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33+ YouTube Video Ideas + A Framework to Come Up With Yours

Have difficulty developing YouTube video ideas? We give you 34 ideas and a method to develop YouTube video ideas on your own.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
March 5, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

With over 2.6 billion users, YouTube is probably the most popular video streaming platform. 

The beauty of YouTube is the limitless creative freedom you have to make your content your own. You’ll find everything from videos offering niche tutorials, GenZ trends, to movie reviews, recipes, and more. 

If you want to join the club but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Knowing what kind of video you should be uploading, let alone putting your first YouTube video out there can be intimidating, so don’t be put off. We’ll give you 30+ ideas for youtube videos so that you can kick off your channel with a high-caliber first video.

Should I start a YouTube channel in 2024?

If you’re already considering it, then the answer is yes. A YouTube channel can be a professional venture or a passion project. Either way, it’s a labor of love that can be super rewarding. Here are just some of the reasons you should start a YouTube channel: 

YouTube is fun and creative 

YouTube is a great platform to let your creativity loose. You can really have fun coming up with YouTube video ideas and concepts, then enjoy the process of bringing your vision to life. 

Build a community of subscribers 

If you stick it out and follow strategies for maximizing the viewers on your videos, you’ll soon build out a subscriber base. See your viewers as fans who enjoy and support your content. And if you already have followers on other social media channels, starting a YouTube channel is a great way to cultivate a greater sense of community. 

Monetize your YouTube content 

With time, YouTube can become an additional revenue stream. If YouTube is a side hustle or hobby, the extra cash will be a nice reward for something you enjoy doing. If your YouTube is more of a professional venture, monetization can be a great way to support your business. 

Note: You’ll need to reach 10,000 subscribers before you can join the YouTube Partner program. 

Why not? 

The best bit about it? Starting a YouTube channel isn’t even difficult. As long as you invest the right amount of time and energy, you’ll soon build up a base of subscribers who keep coming back for more of your content. 

To keep your viewers engaged, you’ll need to maximize your output of popular videos. Once you get into the swing of things, coming up with good youtube video ideas won’t seem that hard. 

What is the best video content for YouTube?

This depends on what your goals are. If you’re creating for the sake of creating on YouTube, then the best video content for you will be whatever you enjoy making. 

On the other hand, if you want your content output to maximize your viewers and subscribers, then the best for your channel will depend on your target audience. 

Here’s how to come up with YouTube content ideas to get subscribers: 

Identify a niche for your channel 

Before you think about video ideas, you’ll need to consider what kind of general content or theme your channel will be focused on. Here are some YouTube channel ideas to give you some examples: 

  • Cooking Channel
  • Comedy Channel
  • Lifestyle Channel
  • Beauty Channel 
  • Gaming & Streaming Channel 
  • Talk Show 

Determining the type of channel you want to be will help you identify the kinds of video you will be publishing, and will also help you to narrow down your target audience. 

Look at similar channels 

Once you’ve settled on a YouTube channel idea, take a browse of channels that create similar content. Note down their most popular or successful videos and take some inspiration. You can also take this opportunity to identify aspects of their content that you’re not so keen on. This will help you refine your vision for your own content. 

Ask your audience 

If you have an existing subscriber base or followers on other social media, draw on them. Ask them for their opinions and what kinds of content they’d like to see. Ultimately if you’re looking to attract more subscribers, you’ll need to be uploading videos that appeal to them. 

What are the most popular YouTube topics?

As we’ve said, YouTube is a creative outlet that houses content across a plethora of spaces and topics. Here are some of the most popular YouTube video topics: 

  • ASMR 
  • Music 
  • Gaming 
  • Vlogging 
  • Tech 
  • News & Political Satire
  • Comedy 
  • Makeup & Beauty 
  • Product Reviews 
  • Educational 
  • Fitness 
  • Live streams 
  • Cooking & Food 

What are good first YouTube video ideas?

There’s no set formula to starting a successful YouTube channel, so you can start with whatever video takes your fancy. You can jump straight in with an ambitious video concept if you really want to, or cut to the chase with a ‘Day in My Life’. You don’t necessarily need to make a video introducing yourself before you start making your main content. 

