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Rodecaster Pro Review: All-in-One Podcast Mixer Key Features

The RØDECaster Pro II is an all-in-one podcasting audio interface. Read our RODECaster Pro review to find out if it's worth recording your podcasts with.
Stephen Robles
Video & Podcast Creator
Last Updated:
July 26, 2022
Reviewed by
Ortal Hadad

The Rodecaster Pro’s reputation definitely precedes it. Whether you’re just starting out or are already a pro podcaster, you’ve most definitely heard about this all-in-one podcasting tool. With the recent release of the Rodecaster Pro II, the question we’re all asking ourselves is it really worth all the hype? Well, it depends what you’re looking for. In this Rodecaster Pro review, we’re delving into all its features and capabilities, and whether it’s really worth it. 


  • The RØDECaster Pro II is an all-in-one podcasting solution. It packs a punch into a compact console that allows you to record, live mix, and livestream
  • Its USPs include its versatility, the ability to record with remote guests, livestream, and connect to a device via bluetooth
  • If you’ve got the budget and are looking for an all-in-one podcasting solution then the RØDECaster Pro is definitely a good choice 

What is the Rodecaster Pro?

The RØDECaster Pro is designed to be an all-in-one tool for podcasting, an entirely ‘integrated podcast production console’. 

Aiming to capture both beginner and professional audience, the Rodecaster Pro is finely tuned to deliver everything a podcaster could wish for. It’s even perfect for livestreamers, musicians and audio creators alike. Packed with a whole range of high-caliber features, podcasters can expect to record exceptional quality audio with this unique piece of equipment. 

The Rodecaster Pro can livestream, record remote calls, connect to devices via bluetooth, and act as a standalone recording console if you want to record your podcast on the go. 

image source: RODE Pro

How much does the Rodecaster Pro cost? 

The Rodecaster Pro costs $699. 

What does a Rodecaster Pro do?

The Rode Rodecaster Pro is a unique podcasting tool that essentially combines the functionality of a mixer and digital recorder - it’s a ‘fully integrated audio production studio.’ Its capabilities are varied and adaptable, depending on your needs. With four mic inputs, it gives you a good amount of flexibility for how many presenters or guests you include in your recording. Though bear in mind you’ll have to shoulder the cost of each mic. 

You can choose to use it as a standalone podcasting tool, recording directly to a microSD card (without a computer) - perfect for podcasters on the go. You can also record audio in a full-on studio session using the Rodecaster Pro as an audio interface, or with remote guests. You can even livestream. Perhaps the more pertinent question is what can a Rodecaster Pro not do!

Rodecaster Pro’s Key Features


More of a characteristic than a specific feature, it’s important to point out that the Rodecaster Pro’s design is inherantly easy-to-use and intuitive. The tactile controls with the sound pads and touchscreen mean that even the most novice podcasters will have no trouble getting started. 

Audio recording features

The Rodecaster Pro II has a huge range of native audio recording features including: 

  • Reverb 
  • Echo 
  • Pitch shifting 
  • On-board effects 
  • Studio-grade APHEX audio processing 
  • Compressor 
  • Noise gate 
  • High-pass filter 
  • VoxLab processing editor 


You get six faders on the console plus an extra three virtual ones.

Output and input connections

The Rodecaster Pro has numerous different types of outputs and inputs. Here’s a quick overview: 

4 XLR MIc Inputs 

The Rodecaster PRO has four XLR class-A servo biased preamps. 

3.5 mm TRRS input

The TRRS input allows you to connect your smartphone. 

MicroSD card slot 

You can record directly to a MicroSD with the Rodecaster Pro, simply slot your card in and start recording. 

USB-C Connector 

Connect your computer and tablets through the two USB-C ports. You can have two computers or mobile devices connected at once if you really want to, making for the ‘perfect audio control center’. 

Headphones & Speaker

The Rodecaster Pro has  4 headphone outputs as well as one extra on the front of the console that shares the same output as Channel 1 . 

Bluetooth connections

You can also connect a device of your choice wirelessly via Bluetooth - either sending or receiving audio. 

Multitrack recording

The Rodecaster Pro gives you multiple recording options. One of which is multitrack recording which means each participant’s audio is recorded on an individual track. This gives you invaluable freedom during post-production to play around and really make your podcast your own. 

8 Programmable SMART Pads

The Rodecaster Pro’s programmable SMART pads let you live mix during your recording. You can pre-load sound effects, music, your podcast’s intro or outro, or even pre-recorded ad rolls onto each pad. Additionally, the recent release of the Rodecaster Pro II means that you can now set each pad to trigger fade audomating, MIDI commands, video switching and more. You can even choose to record audio directly onto each pad on the fly. 

Live streaming capabilities 

You can use the Rodecaster Pro to livestream to Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube. It integrates seamlessly with popular streaming platforms such as Discord or Teamspeak. 

Though this might be slight overkill depending on your setup, the ability to combine various sound sources for your livestream may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Just remember, you’ll need to use software like XSplit or OBS and connect your Rodecaster Pro to your computer via the USB connection.

Remote call integration

The beauty of the Rodecaster Pro is just how flexible it is. Its ability to integrate remote guests and record remote Skype or Zoom calls, as well as actual phone calls is a huge plus for big and small podcasters alike. 

