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RSS.Com Review & Walkthrough: Easy, All-Round Podcast Host is an all-round podcast host for beginners and pros. Read our review to find out more on its unique features and what it offers.
Stephen Robles
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September 11, 2022
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Ortal Hadad calls itself the ‘number one way to start, grow and monetize a podcast. Since that’s a high bar to set, we’re here to find out if is really all that it says it is. The platform caters to a wide-ranging audience and offers its features for a very affordable price (just $8.25 per month), and also beats out a lot of its competition in terms of monetization. This thorough review and walkthrough takes you through everything you need to know about and all its key features, so you can see what all the hype is about. 


  • is a podcast host, management, and monetization tool 
  • It’s a great platform for beginner podcasters and pros alike 
  • costs $8.25 per month 
  • Two of its most unique features include its eco-friendly distribution and ability to accept bitcoin payments 

How we’re reviewing 

In order to review, we’ve assessed the platform using our seven key criteria that we think make up a strong podcast hosting platform. 


Any podcast will agree that choosing a podcast hosting platform is often a question of budget. We look at how a platform prices their product, how they divide their subscription tiers, and what value for money they offer by way of additional features. 


Nowadays, podcasts run on data insights and analytics. This is why it’s so important that your podcast host gives you a deep view into how your podcast is performing, who your audience is, and when and how they’re listening. We look for platforms that offer digestible data that’s easy to access and learn from. 

Media Player 

An embeddable media player isn’t for everyone, but for some podcasters, it’s key to sharing their content with a lot of their listeners. We look for podcast hosting platforms that offer their users a customizable media player that’s easy to use and personalize. 

File Hosting

Though not all podcasters look too much into the details, we’re sticklers for audio quality. That’s why we look for platforms that offer compatibility with lossless file formats that allow podcasters to preserve the high quality of their original audio recording. We also like when platforms support video podcasting alongside traditional audio content. 


Distribution is the very basic function of all podcast hosting services. That’s why we look for platforms that go above and beyond to ensure you can get your podcast published and listed in every directory that matters. 


We look at how a platform allows its users to monetize their podcast content. Ideally, we look for the ability to manage advertising, sponsorship, and subscriptions directly from a centralized dashboard. 

Useability and Additional Features

And last, but not least, we look at the fundamental useability of the podcast host. We ask whether there’s a learning curve involved in using the platform, whether it’s easy (and nice) to use, and whether there are any features that really stand out and make the platform totally worth using. Quick Takeaways is a fully-loaded podcast host, management, and monetization tool that offers users unlimited storage and uploads for a fraction of its competitors’ prices. It’ll tick the box for both beginners and pros alike. 

What is has been around since 2005, finally developing into the platform we know in 2020. Since 2020, the platform has been building out its feature offering and strengthening its service to really cater to what podcasters are looking for. With its already competitive price point, diverse monetization options, and sleek interface, we’re excited to see where the platform goes next. 

How much does cost? has three pricing plan and a free trial. The free trial allows users to experience the platform and explore its feature for free for their first feed and episode. 

Student & NGO - $4.99/month

  • Unlimited episodes
  • Unlimited audio
  • Cross-platform analytics
  • RSS feed for your podcast
  • Free website for your show
  • Custom embedded player
  • Episode scheduling
  • Auto submission
  • Automatic distribution
  • Social media sharing
  • Customer support

All-in-one podcasting  - $8.25/month 

Everything on the Student and NGO plan, except with:

  • 24/7 customer support 

Custom plans for podcast networks: 

  • Multiple podcasts
  • Dynamic ad insertion 
  • Custom analytics reports
  • Dedicated 24/7 support 

Advantages of 

Affordable Paid Plan’s main paid plan is super affordable at only $8.25 per month. Plus the value for money that you get with unlimited episodes and audio means that gives you a great bang for your buck. 

Unlimited Audio Storage & Episodes

Unlike some other competitors, offers its users unlimited storage and episodes, so you don’t need to contend with any restrictive upload limits. 