If you’re ready to go but need some guidance on how to make a YouTube video - check out our step-by-step guide! 

That being said, if you’re struggling for ideas, or want to ease into your YouTube channel, here are some video ideas for beginners: 

An introductory video 

Introduce yourself and your channel. Tell your viewers some interesting facts about you and your life and what they should expect from your content. If you already have followers on Instagram or Twitter, you could ask them to submit questions they have about you. This way, you’ll have some pre-written prompts and can answer your audience’s questions about you. 

A lifestyle Vlog 

If you’d rather avoid the formality of an ‘introduction video’, why not try a lifestyle vlog? Simply film yourself as you go about your daily routine, showcasing the places you visit, what you eat, and who you see. You can also take a small portion of the vlog to introduce yourself. 

A reaction video 

A reaction video is a great video idea for beginners because it’s extremely low effort. All you have to do is film yourself reacting to something (usually a video or song). In fact, with Riverside filming a reaction video couldn’t be easier. Discover how to film a reaction video (the easy way!) with our guide. 

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How to come up with YouTube video ideas

Every YouTuber will have their own personal workflows. As with other creative processes, you’ll have ebbs and flows. Sudden surges of inspiration, as well as slower periods where you can’t seem to come up with new ideas. That’s all natural.

Here are some tips for coming up with YouTube video ideas: 

Use your audience 

The opinion of your viewers and subscribers is invaluable, so make sure to make use of them. 


Explicitly ask your YouTube subscribers (as well as any other social media followers) what they want to see. This will be a goldmine of ideas that you may not even have thought of. And, if you’re weighing up between a few different video concepts, it’s worth asking your viewers which they’d prefer to watch. 

Comments Section 

If you would rather not ask outright, take a look in your comments section. Often supportive viewers will comment with a video they’d like to see or a topic they want you to cover. 

See what your audience is consuming

Analyze what content your audience is checking out and watching at the moment. This is always a great way to start with ideas and get a grasp of what your audience is interested in.

Look for inspiration 

Creating a YouTube video is a creative process and inspiration can strike at any time. Peruse other YouTube channels that you find inspiring and take note of videos you’d like to make. 

Collaborate with other YouTubers 

If you’re suffering from creative block, don’t worry. Reach out to other creators in your community. If you’ve made connections with other YouTubers, you could even choose to make videos together or bounce video ideas off each other. 

Don’t force it 

Lastly, don’t force it. Burnout and creative block are real, and often, pushing yourself to come up with new YouTube video ideas can make it harder.

Want to learn more? Check out our Hit Publish interview with renowned video creator and journalist, Cleo Abrams,on coming up with insanely high-quality video ideas.

35+ Creative YouTube Video Ideas to Try

Funny YouTube Video Ideas

Challenge videos 

This is a great way to take part in (or even start) a trend. Film yourself taking part in a challenge, whatever that means. Be warned, challenges aren’t meant to be easy!

Prank video 

Film yourself prepping your prank, and don’t miss the crucial moment where your victim actually gets pranked. This can be a compilation video if you manage to get multiple people. 

Comedy Skits 

If you’re a comedian at heart, you can produce high-quality comedy skits. These can either be improv or scripted, whatever works best for you. 

Parody Video 

If you’re good with impressions or are known to be a little bit of a cynic, why not try making a parody video? These usually gain the most traction if you choose to parody something current and mainstream. 

Gaming YouTube Video Ideas 

Video Game Stream 

Livestreaming your gameplay is an easy and lowkey way of producing content for your YouTube channel. You’ll want to film both yourself and your screen - though don’t worry, that’s easy with Riverside

Other gamers will watch these videos to see how you play but also to hear your commentary. 

Game Review 

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse in the gaming world, then reviewing new games is right up your street. This can take the form of live stream gameplay or a sit-down video. Talk through the good and the bad aspects, and your opinion of the game. 

Tutorial Videos 

Make-up tutorials 

Help your viewers to recreate a makeup look. This can be an ‘out there’ makeup design or a day-to-day makeup hack. Make sure to mention which products you use, and other details that are key to achieving the look. 


