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10 Best Spiritual Podcasts to Nourish your Soul in 2024

Want to deepen your spiritual practice? Check out these 10 best spiritual podcasts to nourish your soul in 2024.
Ortal Hadad
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April 23, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

The Buddha once said that ‘with our thoughts, we make the world’. The way we think has a huge impact on how we live, find purpose and flourish. Spirituality can be a powerful doorway into understanding your deeper self and shaping your life through your thoughts.

For anyone wanting to learn more about spirituality and find their inner purpose, there are many incredible podcasts available to help on the journey. We have spent the time handpicking the best spiritual podcasts so you don’t have to, making it easy to find a show that will nourish your soul.

Why should I listen to spiritual podcasts?

Spiritual experts the world over teach about the power of our thoughts, feelings, and lifestyles. Listening to spiritual podcasts can help you live with motivation and mindfulness at the center of everything you do. In addition to this, different podcasts can teach you specific skills such as manifestation, meditation, and living in the present moment.

Amazingly, our mental approach to life can have a great effect on our mood and even our physical health. Numerous studies conducted into the effect of meditation have found that it can reduce anxiety, enhance sleep quality and even improve blood pressure. So why not give spiritual podcasts a listen to improve your well-being?


10 Best Spiritual Podcasts of 2024

We have searched far and wide to gather a list of the top spiritual podcasts that exist today. Are you a beginner wanting to learn about spirituality? Do you want to try out meditation with an expert voice to guide you? Or are you interested in spiritual awakenings? Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be a great podcast for you in the list below.


1: The Highest Self Podcast

The Highest Self Podcast spiritual podcast
The Highest Self Podcast

Rating: 4.8 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is a fun and down-to-earth host, who presents this engaging podcast about becoming your best self through spiritual practices. Sahara’s friendly approach makes this podcast a welcoming space for anyone interested in spirituality, whatever your level of knowledge.

By listening to weekly episodes, you can expect to learn all about the power of positive affirmations and finding your purpose. Sahara even covers more specialized topics such as somatic healing, where mind-body exercises are used to improve the nervous system. 

2: Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast

Inner work spiritual growth podcast
Inner Work: A Spiritual Growth Podcast

Rating: 4.8 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Josephine Hardman, PhD

In this healing-focused podcast, host Josephine Hardman will guide you through topics for self-improvement as you embark on your spiritual journey. Josephine can teach you the importance of manifestation and of deeply understanding your motivations in life.

This podcast also talks about how spiritual practices can improve many of our experiences, from our relationship with food to even seasonal depression. Josephine encourages living in the present and letting go of the past in order to move forwards with purpose.

3: Wisdom of the Sages

Wisdom of the Sages spiritual podcast
Wisdom of the Sages

Rating: 5 Stars (Spotify)

Hosts:  Raghunath Cappo and Kaustubha Das

The hosts of Wisdom of the Sages had an interesting journey to beginning this daily yoga podcast. From growing up in the Hardcore Punk Scene to becoming Bhakti-yogi monks, Raghunath and Kaustubha’s life experiences have led them to invest their time, energy and beliefs in sharing the power of spirituality with the world.

Raghunath and Kaustubha bring ancient yoga practices into the 21st century, discussing both the origins of yoga and the incredible impact it can have on our busy modern lives. Their daily episodes encourage listeners to embrace deep, spiritual happiness rather than holding onto material things.


4: The Way Out Is In

The Way Out is In spiritual podcast
The Way Out is In

Rating: 5 Stars (Spotify)

Hosts: Jo Confino and Brother Phap Huu

Become the master of your own emotions with this Buddhist podcast. Each episode presents Buddhist teachings and philosophies to help you discover joy and process suffering. Compassion is at the heart of this self-help podcast. The hosts’ passion for helping others achieve happiness and share love comes across strongly to their listeners.

The Way Out Is In will guide you to look inwards at your own emotions, motivations, and spirit, and to overcome any difficulty by looking deeply within yourself. The hosts will inspire you with their special guest interviews, question and answer episodes, and the real stories they tell of emotional struggles and triumphs.

5: Oprah’s Super Soul 


Oprah's Super Soul

Rating: 4.7 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Oprah Winfrey

The Super Soul podcast features Oprah’s personal selection of the very best interviews from her Super Soul Sunday show. Listen to Oprah in conversation with famous and ground-breaking world thinkers as she interviews them about all aspects of life. From these weekly episodes you can expect to hear from experts in wellness, psychology and purposeful living. 

Oprah’s guests might surprise you - they include famous actor Dwayne Johnson and Holocaust survivor Dr Edith Eva Eger among many others. This variety of perspectives is what makes the podcast so useful, as you can learn multiple ways to improve your own life through hearing their advice and experiences.

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6: You Can Heal Your Life

You can heal your life spiritual podcast
You Can Heal Your Life

Rating: 4.6 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Hosts: Various

The You Can Heal Your Life podcast is one of the most varied and interesting spirituality podcasts available. Each episode of this show is different – some are audio recordings of talks from spiritual experts, others are teachings and advice about topics like manifesting.

For anyone wanting to understand multiple spiritual approaches and perspectives, this is the best spiritual podcast for you. With audiobook excerpts from the talented spiritual teacher Louise Hay, discussions of oracles, crystals, and health, this podcast will inspire and motivate you to bring spiritual practices into your life.


