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12 Best Customer Service Training Videos for Valuable Insights

Get inspired from 12 of the best customer service training videos! We also share best practices for creating your own.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
March 26, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Are you looking for an easy yet impactful way to train your customer service team? Video is the answer!

Customer service training videos can be powerful tools in articulating ideas and transferring skills. But many people think they’re too difficult to create. The good news? Producing great training videos can be easy once you know the basics!

Wondering where to begin when it comes to customer service training videos? Here are 15 of our favorite clips and what you can learn from them as you begin your own production journey.

What are customer service training videos?

Customer service training videos are strong, immersive educational resources. They use visual media to highlight or teach important customer service skills and lessons. This can help you address common challenges faced by your customer service team and even help employees see and understand the customer’s point of view.

Why are customer service training videos effective?

Customer service training videos are effective because they offer you:

Higher retention rates

According to HubSpot research, most people pay closer attention to video content than other communication mediums, like audio podcasts or written text. By relying on an engaging video format, customer service training videos can make an impact. Research shows that viewers retain 95% of video content compared to just 10% of text information.This can help your team get more out of your content.

Realistic demos

Training videos also allow you to: communicate more comprehensively and authentically. A video production can combine a range of visual and audio elements to simulate real customer service scenarios. This provides viewers with a more realistic representation of what to do and what not to do when confronting a problem.

Improved effeciency

Overall, customer service training videos can make a big difference for your brand. Good production can enhance efficiency by saving time on training. They can also improve understanding using visual materials and save you costs in the long run.

Top 12 customer service videos to learn from

There are many great customer service videos already on the market! Watching and analyzing these videos can provide you with valuable insight into what works and why. You can use this knowledge to guide you as you start creating your own training materials.

Best customer communication training videos

Communication is a critical skill when it comes to liaising with customers! These are some of the best training videos that focus on addressing communication styles and techniques for a customer service environment.

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Customers? By LiveChat

This training video is clear and direct, using professional-quality production and engaging video and audio materials to help you grasp everything. It articulates the importance of effective communication before providing actionable tips to improve communication approaches.

What you can learn: The structure of your training content is important. You need to explain why the skill matters, then provide real techniques and examples viewers can use in their own roles.

How to Communicate with Customers: Crash Course Entrepreneurship by CrashCourse

This educational video is fast-paced and entertaining! Instead of focusing solely on communication techniques or even the outcomes of good communication, the video frames the value of customer service around goal-setting and marketing targets. Addressing real-life service applications, this training video incorporates bright, eye-catching graphic design elements to capture audience attention. These visual aids support verbal communication and add extra context to the content.

What you can learn: Training content doesn’t have to be dull and dry. Use fast-paced communication and visual elements to keep your audience engaged and clarify potentially confusing concepts.

57 Phrases to De-escalate Any Angry Customer by  Myra Golden

In this comprehensive video, audiences are presented with actionable phrases that can be used to respond to frustrated customers. Combining high-quality video with impactful graphic elements, the video is easy to follow and maintains a high level of engagement as it moves quickly through its recommendations. Beyond simply presenting ideas and templates, this training video explains how each phrase works and when phrases should be used. This helps viewers learn to discern the best ways to put teachings to practical use in real-world situations.

What you can learn: Sometimes, it’s best to focus centrally on a subset of a critical skill. This can help you address specific challenges and issues relevant to your customer service team in greater detail.

Phrases to Avoid in Customer Service | Communication Skills Training by The Wizard of Words

This customer service training video uses a simple yet effective structure to highlight what not to do when speaking to customers. The colloquial style makes this content feel personal and relevant, explaining ideas comprehensively so that viewers learn the principles behind avoiding pitfalls. This helps people learn to identify patterns in their own customer service work. This training clip also makes strong use of basic editing functions to recapture audience attention in mid-video slumps where it may begin to lull.

What you can learn: Many training videos focus on what you should do. But you can also create training content that highlights what not to do! A bad example can help your team learn what to steer clear of in customer service settings.

Effective Communication by WayForward

Keeping things short and simple, this training video highlights three pillars of effective communication before explaining what each of these entail and how they influence communication in a customer service environment.

The clip uses animations to create a visually engaging training resource that harnesses the combined power of image and text elements, delivering additional context to audio. By getting straight to the point, the video is easily able to maintain  audience interest and provide a streamlined overview of essential skills and understandings.