Everybody loves an ingenious life hack. If you’ve got a time-saving trick, why not share it with the world? 


Walk your viewers through how to DIY just about anything. Make sure to explain what materials or supplies they’ll need, as well as exactly how to do it. 

Lifestyle videos 

Daily Routine Vlog 

Film yourself as you go about your normal routine. Creating a daily vlog is easy, as long as you remember to bring your camera and film throughout your day. 

House or Room Tour 

Film a tour of your home or a specific room. A particularly popular format is ‘house transformations’ where you show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ renovations. 

Haul video 

A haul video is where you show your viewers what you’ve bought from a specific shop or business. This often turns into a reaction video too, since you’ll inevitably share your initial thoughts with the camera. 

Outfit video 

If your channel is lifestyle and fashion-focussed, videos where you share your outfits are bound to be popular. You can either opt for a ‘what you wore in a week’ video or style yourself for specific (hypothetical) occasions - for example, ‘what I would wear on a first date’. 

Get Ready With Me Video 

Film yourself as you get yourself ready for the day or for a party. This will include your makeup and your outfit choice. 

Travel Video 

Share your adventures, whether they’re near or far. This can include sharing your journey, tourist destinations, and recommendations. You can either opt for a vlog format video that follows you on your travels, or for more of a ‘listicle highlight reel’ that showcases your best recommendations and moments from your trip. 

Fitness YouTube Video Ideas 

Yoga Video 

If you’re a qualified yoga teacher, why not teach a yoga flow or session via YouTube. You can pitch your yoga flows at different levels, as well as different search intents. For example, try publishing a beginner’s yoga flow or a morning yoga flow. 

Workout Video 

You can share workout videos in any form you like. Whether you’re a pilates, weights, boxing, HIIT, or martial arts teacher, you can share your expertise with the world via YouTube. 

Food YouTube Video Ideas 

Cooking & Recipe videos 

Film yourself cooking and share your recipes along the way. You’ll need to outline the necessary ingredients, as well as the steps and techniques needed to cook the final dish.

What I eat in a day 

Another popular food YouTube video format is ‘what I eat in a day’. These videos simply showcase the meals and snacks you eat throughout the day. These can be a great way to share your own cuisine or diet with the world. 

Reaction & Review YouTube Videos 

Product Review Videos 

If you’ve recently bought a new product, or are ahead of the curve, why not film a comprehensive review video. People who are weighing up whether or not to make the purchase will value your insight. 

Movie Review/Reaction Videos 

If you’re a film fanatic, a movie reaction or review video is a great YouTube idea for you. You can really make these your own: try talking through the highlights and the low moments, as well as what they did well, what they didn’t, and what you honestly thought. 

Reaction Videos 

Reaction videos are an incredibly popular format for YouTube videos. You can pretty much react to whatever you like. You can also gather other people to react to something you put in front of them. 

List videos 

If you’re a connoisseur of certain products or just really like shopping, you could try filming a recommendations list. For example, a Christmas gift buying guide. 

Current Affairs YouTube Videos 

News Bulletin 

Give your viewers a rundown of what’s happening in the world right now. 

Current Affairs Explainer / Opinion Video 

Share your hot take on a certain issue or give a quick explainer from your perspective on current affairs. 

Business YouTube Video Ideas

Company & Team Introduction 

If your YouTube channel is primarily for professional purposes, give your community a more intimate introduction to your company. This could include introducing your company values or culture, or even a team introduction. 

Product or Service Walkthrough 

If you’re selling a product or service, walking your customers through how to use it is a great way to offer value-rich content. 

Other YouTube Video Ideas 

ASMR videos 

This genre of videos is extremely popular. There are multiple types of ASMR, so identify your niche and go with it. 

For an ASMR video, you’ll need a good mic. Use our guide to find the best one for your setup. 

Talk show & Interview 

Invite a guest to your channel and interview them. This will work particularly well if your guest participant is a big name or personality in your particular niche. Alternatively, invite a friend or colleague onto your show to co-host that week’s episode. 

Magic Tricks  

If you know how to perform magic tricks, why not take that to YouTube. Either fool your viewers with a bit of magic or share the fun by teaching them how to perform your tricks. 

