Automatically Transcribe Video to Text With


Automatically Transcribe Video to Text With

Do you want an easy way to expand the reach of your video content and gain a larger audience? Any podcaster can use transcriptions to improve their show’s reach through increased accessibility and SEO ranking. Transcription software will automatically transcribe video to text and save you hours doing it manually. 

We'll explain the importance of transcriptions in the podcast world, how you can leverage them to increase your content’s visibility online, and how to use software to transcribe video to text in seconds

What Is Video Transcription?

Video transcription is the process of converting the audio of your video into text format. This process is either completed by a human transcriptionist or software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe video to text. 

Why is Video to Text Transcription Important?

Video transcripts help compete with other podcasts in your niche by increasing your accessibility. Creators who utilize video transcriptions to beef up their content appear more in search results. Their content also becomes available to a larger audience, for example, the hearing impaired, non-native speakers, or people who just prefer to read.


You may not have considered it, but using video to text transcription can open your content up to new listeners! Make your podcast more accessible to the following groups of people by transcribing your videos: 

Non-native English speakers can use transcriptions if they have a hard time understanding anything spoken. The written text provides an opportunity to look up anything that’s confusing to gain a better sense of understanding. 

The hearing impaired can follow your podcast by reading the text version of your podcast.  

Transcripts Improve the User Experience

A listener has many more opportunities to interact with your content when you use transcripts. People who want to do more research on a topic you discuss can use a transcript to click on helpful links you provide (more on backlinks and SEO later) or easily copy and paste the name of a person or place for a Google search. 

If a listener wants to quickly refer to a portion of your podcast, they can use your transcript to search for the content they’re looking for. This way, they don’t have to listen to the entire podcast episode to find the part they’re interested in. 

How Video and Podcasts Transcripts Are Crucial

You will shave hours off of the time you spend creating content if you utilize a program that can automatically transcribe audio and video files. As they say, “time is money” so you’ll have that extra time to focus on other things, like promoting your podcast.

Transcripts Can Be Used as Blogs and Articles

Take full advantage of your transcriptions! You can recycle content from your podcast to create blog posts and other informative articles for your website. 

Instead of retyping dialogue from your show or creating entirely new content, use transcriptions to easily cut and paste snippets from your recorded content. Arrange these snippets in different ways to create new content that will keep your listeners engaged and improve your SEO rankings. 

You Can Search for Quotes Easily

You can easily find quotes from your podcast when you have the text available for a quick search. Use a transcript to locate information from your podcast episode without having to listen through it multiple times. You can save time and accurately record quotes from you and your guest referencing a transcription. 

Transcripts Are Good For SEO

Search engines will rank your content higher in search results when you include a transcription of your podcast. These days, SEO is king and your podcast content must be optimized for search engines so potential listeners can easily find you online. 

Transcripts Help Attract Search Engines With Relevant Keywords

Search engines like Google can’t pick up keywords from a video file while crawling the internet. By providing search engines with a transcript of your video, you increase your chances of showing at the top of search results for keywords that are relevant to your content. 

Transcription Creates Link Building Opportunities

A transcript provides the ability to place links in text that will help your ranking on search engines, known as backlinking. If you only provide your video and no text for your podcast, you’re missing an opportunity to improve your SEO. 

Benefits Of Automated Video to Text Transcription

Why do something manually when the tech does it for you? You will save time and money using a program designed to transcribe video to text automatically.

Transcripts Take Time

Transcribing a podcast episode manually can take hours, especially if you’re not a transcription professional. Don’t believe it? Try transcribing fifteen minutes of your favorite podcast. Pay attention to how many times you have to pause and replay the audio to accurately record what’s said. 

You can do in minutes what it would normally take you hours to complete using a program that will automatically transcribe audio. Use your time to research and record new content for your podcast instead of using it to manually type out a transcription. 

Transcripts Cost Money

If you don’t have the time to transcribe video to text yourself, you’ll have to hire someone to do it for you. Transcription can eat up a large portion of your budget, especially if you’re consistently releasing new content. 

Be wary of any transcription services that advertise extremely low hourly rates. These transcriptionists will often use voice-recognition software to transcribe audio. 

How Do I Automatically Transcribe Audio to Text?

