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Podcast Websites: 25+ Best Examples and Ideas in 2024

Creating a podcast website is a great way to attract new podcast listeners. Here are some of the best podcast websites in 2024 to offer some inspiration!
Ortal Hadad
Content Specialist & Blog Editor
Last Updated:
March 5, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Does your show need a dedicated podcast website?

We’ll be honest. It’s not a requirement, but it sure is a great marketing tool to grow your audience! With the right SEO tactics, you can certainly attract new listeners you wouldn’t have gained through a directory. A website is also a great place to share additional content or even sell your own merchandise. It’s all about creating a brand around your podcast. 

Luckily, you don’t need to be a web genius to get started!

This guide walks you through the steps to create your own podcast website, plus we’ll show you some effective tools to try! To get ideas flowing, we’ve also included over 25 of the best podcast websites to learn from!

Why do I need a podcast website?

Before you set up a podcast website, it's important to understand why setting up a website is so important to your podcast's growth and success.

A customizable podcast website offers you a chance to build your podcast's online presence and utilize your marketing skills. By setting up a website, you can integrate all important links and information to help listeners access your latest podcast episodes.

Using your podcast website, you'll be able to communicate directly with your audience and capture search engine traffic, thanks to SEO. Your website can serve as a home for your podcast episodes, as well as any information updates that may affect your programming or business model.

Some podcasters also use websites as a chance to develop a stronger sense of community. On your website, you can provide your fans with additional content, explore new options for podcast monetization, and give users an easy way to contact you about your podcast.

Podcast hosting sites vs podcast websites

Podcast hosting sites and podcast websites both offer their own unique benefits. Although they can easily be confused, the two are a little different. 

Essentially, podcast hosting sites or services are platforms where you can upload and store your podcast episodes. They often offer tools to easily publish and share your podcast to podcast distributors or listening platforms. Some also have integrated services for creating customizable websites for your podcast. 

On the other hand, a podcast website is a web page or site that markets your podcast. Sometimes it’ll include a media player so viewers can listen or watch your podcast and it’ll often include information about the podcast. It’s a great way to create a brand around your podcast and push more viewers to your show. While it’s not impossible to host podcast episodes on a website, this might not always be ideal in terms of storage space which is where there is a need for a podcast hosting service

Why use a podcast hosting site?

Podcast hosting sites allow users to upload audio or video files, which are stored within the hosting site. When listeners want to tune in to your latest episode, they can access content from your website or a podcast directory, but they'll be streaming from the hosting site.

There are a few benefits to using a podcast hosting site. These sites often allow you to list your episodes in multiple podcast directories, saving time and improving reach. Using multi-platform publishing options, you can access broad audiences across a range of platforms and access data insights.

Podcast hosting sites also allow you to monetize content easily. This is because many hosting sites have major brand partners, facilitating advertising placements and brand networking. This gives you plenty of opportunities to scale your podcasting career!

Popular podcast hosting sites include Buzzsprout, Podbean, Transistor, and Simplecast.

Why also create a podcast website?

While a podcast hosting platform is for storing and distributing, it’s still worth thinking about making a podcast website as well. This helps with searchability and marketing among other things.

Using a podcast website, you can begin to enhance your branding, building a strong and memorable reputation for yourself and your podcast. A website allows you to give your podcast and any related content one consistent home.

Websites provide unique opportunities for SEO and search traffic generation, helping you build your podcast audience organically. Using a podcast website, you can maintain full control over your content and its management.

A website can also help you expand your monetization options by connecting your podcast to other features, like paid content, blog content, or podcast merchandise. With your own website, you can decide on the direction of your career.

There are a range of website options to help you create your own podcast website, so it's easy to find a system that is a good match for you and your podcast.

How to make a podcast website

If you've decided to make a podcast website, there are a few ways you can get started. The steps to creating a podcast will differ depending on the platform you’re using. 

In general, you’ll need to choose a web host, design your website and upload relevant content. Besides your actual podcast, you could include content such as blog posts, a shopping page for podcast merchandise or even a section for press. While you can hire a website designer to help you, there’s also a lot of tools you can try that are more accessible for those who are less familiar with website creation.

Podcast website tools to try

If you're ready to set up your podcast website, you can try a range of website builder tools and systems! The most popular choices are Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress, but you can also try lesser-known options like and Podcastpage. Alternatively, if you have some web design skills, try a custom build!

Remember to think carefully about your website needs before you make your decision. Choosing the right host can help you plan for a successful podcasting career.

To help you out we’ve gone into more detail on some podcast website tools to try.