Educational Videos  

You can make educational videos about all themes and topics. There are videos out there covering everything from Spanish Verbs to the American Civil War. Take your pick. 

Opinion Videos 

Your YouTube channel is your personal platform to share what you like. If you want to share your opinion on a certain topic, you can! 

Explainer Video 

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like. Explain anything and everything. These work best if you offer particular insight, or if you’re really diving deep into a topic. 

Unboxing video 

FIlm yourself unboxing a new product. These videos normally include footage of you opening the packaging, your first reaction, as well as your first time using the item in question. This format is particularly popular in the tech space. 

Want more inspiration? Watch the video below that covers over 50 YouTube ideas, plus some tips to grow!

Filming Top-Quality YouTube Videos With Riverside

Now that you’ve got an idea, it’s time to put it into motion. For this we suggest using high-quality recording software like Riverside. Our recordings don’t depend on your internet connection, so whether you’re recording an interview at home, or you’re out on the streets, with Riverisde you can capture up to 4K video resolution!

With Riverside, you can:

  • Record studio-quality content up to 4K video and 48kHz audio resolution
  • Download separate video and audio track recordings for all participants
  • Capture videos with up to 8 remote participants at a time
  • Create YouTube Shorts effortlessly with a few simple clicks
  • Stream live to YouTube with live call-ins from your audience
  • Add sound and visual effects live with the Media Board
  • Invite a producer to assist you behind the scenes without worrying about accidentally capturing them in the final recording
  • Record and edit seamlessly on one platform with our text-based editor where you can easily remove unwanted sections, customize your video and fine-tune audio.

To experience all this and more, start creating YouTube videos with Riverside!

FAQs about YouTube Videos

What type of YouTube videos should I make in 2024?

The choice is yours. There’s no right answer, and the beauty of YouTube is that you really can make whatever kind of video you want. Why not try giving one of our suggestions above a try for your first YouTube video? 

And to make your life even easier, why not follow our step-by-step guide to making a YouTube video with Riverside! 

What YouTube videos are trending 2024?

Here are a few YouTube trends at the moment:

  • YouTube Shorts: With the rise of TikTok and Instagram reels it's no wonder YouTube is also ahead with this trend. Short-form content is to the point and hooks viewers with quick, yet valuable bite-sized content. Luckily with a platform like Riverside, you can create short-shareable content seamlessly! Learn more, or create a short to see for yourself how easy it is!
  • YouTube podcasts: Recently, YouTube created a page dedicated to podcasts and they're now bringing podcasts to their YouTube Music app. This appears to be a focus for them and it's no wonder why as the video podcast industry is booming!
  • Ai videos: If you haven't heard of chat gpt, or all the other artificial intelligence talk at the moment, you're living under a rock. Over the coming years it's likely that more creators will incorporate these tools into their workflow.

How to come up with Youtube video ideas that will go viral 

Unfortunately, there’s no set formula for creating a viral YouTube video, in fact, it’s often a combination of good timing and good luck. Here are a few good strategies to follow to give your video the best chance: 

  • Make a unique video that targets a specific audience 
  • Maximize the production quality of your video 
  • Ensure to follow good video SEO practices
  • Promote your video across all major social media channels 

What is the best topic to start a YouTube channel?

As we said above, there is no single ‘best’ topic for your first YouTube video. You can choose to start with an explicitly introductory video or dive straight in with what will become your regular content.

That being said, if your channel is topical and all about current affairs or the latest releases - tap into the most up-to-date themes. 

How do I make a YouTube video? 

Making a whole YouTube video can sound like a big undertaking. Luckily with, filming a YouTube video is as easy as it should be. 

How do I come up with YouTube Video Ideas? 

As we said earlier in this article, though there are a few techniques you can follow to come up with YouTube video ideas, inspiration can really strike at any time. After all, YouTube is a creative outlet. 

First and foremost, ensure to listen to your viewers and subscribers. If they’re asking to see a certain type of video, you should listen to them. Look at your most successful videos to see which formats are most effective. And take a look at similar creators to see what they’re posting. These are all extremely effective ways to come up with new video ideas. 

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