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10 Best Podcast Apps for All Use Cases in 2024

Learn about the best podcasts apps for listening to podcasts, as well as apps for recording podcasts for both iOS and Android.
Kendall Breitman
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Last Updated:
July 10, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Key Takeaways

  • Need a great range on an Android device? Try Podcast Addict! 
  • Searching for the ultimate iOS podcast solution? Check out Apple Podcasts!
  • Ready to record a podcast of your own? Get started with Riverside’s professional-quality mobile recording studio.

When your favorite podcast releases a new episode, you need an easy way to tune in. 

Whether you’re listening on the road or at home, you’ll want a smooth podcast listening experience. Choosing the right podcast app will help you find more podcasts you like!

Ready to start listening to the latest episodes of the shows you love? Discover the top 10 iOS and Android podcast apps on the market.

Table of Contents:

10 Best podcast apps for listening to shows

There’s no shortage of podcast-listening apps for you to choose from! All of these apps are designed to help you access your favorite shows, wherever the day takes you. Choose an application that aligns with your operating system, and get ready to hit play. 

Best podcast apps for Android

The Google Podcasts app shut down in April 2024, so you might be on the hunt for a quality Android alternative. Here are some of your best options!

1. Podcast Addict

Price: Free

Best for: Android users who want access to a large content library without the price tag. 

With over 10 million downloads, Podcast Addict has drawn quite an audience. This app is a leader for Android users, offering free access to millions of podcast episodes and audiobooks

Podcast Addict is best for customizing your listening activities. Automate downloads and activate episodes to delete as you listen to them. Plus, if you’re listening to older shows you can set up your app to play earlier episodes before the newest ones. 

This listening app is completely free, but if you can pay ​​$0.99 monthly to get rid of ads. You also might need time to learn the app and settings. Beyond this, Podcast Addict offers a great listening experience. 

Podcast Addict podcast app for Android
Podcast Addict

Key features:

  • Rely on automatic backup that saves your listening data to the cloud.
  • Create playlists, add bookmarks, set sleep timers, and more within the app.
  • Connect with Android Auto or Chromecast to listen while you drive.
  • Customize your listening experience and set automations for individual podcasts

2. Podcast Republic

Price: Free, or one-time $1.99 fee for ad-free listening 

Best for: Listeners who need an Android-compatible, user-friendly listening solution.

Podcast episodes? Check. Radio listening? Check. Audiobooks? Check. 

With Podcast Republic, you can do it all. 

The app provides all of the above within a user-friendly interface, making it easy to stay up to date with your favorite creators. You can easily access all content from your favorite creators, even years back in time. Plus, you can rely on intuitive playback tools, including a sleep timer. 

High-level configuration tasks may be difficult, though.

Podcast Republic

Key features:

  • Access customizable features to apply search filters and edit playlists.
  • Listen to podcasts, audiobooks, and radio programming all in one place.
  • Bookmark sections easily, and come back to tracks later. 

3. AntennaPod

Price: Free

Best for: Users seeking a comprehensive Android podcast app that’s also free.

AntennaPod is a simple podcast player and manager. 

The platform is open source with no ads, so you can get straight to episode content. With AntennaPod, you can automate downloads and simplify your playlists to optimize the listening experience. The interface is clear and user-friendly, although a download limit does apply to new content.


Key features:

  • Easily import feeds from Apple Podcasts and other directories to keep your listening on track.
  • Adjust playback speed and access chapter support, all within the app.
  • Set up automatic downloads and other controls that make listening easier than ever.

Best podcast apps for iOS

Do you use an iOS device? There are so many podcast apps on offer to suit your needs! Here are some of our favorites. 

4. Apple Podcasts

Price: Free with Apple devices

Best for: Loyal Apple users looking for a built-in listening system, no extra download required.

Designed for iOS users, Apple Podcasts is a popular listening choice – and for good reason. 

The app provides intuitive playback functions and an impressive search function. Instead of just keywords in titles, you can search for keywords in podcast recordings.

Today, Apple Podcasts has one of the most expansive libraries on the market! However, it’s only a good choice if you’re using an Apple device.

Apple Podcasts app for iOS
Apple Podcasts

Key features:

  • Link your podcast playlists across a range of Apple devices, so you can listen to shows on the go.
  • Create stations that group similar shows together for a more curated listening experience.
  • Access subscription features for early access and exclusive events related to your favorite shows.
Read more: Check out our guide on how to start a podcast on Apple Podcasts.

5. Castro

Price: From free to $18.99 / year

Best for: Users who take listening seriously and want a podcast app that can do it all.