If you class yourself as a web design beginner, Wix may be the best starting point for your podcast website. This website builder makes it easy to drag and drop features, navigating design like a pro.

Wix offers a range of great features, allowing you to customize your website and include all the details you need. If you need some guidance, use a template. Alternatively, take a chance, and go it alone with a blank Wix canvas.

The Wix builder offers several podcast tools. One of the most useful is the Wix Podcast Player, available from the Wix app market. This app integrates your podcast's RSS feed from directories with the Wix platform. Simple!


If your tech skills fall somewhere in the middle of the range, Squarespace might be the perfect website builder for you! This system features an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to customize your site and maintain clear brand consistency.

Like Wix, Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website builder. It offers great tools for podcasts, which can be hosted and managed directly in the Squarespace platform. This means you can combine website and podcast hosting all in one place!

Using Squarespace, you can also submit your podcast episodes to other streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify. This makes it easy to capitalize on all your audience-building opportunities.


For the most tech-savvy users, WordPress is a great choice. While backend setup, including domain and hosting purchase, of a WordPress site can be a challenge at first, most of the builder's features are relatively straightforward once you know how to use them.

Using WordPress, you can publish a new blog post for every podcast episode you create. Here, you'll be able to embed content from hosting sites, add podcast cover artwork, create detailed metadata, and publish podcast episode transcriptions.

On WordPress, you can also run a successful blog and include an email list signup to build your audience and maintain an active and engaged comment section. Plus, you'll be able to access podcast-specific WordPress plugins!

Want to learn more on what tools are great for creating a podcast website? Watch this video:

25 best podcast websites examples in 2024

Looking for inspiration from some of the best podcast websites on the internet? Here are 25 of the best podcast websites and what you can learn from them.

1. The Friday Habit

The Friday Habit podcast website

Website builder:  Squarespace

Why we like this website: 

The Friday Habit’s website is bright and cohesive! The branding is the central focus of the site, making it easy to recognize which podcast the website represents. Plus, an easy-to-spot navigation menu and CTA directs site visitors straight to podcast content!

2. Zero to Exit

Zero to Exit podcast website

Website builder:

Why we like this website:

This site features an effective clutter-free design, making it easy to see what the site is all about. Zero to Exit’s branding here is well communicated, and the site features sticky audio so that users can listen and scroll at the same time. The navigational listening platform icons also make it easy to choose exactly where you want to listen to the podcast.

3. The NewsWorthy

NewsWorthy podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

NewsWorthy’s site is all about the details! Calls to action are used consistently throughout, so visitors always know what steps to take next. The podcast is the website's main focus, but it's also easy to access other related non-podcast information.

4. Teddi Tea Pod

Teddi Tea Pod podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

This podcast website has celebrity status at heart! Teddi Tea Pod’s website highlights the host’s credentials for talking about entertainment, while integrating podcast content effectively with other business details and information.

5. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

This site is bright, clever, and intuitive! It features a great range of design integrations, along with user-friendly navigation and captivating visual content. Memorable graphic elements help site visitors associate the website directly with its purpose. Twenty Thousand Hertz’s site also makes it easy for visitors to subscribe as returning podcast listeners.

6. The WPMRR Podcast

WPMRR podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

The WPMRR website is designed by the WordPress experts! It features clear, cohesive branding, easy navigation. This site uses a range of well-chosen widgets that allow for effective podcast content integration across multiple platforms. There are so many ways to listen!

7. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

The Gabby Bernstein website is the leader of creator as brand! The website makes Gabby the center of its content, which helps site visitors associate the voice with the content. The website directs users to podcast content and other information and resources using minimalist navigation tools.

8. Congratulations

Congratulations Podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

The Congratulations site makes podcast content its key priority. The site integrates with a media player to display recent episodes on the home page, showing the power of multi-channel podcast publishing.

9. Laura Dawn

Laura Dawn

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

Laura Dawn’s website allows users to browse and listen at the same time! A podcast player tool is tethered to the bottom of the screen with easy-to-use playback tools. This means that site visitors can listen to new podcast episodes while discovering other site content, all without having to leave the website.

10. Song Exploder

Song Exploder podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

This site is true to the podcast format, making podcast episodes the key feature of its homepage while also paying close attention to the power of social media advertising. New Song Exploder episodes are easy to find in feed format, and they stand out with well-written descriptions and bright episode covers integrated directly from Instagram.

11. My Favorite Murder 

My Favorite Murder podcast website

Website builder: Custom

Why we like this website:

The My Favorite Murder website makes it easy to find everything you’re searching for! Featuring great visual branding elements, the site directs users immediately to action. On the home page, visitors will discover new podcast episodes and merchandise offers. The site also features a members section, wher paying subscribers can access extra content.

