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35+ Best Educational Podcasts to Enjoy Learning From

Ready to learn through informative podcasts? Here are 40 of the best educational podcasts you can start listening to right now!
Kendall Breitman
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May 2, 2023
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Ortal Hadad

Podcasts offer great educational content, making it easy for you to access learning materials and enhance your skills and knowledge across a variety of topics. 

Whatever you’re interested in, there’s an educational podcast available to suit you! With so many incredible shows to choose from, you’ll never get bored, always discovering something new. 

Looking for good educational podcasts to get you started on your podcast learning journey? Here are 40 of our top recommendations across a range of subjects and disciplines. 

What is an educational podcast?

An educational podcast is a podcast designed to teach or instruct. These podcasts deliver educational content in an audio format, helping listeners develop knowledge and skills. 

Educational podcasts can address all kinds of topics and interests, from business and medicine to art and hobby pursuits. Whatever you want to learn about, educational podcasts provide you with new and unique ways to understand information. 

Using educational podcasts, you can improve your professional skills or get better at your hobbies. The possibilities are endless!

How can podcasts be used for learning inside and outside of the classroom?

Increasingly, podcasts are becoming a popular tool for learning. In fact, research shows that 74 percent of podcast listeners tune in with an educational goal.

Educational podcasts can be used to support learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Many teachers use podcasts to support class lessons, providing new ways for students to engage with content. 

Audiences can also listen to podcasts beyond traditional learning spaces. Podcasts are a great way to learn new concepts if you don’t have the capacity to pursue formal educational instruction. 

10 best educational podcasts in 2024

There are so many great educational podcasts available, covering all kinds of fascinating topics. Here are 10 of the best educational podcasts making the charts in 2024. 

1. TED Talks Daily 

TED Talks Daily educational podcast
Ted Talks Daily

Host: Varies

What you’ll learn: Variety of topics

Delivering daily talks on everything from zoology to artificial intelligence, the TED Talks Daily podcast is a great way to stay up to date with the latest innovations across a range of sectors. Each episode is hosted by a new speaker, bringing expert takes to the show.

2. Knowledge for Men 

Knowledge for Men educational podcast
Knowledge for Men

Host: Andrew Ferebee

What you’ll learn: Life skills

The Knowledge for Men podcast offers life lessons designed to help men pursue happier, healthier mindsets. Every episode includes stories and advice on wealth, business, relationships, and other personal growth topics. 

3. Duolingo Podcast 

Duolingo educational podcast

Host: Duolingo

What you’ll learn: Language skills

Created by popular language-learning app Duolingo, the Duolingo podcasts offer an introduction to various languages, including Spanish for English speakers, French for English speakers, English for Spanish speakers, and English for Portuguese speakers. Episodes include bilingual stories, as well as language-learning grammar and vocabulary lessons.

4. Every Little Thing 

Every Little Thing educational podcast
Every Little Thing

Host: Gimlet

What you’ll learn: Variety of topics

The Every Little Thing podcast offers an answer to every little thing! Responding to audience questions about a variety of topics, this podcast is designed to satisfy your curiosity and answer the random questions that keep listeners up at night.

5. The Daily Stoic

The Daily Stoic educational podcast
Daily Stoic

Host: Ryan Holiday

What you’ll learn: Life lessons 

This podcast is dedicated to the teaching of stoicism. With lessons from host Ryan Holiday and special guest authors, politicians, athletes, coaches, and more, this podcast offers Q&A discussions and life advice from notable people across a range of fields and industries.

6. The Lazy Genius 

The Lazy Genius
The Lazy Genius

Host: Kendra Adachi

What you’ll learn: Variety of topics

The Lazy Genius, hosted by Kendra Adachi, is an easy way to learn on the go! This podcast is designed to provide simple introductions to interesting topics, giving listeners a chance to learn the most important details to new and clever concepts. She covers podcasts on how to manage your time, connect with friends and more.

7. All Ears English 

All Ears English educational podcast
All Ears English

Host: Lindsay and Michelle

What you’ll learn: Language skills

Hosted by Boston and New York locals Linsay and Michelle, the All Ears English podcast introduces American English skills and ideas in a fun, engaging way. Created for English learners, this podcast is an easy way to start mastering speaking and listening for US contexts.

8. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing 

Grammar Girl educational podcast
Grammar Girl

Host: Mignon Fogarty

What you’ll learn: Language and writing skills

Ever wanted to improve your writing skills? This podcast is hosted by a professional editor and offers short, easy tips to help listeners improve their grammar and make the best possible use of the English language. Every episode covers a new and important grammar skill!

9. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast 

BiggerPockets Real Estate educational podcast
BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Host: David Greene and Rob Abasolo

What you’ll learn: Real estate and business skills

Designed to introduce listeners to the basics of the modern real estate industry, this podcast covers everything from market trends to property investment. The show offers practical lessons alongside interviews with special industry guests.

10. Here’s Where It Gets Interesting 

Here's Where It Gets Interesting educational podcast
Here’s Where It Gets Interesting 

Host: Sharon McMahon

What you’ll learn: History and culture

The Here’s Where It Gets Interesting podcast provides insight into history, culture, politics, and more. Host Sharon McMahon offers a unique approach to thought leadership, delivering lessons that you won’t find in any mainstream history textbook.  

