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10 Best Online Meeting Apps for Recording & Collaboration (2024)

Explore 10 of the best online meeting apps for seamless collaboration and recording in 2024. We'll also show you how to choose the right one.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
May 9, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Online meetings are the future of the working world, with 83% of employees spending up to a third of the work week on virtual calls. 

By choosing the right online meeting app, you can facilitate seamless recording and collaboration. This can help you get more out of your time and work to your optimal capacity, all while connecting with your peers and capturing high-quality content recordings. 

If you’re not sure where to start, here is our recommendations of 10 of the best online meeting apps.

What is an online meeting app?

An online meeting app is software that allows people to gather virtually on the web. They make connection easy, no matter what you do or where you are in the world. 

Rising in popularity since the Covid pandemic sparked a new interest in remote and hybrid work models, online meetings allow users to work together, even when they are apart. Most online meeting apps have video and audio conferencing tools for efficient remote communication. This can include recording, a whiteboard, transcription, screen sharing, and more. 

Why should you use an online meeting app?

Using a quality online meeting app can offer many advantages for you, your peers, and your organization at large. 

Streamline communication:

When you use an effective meeting app to connect with your colleagues, you can streamline communication and avoid misunderstandings, all in support of a more efficient work environment. This allows you to share ideas and explore professional development opportunities.

Enhance productivity

You can also use online meeting apps to enhance productivity when working remotely. Connecting in this way allows you to get support and simplify meetings so that you can get work and deliver the best possible results for your team. 

Collaborative remote environment

Using an online meeting app can also be a great way to stay connected with others when you’re working on your own. You can be a part of a collaborative remote work environment, which can help to reduce feelings of isolation while still avoiding the commute. 

10 best online meeting apps for remote teams (free and paid)

Looking for a great online meeting app to support your remote team? There are so many incredible options to choose from! Here are some of our favorites and what they work best for. 

Best online meeting apps for recording

If you want to capture high-quality recordings of your online meetings, it’s important to select a meeting app with excellent recording capabilities. Here are some of the best options! 


Riverside online meeting app

Price: Free, with paid plans starting at $15

Compatibility: Browser-based

Riverside’s intuitive interface allows even complete beginners to host and record meetings with ease! You can capture high-quality meetings in up to 4K video resolution and 48kHz audio quality. Record with up to 8 participants, and invite up to 1000 audience members. You’ll receive separate audio, video and screen tracks for each, and everything records locally on each person’s device so you won’t have to worry about internet issues.

To stay professional, you can also use Riverside’s video teleprompter so you can have your notes right in front of you during meetings. And if you want to present, then upload your slides and Riverside will record them locally in a separate track. 

When you finish recording, head to the Editor where you can use AI transcripts to turn your meeting into shareable content in minutes. Its as simple as deleting text in your transcript and the matching video and audio will be removed from your recording timeline. Polish everything off with styled captions, automated audio-finetuning and custom layouts. 


  • Studio-quality video and audio local recordings of your meetings 
  • Easy-to-use interface no matter your skill level
  • Separate audio, video and screen share tracks for more editing flexibility
  • Text-based editor so you can turn your recording into shareable content effortlessly
  • AI transcriptions available in 100+ languages
  • Automated captions which you can style to match your brand
  • Magic Clips to create short-form meeting highlights at the tap of a button
  • Video teleprompter, helping you follow your script or notes with ease
  • Live streaming and live calls for easier real-time communication
  • Customizable studio branding elements
  • Producer mode so you can assign someone to take care of all controls behind-the-scenes
  • Automatic audio editing for background noise removal, audio level normalization and removing long silences 
  • Teams plan available with an intuitive collaborative workspace


  • Editor is only available on the desktop app

Best for: Users looking for studio-quality recordings alongside excellent meeting capabilities.

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BlueJeans online meeting app

Price: From free to $13.99 / month

Compatibility: Browser-based

BlueJeans is a user-friendly video conferencing tool designed for the workplace. This software system supports standard collaboration options alongside quick and easy recording. You can capture meetings in 2-hour “chapter” intervals, with processed recordings later available for MP4 download. 


