How to Record a Facetime Call with Audio: All You Need to Know


How to Record a Facetime Call with Audio: All You Need to Know

FaceTime has changed the way we use our mobile devices to communicate with each other. Since the introduction of the iOS feature, users have found many applications for FaceTime calls for business, educational, and entertainment purposes. It takes some practice navigating the different device interfaces. 

Our complete guide on how to record a FaceTime call will take you through how to capture a session on any iOS device. We'll also cover how to record FaceTime with audio on an Android and explain why you should consider using video recording software to record your calls.

Why Record FaceTime Calls?

The way people use FaceTime has evolved beyond just making personal calls. Many use FaceTime for business purposes or to record content published online. Check out our list of creative ways to use FaceTime call recordings outside of personal calls: 

  • Capture business meetings and review your calls anytime 
  • Interview guests for YouTube videos, podcasts, or other content, albeit for better quality recordings, check out 
  • Conduct academic or journalistic research through recorded interviews 
  • Record memories of friends and loved ones 

How To Record FaceTime on Mac 

Apple products integrate easily across all devices and using your Mac to record FaceTime with audio isn’t too complicated. Follow these steps to learn how to record FaceTime with sound on your Mac: 

  1. Open FaceTime on your macOS system. 
  2. On the keyboard, press Command + Shift + 5.
  3. Select Options from the screen capture menu and choose a Save To location
  4. Also select your computer’s Built-in Microphone as the source under Options
  5. Choose Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion. If you opt to only record a portion of your screen, click and drag your mouse to select the area of your screen you want to record. 
  6. Click Record to start a new screen recording. 
  7. Make a call using FaceTime
  8. Click Stop Recording when your call is finished and the recording will be saved to the location you specified. 

Record FaceTime Call With Audio on Mac With Your iPhone

Do you love Apple products? If you’re addicted to everything Apple and have both a Mac and an iPhone, you can connect your desktop system directly to your mobile device to record a FaceTime call. 

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable.
  2. On your Mac, open QuickTime via your dock or applications folder. 
  3. Select File from the menu bar and choose New Movie Recording
  4. Click the arrow to the right of the Record button to see a list of available cameras. Select your iPhone from the list.  
  5. Unlock your phone screen and your display should appear on your Mac screen in QuickTime. 
  6. On your phone, open FaceTime.
  7. In Quicktime, click the Record button. 
  8. Make a call using FaceTime on your phone. 
  9. Click Stop Recording when your call is finished. 
  10. Click File and then Save. 
  11. Name your recording and select where you want to save it to.
  12. Click Save. 

How to Record a FaceTime Call on iPhone or iPad

Apple makes it somewhat difficult for you to use the operating system’s built-in screen recorder to record audio (probably for legal reasons). If you want to record your FaceTime calls but don’t need audio, follow these steps to capture video using the built-in screen recorder on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Start a FaceTime call on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.
  3. Locate the Screen Recording icon (a pair of white circles) and tap it. 
  4. Return to your call and your phone will begin recording audio in three seconds. 

Record FaceTime Call With Audio on iPhone/iPad

When using iPhone's screen recorder, you'll only be recording video and not audio. Many platforms insist that if you turn on your phone's mic it will record audio as well. Our team has tried and tested this finding it not to work as claimed. Instead, we recommend downloading Riverside's mobile app to record Facetime calls. Not only is it easy to record with Riverside, but you'll get high-end audio and video quality no matter where you are.

To learn how to record with Riverside you can watch this video or follow the steps below to learn how to record a FaceTime Call with audio on an iPhone/iPad device:

  1. Everyone on the call must download and log in the Riverside mobile app.
  2. Create or choose an existing studio and click on the three dots next to the studio title to invite guests.
  3. Enter the studio and wait for your guests to arrive. When you're both ready press the record button to start recording.
  4. When you're finished stop the recording and end the call.
  5. Wait for your recordings to upload and then log into from your desktop to access your recordings.
  6. In your dashboard, find the same studio you recorded in and select View Recordings.
  7. For a fully composed video, select the recording you want to download and then press on Edit and export on the top right corner.
  8. In the editor you can choose your aspect ratio, dimensions, and you can customize your recording if you wish.
  9. Simply, press Export when you are done and when the recording is ready you can download your high-quality video and audio Facetime recording from the recording take page.