Best educational podcasts for kids

Educational podcasts can also be a fantastic resource for young learners! Here are 5 of the best podcasts available to help children learn new topics. 

1. Wow in the World 

Wow in the World educational podcast
Wow in the World

Host: Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz

What you’ll learn: Science and technology

The Wow in the World podcast makes learning fun for kids with weekly episodes that introduce fun science and technology ideas. This podcast includes stories and news that promote interest in science, getting kids into STEM fields. 

2. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 

Host: Rebel Girls

What you’ll learn: Women’s empowerment 

Based on the Rebel Girls books about successful women throughout history, this podcast uses storytelling techniques to introduce the experiences of change-making women. Covering powerful girls from the history books as well as today’s female leaders, this podcast is rich with learning and inspiration.

3. Trivia for Kids

Trivia for Kids educational podcast
Trivia for Kids

Host: Trivia for Kids

What you’ll learn: Variety of topics

Trivia for Kids delivers fun-filled trivia questions and answers, with every episode giving listeners a chance to engage with learning content and discover new knowledge across a variety of topics. From history to science, math, technology, health, language, and more, this podcast has something for everyone!

4. American Girl: The Smart Girl’s Podcast 

Host: Shay Rudolph and Jess Weiner

What you’ll learn: Life skills

Covering everything from friendships and mental health to school and life lessons, The Smart Girl Podcast podcast is an introduction to everything kids need to know! Designed to help teens and tweens learn to reach their full potential, this show teaches listeners how to be kind, confident, and successful.

5. Mystery Recipe 

Mystery Recipe educational podcast for kids
Mystery Recipe

Host: Molly Birnbaum

What you’ll learn: Cooking

The Mystery Recipe podcast helps kids learn all about food! From nutrition to cooking skills, this show invites listeners to discover new ingredients, try new recipes, and develop their culinary skills with a fun, fast-paced episode structure. 

Best educational podcasts for teachers

More and more teachers are turning to educational podcasts to improve their teaching techniques and approaches. Here are some of the best educational podcasts available for teachers.

1. The Creative Classroom with John Spencer 

Host: John Spencer

What you’ll learn: Teaching skills

Designed to help teachers get the most out of learning spaces, The Creative Classroom with John Spencer provides research-supported tips and tricks to help with teaching and classroom setup. This show is a great way for teachers to improve their lesson skills!

2. The Shake Up Learning Show 

The Shake Up learning show educational podcast for teachers
Shake Up Learning Show

Host: Kasey Bell

What you’ll learn: Teaching skills

The Shake Up Learning Show is all about technology in the classroom! This podcast offers support and advice to help teachers integrate digital teaching tools that can transform classroom activities and provide better learning outcomes for students. 

3. The Teacher’s Tool Kit for Literacy 

Host: Sharon Cullen

What you’ll learn: Teaching skills

Providing practical tips, tricks, and tools for literacy education, The Teacher’s Tool Kit for Literacy podcast helps teachers learn how to inspire a love of reading and writing. Every episode includes classroom activities and advice from special experts in literacy learning. 

4. Teach Me, Teacher 

Teach Me, Teacher educational podcast
Teach Me, Teacher

Host: Jacob Chastain

What you’ll learn: Teaching skills

The Teach Me, Teacher podcast is a one-stop shop for professional development. This show offers ideas and skills that help teachers develop their unique instruction styles and improve education delivery. This podcast is a perfect learning tool for anyone working in a school environment!

5. The Chalk Full of Life Podcast 

Host: Rachel Lenhart

What you’ll learn: Teaching skills

Recognizing the potential for burnout and overwhelm, The Chalk Full of Life Podcast is a teacher’s guide to wellness and positivity. Each episode offers actionable steps that can help teachers look after their mental health and be the best teachers they can be. 

Best short educational podcasts

Looking for a bite-sized introduction to educational podcasts? Try these short shows, and start learning now!

1. Curiosity Daily 

Curiosity Daily short educational podcast
Curiosity Daily 

Host: Nate Bonham and Calli Gade

What you’ll learn: Variety of topics

Sharing 10-minute educational episodes, Curiosity Daily is a quick and easy way to learn something new every day! This podcast covers a range of topics, including science, technology, history, news, life, and more. 

2. Hard Pass

Host: Linette Lopez and Josh Barro

What you’ll learn: Variety of topics

In every episode, the Hard Pass podcast debunks common myths and historical events, providing quick, simple learning that helps listeners develop a better understanding of the world. From ride sharing to organic food, there’s so much to learn!

3. 60-Second Science 

60-Second Science
60-Second Science

Host: Christopher Intagliata and Camilo Garzón

What you’ll learn: Science

The 60-Second Science podcast is a simple way to start learning about major scientific concepts. Breaking new developments down so that anyone can understand them, this podcast provides an easy entry point to STEM education.

