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Top 9 Best Video Hosting Sites for 2024 (Free & Paid)

All the best paid and free video hosting sites for 2024. Learn everything you need to choose the best video hosting service for your online videos!
Stephen Robles
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June 13, 2022
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Are you looking for the best video hosting site for your online content? There are numerous free and paid hosting sites any creator can use to get their videos out to the masses. Video hosting sites make it easy to store and distribute video content and provide opportunities for monetization. We’ll explain what video hosting is, highlight features to look out for when considering which hosting site to use, and give our top picks for the best free and paid hosting platforms. 

What is Video Hosting?

You’re probably familiar with popular video sharing and hosting sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo. Content creators who make videos need a way for audiences to access their content. Video hosting services provide individuals and businesses storage space where they can upload videos for online distribution. Hosting services allow you to share videos with links or embed codes, or viewers can watch them directly on the platform. 

Why Do You Need Video Hosting?

Video hosting is essential for getting your content in front of the most people possible and keeping your content safe. Some of the top reasons to use video hosting for your content include: 

Content Security and Privacy: Video hosting platforms keep your content safe from piracy. They include safety features that allow you to keep your content protected with passwords, firewalls, and advanced encryption. 

Improved Viewer Experience: Video platforms are optimized for hosting and sharing large video files. Viewers will be able to stream content at the appropriate bandwidth which will lead to a smooth viewing experience with no buffering. 

Better SEO: Video hosting platforms will automatically optimize your content for all devices so that it loads quickly for viewers. This will improve its chances of ranking higher on search engines as it creates a smoother experience for viewers, leading to better technical SEO

Video Analytics: Many hosting services provide analytics so you can see how your content performs. This information will allow you to create better videos and appeal to a larger audience. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Video Hosting Service

Choosing the right video hosting service will have a huge impact on the success of your online content. You have to make sure any hosting service you choose makes it easy for you to share your content with the largest audience possible at the highest quality possible. Other features like analytics and monetization opportunities will allow you to improve your content and create revenue. We’ll explain the features you should consider when choosing a hosting platform and why they’re important.   

Video Streaming Quality

One of the first things you’ll want to check out is the streaming quality of the video hosting service you’re considering. Video quality has a huge impact on viewership as well as gaining and maintaining a following and high-quality videos make your content stand out. Viewers won’t waste time on content that’s poor quality or takes too long to load. Search for video hosting platforms that support streaming in resolutions of 1080p and higher.    

Responsive Video Player 

Having a responsive video player is essential because people access video content from different types of devices. Responsive video players resize your content to fit the width of the screen it's being viewed on while maintaining the video’s original aspect ratio so there’s no distortion. This is especially important when content is viewed on a mobile device. Make sure the hosting site you choose uses a responsive player that gives viewers the best experience for the device they’re using.

Video and Video Player Customization 

Investigate how much control the video hosting site you’re considering gives you over your video content and video player. Some hosting platforms also provide editing tools for your content. Be sure to check that you can upload and download your content in different video formats. 

A customizable player is important if you’re concerned with branding. Check to see if you’re able to adjust the appearance of your video player and what’s displayed to your viewers. Many players allow you to select your video thumbnail and how your video begins and ends. You can also customize the control options to grant viewers control over things like volume, screen size, video quality, playback speed, and more.

Intuitive Content Management System

Choose a hosting service that includes a content management system where you can easily upload, edit, and organize videos. Try to find a platform that uses a reliable video backup system and offers cloud storage to ensure you never lose any of your content. Be sure you have complete control over your content and that there aren’t waiting periods for content approval and that there’s little to no third-party control over the content you upload. 

Total File Storage  

Have a clear idea of the amount of storage space you’ll need to host your video content. If you’re a content creator who puts out a new video weekly, be sure the site you choose for video hosting provides the required storage capacity. Many hosting platforms have daily, weekly, or monthly upload limits while others offer unlimited video hosting. Some platforms also have limits on the video length for each file you upload. Check the specifications of the hosting site and any paid hosting plan to ensure your needs line up with the service you’re signing up for.

Easy Embed Codes

Select a hosting site that makes it as easy as possible to share your videos on social media and across the internet. Embed codes are snippets of code that allow you to place video on your website, apps, and even in emails. HTML5 embed codes are gaining popularity and replacing older streaming methods like Flash and QuickTime because they work with most newer devices. 

Check to see the type of embed codes a hosting site provides for online video content.   

Video Rich Snippets

People are much more likely to engage with video content in their search results that include a preview. Video rich snippets are the tiny video previews that show up in Google results. They provide users with more information and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which leads to higher click through rates. Check to see how the hosting platforms you’re comparing handle SEO and whether or not they offer video rich snippets for your content. 

Advanced Video Analytics 

Video analytics are key for gaining insights that allow you to create engaging content to build a following and keep your audience coming back for more. Advanced analytics provide information on the behavior of your viewers that you can leverage to improve your videos. Get information on things like where viewers live, the type of devices they use to watch your content, how long they spend viewing a video, your top-performing videos, and more. 