What you can learn: Your educational videos don’t have to be long-winded in order to articulate your message. Even a brief training video can provide viewers with important new customer service skills and understandings.

Best free customer service training videos online

Many customer service videos are available online 100% for free! This means that you can direct team members to further learning resources produced by some of the world’s customer service leaders.

6 Tips for Improving Your Customer Service Skills | Indeed Career Tips by Indeed

This training video breaks down a broad concept into just 6 simple steps, streamlining structure in order to deliver information in a practical and accessible way. It encourages viewers to imagine themselves in the customer’s shoes, empowering them to learn through the lens of empathy. Better yet, this video is always offering something new. Nothing is ever static for too long, with setting and structuring changing frequently to maintain strong visual interest and engagement.

What you can learn: The best way to teach is by making information easily digestible. By breaking down key ideas into steps, you can avoid overwhelming viewers and keep things interesting while still getting across the most important information.

Poor vs. Great Customer Service by Odyssey Training

This training video shows viewers how to serve customers well, using actors to roleplay mock customer service experiences representing both good and poor approaches. This format allows the clip to communicate clearly and realistically with strong production value. It maintains a high level of engagement and effectively distinguishes between approaches. The easy-to-follow example scenarios showcase verbal communication as well as body language and other considerations, all while inviting viewers to discern carefully and draw their own conclusions.

What you can learn: Often, real examples are the most accessible way to deliver information. Using examples and roleplay scenarios can help you clearly highlight the best approaches to customer services tasks and challenges.

Customer Service Skills - Video Training Course by John Academy

This comprehensive training video offers a complete overview of essential customer service skills, from basic customer care to building relationships, overcoming barriers, and more. Using a blend of recorded video and on-screen presentation designs, this video combines video, audio, and text to articulate big ideas effectively. The clip addresses both basic and more complex components of customer service skills education, which means that it can help viewers at all levels of learning to improve.

What you can learn: Don’t be afraid to dive deep into what good customer service looks like for your brand. Your training videos can include a range of elements, including comprehensive conversations and detailed presentations.

How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills by YoungNailsInc

Structured as a conversation, this training video takes a simple yet effective approach, communicating authentically with the audience. The video moves seamlessly from an overview of what customer service really is to explaining the role of listening, taking responsibility, and using pre-written responses in delivering good customer service. The back-and-forth video format allows the creators to ask and answer questions in real time, supporting greater, more comprehensive understanding of ideas.

What you can learn: In some cases, a real conversation is the key to an impactful training resource. Talk to someone else who can ask questions and share ideas that highlight valuable skills and insights in support of better customer service techniques.

7 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Should Have | How to Give Great Customer Service by Moment

Delivering a 7-step skills crash course in effective customer service, this training video streamlines learning and gets straight to the point. The clip uses engaging video clips to maintain visual interest and explains the value and impact of each presented skill. In this video, viewers are introduced to critical skills and concepts so that they can broadly understand customer service functions. This acts as a strong foundation for ongoing future learning opportunities.

What you can learn: You don’t have to cover everything all at once! Sometimes, you can create training videos that offer just a glimpse at the basics with space for more educational content to fill in the gaps later on.

Best funny customer service training videos

Customer service training videos can even be funny! Here are some great videos you learn from and laugh at.

Our Prices Have Never Been Lower by The Office US

In this clip from popular TV show The Office US, the characters re-enact a customer service scenario, showing the impact of poor communication compared with empathy and effective customer service. The mock sales call showcases the importance of maintaining a calm, measured approach, even in the face of challenges, in order to keep the customer happy.

What you can learn: Customer service videos don’t have to start and end with your company! Consider how you can use pop culture moments and TV clips to highlight key points in your training program.

The Guest 2nd Edition - Customer Service Training by Atana

This funny customer service video showcases the impact of treating customers like guests. The video follows the host on a trip to the local store, where he is treated like a guest in the owner’s home, compared to other places where he is treated less favorably. The clip uses humor to keep audiences engaged and highlight simple yet effective customer service techniques, like addressing the customer by name.

What you can learn: A simple skit can help you entertain viewers and showcase important training ideas. You can even include multiple scenarios so that your audience can compare customer experiences.

