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14 Top Webinar Landing Page Examples & Templates to Convert

Learn from 14 of the best webinar landing pages! Then, try our template to successfully create your own converting landing page for your webinars.
Abel Grunfeld
Head of Marketing
Last Updated:
March 2, 2024
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

Crafting a webinar landing page that actually draws people in can feel like rocket science. 

It can be frustrating to pour time and effort into your webinar presentation only to have it met with a lackluster sign-up rate. That’s why it’s important to look up examples of landing pages by experts and study what they do well. And that’s what we’ll help you with. 

In this article, we’ll analyze the most effective webinar pages so you can craft one of your own.

Let’s get into it. 

Why do webinar landing pages matter?

Here’s why having a good webinar landing page absolutely matters:

To increase conversions

One of the main things a landing page should do is get people excited to sign up and join the webinar. Landing pages are for two things – to get people excited to sign up and to gather essential information about your attendees. 

In terms of getting information, the basics always matter: to get people to join the webinar and to get important details from the signee. If your product is aimed at businesses, consider asking for company details and job titles, too. 

To get the most sign-ups, create a compelling copy and have a good CTA. And try A/B testing different aspects of the page. For example, personalized CTAs convert 202% better than default versions. So even making small changes, like that of tweaking CTAs, can lead to improved results. 

To collect data and market in the future

Your landing page can also be a data goldmine! This is because the second most important job of a landing page is to collect important data. 

The basics always matter: collecting names and email addresses. If your product is aimed at businesses, you might want to ask for company details and job titles too. 

But what if the participant doesn’t attend the webinar? There’s a silver lining here too – you still have their email. Make use of these email addresses for future webinar marketing campaigns.

Good first impressions

Your landing page makes a powerful first impression. Sloppy writing or a boring design can quickly turn people off.  It can be a warning to readers that your webinar (and maybe your whole brand) isn't top quality.

To create scarcity

Have a must-watch topic your target demographic will find hard to resist? Use urgency, like including limited seats or a countdown timer, as this can increase sign-ups.

Essential elements of an effective webinar landing page

Here are the essentials that an ideal webinar landing page must have: 

A hooking headline: The headline should hook the reader into wanting to read the landing page. Failing to keep the headline interesting will have people skipping the rest of the copy. 

An equally compelling sub-heading: Just a little extra intrigue here – tease a major benefit or address a pain point.

Eye-candy graphics: No boring walls of text! Use visuals that match the mood and message of your webinar.

Clear, concise copy: The body of the copy should succinctly explain what the webinar is about, what attendees will learn, and why it’s worth their time. 

Detailed webinar information: Include all relevant details about the webinar, such as date, time, duration, topics that’ll be covered, and info about the speakers.

Strong call to action (CTA): Place the CTA in a prominent portion of the landing. Make it pop off the page with a contrasting color and strong wording. 

Build trust with social proof: Testimonials show your webinar isn't just talk. Real people getting real results – that's what convinces people! Video testimonials pack an extra punch of believability.

Registration form: Nobody wants to write a novel to sign up. Ask for essential information only. 

FAQs: Your potential webinar viewer’s head is swimming with objections about why they feel the webinar is a waste of time. Use an FAQ section to answer those “hmmm, not sure about this..’’ doubts beforehand. 

Fast loading times: A slow page translates to people hitting that back button. Optimize the page for fast loading to reduce bounce rates and improve user experience. 

14 Best webinar landing page examples to learn from

The Crappy Childhood Fairy

The Crappy Childhood Fairy is a YouTube channel that makes videos to help people suffering from childhood trauma. The above example is a 90-minute webinar that helps people with CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) regulate their emotions. 


What we like

  • Clear call to action (CTA)
  • FAQs address common concerns and questions participants may have. 
  • Simple yet explanatory body copy that explains the purpose of the webinar
  • Bold headline that’s hard to miss. The headline also directly targets people who have difficulty with strong emotions.
  • Insinuated social proof in the author’s credentials section, with the statement ‘more than 500,000 people subscribe to her YouTube channel…’


Mindvalley is a leading personal development company that offers courses from some of the biggest names in the personal development industry. Their webinar landing pages and marketing copy are some of the best – they’ve shown a remarkable talent for separating this author from their money. 

