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Best Video Maker Online for Beginner and Pro Creators (2024)

We'll help you pick the best video maker online for seamless content creation. Find out what to consider and discover the top 8 video creators to try.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
February 5, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Want to edit videos without the hassle of installing software? We’ve got you covered! In this list, we’ve brought together the very best video editors that you can access right from your browser. 

Not only that, but we’ll help you choose the perfect video creator to suit your needs by breaking down the most important factors. Whether you make educational, professional, or social media content, you’ll find the right place for all the editing tools to take your video to the next level.

What is an online video maker?

An online video maker is a video creation platform that you can access right from your web browser. Online video makers usually have multiple functions. They can be used to record and edit videos ready for you to upload to sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, among others!

How to choose the best video maker

If you’re looking for a video maker to refine your content, there are a few details you should keep in mind. The list below will help you narrow down exactly what you want to consider when choosing an online video maker so that it’s easy to find your perfect match.

Ease of Use

Are you a skilled video editor, or someone just starting out with content creation? Whatever your level of experience, we’ve compiled our list of the best online video makers with everyone in mind. 

As a beginner video editor, you may want to choose a simple and user-friendly interface to cover the editing basics without any complications. It’s also a good idea to use a video maker with automated editing tools.  If you’re an expert video creator, look out for video makers that offer advanced features such as green screen capabilities.


Before you get started with any video maker, consider your budget. The great news is that you can find some amazing online video editing platforms that are completely free to use! 

On the other hand, many of the more advanced video makers do have costs involved. The majority offer a free trial of 30 days, and this is a great option to check that the product fits your needs before you commit to paying. If you do choose to buy a subscription, keep in mind that monthly fees add up and it can be more cost-effective in the long run to buy a year-long membership.

Video Formats

One of the most important features to check for in an online video maker is which video formats it supports. This can be a deal-breaker if you’re looking to make videos playable on specific platforms or devices.

For example, the majority of video makers support MP4, as this is the most popular video file format used for most YouTube and social media videos. However, there are more niche file formats used for embedded videos such as WEBM or HTML5. You will need to search further to find a supportive video maker for these.

Recording Capabilities

Do you prefer to get all your tasks done in the same place? Some video makers can make life simple by combining recording and editing in one platform. 

Look out for video makers that are capable of local recording. This means that recordings are captured directly on your device instead of over the internet. The benefit to this is that you should get a studio quality recording even if your internet connection flags. Video makers capable of high-definition resolution and uncompressed audio will leave you with a final product that both looks and sounds clear, sharp and professional. 

Editing Tools

Using editing tools can feel intimidating if you’re a beginner. That’s why it’s essential to choose a video maker that suits your level, with tools that are easy to navigate and perform essential editing functions well. This includes the ability to crop, clip and add text to your videos.

For more advanced editors, look out for video makers that provide a large range of editing tools. They could offer looping, reversing, and even slow-motion features that will help you release your creativity during the editing process.

Best Video Makers Online for Creators in 2024

Now you know which factors to look for in a video maker, you’re ready to explore the best online editing platforms out there. We’ve made things simple by narrowing down the options to 8 of the very best video creator websites available. So, settle in and have a read of what each video maker has to offer, from quick and easy editing templates to full toolkits for content experts.

Adobe Express

Adobe expressonline video maker
Adobe Express

Price: Free Plan; $9.99/m

Ease of Use: Beginner and professional creators alike will enjoy this user-friendly interface with a multifunctional editing toolkit. 

Video Dimensions: Square (1:1); Story/Reels (9:16); Portrait (4:5); Landscape (1.97:1)

Adobe Express is the perfect place for anyone new to editing to create a short, professional-looking video. This website offers free, quick, and easy access to a simple but effective editing studio. Great for creating teaching material, promotional content, and more, this intuitive platform excels at the most essential aspects of video editing. However, the free plan only supports videos up to 30 seconds long.

Key Features

Adobe Express offers pre-formatted story templates for footage such as vacation videos or promotional content to elevate the professional look of your video. A range of themes are available, alongside a trimming tool to cut your video down to the essentials. Text and images can be added, as well as credits and an outro. Resize your footage to be square for Instagram, add background music to your video, and play with layouts such as split-screen and captions to enhance your content.


