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14 Best Content Marketing Podcasts to Learn From (2024)

Boost your skills with these top 14 content marketing podcasts. From podcasts on SEO, to social media, these are your must-listens on content marketing!
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
March 28, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

As a business, staying alive in the current times without content marketing is hard. Buyers are more cautious than ever before and think twice before trusting a brand. If they don't see content from a company online, they’re likely to view it with suspicion.

So getting good at content marketing is important, bordering on essential. But how do you do that? 

This is where content marketing podcasts come in. These are a treasure trove of insights where industry leaders share their experiences, tips, and tricks on the content marketing industry. 

If you don't have time to read a book or attend a course on the topic, you can listen to a podcast while commuting or doing chores.

But what are the best content marketing podcasts? Read on to find out. 

What should you look for in a content marketing podcast?

Here are several elements to consider when choosing a content marketing podcast

Hosts' expertise

Try to see what the host has accomplished in the content marketing space. You can go to their LinkedIn profile, their webpage, or their YouTube channel to ‘spy’ on them and find out what they accomplished. 

Also see what people on the internet have to say in general. 

Checking for credentials is important in the podcasting space, as plenty of people start podcasts without really having expertise in their area. 

Relevancy to your niche

Are you a social media manager? A content creator? A copywriter? 

Which part of the content marketing industry are you a part of? 

You’ll want to find a podcast that’s related to your domain of expertise – it can be a waste of time listening to podcasts that aren’t relevant. The exception being if you wish to specialize in another field!

Actionable insights

Listening to podcasts can be entertaining, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of educational value. Look for those episodes that provide actionable tips, strategies, and techniques that get you tangible results. 

Keeps itself abreast of the latest developments

The rules in the world of content fluctuate constantly. Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are constantly changing their algorithm. A strategy that worked marvelously a month before can become a total dud now.

So look for a podcast where the host stays updated with the latest news and trends. Ideally, they should also have relevant insights on how to capitalize on the new changes. 

Episode variety

Having a variety of episode formats keeps things fresh and entertaining. 

Sometimes, a solo podcaster ranting for minutes on end can be engaging. Other times, you’ll learn more from a nuanced conversation with a guest. Yet, other times, a deep dive into a case study might be just what you need to grow your business.

Plenty of engagement

A large following and plenty of engagement is a good sign. This kind of social proof signals that people have gained value from the podcast, and you probably will too! 

14 Best content marketing podcasts for 2024

Marketing over Coffee

Marketing over coffee content marketing
Marketing Over Coffee

Hosts: John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn

Marketing over Coffee is recorded in different local coffee shops once a week. The conversation is what you’d expect from one taking place in a coffee shop; it’s fun, engaging, and informative. Perfect for listening over your own cup of coffee!

On average, the show is 20 minutes long and is published on Thursday mornings. Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn talk between themselves or sometimes bring on expert guests. Popular topics include social media, affiliate marketing, copywriting, SEO, and more. 

Why we like it: The show brings on plenty of diverse guests, including CEOs and founders of data analytics and marketing companies. So there’s always something to learn!

What you’ll learn: The show talks about both old-school tried and trusted marketing methods to boost your business, but also the latest tips and techniques to keep you updated on the current trends.


Unthinkable content marketing podcast

Host: Jay Acuzno

Brought to you by one of the best thought leaders in the marketing space, Jay Acuzno, this is the podcast you should listen to if you like unconventional and against-the-grain advice. 

Episodes have fantastic storytelling, featuring stories from creative people who have broken away from conventional marketing thinking and have unique and creative perspectives on business and marketing.

Why we like it: Each episode left us inspired and eager to learn more. We found our creative brains buzzed with inspiration and got creative insights into our own marketing problems. 

What you’ll learn: The podcast will help you embrace being a creative in the world of content marketing and encourage you to think outside the box, as well as get ideas on how to implement these unique ideas in your business. 

