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15+ Best Movie Podcasts for Cinematic and TV Series Fans

Are you a movie or TV series fanatic? Check out our list of the 15+ best movie podcasts for in-depth analysis and reviews.
Kendall Breitman
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April 30, 2023
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Ever watch a really great movie and then want to instantly know what other people are thinking and saying about it? Movie podcasts have blossomed in popularity, with ones dedicated to discussing the latest film releases and others more interested in delving into old movies. 

Here we’ll look at some of the best movie podcasts, as well as good movies about television series, franchises, and networks. We’ll also recommend the best classic film and bad movie podcasts. 

What kind of movie podcasts are there?

There is now a wide range of types of movie podcasts. There are some that lean into more highbrow criticism of films and their place in culture and history. Whereas some of the best movie podcasts are hilarious recaps by comedians and guests. 

10 Best Movie Podcasts of 2022

1. Pop Culture Happy Hour

Pop Culture Happy Hour Movie podcast

Listen on: NPR, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Smart culture criticism released five times a week

Every day of the week, NPR arts journalists Linda Holmes, Glen Weldon, Stephen Thompson, and Aisha Harris discuss the newest and best movies and tv shows. Some recently reviewed films on Pop Culture Happy Hour include: Nope, Black Adam, Don’t Worry Darling, Bodies Bodies Bodies. They do guide episodes on themes such as the best summer movies or the scariest Halloween flicks. As well as great spoiler episodes on more complex films and fun recap ones after the large award shows. 

2. Keep It!

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Best for: Smart witty pop culture commentary with in-depth interviews with actors and Hollywood elite

Television writers and pop culture historians Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel host the excellent podcast Keep It! They talk about the newest movies and television series while weaving in their oldest cult favorites and Louis’ supercomputer level of knowledge about the history of the Academy Awards. From old Hollywood movie stars to current Housewives and reality tv stars, Ira and Louis love many parts of culture. Each week they bring on a celebrity guest, often a movie or TV actor, such as Jennifer Coolidge, Jane Fonda, Alan Cumming, Catherine O’Hara, and Eugene Levy. 

3. Cows in the Field

Cows in the Field

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Audible 

Best for: A more scholarly look at popular movies

For a more intellectual look at films, have a listen to Cows in the Field. It’s named after a quote by the eccentric director Werner Herzog: “We have to articulate ourselves, otherwise we would be cows in the field.”  It’s hosted by a professor of philosophy at MIT and a former art historian, who looks to examine the philosophical, aesthetic, and cultural themes in popular movies. Some of their recent episodes examine North by Northwest, Basic Instinct, Eyes Wides Shut, and Forrest Gump. 

4. You Must Remember This

Listen on: Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Juicy tales of Classic Hollywood studios, actors, and more

You Must Remember This is a deeply researched episodic podcast that is mostly about the secret and forgotten stories of Old Hollywood. Host and film journalist Karina Longworth uses her silky smooth voice to guide you through the histories you’ve likely heard of but you don’t know the full story of. Often a full story is told over a season, such as ones about the making of Star Wars, Charles Manson’s connections to Hollywood, and the behemoth MGM studio system. Other episodes feature starlets like Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, and Grace Kelly, as well as heavyweights like Howard Hughes and Marlon Brando.

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5. The Bechdel Cast

The Bechdel Cast movie podcast

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Best for: Criticism of portrayals of women-identifying characters

The Bechdel test is a simple check for gender equality in movies – to pass, there must be at least two women characters who talk to each other about something other than a man. Surprisingly, most films don’t pass the test. In The Bechdel Cast podcast, comedians Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus along with guests review movies and see if they pass the test. Recent episodes looked at Wild Things, The Shape of Water, Turning Red, and Encanto. 

6. Exiting through the 2010s

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Deep-diving into the best movies of the last decade

In Exiting through the 2010s, hosts Jack Draper and Clay Williams with guests discuss some of the best and most popular movies of the past ten years. They place the films within the context of the time and the other movies being made, as well as dissect themes, motifs, and characters. This podcast covers award-winning films, such as Drive, Inception, Moneyball, Call Me By Your Name, as well as top Blockbuster hits, like Bridesmaids, The Blair Witch Project, and Jackass 3D.  

7. Disaster Girls

Disaster Girls movie podcast

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify

Best for: Action and adventure movie enthusiasts 

Do you love action-packed movies with bombs and explosions? Your actors battling monsters, like aliens, sharks, or giant snakes? Check out Disaster Girls – a podcast about adventure movies. In this weekly podcast, hosts Jordan Crucchiola and Amanda Smith, with occasional guests like director Paul Feig, talk about old favorites, like the Godzilla movies, as well as new hits. Some of the movies discussed include: Jurassic Park, Twister, Anaconda, and Independence Day. 

8. Cannes I Kick It?

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Best for: People interested most in film festivals, award shows, and award-winning movies.

