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10 Best News Podcasts in 2024 for Keeping Informed Daily

Get your daily dose of news with the 10 best news podcasts of 2024 - stay up to date effortlessly!
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December 26, 2023
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In these changing times, following the news is more vital than ever. Luckily, it’s never been easier to stay updated on current affairs. With the right podcast, you can listen to the news while you commute, run errands, or get ready in the morning.

You might have noticed the growing number of news podcasts over the years. But with all these choices, how can you find the best daily news podcast? We’ve made things simple by creating a list of 10 of the very best podcasts that deliver clear, accurate, and important news to you day in and day out. Read on and you might just find your new favorite podcast.

How can I listen to the daily news with podcasts?

You can listen to the daily news by accessing podcasts from your phone, iPad, computer, or other smart devices. You will need an internet connection to play the podcast episodes, or you can download them to listen to while offline.

Most people prefer to listen to podcasts on the go, using their phone and a pair of headphones or earbuds. This can be a great way to catch up on current events while you’re at the gym or walking the dog. See if you can find half an hour in your day to tune into the news, whether it’s during your lunch break or while you’re exercising.

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10 Best News Podcasts for Keeping Informed


What you look for in a news podcast will be personal to you. Do you enjoy listening to unbiased news? How about a charismatic podcast host? Are short podcast episodes your thing, or do you enjoy deeper explanations to seek your teeth into?

Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find a good fit with our list of the 10 best daily news podcasts. By listening to one of these shows you’ll stay up to date with the major events affecting our world today. 

1: The Daily

The Daily News podcast
The Daily

Host: Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise

Theme: Concise coverage of American news

Want to listen to the day’s most important headlines? Try out The Daily, a popular news podcast created by the New York Times. The twenty-minute episodes are uploaded by 6am every weekday, bringing you the biggest stories and breaking news.

Hosts Michael and Sabrina present each story in a clear and stimulating discussion, revealing the facts behind current events. While The Daily sometimes steps back to take a global perspective, this podcast’s main focus is on the people and events affecting America. 

Best for: American current events

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2: NPR News Now

NPR News Now podcast

Hosts: Korva Coleman, Shay Stevens, Dave Mattingly, Nora Raum, Jeanine Herbst and more

Theme: The latest breaking news

NPR News Now impressively covers the day’s most significant headlines in short five-minute bursts. The podcast is updated hourly to keep you on top of breaking news. Information is presented factually, with a focus on only the most important details.

Only have a few minutes a day to catch up on current affairs? You can easily keep up to date with both American and global news, ranging from political developments to natural disasters, with this short podcast.

Best for: Short, continuous news updates

3: What Next

What Next news podcast
What Next


Host: Lizzie O’Leary

Theme: Analyzing the daily news   

Each episode of What Next takes a different news headline and unpacks its facts, significance and repercussions. The thirty-minute episodes are uploaded every weekday to help listeners better understand world events.

A special guest features in every episode, providing insight and an expert perspective on the news. These guests specialize in topics such as caregiving, finance, and technology.

Best for: Explaining current events

4: The Economist Podcasts

The Economist

Hosts: A range of global correspondents for The Economist

Theme: Explaining global current events

Fans of the Economist newspaper will enjoy this daily podcast which takes a deeper look at current affairs. Each episode is hosted by multiple reporters providing a thorough insight into the news.

This podcast, like the newspaper, takes a global approach. Stories from America, Britain, and China frequently feature in each episode. This podcast provides particularly good coverage of business and financial news from around the world. The reporters are quick to highlight the facts behind news unfolding in other countries. 

Best for: The latest in business and finance news 

5: Morning Joe

Morning Joe news podcast
Morning Joe

Hosts: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist

Theme: Political conversations

The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe podcast discuss the day’s biggest headlines. With a focus on American politics, the conversations often center on electoral candidates, polls, and senate debates.

The lively discourse that takes place on Morning Joe is interesting to listen to, bringing together both facts and opinions. Special guests from reporters to influencers bring an added perspective to the conversation. 

Best for: Opinionated discussions of American politics 

 6: The NewsWorthy 

The Newsworthy

Host: Erica Mandy

Theme: Covering both sides of news stories 

Erica Mandy’s podcast was designed for fair representation, presenting the unbiased facts behind the day’s news. Erica’s tone is upbeat, friendly, and entertaining to listen to as she covers British and American current events.

Each episode runs for around 12 minutes, making this podcast ideal for anyone in a time pinch. Surprisingly, The NewsWorthy packs a lot of topics into this short period of time, clearly explaining the details behind major headlines.

