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How to Record a Google Meet On Any Device (Quick & Easy)

If you want to record a Google Meet, read this step-by-step guide. We walk you through all you need to know how to record a Google meet on any device.
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December 21, 2021
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Trying to figure out how to record a Google Meet without all the hassle? We’ll show you how.

Anyone can easily record a meeting. If you don’t have permission to record from Google Meet directly, there’s a quick workaround you can use. We know how important it is to capture meetings successfully, so let’s make it easier for you with our guide. 

This article walks you through all the steps you need to record on Google Meet with or without permission, plus we’ll share with you the best way to capture high-resolution meetings on any device.

Can You Record a Google Meet Event?

You can easily record an event directly in Google Meet if you’re the meeting organizer or a participant with recording permissions. Currently, Google Meet events can only be recorded from desktop devices using the app’s recording features.  

If you don’t have recording permissions, or you’d like to record from your mobile phone, you can use screen recording software

It’s worth mentioning that Google Meet isn’t dedicated to high-resolution recording. If recording quality is your priority, it’s best to use a dedicated meeting recording platform like Riverside.

How To Record a Google Meet Meeting as a Host or Participant:

The Google Meet recording feature makes it very easy to record your webinar, video call, or other Google Meet event. Follow these steps to learn how to record a Google Meet event using the program’s recording features:

Step 1: Open the Google Meet App.

Step 2: Start your meeting and select the Activities icon to find the meeting recording feature.

Step 3: Press Start Recording and then click Start

Your recording will begin, and all meeting participants will be advised the meeting is being recorded.

Step 4: Go back to the Recording tab and click Stop recording at any time to end your video recording. 

The recorded meeting is saved in Google My Drive inside the Meet Recording Folder. Additionally, a recording link is sent to the person who started the recording and the meeting organizer. 

The Best Way to Record Meetings Online in HD

If recording quality is your priority, Google Meet’s recording features might not offer you what you need. Google Meet relies on a stable internet connection for recording in high quality. This means recording resolution can suffer if your connection is glitchy. 

So what should you do instead? 

We suggest using dedicated meeting recording software like Riverside. 

Recording Meetings with Riverside in Top-Quality

Riverside makes it simple to record high-quality audio and video you can publish online with just a few clicks. This powerful remote creation platform is all you need to start recording, editing, and sharing HD video content on major social sites. Many big names in the entertainment industry trust Riverside to create their content because it’s easy to use and provides automated features that allow anyone to edit their video and audio with a couple of clicks. 

Advantages of Recording Meetings with Riverside: 

  • Localized recording that doesn’t rely on an internet connection to capture HD content
  • Up to 4K video and 48kHz audio resolution
  • Mobile App for recording meetings on iOS & Android devices
  • Separate audio and video recording for more advanced editing
  • Automated transcription features
  • Easy-to-Use screen share capabilities 
  • Editing tools for branding, customization and quick content repurposing
  • Text-based editing so anyone can create professional videos as easily as editing text
  • Business plan collaborative workspace for efficient collaboration

Whether you’re recording internal communications or need a platform for high-end webinars, Riverside is suitable for all online meetings. Sign up for free to get started.

How to record an online team meeting with Riverside

Step 1: Login to your Riverside account and create a new studio or select an existing one.

Online recording studio for team meetings

Step 2: Select ‘Invite People’ to send your team meeting members a link to join your online meeting recording. You can also do this later once you’re inside the studio.

Inviting team members to a recording on Riverside

Step 3: Select ‘Go to Studio’ to enter the Lobby where you can test out your equipment before clicking on ‘Join Studio’ when you are ready.

Testing out equipment before joining an online meeting recording

Step 4: Once you and your guests are in the studio, select the record button to start recording your meeting.

Recording an online team meeting with Riverside

Step 5: Press the stop button when you are done recording your meeting. Wait for all your files to upload before ending the meeting. 

You’ll be able to access your new files in your studio’s recordings. Here you can either download separate audio and video tracks of all your meeting participants, or you can use Riverside’s editor to customize and merge your meeting recordings.

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How To Record a Google Meet Meeting Without Permissions

If don’t have permission or want to record with your phone, we suggest using screen recording software. 

Each software may have different guidelines but in short, the process should look like this:

Step 1: Find and download a reliable screen recorder. 

Step 2: Join the Google Meet meeting you want to record.

Step 3: Set up your software so that it records your Google Meet browser. 

Step 4: Record your Google Meet meeting, then stop recording and export when you are done.

Read More: How to Screen Record on Any Device (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

You can use screen recording software on any device whether you have a Mac, Windows or you’re using an iPhone or Android phone. We’ll summarize some popular options to help you out.

