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20 Best Online Learning Platforms for All Use Cases (2024)

Check out 20 of the best online learning platforms. We cover everything from platforms for students, businesses to course creation.
Kendall Breitman
Social Media & Community Expert
Last Updated:
March 25, 2024
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Ortal Hadad

Have you ever considered creating your own online course? Now might be the perfect opportunity!

Since 2020, online learning has experienced a boom, with many more people turning to the web in search of knowledge. Online learning platforms make it easy for you to share your skills and highlight your expertise. You can offer value that improves trust and builds networks, all just by focusing on what you know best.

If you’ve never produced online learning materials before, you might be unsure of where to begin. Here at Riverside, we’ve put together a list of 20 incredible online learning platforms that you can use while you’re getting started.

What is an online learning platform?

An online learning platform is a digital educational environment. Working on a webpage or through a learning portal, students can access a range of study materials, including readings, video content, and more.

In a world where 49% of people have completed some form of online learning before, there’s been no better time to get involved. Increasingly, brands are expanding into the education sector, with 80% of businesses already offering digital training options.

With online learning, creators have the chance to support skills development and drive valuable community engagement.

Online learning platforms vs. online course platforms

Online learning platforms are similar to online course platforms, but these two approaches have a few key differences.

Typically, online course platforms are dedicated to specific learning structures that follow a clear course outline. These programs might be part of a broader qualification, like a certificate or degree. Students usually need to complete steps in a predetermined way and may even need to produce assignments.

On the other hand, online learning platforms allow for a more varied teaching approach. In some cases, course materials and assessments may apply, but in others, learning may be more informal and self-guided.

Online learning platforms vs. learning management systems

Likewise, an online learning platform is not the same as a learning management system, or LMS.

While online learning platforms usually focus on delivering educational information, learning management systems often provide additional teaching features. This may include discussion forums, file-sharing tools, and online messaging options.

20 best online learning platforms for all use cases

No matter what subject you want to teach or who you want to educate, there is an online learning platform tool to suit your needs!

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you. Here are some of the most effective platforms available and the purposes they serve best.

Best recording and editing platform for online learning

Before you choose a site to host your educational content, you’ll need a software solution that helps you produce learning materials you can be proud of! Selecting a strong recording and editing tool is essential if you want to achieve the best results.


Pricing: From free to $24 / month

Riverside is a studio-quality video creation platform ideal for hosting recording high-quality online lessons. You can record in up to 4K video resolution, and with local recordin you won’t have to worry about your internet connection ruining quality.

With our presentation recorder, teleprompter and media board you’ve got all you need for a smooth online lesson. You can also invite your audience to call in live and interact with you directly.

After recording, head to our video editor where you can trim your video with text-based editing or our seamless editing timeline. Here, you’ll find AI-powered tools to enhance your audio, cut out silences and add dynamic captions. You can also customize your visual layout and add text or image overlays.

End off with Magic Clips which turns your videos’ key moments into shareable promotional videos.

Riverside online learning platform for recording and editing


  • High-quality local recordings with 4K video and 48kHz audio resolution
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface  so anyone can create content in less time
  • All in-one-platform for seamless hosting, recording and editing
  • AI-powered post-production tools, including highly accurate transcriptions, automatic summaries and more.
  • Interactive tools for classes including a media board and live call ins


  • You’ll need a paid subscription in order to access the full suite of features.

Best for: Beginner course creators who want to start with the highest possible quality.

Learn more, or sign up to create your own content.

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Best online learning platforms for businesses

Need to create online learning content on behalf of your business or organization? Try these platforms!


Pricing: Contact sales team

Udemy is a popular e-learning platform, and for good reason. The site supports a range of learning materials for professional contexts and offers an easy educational set-up, perfect for beginners. You can use Udemy to tailor your teaching style and simplify even the most complex educational topics.

Udemy online learning platform


  • Easy-to-use course creation tools and controls
  • Bright interface with simple branding incorporations
  • In-built course management and analytics tools


  • The full suite of features is only available with a paid subscription
  • Some tools may be too complex for beginner users

Best for: Professionals and business owners looking for a teaching platform that can handle complexity.

LinkedIn Learning

Pricing: Contact sales team

LinkedIn Learning is LinkedIn’s training solution. The system offers a wide range of educational tools, including the capacity for both text and video materials. Better yet, creators can link learning content with other social media marketing tools and strategies.

LinkedIn Learning online learning platform for businesses
LinkedIn Learning


  • Teaching materials can tie in with business LinkedIn page
  • Broad reach made possible via existing LinkedIn networks
  • Easy-to-use tools available for both creators and consumers


  • Features may be too limited for more advanced teaching
  • May not be suitable for all businesses and industries

Best for: Creative and technology businesses seeking an easy way to share knowledge.