7: Tara Brach

Tara Brach's spiritual podcast
Tara Brach

Rating: 4.8 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Host: Tara Brach

Tara Brach’s spiritual expertise and bestselling novel have made her a household name for many who practice yoga, meditation, and Eastern spiritual teachings. In this podcast she explains how our minds work, and why we feel emotions such as hurt and anger. Tara advocates for healing our own traumas and bringing love and kindness into the world. Her podcast also discusses the topic of spiritual awakening as a way of reforming our approach to life.

One of the methods Tara encourages for emotional stability is practicing meditation. In fact, she even dedicates episodes to guided mindfulness meditation. In these episodes, she soothingly leads the listener through an experience of discovering what they can sense, and what thoughts are stirring in their subconscious.

8: Soul Rising

Soul Rising Spiritual Podcast

Rating: 5 Stars (Apple Podcasts)

Hosts: Amy Brookes and Erin Marie 

Does spirituality interest you, but you’re questioning how real any of it actually is? Well, Amy and Erin have got you covered. These two down-to-earth, chatty and easygoing ladies are so relatable they’ll have you feeling right at home with their podcast.

Amy and Erin aim to present spirituality in a practical way, so that you can easily see how it would fit in your own life. They tell true, personal stories of their own experiences with the supernatural. They also discuss mythology, astrology, and clairvoyance, among other topics. This hosting duo are experts at breaking down spiritual ideas that might seem complicated at first and making them really fun to learn about. 

9: Eckhart Tolle: Essential Teachings

Eckhart Tolle Essential Teachings podcast

 Rating: 5 Stars (Spotify)

Hosts: Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle 

Two cultural giants are paired in this eye-opening spiritual podcast. Oprah Winfrey joins forces with spiritual advisor Eckhart Tolle to bring you thoughtful lessons on how to live. Recent episodes of this podcast feature chapter-by-chapter classes on Eckhart’s bestselling spiritual book, A New Earth.

Oprah has claimed that Eckhart’s book ‘changed the way I live my life’ and hopes that this podcast can bring the same inspiration to you. The combination of Oprah’s famous ability to ask the best questions, and Eckhart’s deep and fascinating answers, make this one of the best spiritual podcasts you could listen to.

10: Hay House Meditations

Hay House Meditations spiritual podcast
Hay House Meditations

Rating: 4.6 Stars (Spotify)

Host: Variety

This meditation podcast puts a twist on any you might have listened to before. Each episode contains a guided meditation from a different featured author, putting the spotlight on a huge variety of spiritual teachers’ voices.

For a meditation podcast that will surprise you with each episode, tune in to Hay House Meditations. You will travel on imaginative mindful journeys through your own body, your dreams, and the chakras. Practicing these meditations will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-energized for the day.

Best spiritual podcasts for beginners

Are you new to spiritual podcasts? Sahara Rose’s Highest Self Podcast is the best podcast for spiritual growth. Sahara’s hosting style is so friendly and nurturing that you will find yourself picking up spiritual knowledge in no time, and having fun while you’re at it.

Sahara focuses on what makes you unique, helping you uncover your personal motivations, desires, and struggles. She will guide you towards self-fulfillment in all areas of your life through her teachings about manifestation, trusting your intuition, and overcoming fear.

Best spiritual podcast for meditation

Hay House Meditations have a guided meditation episode for pretty much any mood you’re in. They offer the best meditation podcast for anyone who enjoys a range of mindful narrations from different speakers.

For example, you could unwind to the words of Ayeda Husain by following her Sufi breathing meditation. Or you could take some time to be still and present with deep relaxation echo meditation under guidance from Anita Moorjani. This podcast truly does bring something new and special with every episode, so you’ll never feel bored with such a variety to choose from.

Best spiritual awakening podcasts

Tara Brach is a spiritual expert, whose self-titled podcast Tara Brach teaches you the tools to become deeply self-aware. Tara guides listeners along their pathway towards spiritual awakening through her strong beliefs in developing self-compassion and healing.

While her podcast does not focus solely on spiritual awakening, it is a central topic that she returns to across episodes. As well as this, the Eastern spiritual practices she focuses on can help you develop a deeper understanding of your inner self. 

Best podcast for spiritual interviews 

Oprah Winfrey is famous for her thoughtful and effective interviewing style. So it’s no surprise that her podcast Oprah’s Super Soul contains the best spiritual interviews you could listen to. 

The purpose of this podcast is to guide you towards living your best life by taking a closer look at your lifestyle. How well does your current diet benefit you? Are you holding onto childhood traumas? Do you approach life passively, or with purpose? You can learn how to handle these big questions and more by hearing approaches from Oprah’s guests, who include famous actors, authors and philosophers. .

FAQs on Spiritual Podcasts

Where do I start with spirituality podcasts?

You can start your spiritual podcast journey right here with this article, by choosing one of these ten great podcasts to listen to. To make that choice, think about what your goals are – do you want to learn meditation? Or would you like to feel more grounded and confident?

Once you’ve picked a podcast that fits your needs, find ten minutes in your day to be calm and still while you listen. This is especially important for meditation podcasts. It’s best to block out the same time slot every day, like the first ten minutes of your lunch break, to build a routine. You could keep a notebook near you to write down anything you learn while listening. With each day that you listen and learn, you will grow more in touch with your spiritual self.

Where can I listen to spiritual podcasts?

The best places to listen to spiritual podcasts for free are Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The great thing about these apps is that they have a range of podcasts about spirituality available, and you can even listen to them while offline. If you’d like to listen and watch at the same time, you can also find spiritual podcasts for free on YouTube. This can be especially useful if you want to learn meditation or breathing techniques by observing a teacher.

Read more: How to Listen to Podcasts (On Any Device For Free)

Create your own Spiritual Podcast

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