Cannes I Kick It? looks at the best and newest of the film festival circuit. Besides the titular Cannes Film Festival, the hosts chat about the films and events of the Venice Film Festival, TIFF, Sundance, Berlin, and more. They also discuss award nominations and predictions with guests including actors, journalists, and celebrities. 

9. Newcomers

Newcomers best movie podcast

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Hilarious takes on classic movie franchises

Do you never understand Darth Vadar and Yoda references? Neither did comedians and actors Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus before they started the podcast Newcomers. In the first season, they dive into the Star Wars galaxy, getting thoroughly confused by the story and all the characters. Next, they watched The Lord of the Rings (which they hated), then Tyler Perry’s catalog, the Fast and Furious series, and a number of Marvel movies. Newcomers features other hilarious comedian guests like Jon Gabrus, Sasheer Zamata, Joel Kim Booster, and Jason Mantzoukas. 

10. The Rewatchables

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher 

Best for: Casual chats about favorite old movies. 

Some movies are made to be rewatched. In this podcast by the Ringer, sports, and pop culture website, hosts and guests chat about the films they can’t seem to stop watching and talking about. Recent films they’ve discussed include old favorites like: Grease, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and A League of Their Own

Bonus: Best TV Show and Series Podcasts

As well as many amazing film podcasts, there are now loads of ones about television shows and series. Here are a few choice picks of podcasts to listen to centered around different TV shows, series, and networks. 

Watch What Crappens

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify 

Best for: Funny and lighthearted recaps of the best of Bravo reality tv. 

Fan of the gossip, girl’s trips, and glitz of the Real Housewives? Check out these podcasts for the best breakdowns. The hosts of Watch What Crappens are improvisers and do hilarious impressions and recaps of the best of Bravo, including Housewives, Below Deck, and Top Chef, five days a week

There are many other podcasts about the Real Housewives and Bravo universe, including Bitch Sesh , also hosted by two comedians who love talking housewives with fun guests. Check out Reality with the King for a podcast from a previous Bravo producer who worked on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with great insights and backstage knowledge. 

Drag Her!

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher

Best for: Recaps of episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and its many iterations.

The Drag Race universe has become large and complex with so many spin-offs and Ru girls now out in the world. There are now also a massive amount of podcasts about Drag Race. Check out Drag Her! for fun recaps of all the latest seasons, including those abroad like Drag Race UK, Thailand, and Spain. 

Drag Race stars Alaska and Willam also have their own podcast Race Chaser which looks at old episodes, as well as gossip, news and politics. There’s also Sibling Rivalry with Bob and Monet, The Chop with Latrice and Manila, The Bald and The Beautiful with Katya and Trixie, and Hi Jinkx with Jinkx Monsoon. 

Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast 

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Reminiscing about old episodes of the Golden Girls.

For those that love to binge-watch old episodes of the Golden Girls, we have podcasts for you. Out on the Lanai has two superfans, one a drag queen styled after the Golden Girls, with guests deep diving into each episode. Another one to check out is ​​Shenanigans at Shady Pines with hosts that call themselves “two 90s babies – who are a little too obsessed with the Golden Girls.”

HBO’s Succession Podcast

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Best for: Deep dives into episodes of Succession

Can’t get enough of the evil and conniving Roy family on Succession? Check out HBO’s Succession Podcast, hosted by journalist Kara Swisher, for breakdowns of each episode with guests including the cast and crew of the show. The podcast The Watch by The Ringer also does reviews of Succession episodes, as well as other current popular shows like White Lotus, House of the Dragon, and Abbott Elementary

Best funny entertainment and culture podcasts

Who? Weekly

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Those that love silly celebrity gossip about D-list actors and influencers

Do you often see actors and other celebrities in the news and wonder who is that? Twice a week, the podcast Who? Weekly examines those C and D-list actors making the rounds and what makes them interesting. Hosts Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger love to chat about and reference obscure pop culture. A large part of the show consists of listeners calling in with their own questions about theories about “who-lebrities”. 

Las Culturistas

Listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Best for: Fun pop culture roundups from a queer lens. 

Las Culturistas are best friends, actors, and comedians Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers. They love chatting about culture, from trashy reality tv shows to the newest award buzzy films. Matt and Bowen regularly welcome on guests, including actors, comedians, writer, musicians, drag queens, and more. Recent guests have included Jennifer Lewis, Guy Branum, Abbi Jacobson, and Trixie Mattel. 

Best bad movie podcast

How Did This Get Made?

Listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher

Best for: Hilarious takedowns of the worst movies ever made

If you love movies that are so bad, they’re good, How Did This Get Made? is the podcast for you. It’s hosted by actors and comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, with hilarious guests like Paul F. Tompkins, Weird Al Yankovic, Anna Faris, and Adam Scott. Movies they’ve recently watched and dissected include An American Werewolf in Paris, Daredevil, and Spider-Man 3

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