Best practices for creating an effective customer service training video

When producing a customer service training video, there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind.

Focus on quality

A high-quality training video is essential if you want to represent your professionalism and boost your content’s credibility. High-definition videos with crisp, clear audio can also help to keep audiences more engaged with your training content. Don’t skimp on training video production.

Use a studio-quality tool like Riverside, with high-resolution recording and an advanced AI-powered video editor. This can help you capture content that communicates as effectively as possible.

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Maintain clarity

Clarity is critical when it comes to articulating training concepts. Make sure that you are clear about your message and how you want to influence your audience. Then craft a video that prioritizes clarity around your ideas and helps viewers understand new concepts with ease.

Offer examples

Examples can make a big difference to how well people understand the lessons you teach. In your training videos, add real, actionable examples that help your audience learn how to use newly developed customer service skills. Provide scenarios that reflect your brand’s needs and the approaches your team will need to follow.

Allow for follow-up

Finally, it’s always a good idea to allow for further learning. Don’t stop teaching your team after just one customer service training video. Instead, expand on your content with more video materials, or start a discussion where people are invited to share ideas and ask questions.

How to make customer service training videos with Riverside

Riverside is a video creation platform you can use for seamlessly making customer service training videos!

Our platform provides studio-quality recording with up to 4K video resolution. You’ve got a teleprompter to keep track of a script, and a a presentation recorder to share your slides.

When you’re done recording, our AI-powered video editor cuts your editing time in less than half. Trim your recording with our text-based editing tools or with our intuitive video timeline. You can then use tools for dynamic captions, customized layout and visuals or for audio enhancement.  

You can also download an AI generated summary and key takeaways you can distribute with your team.

Riverside platform for creating customer service training videos

Key features:

  • High resolution: Up to 4K video resolution and 48kHz sound quality
  • Multitrack recording: Separate video and audio tracks for better editing control
  • Up to 8 call participants: Record training videos with multiple experts
  • Local recording: Everything records on each persons device instead of relying on your internet connection.
  • Seamless editing:, including text-based editing using video transcript
  • Async recording: Invite speakers to record their sections when they’re most available
  • Magic Clips: Turn your recordings highlights into sharable short-form videos
  • AI Summaries: Download key takeaways, chapters and a description of your training videos
  • AI Transcriptions and captions: Automatic transcriptions available in over 100 languages

Want to get started with Riverside? Here’s how!

Step 1: Log into Riverside and create your own studio or join an existing one. (You can learn how here).

Step 2: Once you’ve setup your studio, select “Go to studio”. Here you’ll enter the lobby. Verify your camera and microphone. Then “Join Studio.”

Step 3: Use the “Invite” button to add relevant guests as needed. Alternatively, you can also complete this step prior to joining your studio.

Step 4: Press the red “Record” button at the bottom of your screen to start recording.

Step 5: When recording is complete, press “Stop” to end.

Step 6: Select “View All Recordings” from the panel on the right side of your screen.

Step 7: Navigate to the “Editor” to edit your video. Here, you can access cutting, trimming, and mixing timeline and text-based editing tools. You’ll also be able to adjust video layouts, fine-tune your audio, and apply accurate captions.

Optional: Explore the recordings dashboard to find additional tools, including Magic Clips AI and automatic transcriptions.

Step 8: When you’re happy with your final video, “Export” at the top right of your screen.

FAQs on customer service training videos

Still unsure about customer service training videos? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions!

What are the best customer service training programs?

There are many different customer service training programs, each with their own unique benefits. The best choice for your team will depend on the work you do and the customer service skills you need. It’s best to explore a range of options. If you can’t find a video series that suits your requirements, make your own!

How do you train for customer service?

Customer service training is important. Try these basics to get started:

  • Focus on skills and insights: Train for customer service by introducing your team to valuable skills and insights.
  • Create specific scenarios: Deliver content that responds to specific scenarios your team may encounter while at work.
  • Cover common issues: Address common pitfalls or customer service misunderstandings as relevant to your brand.
  • Have communication protocols in place: Suggest ways that employees can respond appropriately to difficult situations or customer concerns.
  • Use examples: Provide detailed explanations and examples that help people understand how to deliver best customer service experiences.

Final thoughts

Are you ready to create an amazing customer service training video for your business? Get started with Riverside, and produce a video you can be proud of today.

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