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iHeartRadio Podcast Submission Step-by-Step Guide - Riverside

Learn how to complete the iHeartRadio podcast submission process in minutes to get your show out to the platform's millions of subscribers.
Kendall Breitman
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March 27, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Are you looking for new platforms to get your podcast more widely distributed? The iHeartRadio podcast submission process is simple and will expose your content to a fresh audience. iHeartRadio brands itself as the “world’s largest podcast network” and is recognized as the platform with the most active shows and the largest audience. We’ll explain what iHeartRadio is, the advantages of getting your podcast listed on the platform, and provide a step-by-step guide for how to get a podcast on iHeartRadio. 

What is iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio is a broadcast and streaming platform for radio shows and podcasts. The service has about 250 million active monthly listeners and over 100 million registered users. Listeners can access content on the iHeartRadio app across 250 platforms on smartphones, desktops, TVs, gaming consoles, and smart speakers.  

Is iHeartRadio Podcasts Free?

There’s a free membership option and offers two paid subscription plans on iHeartRadio. With a free membership, users get access to live radio and personalized artist radio stations. Anyone with a free membership can also access iHeartRadio’s full library of podcasts.  

The Plus membership costs $4.99/month. Subscribers with this plan also get personalized radio stations and the ability to listen to live radio. Plus members gain the advantage of commercial-free radio and unlimited skips when listening to songs. An iHeartRadio Plus membership also grants access to all iHeartRadio podcasts. 

The All Access membership is $9.99 a month and comes with all of the features of an iHeartRadio Plus membership. Listeners with this membership can also create an unlimited number of their own playlists and play songs and albums on demand. Songs can also be saved and replayed from radio stations. One of the most important features of this membership tier is that it provides download and offline listening capabilities for music and podcasts. 

Why Should You Distribute Your Podcast on iHeartRadio?

iHeartRadio is a popular platform podcasters are using to get their programs distributed to listeners. We recommend getting your podcast listed in as many podcast directories as possible and this platform is just one of many you should consider. We’ll explain some of the advantages of getting your podcast added to iHeart Podcasts. 

Reach a Wide Audience
There’s a dedicated user base on iHeartRadio with millions of monthly unique listeners. Placing your content on this platform has the potential to attract new listeners and expand your audience. iHeartRadio users can easily find new podcasts to listen to and the service frequently features new content.

Improve Audience Engagement 

Users of iHeartRadio can easily follow your podcast and get notified when you’ve released new content. This makes it easier for them to stay engaged with your content. Listeners who use the iHeartRadio Android or iOS mobile app and have an iHeartRadio All Access membership can download your episodes to listen to offline. Audience members are more likely to engage with your content when they have the freedom to do it when and how they want. 

How Do You Get Listed on iHeartRadio?

You can easily add a podcast to iHeartRadio by submitting your show’s RSS feed. You can get your RSS feed from your podcast host to provide it to iHeartRadio. Below, we’ll explain how to get a podcast on iHeartRadio and the requirements that the platform has for podcast submission. 

iHeartRadio Podcast Submission Requirements

Before you begin the iHeartRadio submit podcast process, make sure your show meets all of the platform’s requirements. Not meeting these conditions could delay your content getting on iHeartRadio. Keep reading to learn the technical and content-specific requirements your podcast must meet to stream on iHeartRadio. 

Your podcast must meet these technical requirements to be listed on iHeartRadio:

  1. Your podcast must have a unique title
  2. You must have at least one podcast episode uploaded to your host.
  3. Cover art must be at least 1400px by 1400px, square, and in JPG or PNG format. 

iHeartRadio has the following requirements for content: 

  1. No spam, phishing, or other harmful content is allowed on the platform
  2. Misleading content that mimics other popular content or search items is prohibited
  3. Content that incites hate or violence against a group or individual based on race, sex, religion, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability is not allowed on the platform
  4. All content must conform to local laws 
  5. Nazi propaganda and symbolism are prohibited 
  6. Content can’t be defamatory, false, libelous, obscene, violent, abusive, harassing, threatening, or discriminatory

How Do You Submit a Podcast to iHeartRadio?

The iHeartRadio submission process is fairly easy and will only take a few minutes if you’re properly prepared. Once you’ve placed your request to add a podcast to iHeartRadio, it can take up to 14 days to receive approval. Below, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide for how to get your podcast on the platform.  

Step 1: Copy Your RSS Feed From Your Podcast Host 

Make sure you have your RSS feed URL ready before you start the podcast submission process. You can get your RSS feed URL from your podcast host. Check your host's site to find out how you can get your feed from them. Most podcast hosting platforms make it simple to copy your code for distribution.