Alternatives to Record FaceTime Calls

You can rely on alternatives for recording FaceTime calls if you don't use an Apple device or if you plan to edit and publish your calls as online content. Using third-party apps and software ensures the audio and video you record is high-quality and ready to be published on YouTube, Twitch, or any other online platform. We’ve reviewed some of the best apps and software to record video and audio during your FaceTime calls to help you determine which will work best for you. 

Record FaceTime With Screen Recording Software 

Video recording software captures video and audio using your desktop or mobile device. These recording apps and platforms often provide a one-stop-shop for anyone who needs to edit and publish their content after they record it. 

You can record FaceTime call sessions without a third-party app, but screen recording programs include features that produce better quality. Also, you can easily share your recordings on social platforms. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of using a recorder and the features you need to keep an eye out for when considering which screen recorder to use.

Advantages of Screen Recording Software 

It isn’t necessary to use third-party software to record your video calls, but there are certainly advantages to doing so. Even though your mobile or desktop device has built-in features and equipment adequate for recording your screen, you’ll want to use screen recording software to get professional-level recordings

Some of the advantages of using screen recording apps and software include: 

  • Improved audio and video recording quality
  • Quick publishing to social platforms 
  • Streamlined editing

Screen Recording Software Features to Consider

Unsure which features you should consider when trying to choose recording software? The best recorder for you will depend on your unique needs. There are some features you can look out for to find a quality recording program. We recommend going with recording software that lets you record, edit and share your content all from the same place. 

Here are a few questions you should ask  when reviewing recording software: 

  • Does the software include editing tools? 
  • Does the program integrate easily with all different device types and operating systems?
  • Does the software rely on an internet connection to produce quality recordings? 

How to Use FaceTime on an Android

FaceTime is no longer limited to Apple devices and Android, and PC users can now join FaceTime sessions simply by clicking a link. Though you can’t start a FaceTime call from an Android device, any iOS user can send a link via their desktop or mobile device so that Android users can join and record FaceTime calls. At this time, Chrome is the only browser that supports Android users joining FaceTime calls. 

Follow these steps to send an invite for a FaceTime call to an Android user from an Apple device:

Send a FaceTime invite from your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap Create Link in the FaceTime app window.
  3. Select if you would like to share your FaceTime link via email, message, or on social apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp
  4. Once the link is received, an Android user can open the call in Google Chrome

Send a FaceTime invite from your Mac:

  1. Open FaceTime on your Mac.
  2. Locate the Create Link button at the top of the FaceTime window and click it. 
  3. Select how you would like to share your FaceTime link. The app lets you send the link via an email or SMS message
  4. Once the link is received, an Android user can open the call in Google Chrome

Android Apps to Record FaceTime Calls 

Many apps in the Google Play store can record your phone screen during a FaceTime session. These are three of the apps we recommend to screen record FaceTime with audio on your Android device. 

DU Recorder 

DU recorder is a free app in the Google Play store that lets you record HD video and provides some basic editing features. You can adjust recording settings and frame rates to improve your video recording quality, but you can only record external sound using this app. The editing features provided by DU Recorder let you trim your recordings and even create GIFs. The app makes it easy for you to share your screen recordings online via social media. 

AZ Screen Recorder 

Unlike most other screen recording apps for Android, AZ Screen Recorder supports internal audio recording directly from your mobile device. The free app lets you record your screen in up to 1080p without any time limits for recordings. The app has a Facecam to support recording content like interviews or reaction videos, and editing features you can use to edit and produce content for online sharing platforms. 

Wondershare MirrorGo 

Wondershare MirrorGo was designed to help Android users integrate their mobile devices with their PCs. The app makes it easier to transfer files or use your phone on a larger screen. With the app’s screen mirroring feature, it’s simple to open a FaceTime call on your mobile device and then record it on a larger PC screen using the app’s screen recording features. 