Marketing School

Marketing School content marketing podcast
Marketing School

Host: Neil Patel and Eric Siu

If you’ve ever researched ANY marketing-related topic on Google, you’ve probably seen results from Neil Patel’s website. The guy knows his stuff, and he paired with Eric Siu to put out 10-minute-long podcasts that have quick and actionable content marketing tips. Occasionally, the host will bring on guests and have a long-format podcast

The podcast has a vast library of 2500 episodes (yes, you read that right) and has something valuable to offer for every marketer. 

Why we like it: Marketing School releases a podcast almost every day (the hosts sure do have a great work ethic!), with episodes often covering the latest in marketing trends. Since each episode is only a few minutes long, we suggest listening to all of them religiously!

What you’ll learn: Neil Patel is a world-renowned marketer and has plenty of knowledge due to his years of experience. You’ll get a well-rounded education on a bunch of topics, including SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising, and more. 

Marketing Companion

Marketing Companion content marketing podcast
Marketing Companion

Host: Mark Schaefer

Released twice a month, Marketing Companion episodes are known for their blend of entertainment and educational marketing content. 

The host Mark Schaefer, has made many business predictions over the years, many of which have been surprisingly accurate, thus enjoying an elevated standing in the marketing community. 

Why we like it: We like the podcast because it is down-to-earth yet current marketing knowledge. A lot of the episodes deal with big data, too, making it a great source of insight into the analytical side of marketing. 

What you’ll learn: Listen to the podcast to know the latest in marketing trends and see marketing is headed towards. 

The Copyblogger Podcast

The Copyblogger Podcast for content marketing
The Copyblogger Podcast

Host: Tim Stoddart and Ethan Brooks

If you’re in the field of content marketing, email marketing, lead conversion, SEO, and copywriting, then you’ll enjoy The Copyblogger Podcast. The hosts have even recently included social media marketing in the list of topics.

Why we like it: We found that the content from Copyblogger helped us craft better content and gave us ideas on how to grow in the content marketing space. 

What you’ll learn: By listening to the podcast, you’ll get actionable tips from content experts of the likes of Brian Dean and Sonia Simone. Great episodes we recommend include ‘Why the Future Is Still Email’ and ‘Choose the Right Frame to Boost the Power of Your Content.’

Content, Briefly 

Content, Briefly content marketing podcasts
Content, Briefly

Host: Jimmy Daly

"Content, Briefly," is a deep dive into content operations, with a particular focus on B2B companies' content strategies. 

It is hosted by Jimmy Daly, a growth mentor and a skilled interviewer who elicits valuable career advice and content marketing strategies from guests. The podcast mainly consists of long-form interviews with successful content executives, writers, and marketers. 

Why we like it: Each episode of the podcast features a teardown of a particular company's content strategy, often with insights from the people who created it. It’s always great to see how real people tackle challenges in their own businesses and come out on top of them. 

What you’ll learn: No matter what stage of the content marketing journey you’re at, you’ll learn something to help you grow both your career and business. 

Voices of Search

Voices of Search content marketing podcasts
Voices of Search

Host: Benjamin Shapiro 

Voices of Search is a data-driven SEO podcast that covers a wide range of topics, like content creation and B2B marketing strategies. Several of the guests include senior executives from both content marketing and SEO spaces. 

The episodes are concise, lasting around 20 minutes, and are packed with advice and strategies to help listeners navigate the ever-changing world of search engine marketing. 

Why we like it: In a way, this podcast is our go-to for all things SEO-related. Listening to it keeps us informed on the current trends and best practices. 

What you’ll learn: Listen to this podcast if you want to get an in-depth exploration of the ever-evolving world of content marketing and its intersection with search engine optimization.

This Old Marketing

The Old Marketing content marketing podcast
This Old Marketing

Hosts: Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

This Old Marketing is hosted by two old timers, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. The former founded the Content Marketing Institute, and the latter served as the Chief Strategy Officer there. 

The hosts highlight examples of successful content marketing campaigns and dish out brilliant insights into how organizations develop and execute successful content strategies. 

Why we like it: The hosts have great chemistry, which makes episodes fun to listen to. We try never to miss episodes because they often recommend a relevant TV show to watch or an article to read. 