Pricing: From $49 to $199 / month

Thinkific is a tailored online learning platform with excellent course-building tools. Users can easily set up a variety of teaching materials, including quizzes and messaging. The intuitive interface also supports live teaching and embedded materials as needed.

Thinkific online learning platform for businesses


  • Easy customization without requiring design or technical experience
  • Wide range of features, including quizzes and assignments
  • Automatic integration with business and sales pathways


  • A subscription may be out of budget for some businesses
  • Setting up course materials can be time-consuming  

Best for: Educators who want to deliver a comprehensive branded learning experience.


Pricing: From $149 to $399 / month

The Kajabi platform is for streamlined content delivery. The system includes a wide variety of teaching tools, including options for courses, coaching, and even membership programs.

Kajabi online learning platform for businesses


  • Supports a wide range of different learning options and styles
  • Offers complete branding control built into your content
  • Provides design templates for a no-code professional look


  • May not be suitable for every business and audience type
  • Paid subscriptions are expensive and may be out of budget

Best for: Beginner creators looking for a comprehensive teaching starting point.

Top online learning platforms for students

If you’re hoping to gain some new skills, online learning can help! Try these student-favored platforms.


Pricing: From $74 / month to $603 / year

Coursera offers over 7,000 unique courses and learning programs, all in one convenient location. The platform supports flexible learning options, as well as providing completion certificates for students studying for professional development.

Coursera online learning platform for students


  • Easy-to-use interface suitable for even complete technology novices
  • Certificates available as an extra incentive for students
  • Affordable learning programs across a wide variety of topics


  • Learning features may be limited in some areas
  • Full access required a paid Coursera subscription

Best for: Learners who want to study a little bit of everything all in one place.

Articulate 360

Pricing: Contact sales team

Articulate 360 provides extensive professional e-learning materials that make it easy to find quality courses. The platform supports both live and on-demand materials, along with web- and app-based tools.  

Articulate 360 online learning platform for students
Articulate 360


  • Simple course tools with comprehensive learning control
  • Clear, impactful branding design to maintain engagement
  • In-built training webinars so users can make the most of the platform


  • A paid subscription is required to use the learning platform
  • May not be suitable for more complex subject areas

Best for: Locating a broad range of courses across many different subject areas


Pricing: From $249 to $448 / month

The LearnWorlds platform offers AI-powered training options alongside flexible individual and team features. The software system includes an in-built LMS, as well as interactive quizzes, surveys, and exams to track student progress.

LearnWorlds AI online learning platform


  • Artificially intelligent tools designed to respond to student needs
  • Built-in quizzes and exams to assess student learning outcomes
  • Effective, easy-to-use interface with simple course navigation


  • AI teaching may limit authentic interactivity between student and teachers
  • More limited course options than with other learning platforms

Best for: Learning new content on demand via a response AI system.


Pricing: From free

EdX is a well-known online learning platform that offers an extensive selection of courses from leading global institutions. With EdX, students can access over 4,000 unique course options relevant to a variety of subject areas. The platform even includes free teaching samplers and bridging options for further study.

EdX online learning platform for students


  • Courses available from universities and colleges around the world
  • Built-in quizzes and other assessment tools available
  • User-friendly interface designed to support students at all levels of technological ability


  • Courses are typically delivered in mass group capacities
  • Learning may not be comprehensive on its own

Best for: Learners who want to access introductory materials from highly trusted organizations.

Best online course platforms for creators

Are you a creator looking for a way to share your skills? These learning systems are the perfect solution!


Pricing: From free to $199 / month

Teachable is a comprehensive online learning platform with great built-in tools. The system offers options for course content, digital downloads, and coaching. Creators can even set their own pricing and use the platform as a passive income channel.

Teachable online learning platform for creators


  • Comprehensive control over courses, products, and pricing
  • Easy, no-code design with effective branding incorporation
  • In-built course outlines, quizzes, and other teaching materials


  • A paid plan is required to access all available features
  • Some features may be limited compared to more advanced software systems

Best for: Creative people seeking a way to earn money from educational content.


Pricing: Contact sales team

Skillshare is for creative education! The platform offers a range of course-creation tools that allow hosts to integrate effective branding and learning content. The system also includes easy-to-follow learning structures with options for even complete beginners across a range of topics.

Skillshare online learning platform for creators


  • Trusted learning platform with a large existing user base
  • Comprehensive design options for professional visual results
  • Easy-to-navigate learning modules and course delivery


  • A subscription is needed to access all relevant tools
  • May be better suited to foundational education content

Best for: Beginner learners and course creators alike who want a simple place to test the ropes.