Best Screen Recording Apps for iOS

Because people need to record their phone screens for a variety of reasons, there are many screen recording apps out on the market. Not all screen recording apps provide the same quality and features, so it’s important to be selective when choosing which recorder to use. 

Search for screen recording apps that let you record, edit, and share your content all from one place to streamline the process. Below are our top three choices for screen recording apps that are compatible with iOS devices. We chose these as our top apps based on ease of use, the features they offer, and their program integrations.

Automated Editing: Yes

Easy Social Sharing: Yes is a comprehensive suite for recording, editing, and sharing video. The software is used by professionals in the podcast and news industries for producing and publishing content online. Audio and video are recorded in HD as separate tracks so you have complete control over your content.’s split-screen features let you capture you and the person you’re speaking with within the same frame so you can record interviews for all different uses. 

You don’t have to worry about device compatibility as anyone can access the recording environment through a web browser via a link. When you invite guests to a call, they don’t have to download any sort of additional program to start the conversation. The software’s iOS app lets you turn your phone into a recording studio on the go!

Top Three Features:

  • Magic Editor tool creates a professional-quality video using automated editing features
  • Can record with up to 8 participants in one Facetime call
  • Local recording means you don’t have to depend on your internet connection for quality

Record It!: Screen Recorder 

Automated Editing: No

Easy Social Sharing: Yes

Record It! is great for creating tutorials, walk-throughs, and other online content. After you record your content, the app’s editing features allow you to go back and add audio commentary or other effects to your recordings. You can trim recordings down, add backgrounds and filters, and even adjust the playback speed of your video! The free version of this app has recording limits, and you can only capture three minutes of video at a time. 

Top Three Features:

  • Export your videos directly to YouTube from the app.
  • The Facecam Reaction feature lets you record your face and screen at the same time. 
  • The Pro version has no limits on video recording or sharing 


Automated Editing: No 

Easy Social Sharing: Yes

Use Ecamm to record high-quality audio and video from your Mac. Though the app doesn’t have any editing features, it lets you split your audio and video into separate tracks to make editing in another program easier. This program is amazing if you only need to record your audio and video, although not the best choice if you’re looking to do your editing and recording all in one place. 

Top Three Features:

  • Record HD-quality calls in side-by-side or split-screen modes. 
  • Easily convert calls to MP3 format for online sharing. 
  • Recordings are automatically organized for easy upload and sharing. 

FaceTime Call Recording FAQ

Do you still have questions about which devices you can use to conduct a FaceTime call or which programs are best for recording FaceTime audio and video? Our helpful FAQ section has more information on FaceTime recording and screen recording apps. 

Can You Legally Record a Facetime Call? 

The legality of recording audio and video varies from state to state, but it’s always best to get permission before you start recording. If you absolutely have to record someone without getting their permission, check to see if your state requires two-party consent for recording. 

Can You Use FaceTime with an Android? 

Until recently, FaceTime video calls were not available for Android users. Anyone with an Android device can now join and record FaceTime calls by clicking on a link sent to them by an iOS user. 

Can You Record FaceTime on an Android?

Yes, many screen recording apps in the Google Play store will let you record FaceTime calls. After you download a screen recording app, all you need is a link from an iOS user to join and record a FaceTime call. 

Can I record a FaceTime call on iPhone?

You can use your built-in screen recorder to record a FaceTime call on an iPhone. Although, this doesn't record audio. There's a trick you can try where you long-press on the screen recording button which will then let you turn on a microphone recorder. Another option is to try external recording software.

Can you video record a FaceTime session?

Yes, you can easily video record a FaceTime session either directly from your iPhone using the built-in screen recorder or on your Mac.

Can You Record a FaceTime Call on an iPad? 

Yes, you can use the built-in screen recorder on your iPad to record a FaceTime call. The screen recorder does not record audio when you turn it on. Check the settings on your screen recorder to make sure your microphone is turned on once you start recording.

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