12. Office Ladies

Office Ladies podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

This podcast website knows its audience appeal and makes this the heart of its web design. With clear information about the Office Ladies podcast’s purpose and target listeners, this site is a successful example of how to make a podcast brand shine.

13. Being Boss

Being Boss podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

The Being Boss site is audience-motivated. The first thing site visitors find is a subscription form, supporting effective newsletter marketing. The site also features resources and community tools that make listeners the heart of the brand and its journey.

14. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

This site shines a spotlight on social proof, introducing guests to the podcast's major successes, including media placements. By offering a range of engagement options, the Jay Shetty site allows users to listen and learn at their own pace.

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15. Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

This website is full of information! Going beyond just podcast content, the Joe Rogan site also includes biographical statements, contact details, and social media integrations. Site visitors can access information about new merch and upcoming tours, bringing podcasting to the real world. 

16. Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

With colorful images and effective communication, this website tells visitors exactly where they are. The Emma Gannon site offers plenty of clarity in communications, along with a detailed navigation menu to help users find their way to new content.

17. Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming podcast website

Website builder:

Why we like this website:

The Vertical Farming website is purposeful and direct, making podcast episodes the site priority. When a guest visits the website, the latest episode is the first thing they see. With plenty of detailed metadata and effective branding, this website is at the top of its marketing game, capitalizing on audience interest and SEO potential.

18. How Did This Get Made?

How did this get made podcast website

Website builder: Squarespace

Why we like this website:

The How Did This Get Made? website is all about communication. This website includes plenty of information about the podcast, from new episode updates to clear contact information. There’s even an FAQ section to help answer common audience questions. 

19. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show podcast website

Website builder: Custom

Why we like this website:

This website is as comprehensive as possible! With strong branding and effective navigation to a range of extra features, the Ramsey Show siite facilitates great user experiences. Site visitors can easily find podcast episodes, as well as events, articles, tools, sponsors, recommendations, and much more. 

20. Overheard at National Geographic

Overheard at National geographic podcast website

Website Builder: Custom

Why we like this website:

This podcast website is the perfect example of how podcast information can be integrated as part of a greater brand and website. This Overheard at National Geographic web page includes plenty of podcast information, from episode updates to general synopsis, all while linking podcast content to other content formats and channels. 

21. Unconquered

Unconquered podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

This podcast website is making the most of copywriting power! By including clear written communications, the Unconquered site offers visitors a glimpse into each new podcast episode before they start to listen. Plus, effective keyword-enriched copywriting helps this site show up for search engines. 

22. Growth Marketer Podcast

Growth Marketer Podcast website

Website builder:

Why we like this website:

With a clear navigation menu and a simple style, this podcast website is efficient and effective. The Growth Marketer Podcast site offers a list of episodes on the homepage, along with a great audio player to support website listening. This site is focused on user experience and practicality. 

23. 99% Invisible

99% invisible podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

The 99% Invisible site features new podcast episodes at the top of the screen, including playback features. Offering easy access to playlists, categories, and other information, this website is a good example of how podcast-centered publishing can improve overall brand strategy.

24. Revisionist History

Revisionist history podcast website

Website builder: WordPress

Why we like this website:

The Revisionist History website includes links to a range of podcast platforms, making it easy for any website guest to find other streaming services. The site includes a list of episodes, allowing listeners to find new content quickly. This is a good example of how you can link your site to other podcast channels and directories. 

25. Faraway Podcast

Faraway podcast website

Website builder: Custom

Why we like this website:

This podcast website is fun and interactive, using video and design features to give visitors an insight into content style, all while allowing them to engage online. The Faraway Podcast site offers unique navigation, making it memorable and interesting, catching the attention of site visitors.

FAQs on podcast websites

Still unsure about the world of podcast websites? Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions!

What is the best podcast website host?

There are so many amazing podcast website options to choose from! The tool you choose to host your site will vary depending on your skill level and design goals. Ideally, choose a website host that is affordable and easy to use, allowing you to maintain your site well.

What is the best free podcast website host?

When choosing a website host, it's important to keep in mind that most host platforms will incur a hosting fee. However, some platforms do offer free options if you're just starting out. On WordPress and Wix, you can access basic website options for free, then upgrade when you can afford it.

Where can I find free podcasts to listen to?

You can listen to podcasts on any device. Free podcasts are available directly on podcast websites! You can also access free podcasts via popular podcast directories, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

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