Automatic Distribution automatically distributes your podcast so you don’t have to. 


Sponsorship is a great way to monetize your podcast and makes it super easy by connecting you with brands interested in supporting your show. 

Podcast Website 

Every user gets a free podcast website that is loaded with SEO best practices, works across desktop and mobile, automatically has the media player embedded, and has a donation button to encourage your listeners to reward you for your content. 

Podcast analytics gives its users in-depth podcast analytics about their podcast’s performance, download trends, and audience demographics. 


Using’s partnerships feature, you can connect with sponsors that align with your brand. Additionally, if you fulfill’s criteria and have enough traffic on your show, you can qualify for dynamically inserted ads too. 

Migrate for 6 months free

If you migrate your podcast hosting to, you can enjoy 6 months with unlimited features for free. 

Transcription has a transcription feature that helps you to produce a transcript quickly and easily. 

Easy to use with modern UX/UI’s striking design will be super appealing to any podcasters who value their UX/UI and are looking for a platform that clearly puts a lot of thought into its interface’s design. This also means that it’s a very intuitive platform that requires no getting used to. 

Embeddable episode player offers its users a customizable embeddable media player which means they can share their podcast wherever they want. 

One-click social sharing 

You can maximize the buzz around your show and the exposure you get by enabling one-click promotion on your social accounts. This ensures all your listeners are up to date with your latest content. 

Environmentally friendly  

Rather uniquely, ensures its operations are environmentally friendly by supporting Podping on Hive which helps to distribute and publish your show to all the major apps and directories in the most carbon-neutral way possible. 


Doesn’t Support Video Podcasts doesn’t currently seem to support video podcasting, which may be a major letdown for podcasters who are looking to branch out into visual content. 

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File format 

Unfortunately, only supports files in mp3 format, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking to publish in lossless file format. Additionally, there is a 600MB maximum file size for uploads. 

Manual migration process

You can’t currently initiate the migration process from within the app. Instead, you need to open a support ticket with the customer service team who will then support you in the process. 

Key features of 

Add chapters, soundbites, and transcripts allows you to punctuate your content with chapters that help your listeners navigate through your audio. You can also produce a transcript of your audio to ensure your content is as accessible as it should be and adaptable to other purposes too. 

Finally, to maximize your impact on social media, you can create podcast soundbites with that give your followers a short preview of your content that they can share and interact with directly on your socials. 

Episode scheduling

Not only can you schedule your podcast for later publication at a time of your choice, but choose your timing according to what reports as the best times for audience engagement. is good for all kinds of podcasters

We have to say is a very strong contender within the podcast hosting world. Its affordable platform delivers great value for money with a sleek design and robust features. Plus, the fact that you get unlimited audio storage and episodes means that even the biggest and most prolific podcasters won’t be contending with restrictive allowances or additional unforeseen costs. Additionally, given the various ways that you can monetize with the platform, podcasters looking to diversify their revenue streams will be able to explore different options depending on their needs. 

First look at 

How to get started with 

Step 1: Once you’ve created and validated your account, you’re ready to add a new podcast. On the creation page of your podcast click ‘new podcast’

Step 2: Next, fill out all the relevant information including the title, description, language, and by editing your RSS feed address and website. You can also upload your cover art here. When you’ve done all of that, click  ‘next’

Adding a new podcast on

Step 3: On the next page, fill out your details as the author of the podcast. 

Adding in details on

Step 4: Then select which category you want your podcast to fall under. 

Adding in podcast details on hosting platform

Step 5:  Finally, you can click ‘let’s go!’ and your podcast will be created, ready for you to upload new episodes. 

New podcast show on

How to add a new episode to 

Step 1: From your podcast page in your dashboard, click on the ‘+ New Episode’ button. 

Adding an episode on

Step 2: Give your episode a title, fill out the description, and select what kind of episode it is (whether it’s a full episode, a teaser trailer, or bonus content)

Step 3: Next, add episode keywords if you want to, and then upload your audio file. 