  • Suitable for capturing long-form recordings of 2 hours or more
  • Easy, intuitive recording capabilities with file downloads supported
  • Simple, user-friendly tools that are suitable for even complete beginners


  • System may lack advanced features for more experienced users
  • May not be well suited for users looking for a non-work-focused recording tool

Best for: Employees and team leaders looking for a simple professional recording app. 

GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting software
GoTo Meeting

Price: From $17.33 to $23.08 / month 

Compatibility: Browser-based

The GoTo Meeting system is a simple software tool with enterprise-grade security so that you can capture content with confidence. The platform supports collaborative web conferencing even for novice users, offering clear audio and video results and secure access with no downloads required. Users can also access chat boxes, breakout rooms, screen-sharing tools, and more. 


  • Built-in background noise suppression to improve audio quality results
  • Collaboration features, including screen sharing and breakout rooms, available 
  • Excellent security features to protect important data at all times


  • Not suitable for users looking for a system that can also support non-work recordings
  • A paid subscription is required to access all the best tools and features

Best for: Users who want an easy answer to professional virtual collaboration. 

Webex Meetings

Webex online meeting platform

Price: From free to $29 / month 

Compatibility: Browser-based

Designed to streamline workflow, Webex Meetings offers great recording quality while supporting excellent real-time communications. The program includes AI automation to enhance productivity, and allows screen sharing of presentations. The platform even includes a range of engagement-focused tools and functionalities, not to mention other software integrations with sites like Salesforce. 


  • Built-in engagement tools, including interactive polls and Q&As
  • Compatibility with a range of devices, from desktop to phone to car
  • Easy integration with other technologies and software programs


  • May require a learning curve for some beginner users
  • Best suited for large teams with some limitations for small groups

Best for: Users who need an easy tool to present information and record presentations. 

Best online meeting app for collaborative remote work

What if you just need an online meeting app that will help you collaborate when working remotely? Try these software solutions. 

Google Meet

Google meet online meeting software
Google Meet

Price: Free

Compatibility: Browser-based

Google Meet is a secure and easy-to-use virtual conferencing system with excellent collaboration tools. This program integrates seamlessly with other Google Suite tools. It allows you to schedule and host meetings with ease, whether you’re communicating one-on-one or working in a large group. This makes the app an incredibly adaptable solution. You can record on Google Meets directly, and your files automatically will save to your Google Drive.


  • Suitable for small groups and large teams alike
  • Integrates automatically with your Google Calendar 
  • User-friendly tools for chats, screen sharing, recording calls, and more


  • Only suitable for users with an active Google account
  • Basic features may be too limited for more advanced users 

Best for: Professionals who want a simple meeting solution most users will be familiar with.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams online meeting software
Microsoft Teams

Price: From $6 to $18.70 / month

Compatibility: Browser-based

Microsoft Teams is a popular tool for virtual work, with excellent functionality for sharing and editing files from other Microsoft applications (like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) in real time. The platform supports direct calling and meeting tools and offers an intuitive interface to include users across a variety of platforms and devices. 


  • Native meeting and chat tools designed to enhance ease of communication
  • Connects easily with other tools and software in the Microsoft Suite
  • Available via an app-based system for users on the go


  • A paid subscription is needed to access large group calls and extra features 
  • Some users may need time to learn how to navigate the platform

Best for: Teams looking for a user-friendly solution with great software integrations.

Slack Video Calls (Huddles)

Slack online meeting app

Price: From $7.25 to $12.50 / person / month

Compatibility: Browser-based

Slack’s Huddles feature is part of the site’s overall online communication offering. Huddles allow users to connect via video call, with teams reporting a 43% increase in productivity thanks to the tool. Working alongside Slack chats, Huddles allow you to keep your work all in one place, even saving links, chats, and other details of your Huddle call automatically so that information is easy to find if you need to refer back to it.  


  • Integrates automatically with Slack’s chat-based communication tools
  • Automatically saves live call details, such as links and chats, for future reference
  • User-friendly virtual meeting tools available in one convenient communication space


  • May lack extra call capabilities offered by meeting-specific software tools
  • Requires all participants to have an active Slack account within the same workspace

Best for: Teams already using Slack to stay in regular contact with other employees. 

Best online meeting app for conferences

Hosting a conference with a large group of participants? These are some of the best software options to facilitate your next meeting. 