Quality transcription software stands out as the best way to automatically transcribe video to text. Some software will automatically transcribe audio to text for free, but AI technology still doesn’t quite make the mark. Any software that offers transcription services for free will produce a transcript you’ll have to spend time editing anyway. We suggest seeking out podcast recording and editing software that includes features you can use to automatically transcribe video to text quickly and accurately. Transcribes Your Podcasts and Video Recordings Into Plain English recently underwent a highly anticipated makeover with upgraded features requested from the platform’s users. You don’t have to commit your time to record every word spoken by you and your podcast guests. With Riverside 2.0, you can transcribe video to text in seconds using its new automated transcription feature. Use Riverside 2.0’s new transcription capabilities to transcribe podcast to text with just a few clicks! 

Is There an App That Can Transcribe Video to Text?

You can find many transcription apps on the market, but ultimately you want one that can produce quality transcriptions. We recommended investing the money in software that will provide high-quality transcriptions you don’t have to spend time editing. Any app that will automatically transcribe video to text free probably isn't worth the frustration. You’ll spend hours editing any transcription that’s created using one of these apps. 

Introducing’s Transcription Feature!

Riverside 2.0 lets you quickly transcribe video to text using advanced automation! Riverside’s remote recording software produces accurate transcriptions you can start using right away without having to double-check for accuracy. Automatic transcription is just one of the many features of the new platform that will save you time by streamlining your podcast process. 

How to Optimize your Audio Transcription Accuracy

Software designed to automatically transcribe video to text will perform better and be more accurate with top-quality audio. Take a couple of extra steps before and during recording to ensure audio that can easily be transcribed automatically. 

Pay close attention to where you record and how you use your recording equipment to optimize your audio.

Use Your Mic Correctly 

Do you understand how your microphone works? Having the right mic and using it correctly will make it easier for an AI program to create an accurate transcription automatically. 

Choose the Right Podcast Microphone

Consider these factors to ensure you get the best mic your unique recording needs when choosing a podcast microphone

Polar patterns indicate how sensitive a microphone receives sound from any given direction. A cardioid mic is more sensitive to sound directly in front of it and won’t pick up any unwanted sounds coming from behind. You have less control with an omnidirectional mic, which will record sound coming from any direction. 

Good mic technique will go a long way to improve the quality of your recording and transcription. Know your mic’s polar pattern and be sure your mic levels are set correctly before recording. Pay attention to how close you are to the mic, the angle of the mic, and the level of your voice to get a recording you can easily use to transcribe audio to text automatically. 

Minimize Background Noise while Recording

To optimize your audio for software that will transcribe audio to text automatically, record in a quiet environment. This will reduce the chances of unwanted background noise in your recording. Take the following steps to create a podcast studio at home where you can record without interference: 

  • Choose a recording space that has carpeting and upholstered furniture that can absorb sound.
  • Don't record in a room with a lot of windows or walls that connect to another home.   ​
  • Use sound treatment devices like bass traps, acoustic foam tiles, and diffusers to decrease reverb. 

Want to expand your audience? Transcripts will boost your podcast’s SEO ranking and make your show more accessible to those who prefer to read. Transcribing manually could take you hours per episode. Save time by transcribing your podcast with automatic transcription software from 2.0. 

Video transcription to text FAQ:

Do you still have questions about how to transcribe video to text? Our FAQ section has more information on text transcription and software to automatically transcribe video to text. 

What Equipment is Required For Transcription?

There is no equipment required to complete transcription, but you can use some pieces of equipment to make transcription faster and easier:

You can hear your podcast audio more clearly with noise-canceling headphones. Invest in a pair that’s comfortable if you plan on manually transcribing audio yourself. 

Transcription software is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing their podcast to create a transcription. Transcription software can transcribe in minutes what might take the average person-hours. 

How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

It takes the average person about an hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clear audio. This means that it would take the average person about four hours to transcribe one hour of audio. Professional transcriptionists can transcribe an hour of audio in 2-3 hours. 

How Long Does A Podcast Take To Transcribe?

The length of a podcast episode and the clarity of the recording will determine how long it takes to transcribe a podcast episode. Since it takes the average person about an hour to transcribe podcast audio to text, a podcast that is half an hour long would take two hours to transcribe. A podcast that is an hour-long would take about four hours to transcribe.

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