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The Best Easy-to-Use Podcast Recording Apps for iPhone

Podcast recording apps for iPhone let you record anywhere at any time. Here are our recommendations for the best recording apps for iPhone.
Stephen Robles
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December 19, 2021
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For more traditional podcasters, the idea of leaving the recording studio behind in favor of recording from an iPhone probably sounds ludicrous. In reality, with iOS apps like, you can carry the production power of an entire recording studio in your pocket. Recording from mobile apps has never been easier. And don’t worry, you’re not sacrificing quality or capability. With Riverside, your podcast is always recorded in full HD and you can still record with remote guests. The only difference? You can record your podcast wherever and whenever you like.

Can you record a podcast on an iPhone?

You can definitely make a podcast on Absolutely. With apps like Riverside it's even easy to learn how to make a podcast on iPhone.

For obvious reasons, recording on your iPhone is a slightly different experience compared to a professional studio or home recording setup, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse

In fact, with Riverside’s iOS app, you can record an HD podcast whenever and wherever, because you’ve got a recording studio in your pocket. Pretty cool, if you ask us. 

What do you need to record a podcast? 

You don’t need a whole studio, let alone all the equipment, to record a podcast. For podcasters on a budget, or anyone just starting out, this should be music to your ears. 

In fact, if you’re going for a basic approach, all you need to record a podcast is a microphone, recording software, and some headphones. 

It can be difficult to choose which equipment to buy. Luckily, we’ve got you covered find the best podcast equipment for your setup using our guide

Recording software

Recording software captures and saves your audio ready for editing. Your choice of recording software should be determined by a number of factors including: the types of features on offer, whether you can include remote guests, and the quality of recording. 

With Riverside, you can record audio and video podcasts, include remote guests in your recording, and rest assured that your recording will be in full HD every single time. 


For obvious reasons, a microphone is a pretty crucial element of any podcasting setup. You don’t have to break the bank to get yourself a decent mic, but it’s worth investing in one to maximize the quality of your audio. 

We’ve researched the best podcast microphones so that you don’t have to. Find the best mic for your setup using our guide


You might be tempted to give headphones a miss. But that would be a mistake. Headphones help you adjust your mic position, monitor your audio, and generally optimize the quality of your recording. 

Plus, headphones for podcasting are extra important during post-production. Wearing headphones will help you pick up on the subtleties and nuance of the audio, and to ensure the podcast sounds exactly how you want it to.  

How do I record high quality podcasts on my iPhone?

Some podcasters might be skeptical about recording a high-quality podcast on their iPhone. But trust us, it really is possible. 

How to Record on your iPhone using

Note: Riverside’s iOS app is currently optimized for guest flow only. The host must start the session from their desktop browser Riverside dashboard. 

  1. Share the invite link with your guests

When they click on the link on their iPhone, the app will automatically open and take them to your recording studio. 

  1. Hit record and enjoy the show! 

Once your guests have joined the recording session, simply hit the record button and do what you do best. Your guests’ recordings will automatically progressively upload to your dashboard as you record.

What is the best app to record a podcast on iPhone?

Given the number of different apps for recording a podcast from your iPhone, it can be hard to decipher which one is best. Well, the answer’s actually pretty simple: it’s You get a whole podcast studio in your pocket, no catch. 

Why is the best iPhone app for recording a podcast 

The app launched earlier this year and brings the immense power of Riverside’s recording studio to your pocket. 

Record in full HD, wherever and whenever you want

The Riverside iPhone app means you can enjoy added flexibility in your podcasting routine. You can record a podcast in full HD even when you’re on the go. Since the iPhone camera boasts superb quality, you won’t be sacrificing production value. 

Records locally 

Riverside always records each podcast participant locally. This means that even if you or your guest join the session with weak internet, this won’t be reflected in your final recording quality. 

Progressive Upload

Each participant’s recording track is progressively uploaded to the host’s dashboard as you record. This saves you from having to wait around whilst the files process and minimizes the risk of data loss. 

Optimized Guest Flow 

With the Riverside iOS app, all your guest has to do is click on the invite link and join the show from their iPhone. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. 

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Other notable Recording Apps for iPhone 

Although’s iOS app really is leading the market, there are a number of other recording apps for iPhone. Here are some other examples: 


Advantages of Anchor 

  • Record, publish and monetize your podcast all from one place 
  • User-friendly intuitive interface 
  • Editing tools 
  • Unlimited podcast hosting for free 
  • Record with up to 4 remote guests 

Disadvantages of Anchor 

  • Records in compressed file format (M4A) that diminish quality 
  • Unable to upload pre-recorded audio that exceeds 250MB in size 
  • Cannot record video podcasts 


Advantages of Garageband 

  • Familiar and easy to use
  • Record or import pre-recorded audio 
  • Big library of sound effects, instrumentals and loops. 

