecam for Android & iOS

7. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder with facecam for phone
AZ Screen Recorder

Price: $3.49/month

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

AZ Recorder is available for both Android and iOS users. The tool offers screen and audio recording, and it also lets you record your front-facing camera at the same time. Users can edit and share videos easily, with no recording time limit. 

We recommend using an external microphone with this app, since it will pick up any background noise as you record.

Key features

  • Video editing tools 
  • GIF maker
  • Supports multiple video inputs
  • Video compression
  • Capture reactions
  • Adjust facecam size
  • Some editing features


  • Easy to use
  • Relatively affordable
  • Record screen and facecam at the same time


  • Picks up background noise easily

8. Mobizen

Mobizen screen recording app for phone with facecam

Price: Free 

Facecam resolution: Up to 4K

Screen recording resolution: Up to 4K

Mobizen is available for iOS and Android users. The video recorder is free, and it comes with plenty of recording, streaming, and editing features in the Mobizen Studio. However, the mobile app is ad-supported, so you’ll have to put up with the occasional disruptive ad.

Mobizen records your screen with audio and facecam, which makes it a great choice for gameplay videos, reaction videos, and recording online classes. And the advanced settings let you adjust resolutions, change frame rates, and add intros and outros easily.

Key features

  • Screen recording in original, high-definition, or custom modes
  • Adjustable recording orientation
  • Quick-recording feature for easy access from other apps
  • Live streaming features
  • Picture-in-picture recording
  • Personalized subtitles
  • Filters
  • Trim videos, adjust volume, and add audio
  • Video library


  • Record screen and facecam simultaneously
  • Seamless screen mirroring to a larger device
  • Customizable editing and recording tools


  • Ad-supported app
  • Large drain on your phone battery

Recording your screen and webcam in high quality with Riverside

To record a screen on your PC with Riverside, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a new studio or join an existing one. Send the Guest link to any remote guests so they can join your studio with a click (no downloads necessary).

Step 2: Check your recording equipment and enter the studio.

Step 3: Choose the screen share button and select whether to share your window, browser screen, or desktop. If you’re planning to share slides, you can also upload your presentation using Riversides’ new Presentation Recorder

Step 4: Begin recording your screen.

Step 5: When you’re done, stop recording. Wait for the files to upload before editing and exporting them.

You can also watch the video below for more best practices and instructions on screen recording. Or, for more details on how to screen record, see our full guide to screen recording on any device.

FAQs on Screen Recorders with Facecam

What app records screen and front camera?

Several mobile apps let you record your screen and front-facing camera at the same time. Our favorites are AZ Screen Recorder and Mobizen, which are available on both Android and iOS.

Can Zoom record your screen and your face?

If the host has Record video during screen sharing enabled during a Zoom meeting, you can record your face while presenting your screen. Simply select one of two Zoom recording layouts:

  • Shared screen with participants on shared content
  • Shared screen with participants next to shared content

Can OBS record a webcam and a screen at the same time?

OBS doesn’t offer a native feature that lets you record from multiple sources at the same time. But there’s a workaround that more tech-savvy users can implement. 

First, add your webcam and screen as separate input Sources in OBS. Then, start recording your webcam as one source. Add another Source (your screen) and choose Display Capture. OBS Studio will then capture your monitor display as the second source. Click Start Recording to begin.

However, this method can slow down your computer (since you’re essentially running OBS twice). If you want to record your webcam and screen simultaneously, we recommend using a tool like Riverside instead.

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