  • Free forever plan available
  • User-friendly
  • Pre-formatted templates 
  • Variety of editing tools
  • Large music library 
  • Professional-looking themes


  • Videos only up to 30 seconds 
  • Not as many editing features as other sites
  • Some features behind a paywall


Price: Free Plan; Power $4.99/mo; Unlimited $7.99/mo; Professional $19.99/mo; Business $36.99/mo

Ease of Use: WeVideo offers a professional editing experience best suited to anyone who already has some editing know-how.

Video Dimensions: Landscape (16:9); Square (1:1); Portrait (9:16)

WeVideo is a multifunctional video maker, allowing users to drag and drop their content into place and use a variety of editing tools to refine it.  Easily navigate between multiple projects and compose your videos either from scratch or with WeVideo’s templates. As the free plan only allows access to very few of WeVideo’s features, we recommend this site’s paid plans instead.

Key Features

WeVideo offers both a simplified editor and full-featured editor to create your videos, depending on your level of experience. Add videos, images, audio, text, and more using the left-hand menu. The full-featured editor is perfect for getting those small details right, allowing you to mark and cut your video footage with precision. You can preview your video before exporting it in up to 4k resolution.


  • Paid plans offer detailed editing tools
  • Upload content easily to social media
  • Green screen capabilities


  • The free plan is limited and watermarks videos
  • Interface not as user-friendly as other sites
  • Most templates are behind a paywall


Riverside online video maker

Price: Free Plan; Standard $15/mo; Pro $24/mo

Ease of Use: Riverside’s interface is sleek and simple to navigate, with instructional videos available so you can make the most of every feature. 

Video Dimensions: Landscape (16:9); Square (1:1); Portrait (9:16)

Riverside is the best video maker for beginners and professionals who want to do it all in one place. Record videos, invite live guests to join you, edit and clip your footage in post-production all from your Riverside studio. The platform supports a variety of content creation from podcasting to video interviews and conferences. You can record in up to 4K video resolution and with text-based editing and various AI tools, you've got a streamlined workflow for studio-quality videos.

Key Features

  • Text-based video editing where trimming your video is as easy and fast as editing a text transcript
  • Local recording, making it possible to download studio quality recordings even with  disruptions to your internet connection.
  • Separate audio and video tracks for each participant, giving you more flexibility when it comes to editing.  
  • Automated editing tools so you can seamlessly fine-tune audio and customize your layout
  • An integrated media board for live editing, ideal for live streamers and podcasters to play audio and video clips.
  • Background and logo customization to give your videos a professional touch.
  • Broaden your discussions by inviting up to 8 remote participants to join you in the  recording studio.
  • High-quality recordings with up to 4K video and up to 48kHz audio resolution. 
  • Automatic background noise remover for crystal clear sound with less manual editing required. 
  • AI Magic Clips tool so you can turn one long recording into multiple short videos at the tap of a button.


  • Streamlines the whole video creation process from recording, to all your editing needs in one place.
  • High quality recording resolutions regardless of internet connection
  • Editing control with separate audio and video tracks
  • Move seamlessly from recording to editing within the same platform
  • Record remotely in up to 4K video quality
  • Editing is easy and accessible to anyone who can edit a text document


  • No video templates available
  • Editing only available on desktop devices  
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  • Price: Free Plan; Canva Pro $12.99/mo
  • Ease of Use: Canva is a simple interface accessible to anyone, even if it’s your first time editing a video!
  • Video Dimension: Presentation (16:9); Facebook Post (940 x 788px); Animated Logo (500 x 500px); Animated Social Media (1080 x 1080px), and more

Canva’s online video editor strikes a great balance between being intuitive to use and offering a range of helpful editing tools for short-form videos. Canva has options both for professional video makers and those who want to have a little fun with their media by using the Elements library. 

Key Features

Upload images, video and audio to begin developing your video. Easily trim both audio and video tracks by using the timeline at the bottom of the screen. The menu on the left-hand side offers a range of additional features, including templates, photos, and backgrounds from Canva’s free library. Easily add creative elements such as graphics, stickers, and shapes using the editing menu.


