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Why Continuity Camera Is BIG for Creators

The new continuity camera feature makes it easier to use your iPhone as a webcam. Read to find out why continuity camera matters for creators!
Stephen Robles
Video & Podcast Creator
Last Updated:
October 30, 2022
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

The brand new Continuity Camera feature for iPhone and Mac is a big deal, especially for video content creators and podcasters.

We'll cover a few reasons why Continuity Camera is such a game-changer.

A change in the way we record

Before, everyone was using their webcam (especially if they were recording online content). Now, everyone can use their iPhone as a webcam. And you're going to get much higher quality video than built-in webcams — without any third party applications or even cables needed.

If you use something like Riverside to record your online content, you can get that high quality video recorded locally from everyone that's on the call. You can encourage your remote guest to use their iPhone for their video camera to get great quality, and it'll work right inside Riverside.

Comparing a built-in webcam with iPhone

Here's the video quality of the built-in webcam on a 14 inch 2021 MacBook Pro compared to the quality of an iPhone 14 Pro with Continuity Camera.

The 2021 MacBook Pro has one of the better webcams that Apple puts in their laptops, but still it pales in comparison to the iPhone video quality. In the second frame, we’re using Continuity Camera, no cables, connecting an iPhone to a Mac while recording directly in Riverside.

Save money on equipment

Also, if you have previously sent tech kits to your potential guests and interviewees, that can get pretty expensive. And setting up a webcam or even a mirrorless or DSLR camera might be complicated for a lot of guests. Now, all your guest needs is a Mac and an iPhone, and they can get high quality video with the devices they already have.

And if you wanna send a tech kit, you could just send a tripod with an iPhone mount. You can send that to your guest. Just order it on Amazon, ship it directly to them, and now they're going to get great quality video with their iPhone.

We also have a video with all the different mounting options to use with your iPhone and Continuity Camera.

Continuity Cam plays nice with Riverside (and other tools)

In addition to Continuity Camera, you can use the Riverside app and add multiple other mobile devices as secondary camera angles during your video recording. You can use your iPhone as your Continuity Camera as the main camera you're using for your A-Roll, and then any older iPhone for secondary angles. Riverside will record all of those angles in sync and you can download those separate video files later.

This is a great way to use older iPhones and even iPad and Android devices for those secondary angles. Continuity Camera gives you the high-quality A-Roll, and all those other mobile devices will give you plenty of angles to choose from. If you're doing a video podcast, this is a great way to get multiple camera angles on your co-host and guests without purchasing more equipment.

If you're a podcast creator doing audio-only shows before, and you're considering adding video: Continuity Camera is the perfect place to start. Just mount your iPhone and start recording video with Riverside. You now have a video component added to your podcast automatically. If you were doing audio-only before, Riverside makes it easy to continue creating high-quality audio-only content.

When you're ready to export your recording from Riverside, you can still choose to do an audio-only clip. There’s never been an easier time to create and publish high-quality content for your fans.

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Finally, if you're going to start using your iPhone and Continuity Camera to make video content, one of the biggest upgrades you can make to your setup without spending a lot of money is getting good lighting.

Your iPhone camera will look great even with inexpensive, soft lighting, we have an entire video recommending lights at all budget levels.

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