Marketing and Monetization Opportunities 

Do you want to make money from your content? The best video hosting sites provide opportunities for you to profit from the content you create and upload. Some of the more common monetization models hosting platforms use include video subscriptions, video-on-demand services, and ad placements. Get an idea of which model will be the most lucrative for your content and then choose a site that offers the model you need.  

Also, take a look at the marketing tools video hosting solutions provide. Using SEO effectively is a great way to drive traffic to your videos and increase engagement. In addition to SEO services, some hosting platforms sync easily with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Constant contact to make it easy for you to get your content in front of as many people as possible.

Best 5 Video Hosting Free Sites

There are many great hosting sites where you can create a free account to upload your video content. Below, we’ll highlight some of the key features of the top five best free video hosting sites.

1. YouTube

YouTube allows you to stream and upload videos for free and then make money from your content using ads, premium features, channel memberships, and more. YouTube Studio is the platform’s content management system that allows you to easily manage and customize your content once you upload it. YouTube has a built-in audience of millions of users all over the world, so it’s easy to create and nurture a strong following. 


  • Large user base across the world (over 2 billion active users)
  • Great monetization options 
  • Google prioritizes videos in search results 


  • Copyright infringement issues
  • Few options for embedding
  • Too many ads in videos 

Key Features

  • Automatic open and closed captioning 
  • Unlimited bandwidth and video sustainability
  • Upload videos as WMV, AVI, MOV, and MPG files
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2. Twitch

This platform was created for gamers to stream gaming sessions and has evolved into a video hosting site with many monetization opportunities. Twitch provides numerous tools for creators to stream and interact live with their viewers. Since the site was originally created for gamers, it’s the best place for creators in this niche to build a following and establish a name for themselves. 


  • Apps for desktop, mobile, and set-top box
  • User-friendly for users and viewers 
  • Amazon Prime membership includes Twitch Prime


  • Some intrusive ads 
  • Platform takes a cut of revenue
  • Platform claims content rights

Key Features

  • Desktop and mobile broadcasting software included 
  • Monetization opportunities through ad revenue and sponsorships
  • Sync with Discord to interact with streamers and communities 

3. Facebook

Facebook is known for sharing personal content and interacting with family and friends, but it’s also a powerful video hosting site. Though it doesn’t have any monetization opportunities or SEO features for video content, it’s a great free hosting option for creators looking for a place to start. The platform doesn’t place any limitations on the frequency of uploads, the number of videos it will host, or the file size of videos you can upload.  


  • Supports video uploads and live stream
  • Free, unlimited video hosting
  • Platform has billions of users worldwide 


  • Videos don’t appear as results in search engines
  • No monetization opportunities
  • Platform’s compression features lower video quality

Key Features:

  • Share videos on profiles, group pages, and in events 
  • Upload videos in multiple aspect ratios 
  • Have live streams appear directly in follower feeds 

4. Dailymotion

This platform is great for businesses and creators in the news, sports, entertainment, and music industries. Dailymotion lets you upload unlimited videos for free without any bandwidth limits. The platform features a partnership program that provides users with monetization opportunities. Since the service is free, Dailymotion places ads at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of your video. Unfortunately, you don’t have control over the type of ads that play.  


  • Supports adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Supports high-quality video uploads 
  • No bandwidth limits for content


  • Video length limit of 60 minutes
  • Does not provide detailed video analytics
  • Some users experience buffering issues 

Key Features:

  • Full compatibility across all devices 
  • Customizable video player 
  • Unlimited live streams and unlimited stream viewers 

5. is a free, all-in-one platform that offers live streaming as well as video recording, editing, and hosting. Creators can customize their content with a large stock library that includes stock video, images, and royalty-free music. The site provides a fully customizable video player and allows you to record and upload an unlimited number of videos.   


  • Includes video marketing tools
  • Free stock library with images and audio clips
  • Unlimited video storage


  • Some features aren’t intuitive
  • No audio auto-sync features
  • Free version includes watermarks 

Key Features:

  • Auto-generated video landing pages
  • Auto-resizing for more than 30 video formats
  • Built-in audio and video editing tools 

Best 4 Paid Video Hosting Sites

Individuals and businesses looking for advanced analytics and more video editing and customization should consider a paid video hosting site. Many paid sites include a free plan you can start with to try the platform before committing to a monthly payment. We’ll provide picks for our four top paid hosting sites and the pricing for each. 

1. Vimeo

Image source: Vimeo

Vimeo is a hosting platform geared toward businesses and creatives. The platform has a reputation for hosting higher quality content and providing a better experience than YouTube for viewers and users. You can try the basic plan for free before signing up for a paid plan that provides video player customization, lead gen tools, private video, and Google Analytics integration. 