What you’ll learn: Joe Pullizi is known as ‘the Godfather of content marketing,’ and some even suggest he first coined the word ‘content marketing.’ Together with the other host, his unique point of view will help you see the big picture of what’s most relevant in the world of marketing and publishing. 

The Content Strategy Podcast

the content strategy podcast
The Content Strategy Podcast

Host: Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson has a lot of experience in the world of content strategy, which clearly comes through in the podcast. Not only does she have captivating insights on the subject, but she also brings guests to the field of UX writing, CX, content strategy, SEO experts, and more. 

Why we like it: We like the podcast’s emphasis on practical strategies, case studies, and real-world examples. 

What you’ll learn: If you’re responsible for content strategy, then listening to the episode will help you appreciate the art of content strategy and give you plenty of knowledge and tools to create content that inspires, informs, and converts. 

Call to Action

Call to Action content marketing podcast
Call to Action

Host: Giles Edwards

Call to Action, a podcast by Unbounce, focuses on topics related to content marketing, conversion optimization, and online marketing. If you want to increase the online footprint of your business, then we cannot recommend this podcast enough.  

Each episode, which carries from 30 minutes to an hour long, is filled with insights from industry leaders who have tested the strategies in real-world scenarios. 

Why we like it: Just like Unbounce’s blog (yes, they have a blog, which you should definitely read), the podcast is a great resource for online marketing. We learn something every time we listen to the podcast. 

The last episode aired in 2017, but the podcast is so good that we definitely recommend checking out older episodes, as the wisdom given is timeless. 

What you’ll learn: How to craft great landing pages, how to do conversion optimization, tips on copywriting, and more!

Email List Profit Secrets

Email ist Profit Secrets content marketing podcasts
Email List Profit Secrets

Host: Jules Dan

Jules Dan is a freelance copywriter who’s made $15 million for his clients in just 2.5 years! Listening to this podcast will get you into the mind of how he accomplished that. 

Definitely listen to this podcast if you’re a coach, consultant, or info-marketer who wants to learn email marketing to increase sales. And like the title promises, you’ll also learn how to create stories that connect emotionally with your target audience. 

Why we like it: Jules had some great tips on how to make content relatable to audiences, which we found insightful for our own brand. 

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to create better email copy, grow your email list, get good at copywriting, and get better at marketing storytelling. 

The Authority Hacker Podcast

Authority Hacker Podcast content marketing
The Authority Hacker Podcast

Hosts: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, the podcast teaches people how to start their own website and grow it by leveraging SEO, affiliate marketing, and content creation. 

Episodes are often casual and conversational but packed with knowledge and tips and often include audience questions, which the hosts answer.

Why we like it: Authority Hacker has a lot of great tips on writing great content and strategies for SEO. They also stay up-to-date on the trends, and we love listening to their latest takes on them. 

What you’ll learn: This is a must-listen-to podcast if you want to start an affiliate marketing website. You’ll learn SEO strategies, content creation, link building, and more. 

Experts on the Wire

Experts on the Wire content marketing podcast
Experts on the Wire

Host: Dan Shure

Experts on the Wire focuses mainly on SEO and doesn’t meander too much into adjacent marketing topics. The host, Dan Shure, is a master of the topic and has a lot of street cred in the SEO community. 

The podcast has over 750,000 downloads of 120 episodes, with premier guests providing top-notch SEO-related information. 

Why we like it: We listen to Experts on the Wire to learn advanced SEO topics that aren’t mentioned anywhere else. And given that the podcast airs only once a couple of months, you can comfortably include the podcast in your listening schedule without being too frantic about it.  

What you’ll learn: Listen to the podcast for its all-encompassing approach to SEO, where it tackles topics like technical SEO, mobile optimization, link-building, and all things SEO-related.

Content Inc

Content Inc content marketing podcast
Content Inc

Host: Joe Pulizzi

Content Inc is another podcast hosted by Joe Pulizzi. Unlike ‘This Old Marketing,’ the podcast is short. Each episode lasts anywhere between 5-7 minutes, but in this short period, you get practical, actionable tips that you can start implementing immediately. 

