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How to Monetize Your Podcast with Programmatic Ads

Are you looking for ways to monetize your podcast? Read along to learn more about programmatic ads and how to start earning money with your show.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
January 21, 2021
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

Guest Blog Post by RedCircle

There are many reasons to start a podcast: to share a story, share your expertise, share knowledge, share your hobby or passion. Podcasting is an incredible medium that empowers you to share your voice with the world and entertain, inspire, motivate, and educate listeners around the world. 

For many creators, podcasting can also turn into a full-time job doing what they love. Your podcast is your creative outlet, but you shouldn’t shy away from the opportunity to make money.

Most podcasters want to monetize their show at some point. Which brings us to the question — How do I make money podcasting? 

Our answer: Programmatic advertising.

What are programmatic ads?

Programmatic advertising is the fully automated buying and selling of online ads. This process is almost instantaneous!

Why should you consider programmatic ads?

Programmatic advertising is a great way to start monetizing your podcast. All you have to do is opt-in and you will start seeing money coming into your account without having to record a single ad. RedCircle's technology handles the ads being placed in your show, you just have to specify the category of choice and the categories you want to exclude.

When is the right time to start? 

If you are new to podcasting, don’t expect to start making money right away. It takes a lot of hard work and some time before you can start monetizing your podcast. Establishing a trusting relationship and engaging your audience is key to successfully monetizing your podcast. Which is why it’s crucial to prioritize producing quality content and growing your audience before you put ads on your podcast. 

If you have the audience to support it, advertising is often the most lucrative way to monetize your podcast. Finding sponsorship deals can be challenging when you first start to advertise. Large advertisers often require a big audience, that is why programmatic advertising is a great option when you are ready to start monetizing a smaller audience.

RedCircle's platform has a minimum threshold of 500 downloads per episode before you can opt into monetization features. RedCircle's Ad Platform supports programmatic ads (pre-recorded dynamically inserted ads) and host-read ads.

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How does programmatic advertising work with RedCircle?

Programmatic ads can be enabled on all podcasts with 500+ weekly downloads. The programmatic ad marketplace allows brands to bid at scale on a given amount of downloads. As listeners download your show, the RedCircle platform will assess how many available ad blocks there are and allow brands to dynamically insert their ads based on your show’s content and opted in categories.

The beauty of it all is that two listeners could download the same episode at the same time and get an entirely different set of ads targeted directly to them. RedCircle is the only platform that gives the podcaster control over their categories and flexibility on position within their episodes for free. 

RedCircle ad platform visual overview
Preview of the RedCircle dashboard

Getting started with RedCircle

It’s easy to get started, whether you are currently hosting elsewhere or are new to podcasting, the RedCircle platform walks you through how to redirect to RedCircle or submit your podcast to all the listening distribution platforms.  

About RedCircle

RedCircle is a platform for podcasts and brands to scale their messages. RedCircle’s monetization features empower creators to create their own audio empires by growing their audience and earning money through advertising, listener donations, and paywall subscriptions. For brands, RedCircle provides scalable access to potential customers through thousands of vetted independent creators and networks.

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