Step 2: Access The iHeartRadio Podcast Submission Page

Navigate to the iHeartRadio Podcasters page to start the submission process. Click the red Submit Your Podcast button toward the top of the page.  

iHeartadio podcasters home page

Step 3: Log in to Your iHeartRadio Account or Create an Account

You’re taken to the Login / Sign Up portion of the page after you click the button in the above step. Click the Login / Sign Up button. Follow the prompts on the screen to access your account or to sign up for a new account. This step is important as your podcast dashboard has to connect to an account. After you log in or create an account, click the Add Your Podcast button.

Signing up for a iHeartRadio podcast submission

Step 4: Enter Your RSS Feed 

Paste the RSS feed URL you copied from your podcast host in step 1 into the field. Click the checkbox to verify you’re not a robot. After you’ve done both of these things, click the Verify Podcast RSS button. 

Step 5: Review Show Details and Terms & Conditions 

Once your feed is verified, iHeartRadio will display your show details. Review these details to make sure they’re correct. You must also agree to the platform's terms and conditions. Check the three boxes to acknowledge you accept the terms and conditions. Once you verify your show details are correct and you agree to the terms, click the Submit Podcast button. 

After you submit your show, you can track the acceptance process on your dashboard. The status of your show will display as “processing” until it’s accepted or rejected. 

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Can You Make Money From iHeartRadio?

There are currently no monetization options available to podcasters through iHeartRadio. However, the platform is a great space to get the word out to listeners about promotions and merchandise you’re offering to make money from your podcast. Below, find some tips on how to monetize your content outside of the iHeartRadio platform. 

Explore Sponsorships and Ads 

Have you already mentioned specific products and services on your podcast? Maybe your show reviews services or other content like TV shows or movies. Reach out to companies in your niche to explore partnerships that will help monetize your content. Podcasters often make money by placing ads at the beginning, middle, and end of their show. As long as your content doesn’t focus solely on advertising a product or service, iHeartRadio will allow you to have in-show ads and product mentions. 

Sell Merchandise

You can’t sell merchandise directly on iHeartRadio, but you can direct listeners to an online store where they can buy t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other branded products. If you haven’t created any merchandise yet, do some research to see what your audience would want to buy. This could be as simple as raising the question during your podcast and responding to listener feedback. 

Develop Premium Content   

A great way to make money from your podcast through iHeartRadio is to let listeners know about premium content you have hosted on other platforms. Patreon has monetization options specifically for podcasters to help them produce income from premium content. The platform provides opportunities to engage with your audience in ways directories like iHeartRadio don’t. You can produce content and host events separate from your podcast that streams on iHeartRadio and grant followers access through membership subscriptions. 

How Much Do iHeartRadio Podcasters Make?

Most people who make money on iHeartRadio are broadcasters who host live radio shows on the platform. Salaries for these hosts can range from $23,074 to $111,232 per year and the average base salary of an iHeartMedia personality is $62,044 a year. Big-name podcasters often sign deals with platforms like iHeartRadio to have their content featured. However, the average podcaster should concentrate on monetizing their content using the methods mentioned in the section above. 

Add a Podcast to iHeartRadio and Grow Your Audience

iHeartRadio is one of the many platforms you can list your podcast on to get your content out to the masses. The iHeartRadio podcast submission process is simple and takes only a couple of minutes once you get your RSS feed URL from your hosting site. Though the platform doesn’t provide direct monetization opportunities, you can leverage iHeartRadio’s large membership base to increase your following and drive revenue in other ways.   

FAQs on iHeart Radio Podcast Submissions

Do you still have questions about how to start a podcast on iHeartRadio or the best places to have your podcast listed? Read our section of frequently asked questions to learn more about adding a platform to iHeartRadio and how the platform compares to some of its competitors. 

Can You Watch iHeartRadio podcasts?

iHeartRadio does not currently support video content. The platform started as a streaming service for radio shows and focuses on spoken content and music. iHeartRadio subscribers get access to podcasts, radio stations, music, news, sports, and talk shows.

How do you get podcasts on iHeartRadio?

The iHeartRadio podcast submission process is simple and involves providing your show’s RSS feed URL to the service. Check out the above article for a step-by-step guide to get your show listed on the platform and tips to make sure your podcast meets the iHeartRadio content requirements. 

Is iHeartRadio better than Spotify?

There’s no clear answer as to which streaming service is better. iHeartRadio and Spotify both have advantages and loyal customer bases. If you’re wondering which platform is better for your content, we recommend not making the choice of one over the other. List your podcast on both services so it can reach a wider audience and your following will grow.

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