Castro offers an all-in-one podcast listening interface. 

Take control of your playlist and set up content queues with ease, so you can always access the shows you want to hear. 

Better yet, if you subscribe to Castro Plus, the app will remove silence and correct poor recording quality. The platform achieves this via the Smart Speed and Voice Boost features. However, the app can sometimes be prone to delays or glitches.

Castro podcast app

Key features:

  • Easily access fresh content by navigating to the ‘NEW’ tab. 
  • Access drag-and-drop features that provide full playlist customization control.
  • Subscribe to Castro Plus for automatic enhancement and sideloading file imports. 

6. ListenApp

Price: $2.99

Best for: Podcast listeners who want access to community-building programs linked to audio content. 

ListenApp is all about delivering quality content - and creating community around it. 

You can tune in to a sweeping podcast library, finding all your favorite shows in one convenient location. The app offers specific and tailored search features that make it easier than ever to find the shows you love. You can also hang out with other listeners and connect with favorite podcast hosts via in-built social forums and connections. 

The app provides excellent playback options and playlist customization, allowing you to curate your experience with just the press of a button.

Listen App podcast listening app

Key features:

  • Connect with friends on the app, and join a community of similar listeners.
  • Easily share your favorite episodes directly to your social media feeds.
  • Virtually attend live podcast events hosted by your favorite creators. 

Bonus: Best podcast apps for recording and creating podcasts

Listening to podcasts is great, but what if you want to publish a podcast of your own? Thanks to simple, beginner-friendly recording tools, you can! Get started with these podcast production apps.


Price: From free to $24 / month

Best for: Creators who want to create studio-quality podcasts seamlessly.

The Riverside app makes podcast creation easy from beginning to end. 

Capture 48Khz sound quality and up to 4K video resolution, recording easily from anywhere in the world. 

You can invite up to 7 guests to join your show, and capture separate audio and video tracks for each of them. Everything records locally so you won’t have to worry about internet ruining your resolution. 

After recording, touch up your show in less time with our video editor. With a few quick clicks, you can fix up audio, trim your recording, add captions, and customize your layout.

When you’re done share directly your podcast directly to Spotify!

Riverside podcast creation app

Key features:

  • Local recording: Record directly on each person’s device instead of depending on your internet connection.
  • Separate tracks: Capture separate tracks for each participant to minimize connectivity disruptions.
  • Progressive uploading: Make the most of progressive uploading, which will save your podcast while you record it.
  • AI transcriptions and show notes: Enjoy highly-accurate AI transcriptions and show notes for quick search-friendly titles, chapters, and descriptions.
  • Seamless editor: Edit in less time with text-based editing, audio enhancement, and automated tools for customization. 
  • Magic Clips: Turn your episode’s highlights into short-form clips at the tap of a button. 
  • Mobile app: Use the Riverside mobile app to capture high-quality content on the go.


Price: From free to $79 / month

Best for: Podcasters looking for an intuitive starting point for audio-only production.

PodBean is a recording studio that fits in your pocket! 

The app offers easy audio recording (though it’s not suitable for video). 

With PodBean, you can create and publish your podcast, all within the app. This makes for a simple, no-fuss recording pathway. PodBean offers simple online recording for creators getting started. However, quality results may be limited compared to other more advanced tools.

PodBean podcast app

Key features:

  • Access in-app monetization features, as well as performance analytics.
  • Link content directly to popular listening apps, like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
  • Use AI features to reduce noise, automate transcripts, craft chapter markers, and more.

FAQs on podcast apps

Still unsure about how to choose the best podcast apps? Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions!

What's the best app to listen to podcasts?

When it comes to podcast listening, there are many apps available to suit your needs. There’s no way of saying for sure which app is best. You can start with the list above and see which platform best accommodates your needs. 

What is the most used podcast platform?

The most recent data available shows that Spotify is one of the world’s most popular podcast-listening platforms. It is closely followed by Apple Podcasts. 

Why is Google discontinuing their podcast app?

Google discontinued its podcast app in April 2024 in order to consolidate all audio services under YouTube. 

Fresh podcast content that used to appear on Google Podcasts will instead appear on YouTube or be published by other podcast listening tools. 

What is replacing Google Podcasts?

While there’s no single replacement in mind for Google Podcasts, there are alternatives you can try. We recommend trying Podcast Addict or some of the other options for Android on this list.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a listener or creator, there’s no denying it: podcasts have power! 

Find the right podcast listening and recording apps to help you curate a positive digital experience that encourages future innovation. 

Ready to start capturing a podcast of your own? Discover Riverside’s high-quality recording capabilities. 

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