How to Record Google Meet on Windows PC 

If you’re using a Windows PC, your best option is to record directly with Xbox Game Bar screen recorder.  You can use it to make a Google Meets recording, even if you’re a participant without recording privileges. Use the steps below to record a Google session on a Windows PC: 

Step 1: Open your Google Meet event and select the window it displays in.

Step 2: Open Xbox Game Bar from the apps in your Start Menu

Step 3: Click Record, and the app will begin capturing your Google Meet event. 

You can find your video recordings in the Videos folder of your Windows 10 system. 

How to Record on Google Meet on Mac 

It’s easier to create a Google Meet recording on a Mac than a PC because Macs let you start recording with just a few taps of the keyboard! Modern Macs come with native recording programs you can start using right away to record a Google Meet call. 

Follow these steps to record Google Meet videos on your Mac: 

  1. Press and hold the Command + Shift + 5 keys on your keyboard. 
  2. Choose to record your full screen, just a portion of your screen, or a single window.
  3. Your Mac will start recording after a selection is made.

When you’re ready to stop recording, click Stop, and a thumbnail of your recording will appear on your screen. Click on the thumbnail to select where it will be saved. 

How to Record a Google Meet on a Phone

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, there are built-in tools you can use to record a Google Meet.

How To Record a Google Meet Meeting on Android

It’s simple to start a Google Meet recording on an Android device after adjusting your setting slightly. Follow these instructions to be recording the screen of your Android to capture a Google Meet session: 

Step 1: Open your Quick Settings and select Screen Recorder.

Step 2: Select the audio and video recording setting and choose Done.

Step 3: Accept the Android Screen Recorder request for access to your device.

Step 4: Tap on Start Recording.  

How to Record a Google Meet on My iPhone

iPhones have a built-in screen recording feature you can use to overcome Google Meet’s mobile recording limitations. Follow the below step-by-step instructions to get started using your iPhone to record Google Meet sessions on the go. 

Step 1: Open Settings and select Control Center.

Step 2: Locate the Screen Recording options and tap on the + next to it. 

Step 3: Go back to the Home screen and open your Control Center.

Step 4: Press and hold the Record button.

Step 6: Choose where your downloaded file will save after recording. 

Step 7: Tap on Start Recording, and your video screen will be recorded after the countdown.

Note that iPhone's built-in screen recorder doesn't record audio of FaceTime or video calls. Read our guide on how to record FaceTime calls to capture audio as well.

Record Your Google Meet Event From Any Device

Google Meet currently only supports recording from a desktop device, and you can only use the app’s recording feature if you’re the event organizer or have been granted recording permissions. Luckily, most devices have built-in recording features that make it easy for anyone to get around these recording restrictions. Though you can use your device's native recording features, we recommend recording your video meetings using recording software like Riverside. This type of program lets you record, edit, and share your sessions all from the same place. 

Want to start recording meetings with Riverside? Sign up for free today.

Google Meet Recording FAQs

Do you still have questions about how to record Google Meet events from your device? Our FAQ section will cover questions related to recording a Google Meet meeting. 

Can You Record a Google Meet Meeting as a Participant?

Yes, as we’ve mentioned in the article above you can easily record a Google Meet meeting as a participant if the event organizer has enabled recording for participants. 

If you haven’t been granted permission to record from your event’s organizer, you’ll have to use third-party screen recording software or your device’s built-in recording features. 

When You Record a Google Meet Meeting, Where Does it Go?

Google Meet recordings save to the Meet Recording folder in your Google Drive. You will also receive an email with a link to the recording once your recording is processed and finalized. 

Why Can't I Record My Google Meet Meeting?

Make sure you’re using a desktop device if you’re trying to record a Google Meet meeting. Recording is not supported on mobile devices. You also must be the event organizer or have permission from the organizer to record. 

How Do I Convert Google Meet Recordings to MP4?

Google Meet recordings are saved as MP4 files. There is no need to convert them. 

Can You Record a Google Meet Session?

Yes, there are many ways to record a Google meet session. Google Meet events can be recorded using the app’s recording features, with the built-in screen recorder of your device, or with a third-party screen recording program. 

Why is There no Record Button on Google Meet?

You can only record on Google Meet if you’re using a desktop. Also, recording is only available to event organizers or participants with recording permission. If you can’t find a record button in Google Meet, you do not have the correct permissions to record. 

Can You Record Google Meet Using a Screen Recorder?

Yes, meetings on Google Meet can be recorded using a screen recorder or your device’s built-in recording features. 

Where is the Record Option in Google Meet?

Find the record option under the Activities section of Google Meet if you’re the organizer or participant with recording permissions. Select Recording and then Start recording.   

How Do I Know if My Google Meet is Being Recorded?

Google Met will display a message to let you know your meeting is being recorded if the app’s recording features are being used. If someone is recording using their device’s built-in recording features or a third-party app, you won’t be able to tell.

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