Pricing: add

LearnDash is a LMS plugin for WordPress! The platform allows creators to integrate professional-quality learning content within their own websites. Courses are highly customizable and comprehensive with impactful branding available every step of the way.

LearnDash online learning platform for creators


  • Easy options to build quizzes, assessments, and certificates
  • $0 transaction fees so that creators don’t have to lose revenue
  • Membership options for unique community-building strategies


  • Not suitable for creators without a WordPress website
  • Some features may require a learning curve for beginners

Best for: Creators who want to take complete control of their educational content.


Pricing: From free to $59 / month

Podia is a tool for everything! This platform provides excellent course-building tools, including multimedia elements and worksheet integrations. Users can also access integrated tools for developing websites and email marketing, with these solutions making it easy to manage a whole business seamlessly.

Podia learning platform for students


  • Websites, courses, email marketing, and more all in one place
  • Easy design tools for simple branding integration
  • Bright interface with easy-to-navigate tools and pathways


  • The all-in-one set-up may mean that course-specific tools are more limited
  • Advanced platform tools may be challenging for some users

Best for: Creators who want to manage everything in a single convenient online destination.

Best learning management systems for larger organizations

While the software systems listed above have plenty of benefits, larger organizations might need something designed for mass communication. We recommend the following platforms:

Talent LMS

Pricing: From $69 to $459 / month

Talent LMS is a multi-purpose learning management system with a range of user-friendly features. The platform includes intuitive course-building functionality, alongside simple presentation tools, social integrations, and learner engagement mechanisms.  

Talent LMS online learning management system
Talent LMS


  • Comprehensive control over learning experiences
  • Easy presentation and video tools, including repurposing
  • Custom logos, themes, and domains available


  • More advanced tools may require a learning curve for some users
  • Some editing features may be more limited than with production-specific tools

Best for: Course creators who want an end-to-end learning management solution.

Best learning management system plugins

What about LMS plugins? You can add these learning systems to some common website platforms!


Pricing: From free to $299 / year

Masteriyo is a great WordPress plug-in for delivering high-quality learning content. The tool includes options for easy course delivery, as well as supporting native quizzes and other digital engagement tools to maintain audience participation. making it easy to manage a whole business seamlessly. You can even set up in-built payment pathways!

Masteriyo online learning management system


  • Easy set-up for quizzes and other engagement tools
  • Simple integration with WooCommerce and other payment systems
  • Customizable elements connected directly to your website


  • Some more advanced tools may present a challenge for beginners
  • Platform is ill-suited to websites that don’t use WordPress

Best for: WordPress website owners looking for a simple plug-in with excellent functionality.  

Might Networks

Pricing: From $99 to $360 / month

Mighty Networks is an impactful Squarespace website plugin, allowing users to easily integrate effective learning content within the Squarespace builder. The platform offers event pages and community hubs, alongside member engagement elements and premium course delivery tools.

Mighty Networks online learning management integration
Mighty Networks


  • Simple, intuitive Squarespace website integration
  • Integration with custom branded apps as needed
  • User-friendly interface with simple yet comprehensive design features


  • Platform is only suitable for Squarespace users
  • Pricing may be prohibitive for some learning creators

Best for: Squarespace users searching for a user-friendly plug-in with great potential for course growth.

How to choose an online learning platform: 3 factors to consider

When choosing an online learning platform, you should keep a few things in mind.

Your teaching goals

First, consider what you want to achieve. What features should your course include in order to deliver the right experience? By identifying your goals and expectations, you can align this with your software choice and select a platform that offers the features you’ll need.

Your technology skills  

Next, it’s a good idea to think about your technology skills. Some course builders may be simple for even beginners to navigate, while others may require more technological know-how. Ideally, choose a system that works with your existing skill set. This way, you can focus on the content you’re producing, not just the tools you’re using to set it up.

Your software budget  

Last but not least, you’ll need to set a software budget. While some systems are available for free or at low cost, others can be expensive. Decide how much you’re able to invest, and make sure that your course remains financially viable.

Bonus: 5 tips on training with online learning platforms

Want to deliver top-quality training with online learning platforms? Follow these bonus tips!

  1. Focus on your expertise, and use this to boost your credibility.
  2. Allow opportunities for students to engage with course materials.
  3. Incorporate branding details that make your content recognizable.
  4. Communicate without jargon so that students understand your message.
  5. Seek feedback on your training materials, and use this to improve.

Final thoughts

If you’re to begin capturing content for online learning, you’ve come to the right place! Start recording your training today with Riverside.

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