Introducing the iOS App

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June 17, 2021
Introducing the iOS App

Why we launched the app

It’s our mission to make the workflow of online creators easier. We believe that creating high-quality content remotely shouldn’t be hard. The launch of our iOS app allows you to record professional quality content with guests joining from their phones. 

Let us expand on why we’re so excited about this step:

  • Optimized guest experience. Your guests can join the studio now from their iPhone and don't need a laptop/desktop to record. Just send them an invite link, hit record, and you receive their high-quality recordings straight from their iPhone.
  • Improved recording quality. Your iPhone's camera is amazing and much better often times than the built-in laptop camera.
  • Industry breakthrough. is the first in the world to launch an iOS app that records in HD from your phone while uploading to the cloud.

How to record remotely with the iOS app

The iOS app currently only supports the guest flow. The host must use the browser-based platform on a computer with a Chrome browser. Just like a regular session, the host retrieves a guest link and shares this with the guest. 

When you have the app downloaded on an iPhone, clicking on the guest link automatically opens the app for the guest. Read on for a detailed description of the process.

Step-by-step guide

For hosts: 

Step 1. Ensure your guests have downloaded the app from the App Store

Step 2. Go into your dashboard and, if you haven’t already, ‘Create Your Studio’

  1. Give your studio a title
  2. Select your recording type (Audio only or Audio & Video) 
  3. If you’ve already set a time and date, schedule and invite your guests. This will automatically send your guests an email with a calendar invite and instructions on how to join your session! 
  4. Click ‘Create Show’

Step 3. Once you’re in your studio, toggle your studio settings, and when you’re ready to record, click ‘Go to recording studio’ 

Step 4
. You’ll find yourself in your ‘Green Room’, where you can set your name, whether you’re using headphones or not, select your camera, microphone, and speaker options. Once you’re ready to go, click ‘Join Studio’ 

Step 5
. Once you’re in the studio, you’ll see the option to ‘Invite Participants’, if you haven’t already with your calendar invite, click ‘Invite’. You have two options: 

  • Copy and paste the invite link 
  • Invite via Email 

Note: only a guest link will work for the iOS app, so don’t change the invitation type in the pop-up box 

Step 6
. Once your guests have joined and you’re all happy, click the Start Recording button and enjoy your session!

For guests:

Step 1. Download the app from the App Store 

Step 2. To enter your session, click on the guest link that you received from the host. This will automatically take you to the app. There, you’ll find yourself in the equivalent of the ‘Green Room’. 

Step 3. If you haven’t already, give your phone permission to access your camera and microphone. Next, you are able to set your name and check how you look before you click Join the show. 

That’s all there is to it. Now it’s up to the host to start the recording. 

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