Step 4: Then choose whether you want to publish the episode now or schedule it for a later date. You’ll be able to track the upload progress as it goes. 

How to migrate your podcast to 

As we mentioned earlier, importing your podcast to is still a totally manual process that requires the involvement of their customer experience team. In order to import it from an external host, you’ll need to open a support ticket and ask for their assistance. 

How to distribute your podcast with has an automatic submission feature that automatically publishes your podcast to all the major podcast directories. All you need to do is flip the ‘automatic submission’ switch on in the distribution section of your dashboard. 

Submitting a show to podcast directories with

You’ll also need to ensure you tick ‘accept’ on the Spotify and Amazon terms of Service. 

Submitting a podcast to Amazon and Spotify through

When you’ve done that, click continue, and then you’ll receive an update when your podcast has been automatically submitted. 

How to monetize with offers podcasters four ways to monetize their content: 

Sponsors has partnered and integrated with Podcorn ads marketplace to help their users match up with sponsors looking for host-read ads. 

All you need to do is browse Podcorn’s available sponsorships, pitch yourself to the brands that interest you, and set a rate that works for both parties. To start getting sponsors, all you need to do is activate the sponsorship, popcorn add-on. 


Podcasters can add a donation button or link to an external funding page to allow their listeners to contribute financially to support their show. 

Dynamic ads 

If you qualify and your show has enough traffic, you can also use’s dynamic ad insertion technology to automatically include ads before, during, and after your podcast plays. 

Value 4 Value

The most unique monetization method that offers is the ability to accept bitcoin payments through their partnership with Alby. Alby allows users to receive Value 4 Value payments which are also referred to as ‘boostagrams’. Podcast Analytics offers its users ‘cross-platform analytics’, giving you information about: 

  • Overall downloads and trends
  • Downloads (today, yesterday, this month, etc)
  • Top episodes and downloads 
  • Number of followers
  • Location of listeners 
  • Types of devices and applications 
  • Locations with highest number of downloads
  • Geographic information about listeners' locations analytics

Alternatives to 

In order to fully understand’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s important to look at it in comparison to other podcast hosting platforms: vs Whooshkaa

Though they’re both podcast hosting services, and Whooshkaa are actually very different. Whooshkaa’s target audience is radio broadcasters and network-style podcasters. Meanwhile, caters to a far wider audience that comprises both beginners and pros. 

Since Whooshkaa doesn’t advertise its pricing online, it’s impossible to compare Whooshkaa and in terms of budget. However, is likely to win on the affordability plane given the difference in target demographic. vs Soundcloud 

Soundcloud is a solid choice of a podcast host if you’re a beginner or hobbyist. Its weakness in comparison to stems from the fact that it’s not specifically designed for podcasters, meaning its features and interface won’t directly complement the podcasting process. Meanwhile, is totally geared towards accommodating and supporting podcasters’ every need. vs Ausha 

Ausha and are very comparable services, meaning it’s quite hard to choose between them. Both platforms offer users unlimited hosting, easy distribution, social sharing tools, and varied monetization methods. In addition, their pricing is pretty much equal, although Ausha does price itself ever so slightly more expensively.  

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Final Thoughts

For a podcast host that is so affordable, definitely ticks all the boxes. With unlimited episodes and storage, offers unique value for money as well as a far more varied monetization suite than some other competitors. With comprehensive analytics, social sharing features, and a unique environmentally friendly approach, you probably can’t go too far wrong by choosing as your podcast host. 


What does do? hosts your podcast and helps you to manage its performance, distribution, and monetization directly from a browser-based dashboard. The best bit? You can use it for only $8.25 per month! 

Is free? 

No, costs $8.25 per month, but you can try the platform for free. 

Is a good podcast host? 

As we’ve seen, we would highly recommend as a podcast host. When looking at the competition, definitely emerges as a top competitor because of its affordable price point combined with a strong and full range of features. 

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