  • Detailed video analytics
  • Supports HD quality content uploads
  • Customizable video templates  


  • Upload caps for free video plan
  • Smaller user base than other platforms 
  • Videos rank lower than YouTube videos in search engine results

Key Features: 

  • Ability to embed ad-free videos on any website
  • Upload videos from Adobe, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Enhanced privacy controls for videos 

Pricing: Plus Plan: $7/mo, Pro Plan: $20/mo, Business Plan: $50/mo, Premium Plan: $75/mo

2. Streamable

This platform is easy-to-use and includes video editing and hosting in one place. The paid Pro and Business plans remove ads from your videos to give viewers a better experience. We recommend signing up for a free trial before paying for a subscription because some more advanced creators find the platform too simple for their needs.  


  • Supports 4K video at 60fps
  • Video embedding supported
  • No uploading restrictions for paid plans


  • Upload limits for free accounts
  • Smaller user base 
  • No advanced video analytics included

Key Features: 

  • Includes basic editing features like crop, trim, and rotate
  • One-click resizing for square, landscape, and vertical aspect ratios 
  • Video compression tools

Pricing: Professional Plan: $7.99/mo, Business Plan: $199/mo

3. SproutVideo

SproutVideo includes a customizable player that’s easy to embed on any website and can be set up to include social sharing buttons and lead capture forms. The standout feature of SproutVideo is its in-depth analytics and reporting dashboard. The system makes it easy to segment and track viewer behavior that can improve your video creation strategy. 


  • Videos are easy to embed on external websites
  • Easy-to-use video tagging features
  • A variety of monthly pricing plans


  • No opportunities for monetization
  • Doesn’t support large video uploads 
  • Plans can be pricey 

Key Features: 

  • Supports video resolution up to 8K
  • Extensive security features and privacy options
  • Video analytics and marketing tools included

Pricing: Seed Plan: $24.99/mo, Sprout Plan: $59.99/mo, Tree Plan: $199.99/mo, Forest Plan: $499.99/mo

4. Vidyard

Image source: Vidyard

Vidyard grants users unlimited uploads with no bandwidth caps on content and doesn’t include in-video ads. The platform is great for businesses because it provides a customizable player you can place branding on and has marketing features to help grow your audience or business. An analytics dashboard is also included for viewing video performance. 


  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Advanced video analytics 
  • Ad-free video hosting 


  • Streaming features aren’t supported in certain locations
  • Editing tools are not intuitive 
  • Limited video embeds 

Key Features: 

  • Includes lead generation tools
  • Fully customizable video player
  • Unlimited uploads with no bandwidth cap

Pricing: Pro Plan: $15/mo, Teams Plan: $300/mo, Business Plan: $1,250/mo

What is the Best Video Hosting Site?

The video platform that’s best for you will depend on the type of content you’re creating and your unique needs. Keep reading for our picks for the best sites for hosting videos for streamers, podcasters, and gamers. 

Best Video Hosting Platform for Streaming

With its huge international audience and opportunities for monetization, YouTube is the best hosting platform for streamers. Once you’ve completed a stream, YouTube will automatically create a video that’s added to your channel so viewers can watch it even if they missed your live event.YouTube also has live chat features streamers can use to interact with their viewers to enhance engagement.  

Best Video Hosting Platform for Podcasting

Vimeo is a great choice for podcasters to host their video content. The site supports HD video upload and provides detailed video analytics podcasters can use to improve their content. The platform allows you to upload content to the cloud so you can access and manage it from anywhere. This makes it super easy to organize, share, and manage all of your podcast episodes. 

Best Video Hosting Platform for Gamers 

Twitch is a platform where gamers go specifically for gaming-related content. It’s free to use and provides users with a wealth of opportunities to make money off of video content. The video platform syncs easily with other social sites to make it easy for gamers to build and cultivate a following. 

Free and Paid Video Hosting 

Make sure you understand the type of video hosting you need and the features that will best complement your content before choosing a hosting platform. There are many great free and paid hosting sites, but some are better suited for specific types of content. We recommend starting on a free platform like YouTube or Twitch or if you don’t yet have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a video hosting service. 

Video Hosting Site FAQs

Our video hosting site FAQ section has answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about video hosting and hosting platforms. Keep reading to learn more about video hosting services. 

What are video hosting sites?

Video hosting sites are platforms where you can upload a video file so it can be shared with others online. There are free and paid video hosting sites where anyone can add video content and gain an online following.

How much does hosting a video cost?

The cost of video hosting depends on the service you choose to use. There are plenty of free video hosting sites where you can upload content. If you’re looking for more advanced features and analytics, browse the sections in the article above for the best paid video hosting sites.

How can I host a video for free?

You can upload a video to a hosting site like YouTube or Facebook for free. 

Which is the best video hosting service?

The best video hosting site for you will depend on your budget, your needs, and the type of content you’re creating. Reference the above article to find more information on the best video hosting sites with paid and free plans.

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