Because the Rodecaster Pro has a 3.5mm TRRS input, can do bluetooth conenctions, and has a USB connector, you can theoretically record a podcast via a phone call, a speaker on a Skype call via the bluetooth connection, and a Zoom conneciton via the USB channel.

RODECaster Pro Companion App 

The Rodecaster Pro Companion App essentially ensures that you can get a ‘seamless connection’ between your computer and the Rodecaster Pro. This app makes it super easy to customize your sound pads, save and toggle your settings, and to export your podcasts when you’re done. 

Advantages of the Rodecaster Pro

The Rodecaster Pro is designed to tick all the boxes for a huge cross-section of podcasters, ranging from newbies to hardcore professionals. 


The first pro is that the Rodecaster Pro is designed to be portable. Even with its huge range of capabilities, it’s still a compact tool that’s perfect for podcasters on the go. 


The fact that the Rodecaster Pro is an all-in-one podcasting interface is probably its biggest USP. The fact you can record audio, livestream, and podcast with remote guests makes this a pretty unique tool that answers all of your podcasting needs. 


In the same vein, the Rodecaster Pro is a seriously versatile and flexible tool that can adapt to different recording environments and needs instantly. 

Remote recording / livestreaming 

The ability to record remotely with the Rodecaster Pro expands your podcasting capabilities in any recording situation. The ability to connect to your smartphone in particular gives you unlimited flexibility to dial someone in at the last minute. 

Multitrack recording 

Multitrack recording is something most podcasters will never take for granted. The ability to capture each participant’s audio on an dedicated track means you’ve got no limits when it comes to post-production editing 

Easy to use 

For beginners in particular, the Rodecaster Pro’s intuitive interface is a huge plus because there is little to no learning curve involved. This means you can leverage all that the Rodecaster Pro has to offer straight off the bat. 

Disdvantages of the Rodecaster Pro


At $699,  the Rodecaster Pro is definitely not the most affordable podcasting tool on the market. For podcasters on a budget or who just can’t justify spending that much on a single piece of kit for their setup, the Rodecaster Pro is probably out of their league. 


Though this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage in itself, the Rodecaster Pro covers a lot of bases. Many podcasters who purchase the console probably won’t make use of its whole deck of features, which seems like a waste. 

Is the Rodecaster Pro worth it?

When it comes to your podcast setup, there’s no fixed equipment list or one way to go around it. Every podcaster has different needs and budget. If you’re looking for a high-powered tool that fits the bill for a wide array of recording needs, then the Rodecaster Pro is definitely a strong contender. On the other hand, if you’re a podcaster who tends to record alone without the involvement of other participants (live or remote), then you’re probably better spending your money on a simpler tool that can get the job done. 

Who should consider the Rodecaster Pro?

The Rodecaster Pro targets beginners and pros alike. For this reason, any podcasters whose interest is piqued by what the Rodecaster Pro has to offer should definitely consider adding it to their setup. If its features align with what you’re looking for, we see no reason why you shouldn’t make the investment. 

Is Rode Podcaster good for streaming?

Again, this depends what you’re looking for. However, all things considered, the ability to bring multiple sound sources together for your livestream should definitely not be underestimated. 

Rodecaster Pro alternatives

If you’re not convinced by the Rodecaster Pro II, you could consider the following options: 

Rode Connect 

RODE Connect is Rode’s podcasting software solution which closely mirror the Rodecaster Pro’s features. You can connect up to four guests to your computer for your podcast, call in remote guests or use it for routing audio to your livestream. And the best bit? It’s free. 

Zoom PodTrack P4 

The Zoom PodTrack P4 is an affordable alternative for the Rodecaster Pro II at only $219. The biggest selling point of the Zoom PodTrack P4 is its compact size - you can hold it in just one hand. It boasts largely the same range of features as the Rodecaster Pro II: 

  • It has the same number of independent headphone outputs as the Rodecaster Pro (four) 
  • Call in remote guests via a TRRS connection to your phone or USB to your computer. Or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your phone and connect to your remote guests that way. 
  • The PodTrak P4 also has customizable sound pads that you can use to live mix music, ads or jingles during your recording session 

A huge difference is that the P4 operates by battery power. This means you don’t need a power outlet to get started. a software alternative to Rodecaster Pro

Though isn’t a physical console, it is a great alternative to the Rodecaster Pro II, offering all of its capabilities (other than the tactility) from your browser or smartphone. 

You can livestream, remote record, and live mix directly from your browser-based dashboard or from the mobile app. Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, it might make more sense to opt for the monthly subscription on Riverside rather than spending a lump sum up front. 

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FAQs on the Rodecaster Pro:

Is RODECaster pro an audio interface?

The RODECaster pro is a lot more than just an audio interface, but it can take the place of one in your podcasting setup. 

How do I use Rodecaster Pro as an audio interface?

To use Rodecaster Pro as an audio interface, plug it into your computer with a USB cable. Your computer should automatically recognize the Rodecaster Pro as an audio device. Head to ‘sound settings’ and click RODECaster Pro Stereo as your output and input device. 

Can you use a USB mic with RODECaster pro?

The RODECaster Pro only has XLR inputs, so you need to have an XLR mic. 

Can I use Bluetooth headphones with RODECaster pro?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Bluetooth headphones with the Rodecaster Pro. 

Does the RODECaster Pro have phantom power?

The RODECaster Pro needs to be plugged into a power source to work. 

Does the RODECaster Pro record Mp3

The Rodecaster Pro records polyWAV files.

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