4. The Daily 

Host: Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise

What you’ll learn: News

One of the best news podcasts on the market, The Daily offers regular episodes that provide an overview of what’s happening right now. Produced by the New York Times this popular podcast releases a new 25-minute episode every weekday.

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5. 5-Minute History 

5-Minute History educational podcast
5-Minute History

Host: Wayne Armstrong

What you’ll learn: History

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about world history, this podcast is for you. In just 5 minutes per episode, this podcast introduces important information about major historical events, from cities and supermarkets to drinks and vehicles.

Best educational medical podcasts

Podcasts can even be used to learn about medical topics! Here are some of the best medical education podcasts available.

1. Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike’s Medical Podcast 

Host: Dr. Matt Barton and Dr. Mike Todorovic

What you’ll learn: Medicine

In the Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike’s Medical Podcast, every episode introduces a new body system or medical ailment. Designed to help young doctors learn diagnostic and treatment skills, the show offers practical tips alongside textbook information. 

2. Let Me Ask You Something 

Let Me Ask You Something educational podcast
Let Me Ask You Something 

Host: Mario Veen and Anna Ciancolo

What you’ll learn: Medicine

Combining medicine with philosophy, the Let Me Ask You Something podcast breaks down recent medical papers and offers new insights to medical education. This podcast is designed to help medical students develop their skills and knowledge. 

3. Run the List 

Host: W. Redd, E. Gutowski, and N. Kumar

What you’ll learn: Medicine

Designed for medical students, Run the List provides information on diagnostics, management, treatment, and other important medical topics as they relate to a variety of common health conditions, as well as some rarer ailments. The Run the List podcast is an excellent learning resource!

4. Sharp Scratch 

Sharp Scratch educational podcast
Sharp Scratch 

Host: BMJ Group

What you’ll learn: Medicine

The Sharp Scratch podcast teaches what medical school doesn’t! This podcast introduces medical concepts and study skills, as well as tips for doctors pursuing careers and maintaining personal wellbeing while working in the healthcare industry. 

Best educational science podcasts

Want to learn more about science? Try these 5 science learning podcasts!

1. Radiolab 

Host: Lulu Miller and Latif Nasser

What you’ll learn: Science

From scientific history to modern sound design and everything in between, the Radiolab podcast introduces listeners to a range of scientific ideas and what makes them so fascinating. There’s something new to learn in every episode!

2. Science Vs. 

Science Vs. educational podcast
Science Vs. 

Host: Wendy Zukerman

What you’ll learn: Science

Science Vs. is home to answers! This podcast responds to all kinds of scientific questions, as well as making new suggestions for scientific innovations. In each episode, listeners learn what’s true and what’s not while discovering new ways of thinking about major world problems. 

3. The Habitat

Host: Lynn Levy

What you’ll learn: Science

Documenting the experiences of six scientists and their simulated life on Mars, this podcast is a unique approach to science education. The Habitat listeners have the chance to learn about NASA missions while predicting what life might be like as part of a Martian colony. 

4. Science Rules! 

Science Rules! educational podcast
Science Rules

Host: Bill Nye

What you’ll learn: Science

The Science Rules! podcast has answers to big questions about the universe! Chatting to experts and responding to listeners, host Bill Nye offers practical advice for saving the planet alongside other science Q&As. 

5. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe 

Host: Dr. Steven Novella

What you’ll learn: Science

In The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe weekly podcast, listeners discover all kinds of scientific stories, conspiracies, and controversies. Discussing critical thinking approaches to the latest science news, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe provides audiences with the real facts, debunked.

Best educational history podcasts

Podcasts can be a helpful resource when it comes to learning about historical events. Here are 5 of the best history podcasts to get you started.

1. The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast educational podcast
The British History Podcast

Host: Jamie Jeffers

What you’ll learn: History

The British History Podcast offers an introduction to major events in England’s history, from kings and queens to war and politics. With every episode covering a new historical event, this podcast gives insight into the events that shaped England, Scotland, and Wales.

2. The History Chicks 

Host: The History Chicks

What you’ll learn: History

Told from the perspective of two history expert women, this podcast travels through thousands of years in history. Each episode of The History Chicks covers a new event or historical figure, including some of the women who changed the world for the better.

3. Our Fake History 

Our Fake History educational Podcast
Our Fake History

Host: PodcastOne

What you’ll learn: History

Based on myths and legends, the Our Fake History podcast is designed to make history fun! Teaching listeners about mythological stories and how they align with the historical truth, this podcast covers some of the world’s most fascinating legends. 

4. Black History Year 

Host: Cydney Smith and Sasha Kai Parker

What you’ll learn: History

The Black History Year  podcast is based on racial history affecting people of color. Telling the stories left out of the history books, this podcast introduces listeners to conversation about culture, colonialism, and more.

5. High School History Recap 

High School History Recap educational podcast
High School History

High School History Recap 

Host: William H Palk and Colin du Plessis

What you’ll learn: History

In this podcast, listeners can brush up on high school history knowledge! Hosted by two history teachers, the show covers the key points of important historical events as well as offering learning and study techniques.  

Educational podcasts can help you gain a range of new skills while learning more about any subject you’re interested in. Podcasts can be an incredible learning tool!

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