Why we like it: The podcast gets to the heart of a matter in a brief amount of time – without sacrificing value – and brings you all the best knowledge in the content marketing space.  

What you’ll learn: The podcast is designed to be a resource for anyone navigating the digital content space, from beginners to seasoned marketers. It covers practical aspects of starting, running, building, and selling a business and shares real-world wisdom and actionable tips.

How to create your own content marketing podcast with Riverside

Riverside podcast creator

If you enjoyed any of the podcasts that we’ve mentioned above and you’re inspired to start your own podcast, then check out Riverside

Riverside records in up to 4K video and 48 kHz audio resolution, ensuring that your podcast is produced in the highest quality. You can add up to 7 remote guests to your podcast and get separate video and audio recordings for each. 

Best of all, you don’t need to leave the platform to edit your podcast. Our text-based editor offers you automated tools to transform your recordings into a professional podcast effortlessly. You can trim and cut your recording easily then add captions, insert an intro and outro, fine-tune the audio, and much more. 

Start recording with Riverside
Easily record high-quality podcasts & videos remotely
Get Started

Here’s how to start your own content marketing podcast with Riverside:

Step 1: Choosing a topic, create branding, and plan the podcast 

Which part of the content marketing world do you want to tackle in your podcast? Copywriting? Blog Posts? Landing pages? Or are you knowledgeable enough to take on the whole field? 

Choose your field of interest depending on your expertise. Ideally, you’d want to find a niche that hasn’t been explored and is interesting enough to draw people to your podcast. Also figure out the target audience that will be interested in your niche. 

Once you know what your podcast will be about, it’s time to figure out the name of your podcast and decide on its format. Do you want a solo, co-hosted, interview, or storytelling style of podcast?  

Get into a creative mode and come up with your brand’s cover art, descriptions, intro and outro music, etc. 

Then decide on the topics for the first few podcasts, and come up with the outline or script for the first podcast. 

Step 2: Equipment and software

It’s shopping time. You’ll want to purchase the right equipment to record your podcast.  

Hardware-wise, you’ll want to purchase a microphone, a camera (if it's a video podcast), quality headphones, a recording device, or a computer. 

Software-wise, you’ll want a recording platform and an audio and video editor.  Riverside is a great option for this as it can record in 4K video and lossless 48 kHz audio. It comes with a text-based editor that lets you edit content by making changes in the transcript.  

Other recommended but not vital gear includes an audio interface, pop filter, lighting, mic arm, and a shock mount. 

Step 3: Record your podcast in high-quality

Find your quiet recording space. If you’re shooting a video, set up lighting and the background. Also add your guests and make sure that their mics are working properly. 

Finally, when you’re all set record your podcast. Here’s how to do so with Riverside.

  • Log in to Riverside,
  • Create a recording studio. Add a studio name and select the recording type. 
  • Enter your recording studio, choose your ideal settings, and then click Join Studio. 
  • Now click the Record button and start recording! 

Step 4: Edit and polish your podcast

Remove any auditory distractions, discard any irrelevant/boring pieces of content, and spice it up with audio effects. 

Riverside’s Editor makes editing super easy thanks to the below features:

  • Text-based editing so trimming your recording is as easy as deleting text in a transcript
  • Changing layouts between 9:16, 1:1, 16:9 so you’re ready for any social media platform
  • Seamless timeline for trimming and adjusting your recording
  • Customizable background and logos so you can keep on brand
  • AI transcriptions and captions in over 100 languages
  • Background noise removal and automated audio-fine tuning

Step 5: Publish and promote your podcast

Submit your podcast to directories like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and others for distribution.

After publishing, you should also invest in getting your podcast out there. Market your podcast on social media platforms, blogs, and newsletters, or join a Facebook group where you can mention your podcast. 

A good way to create viral clips from your podcast and share them on social media is using Riverside’s Magic Clips. It uses AI to automatically find viral-worthy clips from your long-form podcasts and extract them. 

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