Best for: Unbiased news

7: Today, Explained


Today Explained news podcast
Today, Explained


Hosts: Sean Rameswaram and Noel King

Theme: Explaining the day’s news

Today, Explained is the podcast to turn to at the end of the day, when the news has been piling up. Each episode provides insight and explanations about significant events, examining the history that led up to them and the aftermath they may have.

With dedicated fact-checkers working on each episode, this podcast’s goal is to give an objective assessment of the day’s events. The reporting focuses largely on American politics, with some episodes dedicated to the most significant world news.

Best for: Factual news

8: Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast
Global News Podcast

Hosts: Various BBC news reporters including Oliver Conway and Valerie Sanderson

Theme: Worldwide breaking news


This BBC news podcast is known for its daily coverage of the most significant events the world over. Reporting on natural disasters, conflicts, world leaders and more, the Global News Podcast will bring you the latest on current events.

The episodes are delivered twice daily on weekdays and daily at weekends, providing consistent updates on global situations as they unfold. Each episode is packed not only with statistics and explanations but accounts from in situ reporters and interviews with key figures. 

Best for: World News

9: The Daily Beans


The Daily Beans News Podcast
The Daily Beans

 Host: Dana Goldberg

Theme: Opinionated reporting   

This uncensored podcast is entirely women-owned and operated. Host Dana Goldberg is unafraid to give her opinion as a progressive liberal on US political news. Discussing the facts alongside her personal viewpoints, her conversations with special guests are entertaining and no holds are barred.

Fans of this podcast praise its unfiltered discussions and interviews with significant cultural figures such as Michael Cohen. There’s never a dull moment listening to The Daily Beans.

Best for: Left-wing news discussions

10: Daily Tech News Show

Daily Tech News Show podcast
Daily Tech News Show

Host: Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane

Theme: The latest news in the world of tech

Want to hear the latest on cryptocurrency, social media or AI technology? The Daily Tech News Show is here for you, with coverage of how technology is developing the world over.

Nowadays, technology is more significant than it ever has been, with social and economic repercussions. Staying in the know about the latest updates will put you ahead of the game. Tom and Sarah give insight into how secure our tech really is, which new products to look out for, and the development of the Metaverse.

Best for: Up-to-date technology news

Best news podcasts based on category 

Finding the right podcast for you can be hard when there are so many to choose from. To make things simple, we’ve categorized some of the very best daily news podcasts available. Read on to find a podcast that fits what you care most about when it comes to the news.

Best current event news podcast

Keeping up to date with the news can be a hard task. Luckily, The Daily is here to make life simpler. This podcast compiles American current events into one helpful twenty-minute episode released each weekday. Even early birds can enjoy this podcast, with new episodes uploaded by 6am! The hosts are clear and informative, presenting factual reporting on current affairs. 

Best world news Podcast

The BBC’s Global News Podcast is the best place to listen to the situations unfolding across the world. Each episode provides a broad perspective on current affairs, examining the most important events occurring across multiple continents and countries. What makes this show the best world news podcast is the depth of its reporting. From first-hand accounts to interviews with royalty, presidents, locals, and more, the Global News Podcast is packed with thought-provoking information.

Best unbiased news podcast

Do you want to listen to the news, but get put off by opinions obscuring the facts? Erica Mandy’s podcast The NewsWorthy was created for people just like you. As Erica dishes out information on the day’s current affairs, she makes a point to stay neutral on the topics she covers. While her hosting abilities shine through in her energetic presenting style, The NewsWorthy remains a space for clear explanations and unbiased reporting.

FAQs on the Best News Podcasts

What’s the best news podcast? 

Because every person’s preference varies, the best news podcast will depend on the person listening to it. When you’re searching for a news podcast, consider factors like: do you prefer unbiased news? What are your own personal politics? Does global or local news interest you? 

By searching for a podcast that aligns with your preferences, you’ll be able to find the best news podcast for you. A great place to begin your search is with our list of 10 amazing news podcasts in this article.

Is The Daily podcast free?

The Daily is a free podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. You can listen to all previous episodes of The Daily as well as the day’s current release free of charge.

Who listens to The Daily podcast? 

The Daily has built a large following of listeners, most of whom are looking for clear, bitesize information on current events. The audience of The Daily is 46% female and 54% male, with an average age of 58.

What is the best podcast app for listening to news?

There are several great apps available for listening to news podcasts. Spotify and Apple Podcasts are the most popular, as they host a large variety of podcasts. If you have an iPhone you can easily access Apple Podcasts, however the app is not available on Android phones. You can create a free Spotify account, but for ad-free listening you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription.

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