Mindvalley webinar landing page

What we like

  • Hard-to-miss registration field. Additionally, the registration field and CTA are linked at the top and bottom of the page. 
  • High-res imagery. 
  • Embedded video that adds more context to the webinar. 
  • The ‘What you’ll learn’ section clearly states what the reader will learn by attending the webinar. 
  • The testimonial section has big names like Tim Urban and James Clear.
  • ‘See all stories’ links readers to more testimonials, which proves that the webinar has been helpful to much more than a handful of people. 

Riverside webinars


Riverside is a content creation platform that specializes in high-quality video recording. Our company hosts two webinars every month on topics related to Riverside’s community, making podcasts, content creation, and more.

Our webinar hub shows all our past and upcoming events. If you click ‘Register now’ you’ll see our latest live landing page. 

Riverside webinar landing page

What we like

  • A crystal clear headline that doesn’t leave you guessing what the content is going to be about. 
  • The speakers' list has clear headshots of the panelists, along with their credentials and experience. This helps build more trust in the audience.
  • The webinar time is displayed directly below the heading. Users can quickly decide if they can make it to the webinar.
  • You can access an archive to the previous webinar recordings to see what you’re in for


Miro is a digital whiteboard for seamless team collaboration, ideal for story mapping, wireframing, sprint planning, and more. They regularly offer webinar training to help users master the platform’s tools more efficiently. 


What we like

  • Straight-to-the-point and concise body copy. There’s no fluff; you’ll know what to expect from the webinar by scanning the page in a few seconds. 
  • The time and date are mentioned right at the top.
  • There’s an extra incentive to register, as the page promises the recording after the event has ended.This tactic increases the likelihood that people will fill in the registration section. 
  • Requires no scrolling to read through all the copy. 


CXL (Conversion XL) teaches courses on marketing topics like branding, digital marketing, digital psychology, email marketing, and so much more. It also offers plenty of complimentary webinars on its blog. 


What we like

  • Big, bold headline that conveys promises of a benefit in just a sentence.
  • Great color scheme with the contrasting red and black.
  • The checkbox under the registration fields for receiving updates is a good practice if you want to be compliant with email marketing practices. 
  • The copy clearly details what readers can expect by joining the webinar. 
  • The under-the-CTA copy adds additional context to the CTA. 



Semrush is a digital marketing tool for SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. The webinar above is meant to help small businesses master the basics of SEO. 


What we like

  • Nice use of colors
  • All the need-to-know essentials are highlighted in the first box –  the heading, the date and time, and the call to action
  • The body copy uses two distinct colors for quick skimming and easy navigation.
  • The concise body copy clearly outlines the talk's focus and the key takeaways you'll gain from attending.


Wordstream is an online advertising management platform. Their webinars cover everything from advanced AdWords features to paid search strategies.


What we like

  • A strong intrigue-building headline and subheading that promises to share insights from a substantial ad spend and 3.3 million clicks. Businesses looking to improve their advertising strategies will crave such info. 
  • The intrigue continues with the body copy. 
  • Bright green and orange ‘Watch Now’ CTAs
  • Doesn’t require much scrolling to get the gist of the whole event

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a prominent figure in the digital marketing world who teaches a variety of topics related to digital marketing, SEO, and content creation. His company doesn’t shy away from webinar marketing, creating one almost every week.

What we like

  • Straightforward heading and body copy that directly targets those interested in SEO and paid media for the new year. 
  • You can read everything about the webinar without having to scroll. 
  • High-quality headshots of speakers and their accomplishments so users know who is teaching them. 
Neil Patel webinar landing page
Neil Patel

Sounds True

Sounds True is a publishing company founded by Tami Simon. It specializes in resources for personal development, spiritual growth, and well-being. Their webinars are often previews of courses, and Tami often co-hosts these with creators themselves. 

Sounds true webinar landing page
Sounds true

What we like

  • To-the-point subheading that directly targets people facing a specific pain point.
  • Great placement of registration fields. Also, there are only two fields to fill out, so users are more likely to enter their info.
  • Short body copy that promises to address an important pain point for the target audience.


GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform that does email marketing, marketing automation, and online campaign management. The below webinar page promises to teach people how to generate more leads with Google ads. 

Get response webinar landing page
Get Response

What we like

  • Creative use of bold colors that highlight key webinar points. 
  • CTAs throughout the page.
  • Promises bonus material, making the webinar an offer people can’t refuse.  
  • Clear explication of benefits. 