  • Creative stickers and backgrounds
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Perfect for social media content


  • Slow to use for long-form videos
  • Free plan allows only 5GB of media to be uploaded 


Fastreel online video maker

Price: Free Plan; Unlimited Premium $19.95/mo

Ease of Use: Fastreel offers a professional interface while adding more advanced features with its Premium plan.

Video Dimensions: YouTube (16:9 & 4:3); Instagram (1:1 & 9:16); LinkedIn (3:4) 

Fastreel is a great choice for professionals looking to create online marketing and promotional content. This free video maker is designed with social media in mind - easily format your video to transfer to Instagram, YouTube, and more. Fastreel’s free plan offers limited editing tools, but with an upgrade, you can gain access to premium exports, templates, and tools.

Key Features

Fastreel includes a template gallery with frequently updated clips, including intro, movie trailer, and social media templates. When it comes to video editing there’s a lot on offer, such as cut, crop, resize, and compression tools, in addition to options for muting, reversing, and looping videos. You can add subtitles, filters, and even a watermark to your video with ease.


  • Includes sophisticated editing tools
  • Designated social media templates
  • Login easily through Google or Facebook


  • Fastreel watermark on Free plan exports
  • Limited premium exports without the highest tier plan


Price: Free Plan; Basic $16/mo; Professional $29/mo; Professional Plus $79/mo

Ease of Use: Anyone can get stuck in with Animoto. The video editing process is streamlined and instinctive to use, with clearly labeled tools.

Video Dimensions: Landscape (16:9); Square (1:1); Portrait (9:16)

Animoto is one of the easiest video makers to use. With the themes on offer, making a professional-looking presentation is quick and uncomplicated. Animoto’s templates work best for creating personal, marketing, and educational content.

Key Features

This video creator offers screen recording, themes, and – in the paid version – an easy tool to put your brand logo onto videos. A new and exciting feature on Animoto is the ability to add multiple voice-over tracks, however, this is only part of paid plans. You can also leave feedback on videos by adding time-stamped comments to a video.


  • Free access to 50 royalty-free songs
  • Screen recording
  • Voice over capabilities
  • Video templates


  • The free version leaves Animoto branding on videos
  • Limited fonts available
  • Limited video templates

Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create online video maker
Vimeo Create

Price: Free Plan; Vimeo Plus $12/mo

Ease of Use: Vimeo Create is quick and easy to use, ready for video makers of any level to jump right in and edit their content.

Video Dimension: Landscape (16:9); Square (1:1); Portrait (9:16)

For anyone looking to focus on the basics with a simple, easy to use online video maker, Vimeo Create is a great choice. Make videos for TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and promotional pages in a matter of minutes with Vimeo’s uncomplicated design tools. 

Key Features

Start from scratch by building your own video, or use one of Vimeo’s storytelling templates for a readymade structure. With Vimeo Create you can stitch together your video clips, images, and music simply by uploading your media and using the editing tools available. Vimeo’s large video, image, and music library can also be accessed to add that extra touch. Include GIFs and a thumbnail at the end of the process, and get a shareable link to send your video to others.


  • Storytelling templates
  • Over 30 million stock clips and images
  • Intuitive to use


  • Videos only up to 30 seconds
  • Limited editing features


  • Price: Free Plan; Creator $14/mo; Business $30/mo
  • Ease of Use: Flixier can be used by beginners accessing the essential editing tools, while pro creators will enjoy making full use of the editing functions.
  • Video Dimensions: Standard (16:9 & 4:3); Vertical (9:16 & 4:5); Square (1:1), and more.

Flixier is a video maker we can recommend for both beginner and expert editors alike. Anyone can import their media into Flixier and assemble their video using the timeline feature. However, editing aficionados will be in the best position to enjoy the detailed range of editing tools available even in the free version.

Key Features

Flixier’s main features include a library where you can import or record your own video content, as well as a stock library with a range of short video clips to choose from. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a timeline where you can cut footage and add new tracks. You can even crop the video and change its speed using the right-hand menu. Impressively, Flixier also offers a green screen feature.