Zoom online meeting software for conferences

Price: From free to $347.50 / year

Compatibility: Browser-based

Zoom is one of the best-known platforms for online meetings and calls! This software tool allows you to easily share content with even large groups of people, providing clear video and audio results. You can use Zoom to share your screen, add comments to the chat, and directly connect with team members from all around the world from across a range of devices. 


  • User-friendly system that most call participants will already be familiar with
  • In-built tools and features for chats, screen sharing, and more
  • Easy integration with calendar and appointment scheduling tools


  • Some features may be more limited than with other meeting platforms 
  • Recording tools may not be as crisp or clear as offered by studio-quality software

Best for: Users who want an inclusive, easy-to-use virtual conferencing platform. meeting software

Price: From free to $299 / event

Compatibility: Browser-based or mobile download is the key to streamlining major events. This software solution allows for easy event scheduling and hosting, including a wide range of conferencing tools and features. You can create your own mobile app that allows users to join a branded online event, making the perfect choice for major companies working with clients and customers to scale.  


  • No-code app building that allows you to brand your events effectively
  • User-friendly interface with advanced functionalities available 
  • Integration with scheduling tools, survey platforms, and presentation software


  • For hosts, building an app with the system may require a learning curve
  • Some features are pay-walled with a high price to access them 

Best for: Serious business leaders looking for a comprehensive branded event option.

TrueConf Online

TrueConf Online meeting app

Price: From free (contact for quote)

Compatibility: Browser-based

Available completely online, TrueConf is a simple, streamlined online collaboration and communications tool. The platform allows you to self-host large video calls while making the most of excellent security and great teamwork tools, from group chats and screen sharing to co-editing, remote controls, and more. 


  • Built-in co-working tools, including editing controls and team chats
  • Up to 4k video resolution and great sound quality for video calls 
  • Compatibility with a wide range of operating systems for optimal inclusivity 


  • Some users may be unfamiliar with the finer details of system controls
  • A paid subscription is required to access more advanced features 

Best for: Business teams looking for a comprehensive way to connect employees online. 

Choosing an online meeting app: What to consider

When choosing an online meeting app, there are a few things you should consider to ensure you’re making the right decision. 

Your goals

First, you need to think about what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you recording for social media or simply keeping a personal record of your meetings? Knowing what you need is critical in helping you select a software tool that provides the right functionality. What should your ideal online meeting app be capable of? What quality does your video need to achieve? Use your goals and system requirements to inform your choice. Considerations may include:

Your skills

Next, consider your technology skills. It’s best to select a system that requires only a small learning curve. This way, you can get started with confidence! How easy is your chosen system to navigate, and do you feel capable of using the full suite of features? A user-friendly interface can make a big difference, especially if you plan to use your software program regularly. 

Your budget

Finally, take time to think about your budget. By understanding your budget and your goals for organizational growth, you can select a program now that can keep supporting you for months and years to come. What’s next for your team, and what kind of online meeting software might you need as you scale? Choose a platform that works for today and for tomorrow alike while aligning with the investment you want and can afford to make. 

FAQs on online meeting apps

Still unsure about online meeting apps? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions. 

Which application is best for online meetings?

There are many great applications to choose from when it comes to hosting online meetings. The best choice for you will depend on your unique needs and circumstances. However, we recommend trying Riverside for quality and ease of use. 

What is the best free app for online meetings?

Some online meeting apps are available for free or offer free features. Try Google Meet if you’re just getting started and don’t want to invest before you’re sure of how your team will use your software tool. 

Is there a free alternative to Zoom?

As virtual conferencing becomes more common, there are many Zoom alternatives on the market! Try Riverside, GoogleMeet, BlueJeans, or one of the other platforms listed above.

How can I meet virtually for free?

You can meet virtually for free! Choose a totally free virtual call platform from the list above, or make the most of a free plan while you get used to using the app and decide if you’re ready to invest. 

Final thoughts

Online meetings are a great way of staying connected and enhancing productivity, wherever you work. A good software tool can make a significant impact on the process!

Are you still searching for a place to get started as you set your team up for online meeting success? Try Riverside’s studio-quality meeting and recording tools today. 

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