Slack is a messaging app for businesses for workplace communication and collaboration. Their websites host plenty of on-demand webinars that use a tried-and-tested format. 


What we like

  • Slack’s brand coloring is cleverly used throughout the page’s various elements. 
  • The page clearly specifies who the webinar is for: sales professionals.
  • The ‘Things you’ll learn’ section spells out the takeaways for the webinar. 
  • Webinar runtime is clearly mentioned – 37 minutes in this case

Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell is a prominent figure in the online video and YouTube content creation community. His masterclass targets people looking to make money on the YouTube platform.

Sean Cannell

What we like

  • Big, eye-catching visuals 
  • Unmissable large, red CTA button 
  • The ‘Featured in’ section acts as social proof that accentuates the creator’s credentials. 
  • Further social proof with testimonials at the bottom of the page. Some of these testimonials are from famous speakers. 

Amazon Web Services

This copy by Amazon Web Services is different: it promotes an event consisting of a series of webinars, not just one. Landing pages for events like this are usually longer. They have more details like agenda, individual webinar info, etc. 


What we like

  • A substantive copy that doesn’t hold back on details
  • The agenda for the webinar series is clearly laid out, and there’s a detailed description for each of the webinars. Along with a list of speakers. 
  • The ‘Why attend?’ and ‘Who should attend?’ clearly explains who should attend and the lessons that’ll be covered. The large boxes and fonts make the info stand out prominently. 


Vyond is a cloud-based platform that lets you create animated videos. The webinar above teaches attendees how to use Vyond to brand videos. Fun fact: Vyond creates their webinar videos using the Vyond software! 

Vyond webinar landing page

What we like

  • The webinar comes with a teaser of what the webinar will be about. It’s always a good idea to make video teasers of webinars where possible.
  • Buttons on top (‘What You’ll Learn,’ ‘Meet the Speakers,’ etc.) auto scrolls you to the relevant sections of the page
  • Detailed ‘What you’ll Learn’ section

Bonus: 3 Webinar landing page templates to increase sign-ups

Here are 3 templates that you can use in 3 different scenarios:

Template for educational topics: Multor


This template has everything:

  • A bold headline and subheadline
  • Benefit sections
  • Prominent registration fill-in section
  • Video
  • Testimonials
  • About section
Multor webinar landing page template

Template for frequently held webinars: Howto


This template is great if you’re a business that frequently runs webinars. It has:

  • A short body copy
  • 3 registration fields
  • About the host's section for speakers
  • A testimonial section
How to webinar landing page template

Template for large events with multiple speakers: Evento

An event template needs to be different. It needs to list all the speakers and show the agenda for the event. This template does both excellently. 

This template offers you:

  • A visually header section
  • Speakers, agenda and about section
  • Quick registration with just an email
Evento webinar landing page

How to create a converting webinar registration page: 6 Best practices

Below are some of the best practices to follow when creating a conversion-driven webinar registration page

Keep it simple

Don’t add a lot of fluff to the webinar page. No one likes clutter. Give your page room to breathe, and focus on what your webinar will solve for viewers.

Speak directly to the reader’s pain point

Let the reader know that the webinar will address the specific challenges or pain points. Show visitors you understand their struggle. Once they believe you’ve grasped their struggles, they’ll believe you have the answers. 

Use high-quality visuals

Use color schemes that fit your brand and use high-rez images. 

Avoid walls of text

Don’t write walls of text – short paragraphs are your friend! People skim pages to see if the content is relevant to their pain points or not. 

Use urgency and scarcity

User countdown timers to add urgency.Or a limited-time offer, like a bonus, to make signing up for the webinar a no-brainer. 

A/B testing

Analyze different headline/image/CTA combinations to see which of them converts the best. 

FAQs on Webinar Landing Pages

What is a good conversion rate for a webinar landing page?

According to a study by Unbounce, the average landing page conversion rate is 4.3%. This varies according to industry. The lowest analyzed was higher education, with a conversion rate of 3.6%, and the highest was vocational studies and job training.

Does Zoom webinar have landing pages?

Yes, you can create landing pages using Zoom webinar. However, the functionality is very basic, as it only lets you add a banner, logo, and description. 

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