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7 Best Recording Apps for Android in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Make finding the best recording app for Android easier with our guide to the top seven free and paid apps.
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September 11, 2022
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Whether you’re a student taking notes, a podcaster creating content, or a musician producing songs, mobile recording apps are great for capturing high-quality audio from anywhere. However, it can be hard to find the best recording app for Android devices with so many options available in the Google Play store. We’ll explain how to use your phone’s built-in recorder, describe what to look for in a recording app, and provide reviews for some of the best voice recording software for Android. 

Do Android Devices Have a Built-in Voice Recorder?

Every Android device has a basic built-in voice recorder to capture audio for voice notes, song recordings, or other content. The quality of your phone’s native recording app will depend on the model of your device and the version of Android software you’re using.

Follow these easy steps to use the built-in voice recorder app on your device:

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the App Drawer

Step 2: Depending on your device and the version of Android you’re using, you’ll see either the Voice Recorder App or a folder with the name of your phone. If you see a folder with your phone’s name, open it to access the Voice Recorder App.  

Step 3: Tap the Voice Recorder App to open the built-in recorder. 

Step 4: Press the red button to start recording. 

Step 5: Press the gray square at the bottom of the screen to stop and save your recording.  

If you’re using an Adroid OS 6 or new model, your voice recordings will be saved to the Voice Recorder folder. Older devices save voice recordings in the Sounds folder.

What to Consider When Choosing a Recording App for Android?

There are many great third-party apps out there to help you record better audio from your Android device. The best app for you will depend on a number of factors that include price, recording formats, and features. 

Consider the following when looking for the best voice recorder app for Android:


Have a clear idea of how much you can budget for a recording app. Expect to spend a little more for a paid app if you need advanced features. 

Recording formats

Make sure the voice recorder app you choose saves files in the audio formats you need. Some apps only record in MP3 format while others support WAV, FLAC, and MIDI recording. 

Editing features

You should select an app that has editing features to fine-tune your recordings. These include audio effects a s well as cut and trim features. 

Sharing capabilities

Check to see if the recording app lets you easily upload and share your content online. Many apps will automatically upload your recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud storage services. 

Transcription services

Transcriptions can be used to take better notes or create additional content. Look for a voice recorder that includes features that turn audio into text.  

What is the Best Way to Record Audio on an Android Phone?

Even though most Android devices feature a built-in sound recording app, it’s best to download and use a third-party app to record audio. These apps enable you to improve the quality of audio recordings with advanced recording settings and audio enhancement features. Many of them are compatible with external microphones, which produce clearer audio than the microphone on your phone. Keep reading to learn more about apps you can download to record audio on your Android phone. 

7 Best Recording Apps for Android in 2024

Finding the best recording app for Android can be tedious since there are so many options out there. Not all voice recorders are created equal—some produce better quality audio than others and features vary by app. Below, we’ve reviewed our picks for the top seven apps and identified who can get the most use out of them to help you find the best voice recorder on Android phones.

1. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is full of features and allows you to customize your recording experience. The app is simple to use and includes a free trial version so you can test it out. This audio recorder for Android has widgets for your Home Screen so you can start and pause recordings even if the app is closed. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder allows you to adjust gain levels in real-time to get the best quality recording.

Price: $3.49 for Pro version


  • Supports Wi-Fi transfer
  • Automatic uploads to Dropbox
  • Gain control features 


  • Doesn’t support call recording
  • Only records in MP3 format
  • Free version limits recordings to 10 minutes

Best for: The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is great for voice recordings and is a good choice for students who want to easily record class lectures. 

2. Riverside

Riverside recording app for Android and desktop

The app's intuitive interface makes it easy to record studio-quality content no matter where you are. This recording app for Android uses local recording so you don't have to worry about the strength of your internet connection affecting quality. Audio and video tracks are captured separately and automatically uploaded to the cloud. Audio is saved as WAV or MP3 files and video is saved in up to 4K resolution.

Price: App is free to download, and Riverside offers a free subscription as well as paid plans starting from $15/month.


  • High resolution audio and video phone call recpording
  • Supports recording with an external microphone
  • Separate track recordings with up to 8 participants 
  • Local recording so quality is not effected by your internet connection


  • App doesn’t capture video if it’s in the background
  • Editing features are currently only available on desktop
  • Audio recordings only saved in WAV format 

Best for: is the best choice for podcasters and other content creators who need the flexibility to record high-quality audio and video from anywhere.   

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3. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile puts the power of a full music recording studio at your fingertips. The app’s interface isn’t intuitive and there is a bit of a learning curve before you can start effectively recording and mixing tracks. Once you have an understanding of how the app works, you can record and produce full music tracks on your mobile device. FL Studio Mobile includes many high-quality audio effects that include distortion, reverb, delays, and a graphic equalizer. 