Disadvantages of Garageband 

  • Cannot include remote guests 
  • Unable to record video podcasts 
  • Better on desktop 

Hokusai Audio Editor 

Advantages of Hokusai Audio Editor  

  • Good in-built editing tools 
  • Record audio or import pre-recorded audio 
  • Intuitive and simple interface built specifically for iPhone 

Disadvantages of Hokusai Audio Editor 

  • Cannot include remote guests 
  • No capacity to record video podcasts 

Spreaker Studio

Advantages of Spreaker Studio

  • Create, upload and distribute your podcast from the Spreaker app 
  • Monetize your podcast with Spreaker Studio 
  • Import pre-recorded media to include in your podcast 
  • Edit your recording in the app 
  • Live broadcast your recording 

Disadvantages of Spreaker Studio 

  • Including remote guests is only possible through Skype integration. This leaves your publication vulnerable to weak internet connection. 
  • No capacity to record video podcasts 


Advantages of Podbean

  • Create, edit, and publish your podcast with Podbean 
  • Assess your podcast’s performance with Podbean’s podcast analytics
  • Monetize your podcast from Podbean  
  • Live stream your recording studio from the app 
  • Use the live stream function to record with remote guests 
  • Host your podcast with Podbean 

Disadvantages of Podbean

  • Cannot record video podcasts 

Auphonic Recorder 

Advantages of Auphonic

  • AI audio algorithms that balance, level, restore or normalize your audio 
  • Optimized to record audio at maximum quality even from your iPhone  

Disadvantages of Auphonic

  • Cannot record video podcasts 
  • Basic interface and editing capabilities 
  • Automatic audio processing means you don’t have as much control over how your audio sounds 
  • Cannot include remote guests 

Twisted Wave Recorder

Advantages of Twisted Wave Recorder

  • Straightforward interface that is easy to use  
  • Basic editing functions in the app 
  • Upload pre-recorded audio, like voice memos or music,  to use in your podcast 

Disadvantages of Twisted Wave Recorder 

  • Some podcasters may find the interface outdated 
  • Cannot record video podcasts 
  • Cannot remote record with guests 

Bossjock jr

Advantages of Hokusai Audio Editor  

  • Good in-built editing tools 
  • Record audio or import pre-recorded audio 
  • Live mix whilst you record with sound effects and music 

Disadvantages of Hokusai Audio Editor 

  • Cannot include remote guests 
  • No capacity to record video podcasts 

How to choose podcasting recording apps for iPhone

As we’ve seen, making a decision about which recording app to go with can be overwhelming. Here’s what to take into consideration: 


Recording quality is paramount. Your audio and video quality correlates directly with the perceived production value of your podcast. For this reason, it’s worth putting this to the top of your priorities. 

If you’re going to be recording with remote guests, ensure the podcasting app records your participants locally, so that your recording quality will not be affected by weak signal. 


Your budget might affect which app is best for you. Luckily, most options won’t break the bank, so you can get recording without a massive investment. 

Separate tracks

This is a detail that you might overlook, but that makes a huge difference. You want an app that records each of your participants on a separate track. This makes your life easier during post-production because you’ll be able to cut out mistakes or blunders without affecting the entire recording. 

Progressive uploading

Podcast recordings are pretty big files and they can take a while to process. Look for an app that progressively uploads your recording so that you don’t need to wait around. 

Editing features

Editing capacity is a welcome benefit, but not a deal-breaker. Integrated editing features make your life easier. Look for an iPhone app that cuts down the time between recording and publication with in-built editing capacity - just like’s Magic Editor. 

Podcast Recording Apps for iPhone FAQs

What is the best way to record a podcast?

Every podcaster will have their own individual recording process. Ultimately, it comes down to the type of podcast you’re recording, what kind of person you are, and how you like to do things. 

If you tend to be constantly on the go, moving from place to place, the likelihood is recording your podcast from your iPhone could be a gamechanger. 

Can you film a podcast on your phone?

If you want to record a video podcast with remote guests, makes this possible. The quality of iPhone cameras is now extremely competitive, so you probably won’t even notice a discrepancy in quality. 

Should I wear headphones when recording a podcast?

It’s recommended, but not necessary. Wearing headphones when recording a podcast helps you monitor your audio levels, adjust your own mic positioning, and generally make sure your audio recording is as good as it should be. 

Can you use Apple headphones for podcasting?

Yes, technically. However, Air Pods in particular don’t offer the best sound quality out there, so if you have an alternative option that might be better. That being said, if you’re caught by surprise with nothing but your Air Pods, they’ll do the trick. 

What do most podcasters use to record?

As with all creatives, every podcaster is different. But we have to say, is definitely an industry leader for recording your podcast. Especially in COVID-19 times, the ability to record in full HD with remote guests is invaluable. 

How do I make my podcast sound professional?

The most important element for a professional sounding podcast is recording quality. Nothing undermines your production value more than crackly, quiet, or intermittent audio. Invest in a microphone and ensure your recording software defaults to HD recording only - just like 

Another tip is to invest in your intro, outro and transition music. These small details help to elevate the overall quality of your podcast. 

How can I listen to podcasts on my iPhone for free?

There is no shortage of apps to listen to podcasts on your iPhone. It just depends on your personal preference. Try Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Castbox

Find out about the best apps for listening to podcasts in our guide 

Is the Apple podcast app free to use?

Yes, it is. The Apple Podcasts app is free to download so you can get listening straightaway. 

If you’re a die-hard fan of a particular podcast, you can now become a paid subscriber to that show on Apple Podcasts. You’ll get exclusive access to pre-release content and support your favorite podcasters.

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