  • Video and audio-to-text transcription
  • Subtitle translation
  • Unlimited projects and downloads
  • Green screen capabilities


  • Free plan includes only 10 minutes a month of exported videos
  • Flixier Watermark on Free plan exports

Best overall video maker for creators

Riverside is a versatile and user-friendly platform that welcomes a range of content creators. What makes Riverside the best choice overall is the ability to easily record, edit and repurpose your video all in one place. You access Riverside easily from a Chrome browser.  

With our Editor tool you can repurpose your footage for social media with just a few clicks! Export videos with crystal clear audio and up to 4k resolution for a polished, professional final result.

Start editing and recording video on Riverside today!

Best video maker for beginners

For anyone just starting out with video editing, one of the best online video makers out there is Canva. This platform guides you through choosing templates and uploading your media. Not only are there loads of fun features to play with, they are all clearly labeled and accessible through the left-hand menu.  

Best video maker for professionals

WeVideo offers an impressive editing package, particularly with its paid plans. Using the timeline feature you can move with precision through your footage, cutting and adding content. The templates on offer are customizable, with the ability to add audio, images, and transitions to any videos. 

Best free video maker

When it comes to free online video makers, Adobe Express stands out with its accessible interface and editing tools. Perfect for making short videos on the go, Adobe Express’s features include plenty of options when it comes to free templates, as well as an extensive music library. You’ll find everything you need for an eye-catching Instagram reel or YouTube Short with this simple and sleek platform.

Best video maker for podcasters

Riverside’s podcasting capabilities make recording and editing audio right from your browser a satisfying process. The uncompressed audio quality will make your podcast a joy to listen to. Separate audio and video track recording means that when it comes to editing, the control is in your hands. Not only that, but our Editor includes features such as changing the backgrounds of speakers, to add that extra touch. 

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Tips for Editing with a Video Maker

If you’re looking for some tips on online editing, here are a few to start:

  1. Use templates: These will save you a lot of time, and can often help with inspiration of how to edit your video. 
  2. Add background music: This can help grab viewers' attention and is a great way to make your videos more interesting.
  3. Include a voice-over to discuss or explain your footage: Voiceovers can make it easier for your audience to understand your video and they are also useful for audiences who prefer to absorb information auditorily.
  4. Record in separate audio and video tracks: Separate tracks gives you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to editing. You can cut out aspects easier without messing up your video.
  5. Choose the right video format for your intended platform: You want to make sure that your video is compatible with the program you’re posting on to avoid any issues when publishing. 

FAQs on Best Video Makers

Which is the best online video editor?

The best online video editor for you depends on what your needs are. Although, if you’re looking for easy high-resolution video, we’d suggest Riverside. 

Riverside is an online video maker accessible right from your Chrome browser, which offers an amazing range of features. It can capture up to 4K video without internet issues interfering with resolution. Not only can you produce high-quality audio and video content, but our Editor tool makes polishing your video a breeze.

Where can I make videos online for free?

You can make free videos online with most of the video makers included in this article, such as Animoto, Adobe Express, and Riverside. Many online video makers offer a free plan alongside paid options, so you can use or trial their services without paying. 

Which app is the No 1 app for video editing?

When it comes to video editing, there are a lot of apps out there to choose from. Some apps will be better suited for beginners and others for experts, offering different types of editing tools. Naturally, you’ll want to find the best video editing app for your projects. Because every person’s needs and preferences are different, the most effective way of finding a great editing app is by checking a list like ours. Read through our 8 top picks when it comes to video makers to find just the right app for you.

What video maker do most YouTubers use to edit videos?

Most YouTubers use video editing software to edit their videos, with Final Cut Pro being the most popular. However, other content creators find the best video editing software to be iMovie and Premiere Pro. These are not online video editors, but instead need to be downloaded for use. 

Video editing software is more advanced than using an online video editor, so would better suit those looking for expert editing tools. If you’re planning on editing your own video, you should record separate tracks for a smooth editing process. It’s best to use a free trial to test out a few of these programs and make your choice between them.

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