Price: $15.99


  • Advanced audio effects
  • Easy sound mixing options for beginners 
  • Supports WAV, FLAC, MIDI, and MP3 formats


  • No free trial version available
  • Complex user interface
  • Not a lot of sound customization options 

Best for: This app is great for musicians and music producers who want a way to create and record music on the go. 

4. Otter

Otter is an audio recorder for Android that provides real-time transcription services and even allows you to import files you’ve already recorded for transcription. This app does not focus on recording quality audio, so it may not be the best choice for anyone who needs to use the audio they record to produce content. The free plan gives you the ability to transcribe up to ten hours of recordings per month. Otter integrates with Google Meet and Zoom so you can easily record and share notes with others. 

Price: Free, Pro plan is $12.99/mo


  • Integrates with video conferencing platforms
  • Easy-to-use features and interface
  • Includes transcription editing tools


  • Transcriptions aren’t 100% accurate
  • Some features require purchases
  • No audio quality settings

Best for: Otter is a good choice for students who want to transcribe lectures, professionals who want a text copy of meetings, and journalists who need to record interviews. 

5. Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is simple to use and allows you to start recording from within the app or from your Home Screen using widgets. The app offers recording options for both lossy and lossless audio file formats and provides automatic uploads to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. Easy Voice Recorder Pro has features that include stereo recording, volume boost, and custom bitrates. 

Price: $3.99


  • Compatible with Android Wear
  • Record in PCM, MP4, MP3, or FLAC
  • Supports Bluetooth microphones


  • Contains ads 
  • Can’t record phone calls
  • UI is hard to navigate

Best for: This app is best for content creators who want a simple, portable solution for recording quality audio outside of their studio.

6. Dolby On

Dolby On is easy to use and comes with noise reduction and de-essing features that improve voice recording quality. The app allows you to record and export lossless audio for even better sound quality. Dolby On comes with an audio editor so you can trim your recordings down and the app makes it easy to export recordings to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok. 

Price: Free


  • No ads 
  • Background noise reduction features
  • Share directly to Soundcloud


  • Some audio distortion 
  • Difficult to back up files 
  • No multi-track features 

Best for: This app is great for content creators looking for a budget-friendly option with powerful editing and customization features. 

7. MixPad Multitrack Mixer

This multitrack recording app for Android puts all the tools you need to record and mix audio from anywhere in one place. You can record and edit new audio or upload files saved to your phone to improve their quality. MixPad Multitrack Mixer is free, but access to more advanced features requires in-app purchases. You need some editing and mixing experience to use this app effectively, so it may not be the best choice for beginners. 

Price: Free


  • Free music and sound effect library
  • Controls for EQ, compression, and reverb
  • Multitrack recording capabilities


  • All features aren’t available for free 
  • User interface is complicated
  • No easy file sharing features 

Best for: MixPad Multitrack Mixer is great for experienced podcasters and music professionals who are looking for a mobile recording and editing solution.

What is the overall best recording app for Android? is the overall best recording app for Android. The app allows you to invite up to eight guests to a recording and capture high-quality audio and video straight from your mobile device. Separate audio and video recordings ensure quality and all of your files are automatically uploaded to the cloud. 

What is the best free recording app for Android?

We’ve chosen Dolby On as the best free voice recorder app for Android. Dolby On produces quality audio with features that allow you to remove background noise and distracting plosives from your recordings. The app’s editing and sharing capabilities put it ahead of other free apps in the Google Play store. 

What is the best audio and video recording app for Android?

Our pick for the best audio and video recording app is also The audio and video quality produced by the app is unmatched and we like the reliability of local recordings and automatic uploads to the cloud. The app makes it easy to record all of the content you need for a podcast or vlog in high quality no matter where you are. 

Get the Right Voice Recorder for Android  

Some of the factors you should consider when searching for the best recording app for Android include price, features, and recording formats. If you’re looking for great audio recording quality, don’t select an app that focuses more on transcription services (and vice versa).  Be sure to select an app that has features to meet your unique needs. 

FAQs on Best Recording Apps for Android

Do you still have questions about how to record audio or video on Android devices? Get answers to common questions about recording audio on your phone and third-party recording apps.

Is Google Recorder available for Android?

Yes, Google Recorder is available to Android users with a Pixel 2 or newer Pixel phone.   

Where is the recorder app on an Android phone?

The built-in audio recorder is accessed from the App Drawer on Android devices. Use the step-by-step instructions in the above article to learn how to open and use the recorder on your device. 

How do I record on my Samsung Android?

You can record audio on your Android with your device’s built-in recording app, or with a third-party app. The above article explains how to record audio on your Android with the native recording app and provides recommendations for the best voice recorder apps available in the Google Play store.

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